ROH Report for Feb. 23 – Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O’Reilly

We open with a recap of last week and Chris Hero becoming #1 contender to the ROH World Title.

[Match #1]: Andrew Everett vs. Cedric Alexander

They run through an impressive string of holds and counterholds and hit a stalemate. Everett hits a hurricanrana and a leg lariat. Alexander responds with a dropkick and a massive back drop that I thought was going to kill Everett. Alexander hits a dropkick for a near fall and a step up enzuigiri. Everett dropkicks Alexander to the floor and follows him out with a beautiful springboard shooting star press.

He follows with a missile dropkick and a hurricanrana driver for a near fall. Alexander catches a hurricanrana attempt and hits an air raid crash into a Paydirt. He murders Everett with a running dropkick in the corner as Roderick Strong, who is out on commentary, says ‘shades of the late great Austin Aries.’ Steve Corino responds ‘Austin died?’

Everett goes for the 630 but Alexander gets his knees up and he follows with a back suplex into a double knee backbreaker for the win.

Winner [via pinfall]: Cedric Alexander (11:48)

Before the main event we recap the Matt Taven-Truth Martini angle for some reason. This was incredibly out of place.

[Main Event]: Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Steen stunningly hits a nip-up and a dropkick to start. O’Reilly hits a leaping knee strike and the running slap, but Steen responds with a slap of his own, sending O’Reilly to the floor. Steen and O’Reilly bail to the floor and Steen hits a bunch of chops and a clothesline and back splash in the ring.

O’Reilly hits a leg sweep with a hammerlock and starts to work on Steen’s arm. Steen comes back and hits the apron powerbomb and a top rope senton for a near fall. Steen hits the corner cannonball. O’Reilly gets the cross armbreaker, apparently titled Armageddon, and some kicks for a near fall. Steen comes right back with a top rope brainbuster for another near fall.

Steen puts O’Reilly’s mouth guard in, gross, and goes for the Package Piledriver and instead O’Reilly gets the cross armbreaker. Steen comes back with the pop- up powerbomb and the Package Piledriver, but Cliff Compton comes out of the crowd and distracts Steen. O’Reilly hits the running dropkick off the apron and follows with a head kick and Saito Suplex, then locks on the armbreaker again. This time Steen reverses into the Sharpshooter and O’Reilly taps.

Winner [via submission]: Kevin Steen (18:07)

After the match, Steen hits the F-Cinq to ref Paul Turner and Compton hits the ring and they brawl. Steen hits the F-Cinq over the top to the floor on Compton and they keep brawling. Corino at one point calls Compton ‘Domino’ as he hits a top rope splash on Steen through a table on the floor.

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