A Look Back at WWE No Way Out

If you read my “A Look At The Top Matches At Summerslam” article, you would know that I’m a fan of obscure pay per views. It’s just more interesting to see if a card that may not feature the biggest matches on paper, can still be pulled off into an entertaining show. Hence, my favourite month of the year being October because of Bragging Rights. But no, WWE had to go and ruin that for me, didn’t they?

Ever since WWE started down the road of having themed pay per view events, the schedule has changed year by year and they just can’t seem to make up their mind. In 2010, June hosted Fatal 4 Way. In 2011, that event was changed to Capitol Punishment. And finally, in 2012, it became No Way Out. There’s a rumour going around that Over The Limit will replace No Way Out in 2013 because Extreme Rules is being moved from April to May so that WWE doesn’t have two PPV’s in April. I don’t care where they are, just decide on a schedule and stick to it. Boy, do I miss the days of Backlash, Unforgiven and No Mercy, just to name a few.

No Way Out came at a time when two of WWE’s biggest names were suspended, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho. The previous month at Over The Limit, these two men were involved in a Fatal 4 Way match with Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. After Sheamus retained the gold in that bout, the plan was to split the match into two singles feuds for No Way Out. Sheamus would defend the World Title against Del Rio and Orton would face Jericho. So, with both Orton and Jericho forced out of action, one high profile match was removed from the card.

No worries, at least Sheamus vs. Del Rio is still on the card, right? Wrong. Approximately one week away from No Way Out, Del Rio suffered a concussion. Count em’, that’s three guys out and two match’s off. During the final Monday Night Raw before No Way Out, a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match took place to determine a new No.1 Contender for Sheamus’ World Title. The competitors were The Great Khali (yeah, right… like he was going to win), Jack Swagger (obviously didn’t prove his worthy to management with his first and only World Title run), Christian (just returned the previous month and became the new Intercontinental Champion by defeating Cody Rhodes) and Dolph Ziggler (more deserving of a title shot than any of these guys and probably more than ANYONE else on the roster)

For once, WWE made the right decision. Dolph Ziggler eliminated Christian to win the match and would take on Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship, that coming Sunday at No Way Out. REAL wrestling fans were in heaven here, as we’re the only ones who truly appreciate Ziggler’s hard work and skills in the ring. If it was up to me, he would’ve had a World Title run a year ago. It looks like No Way Out just became an obscure pay per view… I’m in.

Ok, I’ll admit it. No Way Out wasn’t a great show. Not having that ONE high profile match between Orton and Jericho really changed the pace of the event. There were too many matches that made it feel like I was watching Raw or Smackdown, instead of a pay per view. Not to mention that they added a promo with Triple H where he challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at Summerslam. That’s something that usually takes place on a free weekly show. They had too much time to kill and no star power to fill it with. We saw Ryback vs. two local guys in the usual job fest that it always is, Sin Cara vs. Hunico, as well as a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match to determine the No.1 Contenders to the Tag Team Championships between The Usos, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd, Primo and Epico and The Primetime Players. I’ve always believed that No.1 Contender matches should take place on Raw or Smackdown, and then the actual title defences should happen on pay per view. It gives the titles more meaning. Plus, it was stated that Kofi Kingston and R Truth were injured from recent attacks by the Big Show but then Kofi appeared in the Steel Cage main event, dressed in full ring attire, and tried to cost him the match. Like I said before, they should really start testing WWE employees for memory loss.

The big matches that WERE on the card, got the job done. Ziggler put on a better show than Del Rio ever could have. No surprise that Sheamus retained though. CM Punk successfully defended his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan and Kane, back when the love triangle involving them and AJ was in its prime. Last but not least, Cena defeated the Big Show in a match where there indeed was No Way Out, taking place inside a Steel Cage. I was sad to hear Vince McMahon say those two infamous words to Mr. People Power, John Laurinaitis though. The People Power storyline was the best thing going for WWE at the time. No Way Out goes to show you how important star power truly is, and that WWE needs to work harder on elevating new talents’ popularity.

I’ll see you guys right back here next Monday for another article of mine. Thanks for reading.