Interview – Pat Laprade, “Mad Dogs, Midgets & Screwjobs”


Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski sits down with Pat Laprade, the co-author of “Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screwjobs” (available now through ECW Press

Highlights of the book include:

• Over 200 exclusive pictures covering a 100 years of history
• Biographies on such wrestling legends as the Rougeaus, Mad Dog Vachon, Édouard Carpentier, Little Beaver, Jos & Paul Leduc, Yvon Robert, Dino Bravo, Sky Low Low, Abdullah the Butcher, Gino Brito, Killer Kowalski, Andre the Giant and Rick Martel
• Reviews of the days of Eddie Quinn, the war between All Star Wrestling & Grand Prix, the rise and fall of International Wrestling, the arrival of Hulk Hogan and the WWF and how wrestling evolved on TV
• The complete history of women’s wrestling in Montreal 
• Details on some of the saddest pro wrestling tragedies to ever occur in the Montreal territory, including Dino Bravo’s murder
• The most comprehensive and complete history on the world famous 1997 Montreal Screwjob The complete timeline of every title change of the Montreal Athletic Commission title from 1936 to 1987
• The complete history of midget wrestling, including the very first midget wrestling match ever
• Exclusive interviews from: Gino Brito, Billy Two Rivers, Frenchy Martin, Rick Martel, Sunny War Cloud, Sylvain Grenier, Paul Vachon, Raymond Rougeau, Jacques Rougeau Sr, Carl Ouellet, Nelson Veilleux, Jacques Rougeau Jr, Maurice Vachon, Édouard Carpentier, Marc Blondin, Jimmy Garvin, Ronnie Garvin, Luna Vachon, Len Shelley, Gilles Poisson, Abdullah the Butcher, Neil Guay, Joanne Rougeau, Fernand Ste-Marie, Milt Avruskin, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Guy Hauray, Paul Leduc, René Goulet, Jackie Wiecz and Maryse Ouellet

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