ROH Report for Aug. 18 – Steen Vs Homicide

Hey y’all here we are for another ROH episode, and thank God they are finally addressing Kenny King leaving the company and how the tag team titles are vacated with a tournament deciding the new champs next week.

The first match of the night is a woman’s match and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen one of these. Princess Mia Yim makes her in-ring debut against ROH vet Sara Del Ray. 5 seconds into the match and Mia Yim is already a better worker than Kelly Kelly. This style of wrestling isn’t the Diva shit you see in the WWE. This is two tough broads going at it. They are trading fore-arm blows back and forth, then decide to trade some roundhouse kicks as well. They both land kicks to the jaw on each other at the same time which drops both of them and gets a big pop from the crowd. Princess Mia goes for some kind of corkscrew moonsault off the top rope but Del Ray dodges it and gets the victory with a kick to the top of the head. After the match Mike Bennett comes to the ring to distract Del Ray as Maria sneaks up from behind and corks Sara with her boot. She grabs a microphone and says “who’s the first lady of wrestling now… bitch!” This was a really good segment, probably the best women’s match I’ve seen all year.

After the break Truth Martini accompanies his mercenary Rhino down to the ring. Truth calls out Jim Cornette who comes down as cranky as ever. Truth explains that the House of Truth outnumbers Kevin Steen and his crew, and that the man he needs to get rid of Steen is Rhino. Before Cornette can retort Eddie Edwards comes down to the ring and they basically argue that they both want a title shot at Death before Dishonor. Cornette explains these two guys need a rubber match and it’s going to happen right here, right now and it will be anything goes.

Things start off intense as the boys head to the outside and toss each other all over the place. Pretty rough looking spot when they get back into the ring where Rhino puts Edwards in a lateral press and throws him into the turnbuckle. Martini sends a chair into the ring for Rhino who uses it to smash up Eddie’s ribs. Eddie gets some steam back with an enziguri but Rhino shakes it off with a belly to belly suplex and crouches down for the gore but Edwards dodges it and hits a nice german suplex. Eddie grabs a table from under the ring but Rhino spears him right into the barricade. They go to the top rope as Eddie blocks a superplex and hits a sunset bomb onto a chair for a close 2 count. Rhino gains momentum back with a powerslam and goes for the gore again but Eddie dodges it. Truth Martini jumps up to the ring which distracts Eddie who throws him off the side of the ring. This gives Rhino enough time to set up for the gore and he smashes Edwards right through a table. The ref calls the match and declares Rhino the winner as the crowd chants “you killed Eddie”.

Onto the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship match where Kevin Steen is taking on a former World Champ; Homicide. Kevin Steen grabs a mic before the match and asks Homicide why he’s helping out Jim Cornette because he hates him as well. Homcide says he’s not doing this for Jim, he’s doing it for himself and then throws a haymaker punch and the match is underway! Homicide is fired up but Steen catches him in mid air and tosses him into the turnbuckle and cannonballs into him. Jimmy Jacobs helps out Steen by kicking Homicide in the ear and Steen continues to go after the ear with punching/biting etc. Homicide decides to do the same and starts biting Steen’s ear as well. Homicide doesn’t stop there as he twists Steen’s ear as well and hits a hurricane ddt off the top rope. It looks like Homicide has this one finished up after an ace crusher but Steen breaks out of the pin. The boys go to the top rope where Steen hits a superplex for another close 2 count. Steen goes to the top rope but misses a swanton bomb. Finish comes when Jimmy Jacobs distracts the ref as Steen kicks Homicide in the balls and nails the F5 for the 3 count and Steen is still the champ. So the match is set for the next pay-per-view: Rhino VS. Kevin Steen.