LAW Sept. 3 Update – Punk Returns to Chicago

**Tonight ‘Raw’ is in Chicago, Illinois at the Allstate Arena, which is always a solid and hot market for the company. The handling of CM Punk will be the most interesting aspect of tonight’s show and how they get that audience to boo Punk or simply ride the wave and accept how over he is going to be tonight. The Anger Management skits will also continue tonight with Daniel Bryan and Kane presenting their ‘anger collages’, these got over pretty well last week. Outside of that there is nothing announced for the show tonight.

**We are back with Review-A-Raw later tonight after the show with Wai Ting and I recapping the show and taking your feedback, which can be left after ‘Raw’ ends on The LAW Message Board. 

**Last night’s edition of The LAW is up on the website at featuring Dan Lovranski and Jason Agnew taking lots of your phone calls, our chat with Booker T about his new book ‘From Prison to Promise’ and the results of our TOUT contest for the ‘Smackdown’ house show tickets in Hamilton this weekend. You can also subscribe to ‘Live Audio Wrestling’ on iTunes.

**A reminder for those that missed the show last night, we will be moving to a Midnight-2am EST timeslot starting this Sunday until the NFL season concludes. We will also be starting on The TEAM 1410 out of Vancouver this Sunday and airing live in Vancouver at 9pm Pacific.

**Kurt Angle suffered a pulled hamstring during his match with Jeff Hardy last Thursday on ‘Impact Wrestling’ but did work the house shows this past weekend in a limited capacity. 

**The Rock reportedly stops a group of vandals on the set of ‘Fast Six’. 

**Here are the results from the second and final night of PWG’s ‘Battle of Los Angeles’ featuring the semi-finals and finals of the annual tournament:
*Sami Callihan over T.J. Perkins 
*Adam Cole over Eddie Edwards
*Michael Elgin over Bryan Cage
*Ricochet over Roderick Strong
*Willie Mack & Drake Younger & B-Boy over Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly & Joey Ryan
*Adam Cole over Sami Callihan in a semi-final match
*Michael Elgin over Ricochet in a semi-final match
*Kevin Steen & El Generico & Rick Knox over The Young Bucks & Brian Cage
*Adam Cole over Michael Elgin in the Finals of BOLA 2012 

**We forgot to mention that yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of the WWE introducing their second World Title with the addition of the old WCW title and was given to Triple H on an edition of ‘Raw’ in Milwaukee. The title was instantly disregarded at the time because of the nature of how it was introduced with Eric Bischoff presenting Hunter with a box that contained the title and then set up a main event between Hunter and Ric Flair with Hunter winning. During the ten-year history of the title within the WWE the longest reigning champion has been Dave Bautista, who held the title for 282-days from April 2005 until vacating it in January of 2006. It was a strange deal at the time because after the brand extension in April of 2002, they had the one Undisputed Champion and had just put the title on Brock Lesnar eight-days prior at ‘SummerSlam’ and rather than give Raw the Intercontinental Title they created a second title for Triple H and had world titles for both brands. 

**Ric Flair recently spoke to The Miami Herald about the online campaign to get him into ‘The Hangover 3’ (just as long as he isn’t the guy getting married) and his daughter, Ashleigh working in FCW right now.

**Just two-days after their card in the Philippines the One FC organization has dropped their ruling regarding the referee having to give the fighter the go-ahead to proceed with soccer kicks and stomps in a fight. The new rule eliminates the official from the equation and fighters are free to deliver stomps and soccer kicks until the official steps in. This stemmed from the finish of the Andrei Arlovski Vs Tim Sylvia fight on Friday where Arlovski dropped Sylvia and continued with two kicks to the face and it was ruled a no contest due to the official not giving the go-ahead. Under the new rules Arlovski would have been ruled the winner. There are lots of fans that enjoy anything harkening back to the days of PRIDE but personally I feel the sport has evolved past the days of soccer kicks and stomping a downed opponent and whatever nostlagic value is brought to the table it is overshadowed by the potential injuries from an opponent unable to properly defend themselves and opening up the margin for serious head injuries even further. 

**Former UFC bantamweight Miguel Torres has signed with World Series of Fighting and will debut on their November 3rd against an opponent to be determined. Following his release from the UFC two-weeks ago he was announced to be fighting at the Titan FC card on November 2nd but that fight is off. 

**And finally, Dave Meltzer is now on Twitter @DaveMeltzerWON.

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