Looking Ahead to TNA No Surrender

TNA presents No Surrender, live THIS  Sunday on pay per view. Yes, I said THIS Sunday. Who knew that, show of hands? Right, not many of you. That’s because TNA hasn’t promoted this event whatsoever. They didn’t announce a single match until the final Impact leading up to the pay per view… Complete and utter insanity. I get that No Surrender is a minor event, considering that it is right before TNA’s granddaddy of them all, Bound for Glory. But having 3 days of build to an event will only result in one thing… abysmal buyrates. Not that TNA isn’t used to that. Maybe they’ve given up. It’s not like having 4 weeks of build would’ve resulted in a decent buyrate either, just have some damn pride in your product.

The main feature of this so called “event” is the conclusion of the Bound for Glory Series. What began as a 12 man competition to determine the No.1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound for Glory has now been narrowed down to just 4 men; Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Bully Ray. They will face off in two 1 on 1 matches, with the winners of those facing each other in the finals. Whoever comes out on top in that match will challenge for the World Title at Bound for Glory. Two questions… why are we seeing James Storm vs. Bully Ray for the second year in a row at No Surrender? And why was Hardy vs. Joe booked on a pay per view, just mere days after we saw that match for free on Impact? It’s like TNA has absolutely no interest in creating any sense of value for this event. This better be good… but I’m not expecting that at all.

On the Aces and Eights side of things, Austin Aries will challenge any one member of the new heel faction to what’s being called a “fight”.  I’m assuming this will just be a brawl, rather than an actual wrestling bout. So, we have TNA’s WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION in a NON TITLE match on PAY PER VIEW in what might NOT even be a REAL MATCH. Oh boy…

Throw in a bunch of lackluster and meaningless undercard matches and you’ve got No Surrender 2012. This event is likely going to feel like a 3 hour special edition of Impact, and definitely not something TNA should be expecting us to pay $34.99 for or $44.99 for those ordering in HD (I’ll admit it, I’m one of those suckers who dishes out the 10 extra bucks for a crisper picture).

Let’s hope I’m totally wrong and TNA delivers at least a half decent show with No Surrender, live this Sunday on pay per view. Thanks for reading.