In Memory of Billy Red Lyons

Growing up my Saturday + Sunday afternoons were spent in front of the television watching wrestling, and it was always very exciting to count down the days until Jack Tunney would be brining the WWF wrestlers back to Maple Leaf Gardens so I could go see them live.  The man who let me know every weekend who would be on that card was the one and only Billy Red Lyons. 
In the early 2000’s I was the producer of The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling, and one of my all time favourite interviews to produce was between Billy Red and my LAW co-host Dan The Mouth Lovranski.  To my delight he was such a gracious and polite individual to speak with that it just solidified all of my memories of the guy that always had the knack of getting that mic in the right place, at the right time, every time”
Hearing Billy Red’s voice always brings me back to those happy childhood memories, and I even feel as though he was an influence on my choice of career.  Therefore, over the past few years as my little tribute to Billy Red I have ended all my game shows with the line “As Billy Red always says, Don’t’cha Dare Miss It” – He’ll definitely be missed but not forgotten.”
And let me share one clip with you of two of my all time favourites, The Honky Tonk Man + Billy Red Lyons in their prime: