LAW July 31 Update – AW, WWE Apologize for Kobe Bryant Joke

**There was plenty of outrage backstage over Abraham Washington’s rape joke made during the Titus O’Neil Vs Kofi Kingston match on ‘Raw’ last night. TMZ was quick to pick up the story and WWE issued a statement that they have taken the proper disciplinary actions and AW also apologized on Twitter for the comment he made. I’m sure we will know by the end of today whether or not Washington will still have a job but one of the key factors is that his gimmick is having a live microphone on the air and I cannot see them giving him that allowance after this major screw-up and if he cannot do the gimmick than it negates his value for the company. Where I could see the company really flipping out is if a TMZ or some opponents of Linda McMahon decide to not only jump on this story but go back and look at past rape based storylines in the company archives (there was actually one involving Linda with Eric Bischoff in the summer of 2003 where Bischoff broke into her home).

**Last night’s edition of ‘Raw’ averaged 4,494,000 viewers with the first hour as expected dragging down the number down with 4,064,000 viewers and then the second and third hour averaging 4,700,000 viewers. The number was way down from last week’s huge show that averaged 6,020,000 viewers.

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**The Greenwich Times has a big story on Vince and Linda McMahon and how much they have lost with the WWE stock price over the past four-years. The article also examines the WWE’s move to across the board PG-rated programming in 2008 and whether there was a political motive behind the move. 

**John Laurinaitis is stepping down as Senior Vice President of Talent Operations after eight-years in the position where he succeeded Jim Ross. The announcement was made on that Laurinaitis has been burnt out from the job but will remain with the company and going on the road as a producer putting together matches. After Laurinaitis concluded his in-ring career he took a position in WCW in 2000 as a road agent and got very good feedback from talent that worked with him particularly putting together finishes so provided he still has a good mind for that aspect he will be a big asset on the road.

**The ‘Smackdown’ tapings take place in Indianapolis, Indiana tonight featuring Vince McMahon appearing on the show to announce the new General Manager of ‘Smackdown’.

**The current card for ‘SummerSlam’ on August 19th in Los Angeles looks like this:
*Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H (not sure if this will go on last but based on last night I fully believe the card is going to draw on the strength of this program)
*CM Punk Vs John Cena Vs Big Show for the WWE Title
*Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Title

It also looks pretty certain that Charlie Sheen will be involved in the show in some form and based on the angle last night it looks like Daniel Bryan Vs Kane with Sheen either in Kane’s corner or involved some other way.

**As mentioned throughout ‘Raw’ there was a fire inside the U.S. Bank Arena to one of the side panels of the entrance area with the crowd being evacuated. There were numerous Touts from talent covering the fire and got some local publicity. The show was still able to start on time at 8pm EST and no one was hurt. There was a similar situation at the TNA ‘Hard Justice’ event in August 2006 when a burlap bag in the rafters caught fire from some of the pyro and the crowd had to be evacuated during the live pay-per-view and the company had to cancel matches and book on the fly as they remained on the air using video packages and guys cutting promos outside the building to fill time.

**We will be back with Review a Wai tomorrow with Wai Ting and I reviewing the WCW ‘Road Wild’ event from 1999 headlined by Hulk Hogan Vs Kevin Nash in a Retirement Match for the WCW Title plus Dennis Rodman Vs Randy Savage.

**Kyle O’Reilly has a length blog on his website discussing an incident from this past weekend involving Davey Richards, Tony Kozina and himself on a set of shows in Iowa.


**UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones appeared in court this morning stemming from DUI charge this past May. Jones had previously pled guilty to the charge and was fined $1,000 today as well as having his driver’s license suspended for six-months and will also have to pay to have the telephone pole he repaired that he crashed into. Jones will also have to pass an on the spot breathalyser test to operate any of his vehicles once he can drive again.

**UFC President Dana White announced on the UFC conference call yesterday that the winner of the Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua Vs Brandon Vera fight would receive the next Light Heavyweight Title shot but later in the day changed his stance and said that whoever wins in the most impressive fashion in that fight or the Lyoto Machida Vs Ryan Bader fight will receive the title shot.

**The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released the figures for UFC 148 this past month headlined by Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen. The card drew an announced crowd of 15,104 and a new U.S. gate record for the company of $6,900,000 at the MGN Grand Garden Arena (second in company history to UFC 129 in Toronto in April 2011 at the Rogers Centre) with tickets scaled at their highest level in UFC’s history at the venue.

**UFC middleweight Michael Bisping and lightweight Joe Lauzon will join me on ‘The MMA Report’ this Thursday available at and you can also subscribe to the show on iTunes at

**I watched the ‘Road to the Octagon’ special that FOX aired this past weekend focusing on Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua Vs Brandon Vera and Ryan Bader Vs Lyoto Machida for this Saturday’s card and cannot say it did a lot to sell me on the show. Vera is a very engaging speaker and is able to talk you into a fight but he’s at a point in his career where it feels ‘too little, too late’ but makes for a feel good story if he were able to pull off the victory Saturday. I thought Vera came across the best and the other three did little to make you want to see their fights and was your typical ‘I train hard, I work hard and I respect my opponent’ speeches that do nothing for the casual audience that have better things to do on a Saturday night than get their friends together to watch two guys respect each other. I don’t have high hopes for the number although ‘Shogun’ is a bigger name than Jim Miller and probably above Nate Diaz as well but there is such little buzz for this show.

**John Alessio has been cut by the UFC following losses to Mark Bocek and Shane Roller in the lightweight division during this most recent campaign with the organization.

**Eddie Alvarez will fight Patricky ‘Pitbull’ Freire at the October 12th Bellator event in Windsor, Ontario in the final fight of Alvarez’s current contract with Bellator.

**Matt Mitrione and Rob Broughton will fight on October 5th at the UFC on FX 5 event in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The two were scheduled to fight this weekend on the undercard of the FOX card but Broughton had visa issues and could not get into the country in time. That FX card will be headlined by Travis Browne taking on Antonio Silva. A flyweight bout between John Dodson and Jussier da Silva has also been added to this card.

**Wallid Ismail has announced on Twitter that his fighter Erick Silva will be fighting Jon Fitch at UFC 153 on October 13th in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  

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