ROH Report for July 22 – Steen Vs Mondo

Hey folks this week’s show starts with a tag team match between Brutal Bob and Mike Bennett with Maria VS. Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards. Bennett and Maria eat each other’s face off to start. Great spot early on where Edwards suicide dives to take out Bennett, and Cole sprawls onto Bob on the outside to get the crowd fired up. Cole and Edwards have control for the first few minutes and Maria looks really hot (my expert journalism). I have to say that I enjoy watching Brutal Bob get beaten up because of his ridiculous over selling and facials. He looks like a pornstar who just received an unwanted moneyshot to the face (you all know what i’m talking about, we’re INDY wrestling fans, we get our love online). Cole is looking very impressive and kind of reminds me of the Motor City Machine Guns. The finish comes when Edwards and Bennett fight to the floor and Cole hits a cross body splash on Bob for the win. After the match Maria comes into the ring and whorishly slaps Cole with her shoe. At this point Sara Del Ray comes out of nowhere and takes out Maria which gets a big pop from the crowd. I heard she just got signed by the WWE so she must be coming in to do a quick program with Maria.

After the break we get a video package of the match between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly at Best in the World. Holy shit this match looked intense… I saw the pictures of Cole’s mush mouth afterwards but these guys look like they really worked hard.

Next segment is a recap of the victory of the ANE over the WGTT for the tag titles but there is no mention of Kenny King jumping ship to TNA… I’m assuming because this show was taped before he left. WGTT are up next against a couple jobbers dubbed Fusion D S.  These guys look like they were stuffed in a locker or two during their highschool years so it’s going to be a slaughter. The highlight of the match was that one of the jobbers had a tramp stamp… Pretty hard to look tough when you have a tramp stamp. The finish actually looked botched as one of the jobbers was supposed to break up a pin but he didn’t get there in time… Who cares, Haas and Benjamin won. Haas grabs a microphone after the match and starts chirping the ANE and calls them out next week… Well that’s not happening since Kenny King is chillin’ in Orlando.

We get a Jim Cornette backstage segment where Mike Mondo (who I love) interrupts him and demands a match against the champ Kevin Steen. Cornette likes his pep and vigor and sets it up for our main event.

When Steen enters the ring he says he will humor Jim Cornette and give Mondo a title shot, but to not get his hopes up, and with that Mondo starts swinging. He explodes like his asshole is on fire but Steen weathers the storm and the two brawl to the outside. I guess the ref is napping? Because they were outside the ring for a long time. Mondo takes a heavy bump where he gets powerbombed ontop of a barricade, and Steen goes back to the ring for the ref to start the count. Mondo crawls to the ring and hops in at the 19 second mark. Mondo is the true underdog and the crowd is digging him but Steen keeps pounding on him. Steen grabs a microphone and tells Mondo that when he’s done with him he won’t be no fear, he’ll be no balls Mike Mondo. Mondo starts swinging again as Steen keeps the microphone in his hand and makes funny grunts as he gets beaten up. Steen is able to get his fat ass wind back and hits an Orton ddt and a rolling cannonball into the corner for a close 2 count. Mondo musters up some offence and goes for the double underhook ddt but Steen reverses it into an F5 for the win. Jimmy Jacobs immediately jumps in the ring and pounds on Mondo. Eddie Kingston rushes into the ring to help (who?) Security comes out to break it up. I guess these two are having a match soon.

Nice to see Mondo getting some attention, I have no idea who Eddie Kingston is…. the commentators said he was banned from ROH so I guess it’ll be the battle of the bad asses between he and Kevin Steen.