ROH Report for July 8 – Steen Vs Edwards for the ROH Title

Hey now, this week’s show starts off with a match between Jay Lethal and The House Of Truth’s strong man Michael Elgin. Things are pretty slow and boring to start… I’ve heard the Elgin and Richards match was a match of the year contender but I find most of Elgin’s match’s kind of boring just doing strong man spots. Truth Martini sparks things up with some dirty kicks to Lethal outside the ring. Elgin tosses around Lethal off the barricade as Martini cheers him on. Lethal musters up some offence with a superkick but Elgin throws him off when he goes for the pin. Elgin responds with several clotheslines and tries to hit a knee to the face but Lethal replies with a kick to the back of his head. He goes to the top rope but Roderick Strong interferes. Elgin argues with him which gives Lethal time to nail the lethal injection and win the match. As you can imagine… Elgin is pissed. Lots of controversy in the House of Truth. The boys square off but Martini gets in the way; Elgin grabs a microphone and warns Roddy that this is the last mistake he ever makes.

After the break Kevin Steen and his boys head to the ring. Steen has a microphone and immediately chirps Jim Cornette who is at ringside. Steen talks about the great time he had meeting sponsors representing the company. Cornette says he blew the deal with the sponsor after he threatened to beat him up. Cornette explains that he made a match tonight of Steen VS Eddie Edwards for the title because he wants the title off Steen because he is going to ruin the company. This is why Cornette explains that every time Steen comes to the ring he’s going to have to defend that title.

Eddie Edwards’ music hits and we’ve got ourselves a match; Kevin Steen VS Eddie Edwards for the ROH World Championship. Action quickly heads to the outside as Steen gets tossed into the guard rail and takes some kicks to his fat gut. Steen responds by tossing Edwards into the guard rail himself. Steen panders to the crowd as he tosses Edwards all over the place. There are some hooters girls in the crowd who Steen blows a kiss to… they look disgusted. Steen bites Edwards face right infront of Cornette who freaks out while watching. This goes on for a while where Steen rag dolls Edwards and makes fun of Jim Cornette. Edwards gets some momentum and nails a missile dropkick from the top rope.  He his two suicide dives on Steen and then Jimmy Jacobs. Steen gives a Bret Hart shoutout with a sharpshooter but Edwards gets to the ropes. ROH production shines through as the camera’s miss a spot where Edwards goes through a table. The boys trade super kicks back and forth but Steen puts the final nail in the coffin with an F5.

Essentially nothing happened on this show in terms of storylines. But the matches were decent.