Impact Report for Aug. 17 – Former Diva Debuts

Impact kicks off with a video recap of what’s been going on for the last few weeks in the Bound for Glory Series and they let us know that there’s only three weeks left in the series. The package also contains highlights of the Aces and Eights attacks.

Austin Aries comes out to start the show, as Taz and Tenay fill us in on the almost controversial ending of the title match at Hardcore Justice, where it ended with a double pin, but was then restarted. Aries takes exception to the fact that Bobby Roode has been referring to his title reign as a fluke, and continues that he erased any doubt when he won the rematch on Sunday. Aries says this is now his show and he is the new face of TNA Impact Wrestling. He then addresses Aces and Eights, saying that no matter who is behind their attacks and no matter who wins the Bound for Glory Series, he’s going to leave Bound for Glory as still the World Heavyweight Champion. This is interrupted by Jeff Hardy, who says he’s been chasing the title for the last year, and then tells Aries that he’s going to win the series and the two of them are going to tear it up at Bound for Glory. Hardy then calls out Aces and Eights, saying that they caused him to lose at the pay per view, so he has unfinished business with the group. Instead of Aces and Eights, out comes Bully Ray. Ray tells Hardy what everyone else is thinking, that James Storm is behind Aces and Eights. Ray reminds Hardy that the group said they were coming for him at the pay per view, but didn’t touch him, only because Storm already laid him out with a super kick. Ray then also reminds Hardy that when he had the advantage on Storm, Aces and Eights came back and distracted him. He says unfortunately for them, Ray was smart enough to capitalize on the situation and he got lucky. Ray then says he’s the one going to Bound for Glory to become the World Champion, which Aries takes exception to, and reminds Ray that he made the Bully tap out. Aries says it doesn’t matter who’s behind Aces and Eights, nor who wins the BFG Series, because they still have to go through him, which is a task that nobody has been able to take on. Aces and Eights then appear on the big screen, and the spokesman agrees with Ray that he got lucky at the pay per view, and they conclude by saying that they’re going to make a statement tonight.

Up next is a video package with highlights of the Bound for Glory Series matches at Hardcore Justice, with Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray and AJ Styles each picking up 20 points.

Magnus is interviewed by the Reaction crew, asking his thoughts on facing a former partner in Samoa Joe tonight. Magnus says the two of them know everything about each other, and ends with a great line, saying that he not only knows Joe the wrestler, but he knows Joe the man. And he says if you can get into the head of the man, you can defeat the machine.

Match #1: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus in a Bound for Glory Series match

Joe attacks with an inverted atomic drop and then a flying front kick, but misses the senton backsplash, which was a nice touch, since they know each other well. Magnus answers back with a stiff kick to the face out of the corner and then fires away with a clothesline for two. Magnus delivers a neckbreaker out of a scoop slam position for two. Joe fights back and tries the muscle buster, but Magus fights it off and tries a flying elbow drop, but misses. Magnus tries to rebound, but gets caught with a urinage as he charges at Joe in the corner. Joe then applies a standing Coquina clutch, but can’t get the hooks in to take him down. Magnus kicks off the buckle into a pinning combination, but Joe avoids that predicament and utilizes a modified mahistral cradle for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe by pinfall (61 points)

After the match, there’s a very awkward situation, where Magnus tries to nail Joe from behind with a steel chair, but as Joe turns, he kind of blocks it, but it still hurts his arm it looks like. Then they have an equally weird stare-down (I don’t know what their goal was here, but it wasn’t very effective).

Madison Rayne is bragging about her title win at the pay per view backstage, when she’s interrupted by some random stagehand, who informs her that Brooke Hogan wants to see her in the ring. Madison assumes this is good news and thinks that Brooke wants to throw her some kind of victory party.

After the break, Madison comes out to the ring. Madison says she’s ready to party and really hopes there’s cake (so she’s Marie Antoinette now?). Madison says before any celebrating happens, she knows that behind every great woman is a great man. With that in mind, she calls out the so-called ‘love of her life,’ Earl Hebner, who comes out to chants of ‘You screwed Brooke!’ Brooke Hogan then comes out and says that she’s surprised at Earl, and says that he isn’t going to be refereeing any more knockouts matches from now on. Brooke then informs Madison that she will defend her title against Miss Tessmacher in a rematch tonight. Brooke adds that she has appointed a special referee for that match, and Madison will meet ‘her’ later. Madison gets upset and calls Brooke out, saying that she has nothing to her but her last name. Madison says if Brooke thinks she’s such a hotshot, she should come in this ring and prove it. Brooke accepts the challenge and sprints to the ring, which prompts Madison and Hebner to get outta dodge. With Brooke alone in the ring, two of the Aces and Eights members come from behind her and corner her, but before anything happens, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Kurt Angle and James Storm all run down (well Storm didn’t really run) to chase them off.

After the break, the roster members are still in the ring, and Sting says that it looks like they’ve just learned something about the character of Aces and Eights. Sting says since pretty much everyone has already called Aces and Eights out, they should come out to settle their issues next week at the start of the show on Open Fight Night.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are backstage, with Daniels making excuses about losing at the pay per view, before moving on to this situation with AJ and Claire Lynch. AJ interrupts and says he and Daniels should settle this thing tonight once and for all. He issues a challenge, saying that if Daniels wins their BFG Series match tonight, AJ will fully admit that he is the father of Claire Lynch’s baby. But if AJ beats Daniels, he not only gets the BFG points, but he’ll also take a paternity test to prove that he’s not (this is so stupid. What was preventing AJ from doing this for the last month?). Daniels then starts to worry that this whole thing is going to blow up in his face, but Kazarian calms him down, saying that AJ isn’t beating him tonight (as opposed to every other they night they face each other).

Match #2: Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles in a Bound for Glory Series match

Kazarian is immediately ejected from ringside before the opening bell. Daniels tries using the ropes in the early going, but gets caught red-handed. AJ drops a knee on Daniels and then starts choking him on the ropes, but breaks before five. Daniels starts yelling to the ref for a DQ (hilarious). AJ delivers a back body drop, and Daniels begs off, but Styles won’t have any of it. AJ utilizes and Indian deathlock and then bridges back into a chinlock, trying to get the 10 points. He eventually gives up on that and applies a half crab, before going back to the original submission. Daniels bites his way free. He then delivers a hotshot and then a northern lariat for two. Daniels then delivers a belly-to-back suplex for two. Daniels applies a standing Koji clutch, which looked great, as AJ drops to the mat almost instantly. AJ then bites his way free, as Daniels did earlier. AJ then powerbombs Daniels out of the corner. AJ then delivers a springboard flying forearm. AJ then meets Daniels on the floor with a somersault plancha. As the ref is tied up with AJ, Kazarian sneaks back to ringside and stays low. AJ tries suplexing Daniels back into the ring, but Kaz trips him and holds the foot down as Daniels gets the win. But then the referee sees Kazarian at ringside, he restarts the match. As Daniels protests, he gets caught with the Pele, giving AJ the win.

Winner: AJ Styles by pinfall (43 points)

After the match, AJ dots the exclamation point with a Styles clash on Daniels.

Sting is in his office and appears to be on the phone with Hulk Hogan (it must be on speaker or something, since Hogan’s voice can be heard). Hogan says this Aces and Eights thing has gone far enough, and adds that he’s still not at 100 per cent, but he will be in the Impact Zone next week and is going to be standing next to Sting when they call the group out. Sting says if they’re going to do this, they need to go old school, and the Hulkster appears to be on board.

James Storm is getting changed in the dressing room, as he’s approached by Jeff Hardy, who also questions Storm’s loyalty. Actually, Hardy says he isn’t really buying into everything that everyone’s been saying about Storm, but Aces and Eights did cost him the match at Hardcore Justice. Storm says he’s had just about enough of Aces and Eights and everybody accusing him. He adds that he’ll be out there for Hardy’s BFG Series match with Bully Ray tonight, just in case Aces and Eights show up.

Up next is a video package with highlights of the World Title match at Hardcore Justice.

Bobby Roode comes out for the next segment, as the announcers remind us that because he lost the match at the pay per view, Roode is not getting a rematch (how would he have gotten a rematch anyway?). Roode says he had an opportunity at Hardcore Justice to prove that Austin Aries was a fluke, and Roode says he did do that, when referee Brian Hebner counted to three and raised Roode’s hand in victory. Roode then takes exception to Earl Hebner restarting the match that he had already clearly won. Roode says that the title meant everything to him. He says his name has been associated with World Heavyweight Champion for the longest time. Roode says when he looked in the mirror, he came to the conclusion that there’s only one person to blame for this. He says the person to blame is Austin Aries…and Sting…and the referees…and all the fans. Roode says he’s now faced with the question ‘What are you going to do now?’ As Roode starts to answer this, he struggles with his words, and then just drops the microphone down and walks away.

Up next is a video package, focusing on the newest Gut Check challenger, who remains nameless (unless I missed it). The guy talks about how his brother got him into wrestling, but then his brother got shot and didn’t make it, so he’s basically dedicating his performance to his brother’s memory.

Match #3: Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

Brooke Hogan comes out and introduces the special guest referee Taryn Terrell (who has had her own problems settling domestic disputes). Madison looks like she has a bruise on her side as she tries a bridging northern lights suplex for two (might just be a tattoo). Tessmacher retaliates with a spear. The crowd is completely dead for parts of this match. As Madison argues with Terrell about her officiating skills or lack thereof, Tessmacher scoops her up from behind with a belly-to-back faceplant for the win.

Winner and New TNA Women’s Knockout Champion: Miss Tessmacher by pinfall

Aces and Eights is backstage, with the spokesman saying that Sting should be careful what he wishes for, because they will be there in full force next week. One of the group members then says they still have some business to take care of tonight.

Match #4: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Series match

I just realized that Jeff Hardy’s theme music has lyrics. As the action goes on, James Storm makes his way to ringside. Ray targets Hardy’s back in the early going. Ray goes to the outside to confront Storm, who removes his jacket and seems ready to go. Before they come to blows, Hardy meets Ray on the floor with a baseball slide and then delivers a running clothesline off the apron. Ray regains control with a headscissor/figure-four headlock. He then delivers a vertical suplex for two. Ray misses a big splash, allowing Hardy to catch his breath. Hardy attacks with an inverted atomic drop and then negotiates a double leg takedown and connects with a double-footed gut stomp and then a low dropkick. Hardy nails the swanton, but Ray kicks out at two. Ray rolls to the floor and Hardy tries a plancha, which Ray avoids and Hardy accidentally connects with Storm. Back in the ring, Hardy delivers whisper in the wind, but then Aces and Eights rush the ring and grab Ray’s chain, as AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Sting and Kurt Angle run down to chase them off. The distraction allows Hardy to drop Ray with a twist of fate and then schoolboy him for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy by pinfall (42 points)

After the match, Ray no-sells the twist of fate and just levels Hardy from behind. Ray then challenges Storm to get in the ring. Storm and Ray get in each other’s faces, with Ray shoving Storm back. Storm tries retaliating with the last call super kick, but Ray sidesteps it and Storm accidentally kicks Hardy. Ray then leaves the ring and as Storm checks on Hardy, four of the Aces and Eights guys get back in the ring and stand behind Storm just clapping. But then as Storm turns around, they pounce on him and deliver what looked like the worst looking beating in history (not worst like they really got him bad; I mean worst like it looked really bad) to end the show.

Final thoughts:

Parts of this show were decent, but other parts were just plain bad. Daniels and AJ had a great match, which of course was ruined by bad booking. Why on Earth wouldn’t AJ have already gotten a paternity test done? And even if Daniels did win, what’s to stop AJ from doing it anyway? And if Daniels did win, his guilt in all of tonight’s segments basically proved AJ’s innocence anyway. If he was so sure of it, why would he even care if AJ takes the paternity test? There are way too many logic holes in that storyline and I have a lot more to complain about tonight. But I’ll start with the positives. I really enjoyed Aries’ promo to kick off the show and I thought Roode’s was pretty good as well. All of the Bound for Glory matches were decent tonight, although Magnus turning on Samoa Joe looked incredibly awkward. And when did Joe officially turn face anyway? The beat-down on Storm at the end was so weak. Those guys weren’t in sync at all and they were basically stumbling all over each other to get their shots in. So Taryn Terrell is officially in TNA. Does anybody care? Does anybody even remember her? I’m sure she’ll do fine (just ask Chavo Guerrero). Other than that, there really anything else that requires a comment, so I’ll leave it at that. 5 out of 10.