Impact Report for Nov. 15 – Storm Loses Title Shot

We kick things off with highlights from last week’s show, and they also recap some of the events at the pay per view.

Your commentators this evening are Mike Tenay, Taz and Todd Kenely.

The new number one contender James Storm comes out to the ring. He starts thanking everyone who has been behind him throughout his journey to get to the title picture (although the title picture isn’t necessarily the main event picture). He also reminds everyone who thought that he couldn’t do it that he is now the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This is interrupted by Bobby Roode, who is carrying a couple beers in his hand. Roode sarcastically congratulates Storm on being the number one contender, but he reminds Storm that he defeated AJ Styles, not Bobby Roode. Roode says that Storm is once again achieving success off of Roode’s hard work. Roode then says that when it’s all over, Storm’s going to have to be consoled by his friends, family members and his little daughter, because they are going to have to be there for him, when Storm inevitably takes his ball and goes home again. Storm knocks Roode down, and as Roode rushes out of the ring, Storm invites him to come back and fight him. Roode declines, saying that there’s nothing in it for him. He says that the only way he’d fight Storm is if Storm puts his title shot on the line. Storm rejects the offer, saying that he’s worked too hard to get this title shot. Roode then makes one last effort to get Storm to agree to his stipulation, by saying that the least Storm could do is have his little daughter give Roode a call when she turns 18, so Roode can show her what a real man looks like. I guess that was the red button, as Storm finally agrees to put his title shot on the line against Roode tonight.

Hulk Hogan is interviewed by the Reaction crew in his office. He says he feels sorry for AJ Styles now having to wait an entire year to be considered for another title shot, but he adds that AJ is sometimes his own worst enemy.

Next, we get a recap of Aces and 8s’ attack on Sting last week.

Back to live action (or actually taped action), DOC remains in the Aces and 8s dog house, as he tries to plead his case to remain in the group. The ‘VP’ of the group tells DOC that he still has to prove himself, but until then, he tells him to hand his jacket in. Devon then takes the VP aside and selects a new victim for tonight (cause this worked out so well the last time).

Match #1: Rob Van Dam vs. Kid Kash for the X-Division Championship

Van Dam utilizes a scissor pinning combination for two. Kash responds with a hurricanrana over the top rope, sending Van Dan to the floor. He follows that up by launching himself over the top rope with another hurricanrana on the floor. Van Dam perches Kash on the top rope and attempts to deliver a rolling attack, but Kash meets him head on with a clothesline off the middle rope. Kash then tries what Marc Mero used to call the Merosault, but misses his mark (no pun intended). Van Dam delivers a rolling monkey flip out of the corner, with Kash almost landing on RVD’s face. He follows up with the five-star frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by pinfall

Eric Young is backstage, telling ODB of his ‘tales at sea.’ He then promises to beat Jesse Godderz tonight and get rid of him once and for all. In return, ODB tells him that she plans on being the new Knockouts Champion. And then they make out.

Kurt Angle is backstage with Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco, as he is trying to recruit a tag team partner for tonight (what a choice to make). Garrett tells Angle that he has his own history with Devon and wants some revenge. Brisco says that Kurt’s been training him since high school (what?) and that he’d be the perfect teammate. Angle says it’s a tough decision (I’m guessing handicap match would have been one of the options), but he ultimately chooses Garrett. As Garrett leaves, Angle has a few words with Brisco, trying to calm him down.

Match #2: Jesse Godderz vs. Eric Young

Jesse delivers a body slam in the early going (some skill set this guy has). He then delivers a powerslam. Jesse starts posing and then delivers a leg drop for two. Godderz lands a picture-perfect dropkick, but then pauses to kiss Tara at ringside. Young gets some shots in, but gets caught in an abdominal stretch. He counters out of it with a hip toss. Eventually, the trousers come off, as EY starts to build some momentum. Tara tries to distract Young, but ODB comes in and spears her. Young gets knocked off the apron and into the guardrail. ODB goes to check on him, only to receive a cheap shot by Tara from behind. Tara throws EY back into the ring, and then Godderz delivers a modified Stunner for the win.

Winner: Jesse Godderz by pinfall

Up next is a recap of the Joseph Park versus DOC match at Turning Point.

Park is in Hogan’s office, requesting one more match against Aces and 8s. Hogan says he can’t do it, because Park is obviously all beaten up, and he says he just can’t be held responsible for what would happen. Hogan tells Park that he has no training at all, so he doesn’t belong in a wrestling ring. Park thinks that Hogan is suggesting that he should go to wrestling camp. Park says that when he returns, he will be ready for that match.

Match #3: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the TNA Television Championship

Before Magnus gets to the ring, he is attacked by Aces and 8s, after Devon hits him in the back of the knee with a baseball bat. Devon then directs traffic, telling the other members to hold Magnus down. He then instructs DOC to hit him with the hammer. DOC takes a couple of shots to Magnus’ inner thigh. Devon then targets Magnus’ head with the baseball bat, but right before he swings, Bully Ray runs out and chases them off.

Winner: No Contest

After the break, Magnus is being loaded on the stretcher, as the announcers recap the attack.

We then get a recap of the World Title ladder match at Turning Point.

Austin Aries tells the Reaction crew that he feels terrible after the pay per view, and he has the bruises to prove it. He adds that he’s not yet done with Jeff Hardy, and then excuses himself, as he goes into one of the trailers for a massage. As he enters the room, he finds Hardy getting a massage. He tells Jeff to enjoy the title while he can, because he clearly needs it more than Aries does. Then we get another Jeff Hardy monologue.

Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff come out to the ring. Angle tells Aces and 8s that nobody makes an example out of him. He says if they want to go to war, he’s got himself a tag team partner, and they’re waiting.

Match #4: Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff vs. Aces and 8s

Representing Aces and 8s is Devon and a very large masked man. Angle takes Devon down with a back elbow and then a belly-to-belly suplex. The big man comes in and gains a momentary advantage, until Angle starts chopping him down at the knees with kicks. Angle then tags Garrett, who comes in with a flying shoulderblock. A cheap shot by Devon from the apron on Angle gives control to the heels. Devon delivers a vertical suplex. Angle comes back with a German suplex to each heel. He then delivers a missile dropkick o the big guy, as DOC comes out for the distraction. The big man applies a full nelson to Angle, as DOC comes in the ring with the hammer (why was this not an automatic DQ?). Before DOC can do any damage, Wes Brisco runs out for the save with a lead pipe. Brisco chases DOC out of the ring, as Angle delivers a low blow to the bigger guy, and then utilizes a schoolboy for the win.

Winners: Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff by pinfall

Tara and Jesse Godderz are walking towards Brooke Hogan’s office and are nervous about what they are going to say. They open the door to find Brooke with her arm around Bully Ray on the couch (not another one), and they both immediately separate as Tara and Jesse catch them in whatever this was. Ray leaves and Brooke is upset that Tara didn’t knock. Tara takes exception to the battle royal, but Brooke tells her it’s too bad. As Tara and Jesse leave, Tara tells Brooke that she might want to consider locking the door in the future. Brooke looks nervous about something (like how can they possibly pull off a third love affair angle?).

Match #5: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James vs. ODB vs. Miss Tessmacher in a Knockout battle royal to determine the new number one contender for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Tessmacher is elevated to the ring apron by Gail, but manages to stay alive. Gail and Madison then double team ODB, until Tessmacher comes to help her out. Tessmacher delivers a monkey flip to Gail, but as she charges at Gail in the corner, she is elevated to the ring apron again, and this time, she’s eliminated. Mickie delivers a flapjack to Madison. With ODB is perched on the top turnbuckle, Gail is whipped face-first into her crotch. Madison is then knocked off the apron and eliminated by Mickie. Gail then throws ODB out, which is kind of surprising, considering that she’s been Tara’s main rival lately. Mickie tries the hurricanrana out of the corner, but Gail blocks it. Mickie is able to improvise, but utilizing a headscissor to take Gail to the apron. Gail holds on, but gets caught with a spinning crescent kick, which ends her night. Mickie James is the number one contender.

Winner: Mickie James

James Storm tells the Reaction interviewer that he is well aware of what’s on the line tonight, but he’s sick of Roode always sticking his nose in his business. As Storm continues, he’s interrupted by AJ Styles, who looks like Mr. Anderson here. AJ doesn’t say anything. He just has an awkward stare-down withStorm and walks away. Storm tells the Reaction crew that he’s done.

Back at the Aces and 8s clubhouse, the VP tells DOC that the group has voted and that he shouldn’t let the door hit him in the ass on the way out. DOC is seething as he makes a slow exit from the room. As he opens the door, he sees an Aces and 8s jacket being held in front of him, and apparently it was a rib.

Next is a recap of the three-way dance at Turning Point.

AJ Styles comes out to the ring. He says he’s had a bad year already, and what happened at Turning Point was just the icing on the cake. AJ says he was only points away from wrestling for the title at Bound for Glory, and if he had that shot, he would be the World Champion. AJ says that the holidays are coming up, and a lot of people are thankful for a lot of things. But he says that he’s not thankful for anything this year. This is interrupted by Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Kaz quotes Elvis Presley, saying that AJ is ‘Nothing but a hound dog; crying all the time.’ Daniels continues that it is the worst year of AJ’s career, but he clearly doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Daniels says AJ needs to look in the mirror if he wants someone to blame. He then calls AJ a broken, scarred, little man. Daniels tells AJ that he’s nothing but a complete and utter failure. AJ then brings up a good point, saying that if you look in the record books, it shows AJ Styles beating Christopher Daniels a lot more than Christopher Daniels beating AJ Styles. He then says that since Daniels needs a reminder, they should go at it again, and finally see who the better man is. Kazarian says that Daniels has nothing to prove to AJ. Daniels disagrees, saying that this is the perfect time to have one more match. AJ says ‘Let’s do it,’ and they have a stare-down to end the segment.

Austin Aries tells the Reaction crew that his favourite subject in college was non-verbal communication. He says he’s finally realized what buttons he needs to push to get what he wants. He says since next week is Open Fight Night, nobody’s going to want to miss what he has planned.

It’s also announced that all former Gut Check winners will be in the house next week.

Kurt Angle is backstage with the Gut Check judges, and he’s trying to get them to agree to have Wes Brisco go through Gut Check. Both Pritchard and Snow aren’t into this, saying that there’s a process that Wes needs to go through. Angle says that Taz is already on board, so they tell him they’ll think about it. D-Lo is with them, and he also puts over Brisco as a blue chipper.

Match #6: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm to determine the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

They go at it right away, with Storm getting the early advantage after a back body drop. Roode fights back with a back elbow, sending Storm to the floor. Roode then exposes the top turnbuckle. Roode then starts to target Storm’s arm, as he violently whips it into the ring post. He then delivers a leg drop and then a knee drop to the arm. Storm fights back with a side Russian leg sweep. Storm delivers an inverted atomic drop and then a neckbreaker. Roode elevates Storm to the apron, but Storm rebounds with an enzugiri. Storm delivers a powerbomb out of the corner for two. He then tries the eye of the Storm, but is unable to support the weight. Roode delivers the double R spinebuster for two. Roode then applies the crossface, but Storm makes the ropes. Roode tries a hammerlock body slam, but Storm counters with a backstabber, and then follows up with a facebuster. Storm then goes for the last call super kick, but Roode brings the referee in front of him. Storm puts on the brakes, but the distraction allows Roode to introduce Storm’s head to the exposed turnbuckle, and he schoolboy’s him for the win.

Winner and NEW number one contender: Bobby Roode by pinfall

Final thoughts:

I thought this was a very average show, up until the last 30 minutes. I don’t know where this Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray thing is going, but I just hope it’s not what I think it is. I was surprised that they actually let Jesse Godderz go over Eric Young clean, but then again, it was pretty surprising that Godderz was the aggressor for the majority of the match. It would have made a lot more sense for Aces and 8s to attack Samoa Joe tonight. By attacking Magnus, who exactly are they sending a message to? First of all, he’s a heel who just attacked someone with a wrench two weeks ago, so why should anyone have sympathy for this man? Secondly, he’s an average-sized guy who’s nowhere near the main event. The knockout battle royal was okay, and I liked the last spot, but it made no sense to me that Mickie James has been off of TV for at least two months, and all of a sudden, she’s the number one contender; especially since Tara’s been feuding with ODB for the last little while, and to the best of my knowledge, that feud never really had a conclusion. Not that I’m saying that ODB deserves a shot over Mickie James, because the Mickie James match would be much better. I just think it would have made more sense from a storyline point of view. The AJ and Daniels segment was pretty good. Daniels actually appeared more serious in that segment, which I think is a good thing for him to show more sides to his character. The match should be great, but I don’t know if another one is necessary. Roode and Storm had an excellent match, but I’m tired of seeing Storm have to scratch and claw his way to the title. At this rate, by the time he gets there, nobody will care. 7 out of 10.