Smackdown Report for July 13 – Del Rio Lays Out Sheamus

Happy Friday the 13th and welcome to Friday Night Zackdown!  Mr. Long Island Iced Z himself makes his way down to the ring.  As the first order of business this week’s G.M. initiates the world’s largest fist pump with the audience.  Alberto Del Rio interupts things and mocks the self-appointed ‘internet champion of the world’.  Zack sets up the following match between the Mexican aristocrat and the recently-returned Sin Cara (remember 2 weeks ago when Del Rio took out the high flyer before their match could even begin).


Sin Cara takes the fight to Del Rio right off the bat with a series of forearm smashes.  Del Rio takes him down with a clothesline.  Del Rio repeatedly stomps his opponent and follows with a suplex.  Cover by Del Rio.  Del Rio works over Sin Cara using the 2nd rope.  Del Rio charges the corner but Sin Cara avoids the charge and goes to work with a flurry of kicks.  DDT by Sin Cara.  Cover by Sin Cara.  Del Rio takes down Sin Cara with an elbow to the sternum.  Scoop slam and a cover by Del Rio.  Del Rio teases that spot where he slips through the ropes and falls to the floor but he holds onto the ropes this time.  A kick to the head sends Del Rio to the floor and Sin Cara follows up with a tope as we cut to the commercial break.  Back from the break and Sin Cara sets up Del Rio for a running kick and a cover.  Sin Cara climbs the top rope but Del Rio has him scouted and positions him  into a shoulderbreaker.  Del Rio applies an armbar.  Sin Cara scouts Del Rio telegraphing a backdrop.  Del Rio gets his heat back right away with a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker.  Del Rio goes right back to work on the arm.  A headscissors by Sin Cara shifts the momentum.  Del Rio runs into a boot.  Really cool spinning chicken wing/DDT by Sin Cara leads to a cover.  Sin Cara misses with a Swanton Bomb and Del Rio locks on the cross armbreaker for the win.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

In the back Teddy Long is congratulating Zack on doing a bang-up job as this week’s G.M.  Big Show does not agree and threatens to K.O. our favourite Broski when Khali interjects and Zack announces Khali as Show’s opponent for the night.


Epico and Young trade punches and forearms off the lockup.  Epico lands a nice headscissors spot and lays into Young with some chops.  Epico drapes Young on the 2nd rope and slides over him to the floor.  Young picks up Epico in the spinebuster position and then Hot Shots him on the top rope.  Say what you want but – personally – I’m a fan of A.W. and his live mic.    Young positions Epico on the apron and does that old Undertaker legdrop.  Cover by Young.  Epico shows some fire but is easily shut down.  Leg drop and 2 elbow drops by Young and then a cover.  Epico fires up with some chops and a cross body block but Young rolls through for the cover.  Outta nowhere Epico scores the win with an inside cradle.

Winner – Epico

Sheamus and Zack are backstage.  Enter Chris Jericho.  Main Event non-title match is set up between the Great White and the Ayatollah of Rock and Roll-ah.


Christian and Rhodes start the match.  Rhodes hits a shoulderblock.  Rhodes goes to work with some stomping offence.  Christian shifts the momentum and tags in Marella who taunts Rhodes (never seen that before).  Ziggler tags in and we get a wee bit of chain wrestling (love the way Vicky looks tonight).  Christian tags in and uses the top rope against Ziggler.  Rhodes tags in and for a bit it looks like Christian’s taking on both.  Dropkick by Ziggler and a cover.  Cole reiterates my own sentiments in predicting a Dolph Ziggler win at Money in the Bank.  In tags Rhodes.  Rhodes does the long vertical suplex spot before turning it into a facebuster.  Rhodes goes for the Alabama Slamma but Christian reverses it and hits a Flap Jack.  Marella and Ziggler tag in and Morella preps the cobra but it taken out by Rhodes.  Christian takes Rhodes out to the floor and Ziggler hits Marella with the Zig Zag.  Despite being tag partners Ziggler and Rhodes have a bit of a post-match staredown.

Winner(s) – Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler


Lockup leads to a big chop by the Big Show.  Khali retaliates with his own chop and suddenly the match is over when Show hits the former World Champ with the W.M.D. punch.  Wow – short match.

Winner – Big Show


So last week we had one half of the Tyler Reks/Curt Hawkins taking on the wrecking machine that is Ryback.  Acknowledging that fact before the match gets under way Tyler Reks boldly predicts that he will do what his tag team partner couldn’t do.  Reks actually takes the fight to Ryback and backs him into a corner.  That lasts a few seconds and a vicious boot to the face turns things around.  Reks goes to the floor.  Ryback begins to drag him back into the ring but Reks hits a Hot Shot.  Exploder suplex by Ryback.  Ryback charges the corner but Reks gets a boot up.  Ryback hits a clothesline and follows with the Running Samoan Drop.

Winner – Ryback


Sandow goes for a hip toss but Gabriel sticks the landing and drops Sandow with a leg sweep going right into the cover (nice).  This angers Sandow who then hits the Russian Leg Sweep and rolls through to his feet as always.  Elbow drop by the scholar and a cover.  Headlock by Sandow.  Headbutt by Sandow.  Gabriel flips through a backdrop attempt and comes back with kicks and chops.  Gabriel misses a flying forearm in the corner.  Sandow hits a series of knees and a neckbreaker.  Post fight cartwheel?  Oh hell yes!

Winner – Damian Sandow


It’s the reigning Smackdown champ vs. the guy with the awesome jacket.  Sheamus starts things off by backing Jericho into the corner not once but twice.  Jericho goes outside and the champ follows him.  Jericho re-enters the ring and is taken down with a Springboard Flying Battering Ram.  Jericho hits a dropkick from the top-rope.  Sheamus reverses the momentum and works over Jericho in the corner before working in the Sheamus Spot (10 forearm smashes to the chest).  Sheamus then sends Jericho into the announce table going into the break.  Back from the break and Jericho owning the champ with forearms and a chinlock.  Sheamus fights out hits a few running axehandles followed by a tackle in the corner and a cover.  Sheamus hits a forward rolling Samoan Drop.  Jericho tries for the Code Breaker but Sheamus powers out of it.  Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick and misses – getting caught in the rope.  Jericho follows with a Lionsault.  Sheamus hits a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker.  Sheamus looks for Pale Justice but Jericho turns it into the Walls of Jericho.  Sheamus gets the rope break but Jericho manages to apply the hold again.  Sheamus hits the move that I can’t remember the name for (pathetic huh?).  Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick and misses.  Jericho hits the Code Breaker!  Sheamus kicks out.  Both men struggle to a vertical base.  Sheamus kicks at Jericho from a downed position and then skins the cat to ascend to the top rope (love the way he does that).  Sheamus comes off the top and falls right into another Code Breaker!  Again both men struggle to a vertical base and this time Jericho runs into a Brogue Kick.

Winner – Sheamus