ROH Best in the World ‘Hostage Crisis’ Report

The card kicks off with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness at ringside previewing the show

Truth Martini comes out to cut a promo on The Briscoe Brothers and brings out two big men in black spandex and masks as The Guardians of Truth

The Briscoe Brothers Vs The Guardians of Truth

Dave Meltzer posted that the masked team were The Headbangers (Glen Ruth and Chaz Warrington)

Guardians get the heat on Jay in their corner until he makes a tag to Mark and hits a top rope elbow and Briscoes get the pin fall right after the hot tag at 6:01.

After the match they go for the Doomsday Device on Martini but the Guardians make the save and brawl as officials break them up

The ropes were really loose in the opening match and they were fixed after the opening match

Eddie Edwards Vs Homicide

Edwards hits a suicide dive to the floor to start the match and then a missile dropkick off the top from Edwards but Homicide recovers and starts working on the left arm of Edwards, which is taped up.

Homicide goes for the three amigos tribute but then Edwards counters and delivers his own vertical suplexes but Homicide blocks the last one and puts Edwards on the mat and crowd chants ‘Sii’ (Spanish for ‘Yes’) and Edwards gets back up and hits superplex off the top.

Edwards hits a codebreaker coming off the ropes that Kelly identifies as the ‘Boston Knee Party’ (awesome name). Edwards then goes for the chin checker off the corner but Homicide blocks and hits the Ace Crusher for a two-count. Edwards blocks the Gringo Killa and goes for a roll up and gets a two-count and then to the half crab but Homicide gets out and attacks the left arm and hits the Grino Killa for the win at 12:47 and play up the damage done to the left arm.

Coming up next is the ‘Hybrid Rules Match’ featuring a fifteen-minute time limit, ten-count knockout finish, pinfall or submission ending the match and will be disqualified if they have three fouls during the match.

Kyle O’Reilly Vs Adam Cole in a ‘Hybrid Rules Match’

The match starts with grappling on the ground before getting back to their feet.

The announcers note O’Reilly is using a mouth guard and Cole is not.

O’Reilly applies an armbar in the middle of the ring but Cole gets to the rope and leads to O’Reilly attacking the left arm and then attacks him standing with kicks and slaps and drops Cole.

The match went to another gear when they did a Misawa Vs Kawada back and forth punching and slap spot where Cole lost two teeth following a double boot spot and had blood pouring out of his mouth. The crowd was so behind Cole’s comebacks including a no sell spot from a kick that was just excellent.

They teased a commission doctor coming in to stop it but Cole waved him off and then dropped O’Reilly with a suplex and hits a big superkick knocking O’Reilly to the floor. They return to the ring and O’Reilly with an arm bar than Cole transitions out of into a half crab for a huge reaction but then O’Reilly counters and Cole turns it into a figure-four and Cole gets the win by tap out at 12:39.

After the match they zoomed in on the lost teeth on the mat. Cole offers his hand and O’Reilly smacks him in the face and exits. If enough people saw this it was a star making performance for Adam Cole and came across so great.

Martini does an interview with Michael Elgin and is interrupted by Roderick Strong to do the long term tease of Elgin leaving the House of Truth

Fit Finlay Vs Michael Elgin (w/ Truth Martini)

The match starts off with a slow pace as Finlay tries work down the legs of Elgin. Finlay works on a crossface and into a leg lock that Finlay continues to work over.

It slowly builds to dual kicks and then Elgin catches him with a big lariat. They go to the floor and Finlay rams Elgin back first into the apron and then drops him on the steel guard rail. Elgin applies a seated head scissors as crowd starts to chant ‘boring’. Elgin is sent to the floor and starts selling his knee. They return to the ring and Finlay hits a rolling fireman’s carry for a two-count and then hits the tombstone piledriver for another two-count and then goes for another that Elgin blocks and hits spinning back fist and then a powerbomb into the corner and then a spinning powerbomb for the clean win at 19:14.

Martini runs into the ring celebrating obnoxiously as the announcers put over that Elgin did all the work but Martini is taking all the credit. Finlay wants to shake hands and Martini says ‘no’ but then Elgin shoves him out of the way and shakes Finlay’s hand as Martini gets upset at Elgin.

They take an intermission and return with an update on Adam Cole and getting teeth put back in.

Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis and ‘Brutal’ Bob Evans comes out for a live Prodigy Service Announcement. Bennett and Maria make out in the ring and leads to various chants from the audience. Bennett says he should only wrestle in title matches because he is the best wrestler on this show as they chant ‘CM Punk’. Bennett and Maria start making out in the ring until they are interrupted by Mike Mondo and tells Bennett he is ‘full of shit’. He defends New York after Bennett bashes the city and it’s always been his dream to wrestle at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Mondo says he ‘whips out his shit and pissed on Boston’ and then adds a visual with the microphone. Mondo says after he fights Bennett he is going to fuck Maria.

Mondo mounts Bennett and attacks him as Brutal Bob pulls Bennett out of the ring. Mondo launches off the apron and takes out Brutal Bob but then takes a spinebuster into the apron by Bennett on the floor. Bennett gets the advantage back in the ring and Evans attacks Mondo from the floor.

They have an official in the ring but it is said to not be an official match. Mondo misses a splash off the top rope and then Bennett gets rolled up into a small package and Paul Turner makes a three-count.

They recap the problems involving House of Truth and the rumours that HOT are purposely trying to keep Ciampa out of the TV Title picture because Strong has the title

Roderick Strong Vs Tomasso Ciampa Vs Jay Lethal for the ROH Television Title

The match starts with Ciampa and Lethal until Strong runs in.

Lethal is on the outside apron and Princess Mia gets on the apron and hits Lethal with a superkick and leads to Ciampa delivering the repeated running knees to Lethal in the corner.

Lethal Combination to Strong for a two-count and then a tornado DDT to Ciampa as Lethal kicks off of Strong in the corner. Lethal then does a cool spot where he applies the figure-four to Strong and simultaneously applies a crossface to Ciampa but they escape.

Strong hits a running enziguri to Ciampa on the corner and hits a superplex. Lethal then hit a top rope elbow to Ciampa on the mat and gets a two-count.

Lethal chases the HOT around the ring and Prince Nana, who runs into the ring and trips Ciampa as he is going for Project Ciampa, who is then pinned by Strong and eliminated. Strong uses the Book of Truth on Lethal and hits his powerbomb into a back breaker and pins Lethal for the win at 13:10 and keeps the title.

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team Vs The All Night Express for the ROH Tag Titles

Crowd started the match with chants of ‘Fuck you, Shelton’.

ANX double team Benjamin with a combination of kicks ending with Titus dropkicking Benjamin, who then tags Haas in.

WGTT with the advantage later on with King in the ring and they try to double team him with a vertical suplex but King counters with a double DDT and makes the hot tag to Titus. Titus with a kick and lariat to Benjamin for a two-count. Titus gets seated on the top and Benjamin leaps up for suplex but Titus counters and tries for snake eyes on Benjamin.

Benjamin with a splash to Titus in the corner and sends him to Haas, who hits an Angle Slam and gets a two-count. Haas sends a chair to Benjamin but Paul Turner catches him and it’s dropped and Titus DDT’s him on the chair with Turner’s back turned and gets a near fall.

King hits a corkscrew plancha to Haas on the floor and then Titus goes for a dive but Benjamin gets in the ring and clotheslines him to the floor. Benjamin hits Titus on the floor with the title but Turner misses it and Titus is busted open. WGTT punishes Titus in the ring and Haas gets on the microphone telling Turner to end the match or he will kill Titus but Titus wants to continue.

King tries a springboard but wipes out with Benjamin in the ring and it leads to Titus scoring the roll up pin out of nowhere to Haas and ANX win the Tag Titles at 22:57.

ANX celebrate on the floor and Benjamin and Haas attack them and toss them into the guard rails and they are left laying.

Steve Corino comes out before the main event to chants of ‘ECW’ and newly bleached blond hair. He is going to do commentary to stop the bias of Kelly and McGuinness.

Jim Cornette comes out and says he can do commentary but Cornette is going to sit out here as well and if Corino tries to interfere he will do something about it personally.

Steen comes out wearing his new shirt that reads ‘Kill Steen Kill’ with the same color scheme as John Cena’s ‘Rise Above Hate’ shirt.

Kyle O’Reilly comes out and says Richard’s won’t allow him to be in his corner because of how he handled his loss to Adam Cole and brags about Cole going to the hospital because of him. He says he didn’t come here to stab Richards in the back but in the ‘fucking eye’ and also calls Steen a ‘piece of shit’ and won’t be anyone’s lackey and won’t be Richard’s ‘bitch’ and says no more Team Richards or Team Ambition and to be one of the best he has to go through Richards and tells New York to kiss his ass.

Kevin Steen Vs Davey Richards in an ‘Anything Goes Match’ for the ROH Title

Rchards knocks Steen off the apron through a table and attacks him on the floor but throwing him into the guard rail. Steen comes back as Richards is attacking Jimmy Jacobs and lays out Richards and gets advantage.

Steen starts tearing down the ROH signs at ringside and splashes Richards on the floor off the apron. Steen then grabs a chain and whips it onto a sign with Richards under it. Back in the ring Steen goes for a senton but Richards gets his knees up.

They go to the floor and Kevin Steen goes for a superkick and takes out ring announcer Bobby Cruise. Richards and Steen fight on the apron and Richards hits an exploder suplex on the apron.

Corino was entertaining as hell on commentary making cracks about Shane Hagadorn being fired, ROH shows going off the air accidentally, a joke about The Patriot and almost took the attention away at times.

Steen was placed on a table on the floor as Richards with a double foot stomp off the top puts Steen through the table and then hit another double foot stomp to Steen back in the ring. Steen blocks a chair shot and hits a code breaker and then running somersault to Richards in the corner with a chair on top of Richards.

Steen stacks a bunch of chairs onto Richards and climbs to the top but Richards gets up and stops Steen and superplexes Steen onto all of the chairs. Steen stops Richards and delivers a modified Michinoku Driver to Richards through a table off the second turnbuckle for a two-count.

Steen inserts Richard’s mouthpiece into his mouth and sets up two chairs in the ring but Richards counters and delivers a german suplex to Steen through both chairs. Richards then gets the chain and chokes Steen (Corino notes you get fired for stuff like that). Richards then ties the chain around his ankle and kicks Steen with Kawada kicks repeatedly and Steen spits in his face. Richards with a kick to the face of Steen for a two-count. Richards then misses with a kick and takes out referee Todd Sinclair.

Richard bring a ladder into the ring but Steen hits the F-Cinq and Corino yells for a referee and Paul Turner runs in but Richards kicks out and Steen hits Turner with the package piledriver.

Steen goes for the package piledriver but Richards counters and hits double underhook suplex to Steen onto the ladder and gets the long visionary fall with no referee.

Jimmy Jacobs runs in and has the spike but Cornette stops him and takes the spike. Corino comes in from behind and kicks Cornette in the balls and stomps him. Jacobs runs at Richards with the spike but takes an exploder suplex into the ladder. Richards has the spike but Steen blocks and stabs Richards with it and hits the package piledriver for the win at 20:13 and Corino announces Steen as the winner.

Steen gets the microphone and says he has been waiting for a long time to stand in this ring at this building as the ROH Champion. He says he cannot stand hypocritical people in pro wrestling and that is what Jim Cornette is but tells Davey Richards that he himself has been a hypocrite for the past 18-months in order to win the ROH Title and all the stuff about him being undeserving was not true and Richards is one of the hardest workers in wrestling and that Richards is the legit ‘best in the world’. Steen says the most hypocritical people are the fans and they cheer as he calls them ‘pieces of shit’ and the fans chant ‘yes’. He brings up fans singing for El Generico when Steen lost a ‘Loser Leaves ROH Match’ in 2010 and then cheered Steen when he returned. He says they pay for ROH tickets and chant for CM Punk and Bryan Danielson and they both don’t even remember this company. He says the fans always turn on world champions such as Nigel McGuinness, Tyler Black and Davey Richards and Steen doesn’t give a shit about any of the fans and they cheer and says they will destroy this company and blames the fans and ends with ‘Fuck New York City’ – the crowd just loved him more after this.