Impact Report for June 28 – Someone’s Pregnant

Impact hits the air with a highlight package, focusing on Austin Aries’ decision from last week, as well as the closing segment with Clair Lynch clearing the names of Dixie Carter and AJ Styles.

From there, we get a backstage segment with AJ and Dixie. Dixie says she’s glad to be done with this once and for all (somehow, I doubt it). AJ adds that Daniels and Kazarian have hell to pay.

Earlier footage is then shown of Clair Lynch with Dixie Carter backstage, as the announcers talk us through what’s happening.

Match #1: Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam in a Bound for Glory Series tournament match

Tenay notes that Anderson picked up two points over the weekend at one of the Canadian house shows, as he competed to a time limit draw with someone (though that person’s name apparently wasn’t important enough to mention). Tenay also adds that Hulk Hogan has announced that all BFG Series matches from this point on will be contested with 15-minute time limits. Anderson scores with a vertical suplex for two. Van Dam comes back with a modified Indian deathlock and bridges back into a chinlock. Anderson fights free, only to get trapped in an abdominal stretch. RVD hits an awkward-looking inverted atomic drop that was obviously mistimed. He is able to redeem himself though with a bridging German suplex for two. Van Dam then delivers rolling thunder for two. Anderson counters the split-legged moonsault with his knees, but it only gets him two. Van Dam avoids the mic check, but could not avoid a swinging neckbreaker. Regardless, Anderson only gets two. Anderson attempts a steamroller, but Van Dam slides down the back into a crucifix for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by pinfall (7 points)

Austin Aries comes out for the next segment (and he still has the X-Division Title; I could’ve sworn he relinquished it last week). Aries reminds everyone that LAST YEAR on Impact wrestling, he had to relinquish the X-Division Title in order to get a World Title match at Destination X. Aries says while he was champion, he not only ran through the division, but also faced and defeated such heavyweights as Bully Ray and Samoa Joe. Aries says as we get closer to Destination X, his days as X-Division Champion are over. He says there is going to be a tournament to crown a new X-Division Champion at Destination X (where will they find the guys for this?). Aries says he was in the back and saw some old faces, as well as some new faces (I guess that explains it). Aries goes on to say that he saw the hunger in all of their eyes, because all of them realize that this time next year, one of them will have the same opportunity that Aries has now. This is interrupted by Bobby Roode, who takes his own sweet ass time coming to the ring, as Aries is quick to point out. Roode takes exception to Aries’ overconfidence. Roode once declares his title as the REAL World Title. He says it’s the real title, because he made it that way. Roode says he is the most dominant World Champion in the history of Impact Wrestling. He says there are 12 men fighting and clawing for the opportunity to face Roode at Bound for Glory. Roode goes on to say that the only reason Aries has his opportunity at the World Title is because of Hulk Hogan. Roode says the only option C that he sees is the one that ends in failure for Aries. Roode adds that Aries isn’t even in his league and then orders Aries to get out of his ring. Aries says he thinks it’s his ring. Aries then slaps Roode’s microphone down and tells him that since both guys think it’s their ring, why doesn’t Roode try to make him get out. They both lose their shirts and things get intense, before Roode backs out and yells back that Aries is not worth his time.

Dixie Carter and Clair Lynch are with the Reaction interviewer. Clair says this whole situation got bad when Daniels and Kazarian found them out and as soon as that happened, they tried to twist the situation around into something horrible.

Kazarian is shown pacing back and forth in the locker room. Daniels is trying to calm him down, but Kaz is losing it and says for six months, he’s been buying into Daniels’ crap and that he lost his best friend in the process. Kazarian then storms out and Daniels reminds him about the title shot tonight.

Match #2: Sonjay Dutt vs. Rubix (I believe this is a tournament qualifying match)

Rubix delivers an arm drag off a springboard and lands a dropkick for two. Dutt snaps off a hurricanrana from mid-ring, but Rubix retaliates with a tope. Dutt then comes Rubix with a dropkick coming off the top rope. Dutt then delivers a springboard splash for two. Rubix comes back with a bridging German suplex for two. Dutt then spikes Rubix on his head with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. He follows that up with a top rope back flip (moonsault) into a double-footed gut stomp which looked incredible, and it got him the win.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt by pinfall

Christy Hemme interviews Dutt after the match. Dutt says the one thing he never accomplished when he was in Impact Wrestling was becoming the X-Division Champion, which he makes his goal at Destination X.

The Gut Check judges are discussing Taelor Hendricks backstage. Taz likes the fact that she has no sense of entitlement like Joey Ryan did.

Match #3: Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray in a Bound for Glory Series tournament match

Tenay notes that Joe earned 17 points over the weekend, which puts him in second place. Ray is avoiding contact with Joe in the early going. There are a couple of collisions in the middle of the ring, but neither guy budges. Ray gets the advantage off a back elbow. Ray barely negotiates Joe over with a vertical suplex. Joe regains control with a series of high impact moves, but is shut down with a vicious clothesline by Ray. Both big men go down after a double clothesline, with Ray landing on top for two. Ray has targeted Joe’s left hand, which seems to be working. Ray misses a big splash, allowing Joe to build some momentum. Joe delivers an inverted atomic drop, followed by a big boot and then a senton backsplash for two. Ray comes back with a urinage for two. Ray then misses a senton off the middle rope. Joe meets Ray on the floor, but then eats a big boot. As the referee starts to count Joe out, Joseph Park rushes towards the ring. Ray grabs him by the collar, only to have the taste slapped out of his mouth, to the surprise of everyone. Ray then stumbles backwards into the Coquina clutch, giving Joe the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe by submission (27 points)

After the match, Park tells Bully Ray that he knows who Ray is, but then he questions if Ray knows who Park is. Park says he’s been bullied his entire life and it’s going to end right now. Park says it’s no longer about Abyss; he says it’s now about himself and Bully Ray. Park says he’s sick of watching Bully Ray be a bully (that’s kind of his thing though). Park says if Ray wants, they should settle their differences once and for all. Park requests that if Ray gives him two weeks to get ready, Park will meet him in that ring, so they can fight again.

Backstage, Clair Lynch and Dixie Carter are still with the Reaction crew. Dixie explains the context of the picture, which was taken after she learned of Clair’s problem, and Dixie says she got very emotional. She adds that Clair was in the hotel room that her and AJ went into, and they were just meeting her there. Dixie goes on to say that the conversation between herself and AJ was about her husband Serge’s surprise party.

Kazarian is trying to plead his case to judge Hogan. He says he wants to be a champion in this company, but he didn’t know it would turn out like this. Kazarian plays the victim in this entire segment. Hogan says if Kaz is not with Daniels tonight and is out there on his own, AJ and Angle will just pick his bones. Hogan advises Kaz to show his true colors tonight.

Garrett Bischoff is approached by Madison Rayne backstage, who is acting all awkward (I think I hear some high school basketball game in the background). Madison says she has a crush and she is wondering what ‘he’ is like. Garrett wonders who she’s talking about. She whispers in his ear, and Garrett looks confused and just walks off.

Brooke Hogan is with Miss Tessmacher (the former Brooke) backstage and admiring her photos in some Direct Auto Insurance ad. This is interrupted by Gail Kim, who complains about Tessmacher getting all the attention. Brooke says Gail will have her rematch next week, and she better be ready.

Match #4: Rashad Cameron vs. Mason Andrews in an X-Division qualifier

I could have sworn I saw these two job to Ryback a few weeks ago. Cameron sneak attacks early, but Andrews fights back with an explosive dropkick. He elevates Cameron to the floor and meets him out there with a hands-free corkscrew plancha. Cameron drapes Andrews across the top rope with a gourdbuster, but misses a top rope moonsault. Andrews misses his mark as well, going for a springboard crossbody. Cameron then delivers a hands-free somersault plancha and sends Andrews back in for two. Andrews retaliates by clearing the bottom and middle rope to deliver a top rope hurricanrana from the floor. Cameron sends Andrews into the far corner, but Andrews puts the brakes on, as he almost collides with the referee. Cameron takes advantage with a dropkick, sending Andrews into the turnbuckles. Cameron follows that up with what R Truth calls the Little Jimmy for the win.

Winner: Rashad Cameron by pinfall

Christy Hemme interviews Cameron after the match. He says something about how fans better get ready for the Rashad Cameron experience. It was a decent promo.

Hulk Hogan is in his office with James Storm and Jeff Hardy. He gives them an update on Sting’s condition, saying he’s doing well, but not well enough. Hogan then says there’s always a concern about where Storm’s head is at, but he’s just been bringing it every week. Hogan says next week’s main event will be between the two of them in the Bound for Glory Series.

The Gut Check judges are now in the ring for the decision. Jeremy Borash then quickly introduces Taelor Hendricks. Taelor says that the judges have seen her at her absolute best (I feel sorry for her in that case). Taz wastes no time in giving her a thumbs up with his vote. Snow says he’s known Taelor for a long time and has seen her grow as a professional. Suddenly, Taz leaves the ring as he spots Joey Ryan sitting at ringside. Ryan is yelling all kinds of obscenities, as Snow tries to restrain Taz from doing something he’ll regret. Ryan is then escorted out of the building by security. The judges then get back in the ring with Snow’s answer, which is a no. In Taelor’s last opportunity to convince the judges, she says just like someone gave all three judges a chance before, she urges them to give her that same chance. She says she will fight with everything she has to, to prove to them that she belongs here. With that, Pritchard says he isn’t quite sure that Taelor is ready yet. He says he admires Taelor’s heart and class, and says ‘yes.’

Kurt Angle is with AJ Styles backstage, saying that he has a lot of respect for him, and he has a lot of respect for AJ sticking up for Dixie. AJ says this whole thing is finally off his shoulders, and he gets exactly what he wants, which is a last man standing match against Daniels at Destination X. AJ adds that his head is back in the game, while Daniels and Kazarian could not be more divided.

Match #5: Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle for the TNA World Tag Team Titles

Daniels and Kazarian are clearly not on the same page, as they head to the ring. AJ grabs a double handful of Kazarian’s throat to kick things off. The challengers make a comeback with a slingshot elbow drop by Daniels on Angle. Angle responds with a back body drop, followed by a t-bone suplex. AJ then delivers a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor. Daniels retaliates with an STO in the ring. He then tries a slingshot moonsault, but AJ gets the knees up. Tags are made on each side and Angle brings Kazarian in the hard way with a hip toss. Angle then delivers an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then delivers the series of Germans, first to Kazarian and then on Daniels. Angle goes for another German on Daniels, but Daniels grabs on to Kaz, who elbows him, allowing Angle to turn Daniels 360 with another German. Kaz is able to counter the Angle slam into an arm drag, but gets caught in the ankle lock. He manages to escape, only for AJ to get the tag and meet Kaz head on with a springboard flying forearm. Daniels comes in and delivers a spinning sitout powerbomb. The referee is then knocked down. Daniels grabs a chair from ringside and tries to use it on AJ, but Kaz grabs it from his hands. AJ then nails the Pele. Kaz then takes the chair and throws it down in front of AJ. He then instructs AJ to finish Daniels off, as Kazarian exits the ring. As AJ loads Daniels up for the Styles clash, Kaz gets back in and nails him in the back with the chair, allowing Daniels to get the pin.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian by pinfall

After the match, Daniels grabs the microphone and points to Dixie, who is sitting at ringside with Clair Lynch. He says Dixie should be happy since Clair told the truth last week. But he adds that she did not tell the whole truth. Daniels says that everyone must have noticed that she’s pregnant, but what they don’t know is that the father of her child is AJ Styles.

Final thoughts:

I knew there had to be more to last week’s reveal than met the eye, so I’m kind of glad that they’re continuing with this and they almost redeemed themselves from last week’s terrible ending. Having said that, the main event wasn’t nearly as good as their pay per view match, but still pretty good. I also like how the BFG Series is shaping up, and it looks like they’re finally getting behind Samoa Joe again. The two X-Division matches were also pretty good. I also admire the fact that they are sticking to the Taz and Joey Ryan angle, which has some potential, but it can’t lead to a match between those two, so I’m anxious to see where it goes. Overall, I thought this was a good show and hopefully it just gets better from here. 7 out of 10.