Unpopular Opinion – Top MMA Moments in 2016

For the love of Pete, can someone grab 2016 a towel? It’s hemorrhaging crazy moments like blood in a Chris Weidman fight. It’s easy enough to think about how much we’ve gained and lost as a society this year, but in the MMA bubble, it’s almost like we’ve got a completely new, barely recognizable game.

It’s Time for McGregor to Focus on Building Lightweight Legacy

Firmly positioned at the peak of the UFC pyramid following his historic, knockout victory over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, Conor McGregor has now reached a level of Octagon success that most mixed martial artists don’t even dare to dream of.

Eddie Alvarez – A Potential Nightmare

There is no measurement applicable to see just how far Conor McGregor’s mental warfare successfully takes him. Even the most collected of fighter’s have been stung by his spit and wit. It is simply due to him is no longer being just a fighter, but a subject, a walking piece of his own thought out destiny and living figure of stardom.

Unpopular Predictions – UFC 205

Remember that time I played both sides of McGregor/Diaz II? Yeah, me neither. This time however, I’m laying it all out on the line for my predictions on Saturday’s title fights for Unpopular Predictions: UFC 205 Edition!

Muay Thai Ontario: Looking to the Future

Airplane mode is a strange thing. With no connection to the almighty inter-web, cruising over the Atlantic en route to an international fight gala in Vienna, Austria, I decided to begin typing into my phone’s notepad in an effort to get started on an opinion piece I had wanted to get going on for a while.

ACE 6: Balance Key for ACE Champion Adam Defreitas

There are only so many hours in a day. For many people, those hours are hindered by a job that supplements its core period fully. But for Adam Defreitas, there is no core period. There is no choice but to be proficient because he is chasing an aspiration in a day filled to brim with responsibility.

Legacy of Jose Aldo Will Be Damaged by Decision to Leave UFC

Before Jose Aldo suffered a 13-second knockout loss to current UFC featherweight king Conor McGregor that ended his longtime reign over the division at last December’s UFC 194, it was clear the Brazilian’s newest nemesis possessed the power to agitate and annoy Aldo beyond belief.

ACE 6: Greg Desrochers Returns to Amateur MMA 

It will be Greg Desrochers’ one-year anniversary away from the confines of the octagon when he steps foot back onto the ACE Fighting Championship canvas at ACE 6 on Nov. 11. Last year he felt the wrap of the 170-lb championship belt after executing Jonny Tello in the first round with a stunning knockout victory.

Unpopular Opinion – Who Has the Belt in 2017?

The rest of the class is going to get their fill of completely irreverent predictions for 2017’s champions in the second helping of this month’s Unpopular Opinion!

ACE 6: Legends MMA’s Ryan Dunphy’s Road Back to Amateur MMA

Imagine being captivated by a moment. Engrossed in the reality surrounding you, but its touch never meets your skin. In this illusory moment you emerge from a tunnel, equipped with mental preparation and physical preparations of going into combat through and through. But once the disillusion of the moment breaks, the overwhelming heaviness of reality collapses in front of you and at that time you are in the octagon. With a simple click and lock, there is no turning back.

Like It Or Not, Ronda Rousey Has Earned UFC 207 Title Shot

With the UFC women’s bantamweight belt around her waist and five title defenses to her credit, Ronda Rousey was the face of women’s MMA when she strutted onto the sport’s biggest stage to face Holy Holm in the main event of last November’s UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia.

ACE 6: Where Wrestling Has Led BTC Prospect Nick Zablocki

The magnificent history surrounding the art of wrestling spans as far back as ancient Greece and an appearance at the first ever Olympic Games in 708 B.C. Colossal historical relevance hinges on the sport of wrestling, especially its role in modern combat sports today. But despite these long attained facts, to wrestle is to execute a passion not a career for ACE 6’s Nick Zablocki.

ACE 6: Andy Tiet on the Fighter He’s Become

The modern martial artist now emerges into the world of combat sport with a decorated backdrop of experience through various walks of practice. Andy Tiet, ACE Fighting Championship’s undefeated bantamweight, is one of mixed martial arts’ most modern forms of combatants.

Stephane Patry: Canadian MMA’s Future from the Past – Part 2

I looked down at the recording device’s screen as it rolled through the decimals, seconds and milliseconds. Twenty0three minutes and change into the interview. I glanced at the digital clock on my dashboard’s display. I had to be at the gym to train the pros in 38 minutes and was hoping to grab a bite to eat first, which might not happen now. It would be completely alright if that was the case though, as the flow and content of the conversation was indicative of what I anticipated to be great writing material, and that was of far more importance than mere physical hunger.

Uncertainty Following Cris Cyborg Into UFC Fight Night Brasilia

For as long as most fight fans care to remember, a potential matchup between former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and Brazilian legend Cris ”Cyborg” Justino has been considered the best that women’s MMA has to offer, and many still believe that it would rival the most entertaining bouts that the sport has ever seen.

How Thailand Has Shaped Scott Hudson’s Career

The blueprint of ancient martial arts is a realm dedicated to honing ones craft, whether it is for war, honour or both; the bounty that martial arts offers can only be fully understood with unrivalled commitment. The modern day martial artist however, doesn’t necessarily need to take such a route to embed themselves with an arsenal of skills that will help them survive within the cage.

Have We Seen the Last of Urijah Faber?

Between the buzz created from UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic’s opening-round destruction of Alistair Overeem and CM Punk’s painfully unsuccessful MMA debut, it was easy to overlook a seemingly meaningless bantamweight bout between veteran Urijah Faber and relative unknown Jimmie Rivera at last weekend’s UFC 203 in Cleveland.

Stephane Patry: Canadian MMA’s Future from the Past – Part 1

Stephane Patry is hard to dislike.

There are Patry haters that exist out there in the cynical and vindictive rolling terrain of fight land that peak their gopher heads out from holes now and then and chirp their rumbling offerings.

Unpopular Opinion – The Problem with CM Punk

So it turns out CM Punk lost his first fight. Oh the humanity! Oh the madness! Oh the mfmba-mfph-mhm. Excuse me, I need to remove the foot from my mouth.

CM Punk & Hope

Well, I just lost a bet based on ‘hope.’

A simple lunch bet, based on UFC 203’s main card, and it made me think… Hope can deceive, it can be dangerous. But it can truly be a great thing.

Stipe Miocic Hoping to Seize Rare Opportunity at UFC 203

A month before the Cleveland Cavaliers were heralded as conquering heroes for bringing their city an NBA championship, proud Ohio product Stipe Miocic shocked the world of MMA by claiming the UFC’s heavyweight title with a knockout victory over Fabricio Werdum that technically provided the city with the championship needed to finally reverse its so-called curse.

Jeremy Kennedy Grounded in Lead-up to UFC Vancouver Debut

After a prolonged period of success at featherweight, it only seemed natural for Jeremy Kennedy to one day receive a call to compete under the UFC banner. The 24-year-old has been training extensively since his early teens cleanly upholding an unblemished professional record of 8-0. But when the call finally came – months after successfully defending his Battlefield League 145-pound title for the first time and in light of the UFC’s travels to Western Canada – Kennedy was expected to realize his dream on a different route than planned.

Coaching the Warhammer – From the Ledge to the Lights

Adam Hunter showed up at our gym in early 2015. The story of how he even found us is soaked with blood, drool and violence, like many other stories from the former soldier’s adult life. He was in town for family reasons and staying at his good friend’s residence. She threw a Christmas party. Both Adam and the household had a Presa canario, an ugly type of dog that appears to be designed to guard the gates of hell and possess a breed specific blood lust and dog aggression that is hard to match.

Unpopular Opinion – Pick McGregor Over Diaz at UFC 202

You talked, I listened! Because you demanded it, here are the top five reasons Conor McGregor is going to dribble Nate Diaz’s head like a basketball off the canvas of UFC 202. Now with 50 percent more pool noodle!

Unpopular Opinion – 5 Reasons Nate Diaz Wins at UFC 202

Gather your pam and spatulas, boys and girls. This fight is hot, hot, hot and it is going to end with someone being flipped, cracked and eventually peeled off the canvas like so many failed omelettes. That somebody is going to be Conor McGregor.

UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 is Only About One Man

Whether in the depths of a loss or in the ascent of a victory, Conor McGregor never ceases to have an audience of eyes upon him at all times. The Irishman is self-proclaimed as the ‘face of the fight game’ and in the extensive lead-up to UFC 202, this couldn’t find itself to be more true.

WSOF 32 – Marlon Moraes: The Prevailing Champion

Every champion has their ultimate rival. A fellow battle tested foe who has ventured the same lengths they have. One whose desires align with theirs and one whose threat to the champion’s throne poses perhaps its greatest challenge yet. Marlon Moraes and Josh Hill don’t maintain an extended past of animosity, but rather a hearty dose of respect. But that doesn’t change both men’s determination to stop one another either.

WSOF 32 Live on Fight Network – Josh Hill’s Coming of Age

The final moments of the clash dwindled.

An exhausted Josh Hill stood embraced by a pairing of confidence in the performance he just executed and a sprinkle of doubt. He wondered; did he do enough to secure the World Series of Fighting 135-pound championship from the waist of its longtime champion, Marlon Moraes?