LAW May 18 Update – Career Retrospective on Davey Boy Smith

**WWE ‘Raw’ did a 3.1 rating on Monday night and averaged 4,700,000 viewers.

**This past Monday’s edition of ‘Tough Enough’ did a 1.6 rating and averaged 2,442,000 viewers for the 8pm EST airing on the USA Network.

**If you missed Review a Raw from Tuesday it is available right now for download at and also on iTunes. Wai Ting and myself review ‘Raw’ and ‘Tough Enough’ from Monday night as well as my full chat with ‘The Genius’ Lanny Poffo from this past weekend in Brantford, Ontario for the Championship Wrestling International where Poffo discusses his run with Hulk Hogan in the late 80’s and into 1990, the pace of the WWF schedule in the 80’s, his thoughts on the WWE Wellness Policy and what he feels Randy Savage would insist on if he were asked to go into the WWE Hall of Fame.

**The Rock with the me the special WWE guest on next Monday’s edition of ‘Tough Enough’ as they have two shows remaining before the June 6th finale on ‘Raw’.

**Jacob Novak was the first elimination on the current season of ‘NXT’ on Tuesday night in Corpus Christi, Texas.

**Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer was not at either of the ‘Impact’ tapings this past week and one would presume she was only brought in for the one television and pay-per-view appearance, which is probably the right call and worked for the short time she was in.

**Steve Austin is scheduled to appear on the June 6th edition of ‘Raw’ in Richmond, Virginia for the finale of ‘Tough Enough’ as well as the June 13th ‘Raw’ in Long Island, New York. Both shows are scheduled to be three-hour editions of ‘Raw’.

**Here is are the recent interviews I conducted at the Ring of Honor’s recent ‘Revolution Canada’ show in Toronto at the Ted Reeve Arena:

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**Juggalo Championship Wrestling presents their bi-weekly internet pay-per-view tonight with the ‘Ponydown Throwdown’ at 8pm EST airing at for $5. Tonight’s show is headlined by Butler Geeves Vs ‘Richie Boy’ Bryer Vs 2 Tuff Tony for the JCW Title along with Sonjay Dutt Vs Jimmy Jacobs plus Colt Cabana, Rhino and Zach Gowan on the card.

**It was on this day in 2002 that Davey Boy Smith passed away after suffering a heart attack. Its amazing looking back that Smith was only 39-years of age when he passed away considering how much he did during his career. He got his start at only 15-years old working on ‘World of Sport’ in the U.K.

He was then brought over to Stampede Wrestling where he had his first national exposure in Canada and then beginning tours with New Japan Pro Wrestling at the age of 21 and later made an extremely lucrative jump alongside Tom Billington to All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1984 where the two were hidden in a hotel room to keep the debut a surprise.

Of course his biggest runs in North America came with the World Wrestling Federation where he began in 1984 following the buy out of Stampede Wrestling where one of the stipulations was that Smith, Billington, Bret Hart and Jim NeidHart would be part of the deal. Smith helped take the tag division to huge heights in the mid to late 80’s with some of the best in-ring matches the World Wrestling Federation had produced up to that time.

His singles run in the early 90’s culminated with the infamous ‘SummerSlam’ match in 1992 at Wembley Stadium (in front of the largest paid attendance in WWF / WWE history, which still remains a record for the company) in a match with Bret Hart that Hart has often referred to as his greatest match. Smith was let go shortly after the title win when the company had a very strict drug policy and believed that Smith and Ultimate Warrior were getting around the testing and were both released in the fall of 1992 (at the time they were two of the promotion’s biggest babyface stars and a sign of how serious Vince McMahon was at the time and not simply a drug testing program for public relations purposes). Smith resurfaced in WCW in 1993 with the hope of Smith opening up the European market for the organization based on his drawing power and exposure from the WWF but failed to come close to his peak with the WWF a few years earlier. Smith returned in the summer of 1994 to the WWF where was seated in the audience at that year’s ‘SummerSlam’ match between Bret and Owen Hart in Chicago and got involved during the match as the babyface brother in-law to Bret. At this point he was positioned as a fourth to third from the top babyface working alongside Bret on the road against combinations of Owen Hart and Jim NeidHart and then briefly teamed with Lex Luger as The Allied Powersm, which fizzled fairly quickly. His career then got a big boost in the fall of 1995 when Kevin Nash needed a new heel opponent and they turned Smith and cut his hair and also aligning himself with Jim Cornette and Owen Hart and gave Nash a much better opponent after Nash had just concluded feuds with Sid Vicious and King Mabel, which were some of the worst WWF main events of the 90’s.

He continued as a heel throughout 1996 primarily working as partner of a tag team with Owen Hart and led to one of the more memorable matches in ‘Raw’ history in the finals of the European Title tournament held in Germany in the spring of 1997 where Bulldog became the inaugural champion.

This was at the same time they had turned Bret Hart heel and formed The Hart Foundation and led to some of the best WWE television in history throughout the summer with the Hart Family positioned as heels in the United States and babyfaces in Canada with ‘Raw’ alternating between countries all summer long. It would take too much time to go into depth about the ‘Survivor Series’ 1997 but suffice it to say Bulldog got out of his WWF contract to follow Hart to WCW, which was in hindsight a terrible decision for Smith as he had to pay to get out of his deal with the WWE and was never used properly in WCW and was forgotten right up until the ‘Fall Brawl’ event in September of 1998 where he took a bump on a hidden trap door in the ring (that was put there for an Ultimate Warrior entrance later in the night) and Smith was hospitalized with a horrible case of staph infection and nearly died in early 1999.

Bulldog recovered and was re-signed by the WWE later that year just before brother in law Owen Hart passed away in May 1999 and Bulldog returned to WWF television in the summer of 1999 and headlined the September ‘Unforgiven’ show in a Six Pack Challenge for the vacant WWF Title and then worked The Rock the following month at the ‘No Mercy’ event.

After those events he was phased down as a heel and had a run with the Hardcore Title and worked with the Mean Street Posse but had a lot of issues at the time with pain medication and other drugs and was quietly let go in 2000. Smith continued to work independent dates but struggled with prescription medication and it was no secret that he was heavily involved with steroid use throughout his career. His death in May 2002 was ruled a heart attack with no doubt that his drug use contributed significantly to his heart failing him. Today his son Harry Smith works under the name David Hart Smith with the WWE.

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