ROH Report for Nov. 10 – Roderick Strong vs. Paul London

We are back at Glory By Honor XII and Steve Corino is out on commentary.

[Match #1]: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jesse Sorensen

No football, no all-American gimmick for Sorensen anymore as he comes out all serious and such.

Sorensen kips up after a shoulder tackle, which the crowd popped for. They trade chops, Sorensen hits a dropkick and then a Fame-asser and another dropkick. Ciampa comes back with a knee strike sending Sorensen to the floor. Ciampa pulls up the mats and goes for a suplex, but Sorensen reverses and sends Ciampa into the apron and hits a slingshot plancha.

Ciampa gets the heat back with a clothesline, but Sorensen hits a pair of neckbreakers, then Curtis Axel’s spinning neckbreaker faceplant for a near fall. Sorensen hits a step up enzuigiri but Ciampa comes back with a Torture Rack slam. He follows with a pair of running knees in the corner and sets him up for the Kryptonite Crunch off the top but Sorensen comes back with a sunset flip bomb and Ciampa lands directly on Sorensen’s leg.

Ciampa sends Sorensen shoulder first into the corner and locks in the Sicilian Stretch for the win.

Winner [via submission]:  Tommaso Ciampa (8:58)

Next up we get an Outlaw Inc. montage. I don’t buy these guys as a threat in the very least bit.

[Match #2]: Outlaw Inc. vs. Adrenaline Rush

ACH and Eddie Kingston kick things off, and ACH gets a dropkick and a leaping enzuigiri, then a top rope leaping backing elbow. Homicide is in and gets on the offensive with a top rope inverted atomic drop and a dropkick to the knee. Kingston comes back in and applies an inverted Texas cloverleaf, or something that looks close to that, and ACH gets the ropes.

ACH gets the hope spot with the Novacain and gets the hot tag to Tadarius Thomas. He hits a Capoeira kick to Homicide and a dropkick to Kingston. He follows Kingston outside with a suicide dive and hits a superplex to Homicide. Homicide comes back with a hangman’s neckbreaker, which Corino calls the Sorensen special, and Kingston follows with a stiff clothesline to the back of Thomas. ACH comes out of nowhere with a top rope crossbody to the back of Kingston.

Outlaws Inc. then hit the Steiner Bulldog off the top to Thomas for the win.

Winners [via pinfall]: Outlaws Inc. (8:14)

We get a Jay Briscoe video next recapping the events since he was stripped of the title. Briscoe is apparently suspended now after he attacked Adam Cole at A New Dawn.

[Main Event]: Roderick Strong vs. Paul London

Strong comes out wearing a shirt. Oh boy, and this week we get a WSOP promo from Corino. I hope these aren’t supposed to be subtle. Oh, then we get another WSOP promo from Kevin Kelly.

London gets a boot to the face after a slow start and then hits a running dropkick, sending Strong outside. London goes for a slingshot plancha and to be honest I’m not entire sure what happened here.

Strong catches London coming through the ropes and hits a double underhook into a backbreaker. Strong sends London ribs first into the ringpost and heads to the floor and pulls London against the post. Both men go for crossbodies and collide in the middle of the ring. Strong runs into a boot and London hits a pair of clotheslines and spinning leg lariat, then flips out of a backdrop and hits another.

London hits the backflip dropkick sending Strong to the floor and then hits a somersault plancha outside. He follows with a springboard missile dropkick into the ring for a near fall. Strong hits a backbreaker, then a megaplex for a near fall and locks in the Stronghold. Strong goes an over-the-shoulder backbreaker across his knees but London reverses into a double stomp and London’s leg is bleeding.

Strong runs into a superkick and a facebuster. London heads up top and Strong rolls onto the apron. London goes for the top rope stomp onto the apron, ala what Davey Richards did to him not too long ago, but misses. They both head to the floor and Strong absolutely murders London with a backbreaker onto the apron, then hits the double knees gutbuster and the Sik Kick for a close near fall.

Strong hits a leaping knee and a tiger bomb, then the Stronghold again but London gets the ropes. London heads to the apron and pulls Strong out with a headscissors right into a Tombstone on the floor. Back in the ring London hits a top rope double stomp and the shooting star press for the win.

Winner [via pinfall]: Paul London (15:21)

My Take

Killer main event to cap off a quality show this week. Anytime you see London on the card you know it’s going to be good and Strong is one of this company’s best workers, so this was a natural fit. Jesse Sorensen looked good but he’ll become just one of the background guys sooner rather than later and I don’t know what to think of Outlaws Inc. To me they are a comedy act, but they are pushed as a menacing duo.

Next Week

ROH All-Stars vs. Champions 8-man Elimination Tag Match