ROH Report for May 21 – ANX Vs Young Bucks

Hey now, we start this week’s show with a rematch of Mike Bennett and Eddie Edwards who have been feuding for the last month. The combatants start the match with some submission moves while Maria sexily looks on. They start jaw jacking and smack each other in the face which gets the match going. Edwards gets some pretty creative moves converting into a crossface and a half crab. Action heads to the outside as Edwards gives Bennett a Russian leg sweep into the guard rail which hurts both guys. After a commercial break Bennett has control of the match as he chokes Edwards with the rope. The boys square off and trade blows and kicks to the head. Edwards wins the exchange and finishes up with a moonsault from the apron to the floor. Edwards hits a backpack chinbreaker for a 2 count. Bennett fights back with a spinebuster. Brutal Bob tries to distract Edwards but Edwards stomps his back and gets a rollup pin for the 3 count. Bennett is pissed after the match and starts smacking Edwards around. Brutal Bob adds a backbreaker and Maria adds a slap to the face.

Next match we have Grizzly Redwood VS newcomer Kamel Dickinson. Before the match starts the House of Truth comes out to mess with Redwood. Truth grabs the microphone and suggests instead of these two fighting each other they team up to take on Elgin. He offers them $1000 for the match and they agree. Dickinson starts the match off and takes a powerslam for his troubles. Elgin tosses Kamel around like a rag doll for a while and finishes with a powerbomb. He doesn’t even get pinned, the refs just come and take his crippled body away. Grizzly tries his best but gets the shit beaten out of him as well. Jay Lethal comes out from the back (I guess he’s in the match now?) Grizzly gets the hot tag and starts pounding on Elgin. Roderick Strong does some distracting on the ropes and then gets involved in the match which disqualifies Elgin. The two argue and Strong gets a lethal injection as Elgin watches on.

Inside ROH- We hear from the ANE who say that they are gonna play santa clause for the Young Bucks by giving them broken legs. The Bucks retort saying they have two superkicks with their names on them.

This is the main event for the show; All Night Express VS The Young Bucks. This match starts off with a brawl before the bell even rings. We learn at the start that this will be an elimination tag match. The Bucks have control at the start tagging back and forth flying around. Rhett Titus is taking a shit kicking at the start and is able to get the hot tag which gets zero pop from the crowd. Matt Jackson has a cool springboard ddt to Kenny King. He also eats a double superkick and gets eliminated. Rhett Titus is all alone and things aren’t going well for him. The Bucks go right for Titus’s bad knee and showboat as they are doing it. Titus tries a couple rollup surprise pins but they are unsuccessful. Titus finally gets a pin on Matt after Nick got caught on the top rope and couldn’t save him. Kenny King came back to the ring to cheer on his partner and make sure Matt doesn’t try any funny stuff. The match finishes up with Titus dodging a superkick and nailing a super ddt for the comeback win.