Impact Report for Jan. 5 – Edwards Defends TNA Title, Davey Richards Returns


Impact Wrestling is live for the first episode of the Anthem era.

Eddie Edwards opens the show and says he’s going to make 2017 the year of Impact Wrestling. Eddie says he has a surprise when Lashley interrupts and says 2017 will be his year. Lashley says he wants a rematch for the world title but EC3 interrupts and also declares he wants a rematch. Eddie suggests a triple threat match for the world title and reminds them that he still has a surprise for them tonight.

The Broken Hardys are seen arriving backstage. They will be guests on Eli Drake’s Fact of Life later tonight.

Moose (c) vs. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett – Impact Grand Championship

Bennett is the aggressor in round number one. Two judges score it 10-9 for Bennett; one judge scores it 10-9 for Moose. Bennett wins round one.

Moose hits a moonsault from the second rope. Bennett hits the cutter for a near fall. Moose hits his signature clothesline and goes for the pin but the round ends. Two judges score it 10-9 for Moose; one judge scores it 10-9 for Bennett. Moose wins round two.

Moose hits Go to Hell for a near fall. Moose misses a moonsault, Bennett follows up with the piledriver for a near fall. Moose and Bennett battle to the end of the round. Two judges score it 10-9 for Moose; one judge scores it 10-9 for Bennett. Moose retains the Impact Grand Championship by split decision.

Moose def. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett – Impact Grand Championship

Swoggle meets Vanguard 1 backstage. The Broken Hardys approach him and ask if he was sent to sabotage Total Nonstop Deletion by his father, McMahon. Swoggle tells them that he isn’t actually McMahon’s son.

Rockstar Spud is in the ring and calls out Swoggle and challenges him to a match for turning on him at Total Nonstop Deletion.

Rockstar Spud vs. Swoggle

Swoggle spears Spud, followed by a German suplex and Celtic Cross for the quick win.

Swoggle def. Rockstar Spud

Spud is frustrated after losing to a one year old boy, Maxel at Total Nonstop Deletion and losing to a man who looks like a one year old boy, Swoggle and quits.

Backstage, Mike Bennett approaches Moose and challenges Moose to an anything goes match on tomorrow night’s One Night Only PPV. Moose accepts and the match is on.

Eli Drake is in the ring for another edition of his Fact or Life talk show. Drake says he’s not done with EC3 but tonight, his guests are the Broken Hardys. Reby plays the obsolete song on the piano as they make their way to the ring. Drake asks the Broken Hardys why he wasn’t invited to Total Nonstop Deletion. The Hardys say he was invited but didn’t show up because he was scared, just like McMahon’s Day of New or the Bucks of Youth. Drake challenges the Broken Hardy’s for the tag team titles on tomorrow night’s One Night Only PPV. The Broken Hardys accept and Drake will be able to choose his own partner. Drake attacks but the Broken Hardys use the numbers game to their advantage and take him out.

Shane Helms tells Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett that he doesn’t remember what happened after he was thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation at Total Nonstop Deletion but he is still committed to the Helms Dynasty.

The Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett) vs. Decay (“The Monster” Abyss & Crazzy Steve)

Abyss gets the hot tag and takes out both Lee and Everett with a double clothesline.

Shane Helms gets in the ring but Rosemary sprays the mist in his face.

Abyss chokeslams Everett from the top rope to win.

Decay (“The Monster” Abyss & Crazzy Steve) def. The Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett)

After the match, the lights go out and the DCC appear in the ring. They hit Abyss and Steve over the head with beer bottles, shattering the glass. James Storm, Bram and Eddie Kingston stand tall with Decay laid out.

Backstage, Maria tells Allie to put her gear on and meet her in the ring because she has a surprise for her.

Maria, Laurel Van Ness and Sienna are in the ring. Maria says she must take care of Allie before she and Mike Bennett can move on in 2017. Allie comes to the ring and Maria accuses her of having a plan to keep her from becoming knockouts champion. Maria challenges Allie to face a member of her entourage. Allie doesn’t back down and the match is on.

Allie vs. Sienna

Allie’s trainer, Braxton Sutter comes to ringside to coach Allie.

Laurel is flirting with Sutter at ringside. Allie gets distracted, allowing Sienna to take control.

Sienna spits in Allie’s face. Allie is enraged and builds momentum, hitting Sienna with a big powerslam.

Laurel flirts with Sutter at ringside again. Allie is once again distracted but this time, Sienna hits the Silencer to win.

Sienna def. Allie

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. EC3 vs. Lashley – Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Eddie and EC3 keep Lashley outside the ring while they battle inside.

Lashley is able to get in and hits them both with a double German suplex.

Lashley starts taking off the turnbuckle pads to expose the steel.

Eddie hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on EC3; Lashley hits the Dominator on Eddie.

Lashley connects with an electric chair in the corner.

EC3 attempts the One Percenter but Eddie breaks it up. EC3 ends up hitting the TK3 on Lashley for a near fall.

EC3 locks in the sleeper on Eddie. Lashley spears Eddie, causing EC3 to crash into the exposed steel in the corner.

Lashley spears EC3 outside the ring. Eddie connects with a suicide dive on Lashley.

Lashley spears Eddie but he rolls out of the ring before Lashley can go for the pin.

Lashley grabs the world title belt but Davey Richards returns and prevents him from using it. Eddie hits Lashley with the Boston Knee Party to retain the title.

Eddie Edwards def. Lashley & EC3 – Triple Threat Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Tomorrow night, TNA is on pay-per-view with One Night Only: Live. The Broken Hardys defend the world tag team titles against Eli Drake and a partner of his choosing, Mike Bennett takes on Moose in an anything goes match and more. Don’t miss it!

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