ROH Report for July 1 – Texas Death Match

Hey now, this week’s show starts off with a match between two vets that have never faced each other. It’s Mike Mondo VS Davey Richards. These guys get technical at the start showing their experience in the biz. Richards mocks Mondo by giving the crowd a flex show. Both guys aren’t giving up an inch with many pinning combinations and submissions. This match has more of a Japanese style to it and the crowd responds by chanting “this is wrestling!” Things heat up with a cheap forearm by Mondo but Richards responds with a kick from the side of the ring which made Mondo do a back flip. Davey heads to the top rope for the double stomp but Mondo dodges it and spears Richards from the outside of the ring and he flies off and hits the guard rail. Mondo switches up his strategy by focusing on submission moves to cut the oxygen from Davey. Davey buys some time to catch his breath with a double stomp. The boys start trading punches until Mondo eats a dropkick and a suicide dive. With one minute remaining Richards applies the ankle lock, but Mondo is able to hang on until the time limit is up. The crowd chants for 5 more minutes and the ref complies but Mondo does not as he heavily favors his ankle. This was a great match and I think Mondo is ready to be put in the upper tier of the roster after this performance.

Next up we see highlights from a 4 corner survival match between newbie B.J Whitmer, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly who apparently all hate each other. It appears to be a proving ground match which means the winner of the match will eventually get a world title shot. The finish comes when Adam Cole rolls up Strong for the 3 count. Adam Cole is in line for a world title shot. Since he is the new TV champ there is a possibility of title VS title?

It is time for the main event; the wrap up to a feud that has been going on for months. Jay Briscoe VS Charlie Haas in a Texas Death match. The basic rules of this match: After each fall there is a 30 second rest period, followed by a referee 10 count. If a wrestler cannot answer the 10 count, the other is victorious. The match gets off to a fast start with Haas getting the jump on Briscoe but Briscoe pulls off a sunset flip for a quick first 3 count. After a commercial break the boys are getting the weapons out. Briscoe uses the ring bell and hammer on Haas’ face but Haas responds with a suplex onto the guard rail and gets his own first pin. Sidenote: Pins don’t matter… match finishes when somebody can’t get up in 10 seconds (last man standing rules). So there are a lot of pins as the guys use them as rest spots. Haas takes it to Briscoe pretty good and does not wait for the 30 seconds after any pins. These guys have put on a very fast pace for the first 10 minutes and things are rough. This is a flashback to original ECW days and the crowd is fired up. Briscoe finally gets some offense by kicking a chair into the face of Haas. Haas responds with an Olympic slam which also takes out the ref. Haas grabs a table but Briscoe drop kicks Charlie and tosses the table into the ring and smacks Haas across the back with a chair. Briscoe heads backstage and comes back with a cooler full of all sorts of weapons and a couple beers which he sprays in the face of Haas. Briscoe sets up Haas on the table and double stomps him right through it. He follows up with a death valley driver through a fence that was held up by chairs. Briscoe grabs a kendo stick but Haas nails him in the groin and hits Jay in the head himself. Haas goes under the ring and grabs his rag and ether but Briscoe dodges it, hits Haas with a kendo stick and follows with a hit to the head with the ether bottle. Haas still isn’t up after the 30 second rest spot and the ref counts out the 10 count as Haas is not able to get up and Jay Briscoe defeats Charlie Haas in one hell of a Texas death match.

This was a great show with two four star matches. If you were a fan of the old hardcore wrestling days I definitely recommend the Haas and Briscoe match.