Raw Report for July 2 – AJ Makes a Statement

WWE RAW REPORT- July 2nd – AJ Makes A Statement

Raw starts out tonight with a recap of the return of Chris Jericho; followed by his match against John Cena.  I’m so glad to see Jericho as a throw away to set up the uber compelling Big Show vs. Cena 2.

Tonight is episode 997, which is three away from the record breaking 1000 (but doesn’t that make 997 a record breaking episode as well? I give Raw 1000 one week before the record gets broken again)

John Cena comes out to a fired up crowd.  Cena gives credit to Jericho for wising him up to the seriousness of the MITB match.  He says that the run-in by Show was a prelude to what the multi way ladder match could be like.  He goes on to say that he will be prepared for everything thrown at him, and he plans on winning the match as well (which isn’t always Cena’s number one goal)

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring shouting “Yes!” He assures Cena that his chant is not in approval of Cena, but rather his own confidence towards beating CM Punk for the WWE title.  Bryan warns Cena that should he try cashing in on him, he would become the first person to ever be unsuccessful.

CM Punk comes out, to join the conversation.  He asks Cena and Lawler as well as the entire crowd if they disagree with Daniel, and the baby faces all fun with some “Yes” chants.  Punk points out that AJ is the special guest ref, and he’s pretty much got the match locked.

Chris Jericho comes out next and sympathises with Bryans catch phrases being stolen.  He tells Bryan to gets some new phrases and goes on to fire off his own classics (Shut the hell up, Raw is Jericho, and Never…eeeever again).  I love Jericho.  Chris says that he invented the MITB match, and he’ll win it, and begs anyone to tell him otherwise.

Kane comes out next and stares Jericho in the face and says, “OTHERWISE!”

Big Show comes out next, which gets Cena fired up.  Bryan attacks Cena from behind and Punk comes to his aid, but gets taken out by Jericho.  Jericho gets taken out by Kane; Big Show clears out Kane and leaves the ring as the only man standing.

So, Kane just turned baby face in this segment with one word?

Charlie Sheen will be the social media ambassador – I have one word, “Pinning!” (I’m here all week)


The match starts out with several tags from both sides; Kofi hits a dive to PTP on the outside and the two sides regroup.  The heels take over control and work over Kofi.

AW has his headset connected to the in house sound system.  He offers some gems such as “come on Titus” and, “let’s go, we don’t need this”.

PTP leave the match, so Cody decides that he doesn’t need to stick around as well.  This leaves Otunga to deal with 4 guys…or maybe 5.

Brodus Clay comes out and Otunga tries to high tail it, but Brodus and the others toss David into the ring.  Santino wins it with the Cobra

Winners – Santino & Christian & R Truth & Kofi

After the match, the five men team up and hit Otunga with a kill switch followed by a big splash…don’t be a bully kids…lots of dancing.

In the back, Alberto Del Rio starts sucking up to Teddy.  He pleads with him for a legitimate one on one match for the World Title.  Teddy informs ADR that he’s wasting his breath, because the board has already named him number one contender and he will get Sheamus at MITB.  Teddy goes on to book Del Rio in a match next against a surprise opponent (gotta be Rey!)

Stephanie McMahon talks about a favorite Raw moment being when Shane trained their dad for the Royal Rumble.  Looking back, this was pretty funny.


I smell a swerve.

Del Rio doesn’t let the match start.  He assaults Sin Cara and tosses him into the ring post and follows it up with a cross arm breaker.

Winner – No contest.

I was expecting Teddy to bring out Rey after that…guess not.

In the back, Daniel Bryan catches up with AJ, and offers her a rose.  He tells her he’s sorry and he’s always cared about her.  AJ is crazy, but not stupid.  She tells Bryan that she can’t wait to run into the arms of her true sole mate.  She bites the rose off of the stem and spits it…I’m in love.

Paul Heyman is suiting up for a “via satellite” interview.  His facial expressions are second only to William Regal.

After a quick recap of the Heyman/Hunter interaction, we are joined live by Haymen who announces that Brock Lesnar will be at the 1000th episode of Raw to announce his decision as to whether or not he will face HHH at Summerslam.  Heyman goes on to say that HHH wants the match so he can go out in a blaze of glory and turn solely to his corporate career.  He says that Brock Lesnar vs. HHH would be a mercy killing.  (I don’t know, I thought Hunters last match was a pretty good one to go out on)


This is an interesting one.  Apparently Vicky and Dolph are on good terms again…I forgot; were they fighting?

AJ tries to retaliate against Vicky right away but Sheamus picks her up and puts her in her place on the apron.

Ziggler and Sheamus start out.  Sheamus lifts him up for a face buster but Ziggler comes back with a DDT.  Sheamus blocks Zigglers splash with a forearm and hits the white noise.  He is about to hit a brogue kick but Ziggler bails and tags in Vicky.  AJ comes in as per the rules and hits her with a shining wizard for a quick pin.  She prances off chanting “Yes!”

All the way in the back, AJ finds CM Punk, who blows her off in favor of a phone call.  After he hangs up he indicates that he was unaware that AJ was in a match just now, explaining that he was on the phone with his sister for 15 mins.  AJ turns away feeling very upset that Punk wasn’t paying attention to her.  Punk will be sleeping on the couch tonight.

And now for my favorite part of the show…The one man band!

Slater talks about his recent interactions.  He says that he’s not a clown; he’s the one man band.  Out comes DOINK!


This is the most underwhelming of the returns.  Heath Slater actually pulls out the quick win but it was all a ploy!

Diamond Dallas Page comes out and gets a nice reaction.  He looks good too (all that yoga).  Page and Slater seem to be getting along, but a handshake turns into a diamond cutter, and slater goes down!


This will be a no DQ match.  Show plows over Kane and follows up with a shoulder block, sending Kane into the railing.  Show sends Kane into the steps and the two fight in front of the announce table.  Back in the ring, Show grabs a chair but Kane stops the attack, hitting a DDT.  Kane goes for the chair, but Big Show spears right through the chair, following it up with a choke slam on the chair for the win.

Winner – Big Show

In the back, Teddy welcomes back Eve.  After trying to butter him up, Eve gets presented with her own personal name tag.  She rips it up and bumps into AJ.   Eve takes the time to tell AJ to leave the manipulating to her.  AJ replies to Eve, saying that she craves attention, and would do anything to get ahead.  AJ says she’ll show everyone how to get attention.

Alberto Del Rio talks about DX invading WCW as being his favorite moment.  I’m glad ADR didn’t try selling his own moments.


I guess he’s not a Lord anymore.  Apparently if you lose one match you lose that title…make that two matches.  Kidd just hit a fluke roll up in 30 seconds.  All I can say is – YES!

Winner – Tyson Kidd

The loss sends Tensai into a fit of rage towards Sakamoto.  I’d hate to see what happens when his pizza is more than 30 mins.

In the back, Daniel Bryan does some comedy with Jericho.  They make fun of each others jackets and start chanting catch phrases.

On the other side of town, Punk asks Cena to follow his lead tonight.  Cena says he’ll go along with it much to Punk’s scepticism.

After the break, Josh Mathews catches up with Tyson Kidd, who doesn’t get a word in before being attacked by Tensai.


Punk starts out against Bryan.  The two exchange fast paced leap frog take downs and Punk hits a suplex before tagging in Cena.  Jericho comes in and trades takedowns before getting bumped to the outside.  After gaining control over Cena, Jericho works him over for a bit until missing the lionsault.  Bryan tags in and isolates Cena hitting numerous “Yes” kicks and a high knee.  With Jericho back in, Cena fights his way out and manages to finally tag Punk in.  Punk hits a flying clothesline and a bulldog onto Bryan as well as a scoop slam.  He slaps the anaconda vice but Jericho breaks the hold, causing Cena to pair off with Jericho as the two fight up the ramp.  In the ring, Bryan hits a temple kick for the near fall.  Punk cuts Bryan off at the top and delivers a superplex.

AJ comes skipping out around the ring, but nobody seems to be paying attention.  The two men take each other down in the ring and AJ finds a table from under it.  She sets up the table and slowly climbs the steps.  She nervously climbs to the top rope and after much contemplation Daniel cuts her off at the base of the table and pleas with her to not Jump.  Punk climbs up to greet AJ and tells her to get down and not to jump.  AJ kisses Punk then shoves him off the top rope, onto Bryan (at the bottom) and the two collide through the table.

Winners – Who cares about winners!

Raw comes to a close with AJ standing tall over her two love interests laid out at her expense.

I would have to say that the closing angle was some very ambitious booking.  This was pulled off about as believably as possible, except for the fact that Punk had to sell a shove from a 95lbs girl.  I can except that it was unexpected however, and the dynamic between the three does become more interesting.  AJ’s motives were made more clearly to me tonight, which is that she simply wants all the attention she can get.  This seems like a little more of a heel trait, but perhaps she does have a master plan all along.  I had thought I had it all figured out before tonight, thinking that AJ and Bryan were working together all along, and she helps him win the title.  After Punk retaliates and chases off AJ, A newly crowned MITB winner (Cena) comes out and wins the title.  This would Set up Punk vs. Cena for Summerslam and allow the MITB focus to go to the smackdown winner (ZIGGLER?)  After tonight, who knows…it’s becoming a little harder to predict.  The show wasn’t overly that special tonight, and if this were Kayfabe I would have to say that Teddy is the worst GM to date.  This was a very uninspiring holdover edition of Raw, with the exceptions of Jericho, Heyman, and AJ, who all had some great performances tonight.

That’s it for another week…now go get some sun!

And now for some odds!

Over Under on the date that Heath Slater surpasses Tensai in win percentage  – AUG 1st

Odds that Sakamoto tries to book Tensai against Brooklyn Brawler so he doesn’t lose again 4-1

Over Under on a Miz return  – 3 weeks

Odds that DDP comes back full time  2000-1 (that’s not a bad thing…that’s a good thing)

Over under on how many Kane vs. big show matches there have been in 997 episodes   – 997

Odds that David Otunga helps HHH with his legal problems  9-1

I can’t think of anything good or interesting pertaining to this show…it really felt like a chore to watch this one.  Like I said, it was lackluster.  I will be watching Smackdown tomorrow with much higher hopes!

Enjoy your week, perhaps catch Sonnen vs. Silva 2 (any wrestling fan will like this one, simply for the build) and lets chat in the forum.  I will never….eeeeeeever forget to reply!