Stipe Miocic Hoping to Seize Rare Opportunity at UFC 203

A month before the Cleveland Cavaliers were heralded as conquering heroes for bringing their city an NBA championship, proud Ohio product Stipe Miocic shocked the world of MMA by claiming the UFC’s heavyweight title with a knockout victory over Fabricio Werdum that technically provided the city with the championship needed to finally reverse its so-called curse.

Jeremy Kennedy Grounded in Lead-up to UFC Vancouver Debut

After a prolonged period of success at featherweight, it only seemed natural for Jeremy Kennedy to one day receive a call to compete under the UFC banner. The 24-year-old has been training extensively since his early teens cleanly upholding an unblemished professional record of 8-0. But when the call finally came – months after successfully defending his Battlefield League 145-pound title for the first time and in light of the UFC’s travels to Western Canada – Kennedy was expected to realize his dream on a different route than planned.

Coaching the Warhammer – From the Ledge to the Lights

Adam Hunter showed up at our gym in early 2015. The story of how he even found us is soaked with blood, drool and violence, like many other stories from the former soldier’s adult life. He was in town for family reasons and staying at his good friend’s residence. She threw a Christmas party. Both Adam and the household had a Presa canario, an ugly type of dog that appears to be designed to guard the gates of hell and possess a breed specific blood lust and dog aggression that is hard to match.

Unpopular Opinion – Pick McGregor Over Diaz at UFC 202

You talked, I listened! Because you demanded it, here are the top five reasons Conor McGregor is going to dribble Nate Diaz’s head like a basketball off the canvas of UFC 202. Now with 50 percent more pool noodle!

Unpopular Opinion – 5 Reasons Nate Diaz Wins at UFC 202

Gather your pam and spatulas, boys and girls. This fight is hot, hot, hot and it is going to end with someone being flipped, cracked and eventually peeled off the canvas like so many failed omelettes. That somebody is going to be Conor McGregor.

UFC 202: Diaz vs. McGregor 2 is Only About One Man

Whether in the depths of a loss or in the ascent of a victory, Conor McGregor never ceases to have an audience of eyes upon him at all times. The Irishman is self-proclaimed as the ‘face of the fight game’ and in the extensive lead-up to UFC 202, this couldn’t find itself to be more true.

WSOF 32 – Marlon Moraes: The Prevailing Champion

Every champion has their ultimate rival. A fellow battle tested foe who has ventured the same lengths they have. One whose desires align with theirs and one whose threat to the champion’s throne poses perhaps its greatest challenge yet. Marlon Moraes and Josh Hill don’t maintain an extended past of animosity, but rather a hearty dose of respect. But that doesn’t change both men’s determination to stop one another either.

WSOF 32 Live on Fight Network – Josh Hill’s Coming of Age

The final moments of the clash dwindled.

An exhausted Josh Hill stood embraced by a pairing of confidence in the performance he just executed and a sprinkle of doubt. He wondered; did he do enough to secure the World Series of Fighting 135-pound championship from the waist of its longtime champion, Marlon Moraes?

Unpopular Opinion – Holly Who?

The rise and apparent fall, fall, fall of Holly Holm is a spectacle that needs no extra commentary. She was the chosen one, the ‘Queenslayer,’ Lord Commander of the women’s premier division.

UFC Chicago a Tribute to Holly Holm’s Championship Spirit

It has been a turbulent year of extreme emotions for Holly Holm.

Nine months ago the New Mexico native was thrust into the limelight after a stunning and to the mainstream, shocking knockout victory over the ever-dominate Ronda Rousey at UFC 193.

Unpopular Review – UFC 200 & International Fight Week

Hello fight fans, this segment (formerly ‘How it Should Have Ended’) is getting a rebrand in honor of some of the new changes rolling out post UFC 200. As the old saying goes: “The more things change, the more Brock Lesnar shows up and completely wrecks anything not nailed to the floor.”

The Weight of Gold – UFC’s Shuffled Champions

When Dana White walked up behind the tall, invigorated posture of Amanda Nunes to wreathe her waist with gold at UFC 200, it marked the fifth time in six of the promotion’s last title fights that champions have fallen in attempt to defend their title. Nunes inherited the throne of a bantamweight division that feels as though it will forever be in constant flux. That is unless of course she can find her dominating rhythm against any emerging talent.

John Makdessi – The Human Being First

The modern day label of mixed martial arts is simply: prize fighting.

Prize fighting is an avenue that filters a long line of men and women who can either reach the summit of elite fighting or simply crumble under circumstance. But once the external factors of prize fighting such as the lights, media scrutiny and packed arenas all become stripped, a fighter is always left with one thing: themselves. In that, humanity is found.

Mitch Clarke Counts on Improved Preparation Ahead of UFC Return

The admittance of time away from the octagon for a mixed martial artist often doesn’t come in an ideal package. That unfortunate fate fell upon the shoulders of Mitch Clark last summer due to a freak injury he sustained when a needle broke off into his arm while receiving intramuscular stimulation. The injury forced Clark to step away from the savoury opportunity to compete in his hometown of Saskatoon when the UFC made its debut in the city in August 2015. He underwent surgery to remove the instrument from his flesh and is now suiting up to make his long awaited return on July 7 at UFC Fight Night 90 against Irishman Joseph Duffy.

The Struggle for Combat Sports in Ontario – Part 1

The fragile basis of mixed martial arts in Ontario is one that stands against the rigid enforcement of the Ontario Athletic Commission. Since the introduction of Commissioner Ken Hayashi in 2011, Ontario has faced a rapid decline in professional shows. Many provincial promoters who have crossed paths with Hayashi have had no qualms in openly expressing their disdain for the commission and Hayashi himself, as they too have fallen victim to the OAC’s strong demands.

Unpopular Opinion – Is Women’s MMA Dying?

At a recent social gathering, I was asked whether or not fighting is like “Miss Congeniality” or Ronda Rousey. The comparison is a bit strange, right? One is frequently known as one of the most beautiful women on earth with well-known roles as a Hollywood bad ass, and the other one is Ronda Rousey.

Bisping’s Triumph a Reminder We Don’t Mould Our Champions

Under scrutinizing lights, Michael Bisping achieved what many active fighters consider the pinnacle at UFC 199. In a fight that felt riddled with doubts of Bisping’s worth and a landslide of favour for the former champion Luke Rockhold, the Englishmen struck gold with the placement of a perfect fist to an exposed chin.

Global Warriors 3 – Another Coveted Opportunity for Vadnais

It’s been well over a year since Oliver Vadnais has stepped into his domain, one embraced by a caged fence and a volatile crowd. His last professional mixed martial arts appearance came against Kyle Post at Global Warriors 2, where the lightweight earned himself a first-round technical knockout.

How It Should Have Ended – UFC 199 Edition

Whoa, nelly. We really stepped in it this time! Take a seat, buckle up and watch me meticulously break down all the rollercoaster fights from the past weekend in How it Should Have Ended: UFC 199 Edition!

Will Renan Barão Find Relief in His Career?

There is something eerily unsettling watching the erosion of a fighter’s former self. Especially if that self is decorated with a momentum of victories, UFC gold and creativity. For Renan Barão, a move to the featherweight division felt as though it was his inevitable claim of relief after a string of disappointing memories haunting him from the bantamweight division. But against Jeremy Stephens, the Brazilian’s introduction to the weight class came with a decision loss and a few cracks to the skull from one of the division’s hardest hitters. It’s difficult to say whether Barão’s experiment in trying to find a home at featherweight should be solely decided by his loss at the MGM Grand on Sunday.

How It Should Have Ended – UFC 198 Edition

What’s that? You wanted a play-by-play recap and deep analysis of the biggest MMA bouts over the weekend? Sorry, the only thing we’ve got here is your monthly PPV caricature in “How it Should Have Ended: UFC 198 Edition!”

How It Should Have Ended – UFC 197 Edition

Greetings, fight fans! Today we’re analyzing/throwing big rocks at UFC 197’s main card, while sitting high atop our glass houses on the internet in my monthly column: How it Should Have Ended!

McGregor’s Latest Statement Prompts Importance of Fighter Health

When looking to dissect Conor McGregor’s undoing of UFC 200 in the last 48 hours, whether it’s through his astronomical social media presence or lengthy disappearances, it’s been clear that the Irishman’s latest statement speak volumes. His use of power to generate shockwaves across the internet has all been a part of his carefully calculated approach to redeem himself of his recent actions.

Analyzing the UFC 200 Headline Debacle

After publishing perhaps one of the most damaging tweets in mixed martial arts history Tuesday, Conor McGregor exemplified his global reach. His three-lined poem about retirement, still unclear in nature as the man is brilliant at mental warfare, fell on the eyes of fans and promotion alike as a riddle unwilling to be answered.

The Aftermath with Johnny Hollywood

As the final moments dwindled to its inevitable end, hometown starlet Jake Matthews tried for the second time in the third round to defeat Johnny Hollywood’s neck, sinking in his forearm to tie in a rear-naked choke. After failing at his first attempt and with 30 seconds of the round falling astray, the Australian grasped Hollywood’s back and crept his arm beneath his opponent’s chin to force a pounding tap. In a powerful roar, the Brisbane Entertainment Centre celebrated their native’s triumph while the American looked to peel himself from off the canvas that held up his defeated cheek.

Unpopular Opinion – The Cure for ‘Rematch Fever’

Ah, the rematch. If there’s anything fighters love more than the phrase “No excuses BUT…” it’s the do-over. Say what you will about how much more exciting the second time around is, but this age-old practice stalls divisions and is essentially the equivalent of “Clip Show” episodes of the Simpsons.

How the Art of BJJ Built MMA Fighter Adam Defreitas

The ebb and flow of a mixed martial arts fight can be dictated in so many various scenarios. For ACE Fighting Championships lightweight champion Adam Defreitas, were a fight’s universal pull up to him, he’d look to showcase his evolving striking game. But in the narrow moments between victory and defeat, it becomes his beloved practice of Brazilian jiu-jitsu that has carried forth victories in his amateur career.

The Rematch Plague

Perhaps it could have been different; one final swing of leather, one harsher clash of bone, one last inch of reach to another man’s chin, a battle can always be different. But the way a fight is executed is based on a number of variables in the moment. With this in mind, what is the basis behind how the UFC seeks legitimacy in forming rematches? Does it a take a sliver of doubt in a disagreeable decision? Does it take the ultimate fall of a beloved champion, or does it essentially take how much a fighter’s financial tally will be worth? The way MMA has been going, it’s hard to put it past financial gain.

A Featherweight Title Defense Has Always Been Calling Conor McGregor

It was a merely a matter of time before the self-built empire of Conor McGregor found itself engulfed in the grip of another man. A grip so tight, yet so familiar (as the Irishman’s two other losses have come via submission) one may wonder how he will come away from this loss. To assume that a loss, even one that stings with devastation, was something the featherweight champion could avoid is simply naïve. McGregor has been on a fast track to inking himself into the books of combat sports history since he inducted himself into the minds and hearts of UFC fans across the globe.