LAW Sept. 10 Update – Bret Hart in Montreal Tonight

**Tonight Raw is in Montreal, Quebec at the Bell Centre featuring Bret Hart’s first WWE appearance in the city since the “Survivor Series” in 1997 and will be a big part of the show. The only other hook to the program is with CM Punk and Paul Heyman and they could tie-in with something regarding Bret on the show. They are promoting Pat Patterson Appreciation Night to the local market and will likely be done after the show and perhaps bring in some local Montreal notables for a ceremony.

**We have a special “Super” Review-A-Raw coming up later tonight as Wai Ting and I will be joined live by Nate Milton and Damian Abraham to breakdown Raw tonight and take your feedback after the show. The show will be posted late tonight here on the website and will also be up on iTunes and Stitcher.

**Last night’s edition of The LAW with Dan Lovranski and Jason Agnew reviewing he “No Surrender” event along with Nate Milton joining us in-studio, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and your phone calls is up at The show is also available on iTunes by subscribing to Live Audio Wrestling.

**For what it’s worth Jack Swagger is in Montreal right now and could be used on television despite the angle last night.

**Kurt Angle has announced that due to a conflict of interest he will not be allowed to be part of the broadcast team for the World Series of Fighting promotion. Angle was scheduled to call the show alongside Michael Schiavello and Bas Rutten on the November 3rd debut event.

**The Smackdown television tapings take place Tuesday night in Ottawa, Ontario for the final show before “Night of Champions” this weekend in Boston. 

**The consensus among many was that “No Surrender” was a disappointing show last night with the bright spot coming from a very well done Tag Title match involving Christopher Daniels and Kazarian retaining over A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle. Jeff Hardy winning the BFG Series didn’t surprise me as he is the most popular performer on the roster even if he hasn’t been pushed at that level for months but there was no story behind him winning outside of an injury angle shot during the show and making the babyface comeback for the main event. TNA has developed this pattern over the past year and teasing and teasing a payoff for months (Bobby Roode chasing for the title at last year’s Bound for Glory, James Storm chasing for the title heading into Lockdown, James Storm returning to win the title at this year’s show) and then at the last minute they don’t deliver. Now granted in this case it’s not like the audience was salivating for James Storm to win the tournament and go onto the PPV as he has cooled off significantly and it’s not life or death that Storm headline next month but it was the story told on television and the direction you had been led in dating back to June and even prior to that when he left TV after Lockdown. With Hardy we didn’t so much as even hear him explain on television why this tournament was important, why he wanted to be champion and was just a middle of the pack guy during this entire tournament and wins it without any anticipation to solidify the win. It seems that Austin Aries and Aces and 8’s were the big monkey wrenches thrown into this BFG Series with Aries winning the title and taking the focus off of the Roode Vs Storm path and then Storm getting bogged down as the suspected leaders of Aces and 8’s. I always felt that despite Storm losing some steam that winning the tournament and then pushing him hard for four-weeks leading into Bound for Glory would get that heat back on him and come that PPV people would be invested in him but TNA must have felt differently and the match you want is Storm Vs Roode and they opted not to get the title back on Roode over the past two-months. With that said judging this BFG Series as a whole, it blew away last year’s tournament, there was tons of attention to detail that was non-existent last year and come Sunday I was really intrigued for the final four and the different directions they could go. The final night was not executed well but the tournament was still a big success in my view and undid a lot of the bad from last year.

**WWE Smackdown averaged 2,954,000 viewers on Friday night.

**The L.A. Times has a story on the WWE Network and some very optimistic views from a shareholder of what the network could generate.

**Chyna posted the following on Twitter regarding her breakup with Triple H:

If you didn’t know, TripleH & I were engaged during the time of the Mcmahon/Helmsley Takeover on Raw. About 6 months into that storyline, Paul would come home and start arguments with me for no reason and leave out for a few days. After he left one day, he left the Halliburton brief case that I gave him in the house. Now, I’m not one to be snooping but something just Didn’t feel right. I opened it up and found a love letter that Stephanie wrote to him a year earlier saying that she was in love with him. I called Vince up and told him what I found out. He just replied that the jig was up. The next day I went to the Raw show where there was a Bunch of wrestlers talking as I walked in the backstage. They started parting the way and turning their backs to me. Not even asking why I was crying. The same wrestlers that I had trained and performed with day in and day out. I was lead into Vince office where he was there With Stephanie. She basically said that Paul was his and I just had to deal with it. I said that she was lucky her father was there or I Would of ripped her face off. Vince said to go home and take some time off and then we will deal with it. I was near the end of my contract So basically, he never resigned me.

The timing of all this doesn’t exactly jive as the Triple H and Stephanie storyline began in late 1999 and Chyna was around until May 2001 so she may have had the time period slightly off. She also added that she up for a role in Terminator 3 and that Vince McMahon had her blocked from being put in the movie and blackballed her from other ventures.

**Hulk Hogan notes on Twitter that it was a mistake to let Devon go and a huge screw up on someone’s part.

**Pat Laprade has an interview with Pat Patterson up on the SLAM website discussing tonight’s ceremony and to expect some tears.

**Ring of Honor has announced that Kevin Steen Vs Jay Lethal will headline their October 6th event in Rahway, New Jersey.

**The WWE has announced a tour of Egypt from October 18th-20th later this year.

**Cody Rhodes makes a list of ten celebrities who should wear a mask.

**The first Raw of 2013 will take place January 7th in Tampa, Florida.

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