ROH Report for June 23

Hey now, this week’s show starts off with the debut of Mike Bennett’s manager Brutal Bob Evans. His challenger is “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards. The guys start brawling before the bell rings and action heads to the outside where Edwards slams Bob into the guard rail. Bennett distracts Edwards which gives Bob enough time to make good on a running shoulder and takes control of the match. Bob shows some prowess with a modified crossface. Edwards responds with some flair chops and a hurricanranna. Eddie gets a close two count after a missile dropkick from the top rope. We get a dangerous spot where Edwards hits a moonsault from the side of the ring and almost lands on his head. The finish of the match comes with a roll up pin by Edwards. Right after the match Bennett enters the ring and beats on Edwards with Bob.  Homicide’s music plays and he makes his first appearance on TV in months and clears the ring. Homicide goes to shake Edwards’ hand and kicks him in the gut and nails his finisher.

We then see a funny compilation talking about the conspiracy of whether or not Prince Nana is in cahoots with the House of Truth.

Next match is some dude named Chris Silvio… apparently he is the psychedelic superstar.  His opponent for the evening is Jay Lethal, pretty obvious who’s gonna win this one. This was match was pretty lame until Prince Nana and the barrister R.D Evans come to the ring. Evans is so funny looking I can’t look away. Lethal eats the ring post which gives Silvio control of the match. Truth Martini joins Nana and Evans at ringside and the three are getting along like the best of friends. Psychopath Tomasso Ciampa comes out and he looks really pissed. As Ciampa is freaking out Lethal hits the lethal injection for the win. Ciampa pushes down Martini on the outside and Roderick Strong comes out and starts fighting Ciampa. Action heads to the ring and all three of them get into it as the referee’s try to break it up.

Inside ROH was all about the pay-per-view which happened last night… arguably the most annoying thing about ROH’s pre-taped show.

After the break is a backstage segment with Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly. Richards cuts off O’Reilly saying he needs to stop talking and team ambition has to fight and beat the asses of Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs.

Main Event time as Steen and Jacobs head down to the ring and Steve Corino joins the broadcast team. The boys are trash talking as the teams are announced and they start brawling before the bell rings. Action heads to the outside where Jimmy Jacobs bites on the nose of O’Reilly. This match is a real broo-ha-ha and is looking more like a street fight. Richards applies the ankle lock in the ring on Steen but Jacobs comes for the save. Things get wild with suicide dives and a powerbomb by Steen to O’Reilly into the side of the ring. Some semblance is finally gained as the teams take their corners and action stays in the ring. Steen and Jacobs gain control of the match until Richards goes crazy and does some modified stinger splashes and applies the ankle lock to Steen in the center of the ring. Jacobs comes for the save again and the teams start brawling until Steen swanton’s over the top rope onto the other three guys. We get a crazy table spot where Steen is sprawled out on the wood and O’Reilly and Jacobs fall ontop of him smashing the table. This causes the ref to call the match as the boys brawl until security breaks it up. This match was awesome and intense. I would say this is the best main event ROH has put out on TV and recommend everybody to check this episode out for this match.