LAW Aug. 9 Update – Punk Slams The Rock

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**The ‘Smackdown’ television tapings take place in Sacramento, California tonight featuring Christian making an announcement and inviting Triple H. They have also announced Christian and Randy Orton will be in individual singles matches just as they did with CM Punk and John Cena on ‘Raw’. Plus the character of Sin Cara returns tonight but not the same performer for now.

**TNA is in Orlando, Florida for their third straight night at the Impact Zone and will be taping the August 18th edition of ‘Impact Wrestling’. The next cycle of TNA television tapings will take place on the road in Huntsville, Alabama and should be a breath of fresh air for the show.

**CM Punk appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show Monday in Pittsburgh to promote ‘SummerSlam’ and will likely get a lot of attention for his thoughts on The Rock. Punk stated that The Rock shouldn’t be taking credit for the amount of buys for WrestleMania 27 (1,058,000 buys this year worldwide, up from 885,000 the prior year) stating that Rock didn’t do anything entertaining on the show and is sick of Rock getting credit for the success of the show. The criticism is not a very valid one as the people purchasing the show obviously purchased the show without any knowledge of what would occur on the show and the content of the show isn’t dictating the buys for a show. It was a letdown of a WrestleMania in my opinion but there was significant buzz heading into the show (and to say The Rock was not responsible for that is just not correct in my view and Rock was a giant reason why ‘Mania was up this year, taking Rock out of this year’s show there was nothing marquee on this show that would have made this the most successful wrestling show in history from a revenue stand point – which it did with The Rock’s inclusion). Punk also said that The Rock’s promos are corny and old and he is not saying this to disrespect The Rock but hopes that it gives him motivation to step it up when he returns and that one day hopes a young kid in the business will criticize Punk for being old and stale. Punk also spoke about a pending feud with Triple H and that they cannot make the same mistakes they did 10-years ago and must focus on the future of the business because he is concerned about the future and whether there will be a business in 30-years. He said he would loved to have dragged out his return to television, he got tons of outside offers but the bottom line was that had a pay-per-view to sell.

**Despite being released on Friday Melina travelled to all of the WWE ‘Raw’ house shows on the weekend with boyfriend John Morrison. However on Monday night Melina was not allowed in the arena by WWE officials and Melina posted that on Twitter. The company also took a shot at Melina with the promo by Beth Phoenix to Eve Torres saying ‘no more splits’.

**I was amazed at the lack of a card for ‘SummerSlam’ coming out of ‘Raw’ last night as have four matches and one match that will draw on this show. This the definition of a one match show on Sunday and in 2011 you need all hands on deck for a WWE pay-per-view to draw and I really feel this show is going to under perform buy wise. The closing angle was tremendous Monday night but will it be enough for people to spend that amount on one match? There was an incredible excitement for ‘Money in the Bank’ and that show only managed 135,000 domestic buys (approximately), in this case you do have the ‘SummerSlam’ name but you don’t have the lineup that suggests anyone is going to spend $55 for one match.

**They announced on ‘Raw’ Monday night that Rey Mysterio would take on the winner of the CM Punk Vs John Cena match next Monday from San Diego, California. This could all end up with an angle so the match doesn’t occur as Mysterio’s knee is in bad shape right now and he could be out for some time once he receives the results of his MRI. Mysterio has quietly had an amazing run this year since coming back to ‘Raw’ and has been the MVP of that show on a consistent basis and will definitely be a blow to lose him right now when the depth is so thin.

**TNA has signed Long Island based wrestler Tony Nese to a contract. Nese came in prior to the ‘Destination X’ event to work a three-way and got good reviews. He was originally trained by Mikey Whipwreck.

**Gail Kim’s profile has not been removed from as they are not letting her out of her contract until it expires in a few months. This is the reason there was no announcement regarding Kim on Friday by the WWE when all the other releases were announced. Kim officially quit last Monday and explained her comments on Twitter. It would seem like an easy decision to bring Kim back to TNA and help the Knockout’s division, which has never recovered from he loss of Kim and Awesome Kong, who put the division on the map and became ratings draws for the company when ‘Impact’ expanded to two-hours in late 2007.

Melina is an interesting one because she does have a name and has been on WWE television since 2005 but I think it’s a real problem when you tune into ‘Impact’ as a new fan and you see all these faces that were cast offs from the WWE and it starts to define the TNA product. Paul Heyman always had the philosophy of taking name stars from the past with the sole purpose of transferring their star power to his own talent and create his own stars and it is a different philosophy in TNA where they feel the show needs names people are familiar with (showing little faith in their own ability to create stars) but as we have seen there is just about nobody TNA can realistically acquire that is going to make a difference, it all comes to presentation of these stars and the context in which the people see them in.

**For those that missed it, here is my full 18-minute chat with John Morrison when he was in Toronto promoting ‘SummerSlam’:

**Jay Lethal has signed a contract with Ring of Honor.

**Hulk Hogan received some publicity on Tuesday appearing on BBC Radio 5 and discussing the current riots going on and that perhaps these rioters need to be leg dropped. He also compared the struggles going on in London to when he body slammed Andre the Giant in 1987. It’s Hogan everyone, you just have to enjoy this man.

**PETA is launching a new campaign and will feature Brooke Hogan posing nude for the campaign.

**Chris Jericho made his WWE debut on this date in 1999 at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois. It is still remembered as one of the greatest debuts in company history where he was instantly positioned in a top spot by interrupting The Rock’s segment and got the elaborate countdown each week leading to his debut. As Jericho described in his book he ran into tons of issues later that year where he the company lost faith in him, was chewed out by Vince McMahon (and had his political adversaries within the company) but rebounded to become one of the top stars the company has ever had.  In a funny note that same night on ‘Monday Nitro’ they returned Hulk Hogan to the red and yellow (the first time they did it since turning him in 1996) and Jericho’s quarter did better than anything on Nitro, which was in a tailspin at this point in mid-1999 during the Kevin Nash era of WCW.


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