Review of TNA Hardcore Justice

A few things at Hardcore Justice caught my attention so let’s get started.

I honestly don’t know why anyone would be excited to see Chavo Guerrero in TNA. Sure, they’ll give him more attention than the WWE ever did but what will it amount too? Management will probably have him compete for the X Division title at some point, but I still can’t find it in me to care. I do respect him because he’s a part of the historic Guerrero family. However, he never had the charisma or skills in the ring that Eddie did and never will.  The last time I found him mildly interesting was when he played the high class golfer character, better known as Kerwin White… kidding.

At Hardcore Justice, Chavo found himself teaming with Hernandez to take on the newly formed tag team of Gunner and Kid Kash. Is it wrong that I was more interested in seeing Gunner and Kash as a team rather than Chavo in his first TNA pay per view match? I sure as hell think so. The pacing of the match was unusal. They had Gunner and Kash dominate Chavo for the majority of the match, not allowing Hernandez to get into the ring. Shouldn’t it have been the other way around to create anticipation for Chavo, rather than make him look weak right away? There were also a few spots where you could see the lack of chemistry Chavo has with the TNA roster, considering he hasn’t worked with them much. This match had the potential to showcase some overlooked talent on the roster (everyone BUT Chavo). Don’t get me wrong, it was a decent enough tag team match but it should have been given more time as they seemed to transition into the ending very abruptly. Unfortunately, we all knew that Chavo wasn’t going to lose his first pay per view match and we were exactly right. Chavo hit the frog splash on Kid Kash for the three count. Next please.

I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for heel factions. As soon as one emerges, I’m the first one on board. Even though there will never be one as awesome as the NWO, I like fooling myself into thinking that each one that has come along since will be just as ground-breaking. TNA has been known for their heavy use of factions and most fans would say that it’s been MORE than excessive. Good thing I’m not like most fans. So, when I saw the first appearance of Aces and Eights in TNA, I stood up from my couch and saluted them as I proudly raised my two fists into the air. We don’t know much about them yet. Who they are, why they’re attacking some members of the TNA roster and not others, or what their motive is. These are just some of the questions that will be answered leading up to Bound for Glory. What I know for sure is that I’m liking what I’m seeing whenever they’re on screen. Besides, who wouldn’t think the distorted Saw-like voice is cool? The Aces and Eights made their presence known at Hardcore Justice as they beat down the Pope in the backstage area before his Bound for Glory series Falls Count Anywhere match, rendering him unable to compete. On this past week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Bully Ray was being targeted by the Aces and Eights. During his Bound for Glory series Tables match, they attempted to cost him the match but were unsuccessful in doing so and Bully still picked up the victory. In the case of Bully Ray, inserting him into this storyline will do a whole lot for his character which has, unfortunately, become stale over the past few months. That was the last we’d be seeing of the Aces and Eights on Hardcore Justice, leaving me with more questions than answers. Just the way I like it.

I was a Bobby Roode fan before he became the “it factor”. But my appreciation for his work skyrocketed to a whole new level when he called himself the leader of the selfish generation. He got the long title reign that he truly deserved but, in July, it came to an end when he lost to Austin Aries at Destination X. I originally thought that the most obvious outcome of this year’s Bound for Glory series would have James Storm winning it all. So, when I heard Roode was getting his rematch at Hardcore Justice, I was sure he would regain the gold over Aries. This would be done mainly to start the build up for the ultimate finale between him and Storm at Bound for Glory. That wasn’t the case though and Aries retained at Hardcore Justice in a match that, like many rematches, wasn’t as entertaining as the first. I’m curious as to where this leads for all three men involved. It was stated that Roode wouldn’t get another rematch so we might still see him take on Storm at Bound for Glory, it just might not be for the title. Now, I understand that Aries is extremely over with the fans but I don’t think he has IT to headline TNA’s biggest event of the year. It made sense to have Roode vs. Storm at Bound for Glory, to see the development of the feud come full circle and likely have Storm walking out with the strap. Anything other than that match doesn’t seem too, at least for right now. With No Surrender in September, it’s still very possible for the landscape of both the World Heavyweight Title and Bound for Glory series pictures to change so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for reading.