Smackdown Report for Nov. 23 – Ziggler Pins Orton Again

Tonight’s show starts with a ‘must see’ segment in Miz TV. Miz brings out John Cena (Mr. Torn Meniscus himself). Cena hobbles to the ring and says he’s cleared to compete. I can’t even put into words how lame this segment is (I hate this angle). A.J. skips to the ring. Dolph Ziggler shows up on the ramp and calls A.J. a ‘bad egg’ (ooh). If I had to justify being a wrestling fan right now I’d have a hard time of it. Having said that – I loved Ziggler’s promo on A.J. during the locker room segment of this week’s RAW (that was harsh!). Vicky Guerrero makes her way out to the ramp and I realize that we’re 16 minutes into this show (feels like 46).

Match One

Ryback vs. Darren Young

Titus O’ Neil joins the commentary desk (awesome – man this guy was great on Monday!). Ryback dominates his much smaller opponent until Titus tries to stop him using a whistle (hilarious). This is an ugly and short match with no Young offense whatsoever. Ryback hits the Shellshock for the win.

Winner – Ryback

After the match Titus O’ Neil calls for an end to the Ryback music. Titus jumps into the ring, yells at Ryback, blows the whistle and takes a Shellshock of his own. Titus continues to show more and more personality as the week rolls on (I’m coming around on this guy).

Match Two

Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

Cesaro cuts a promo on Thanksgiving and American laziness. Cesaro starts with a gutwrench suplex, a slam and a double-footed stomp before locking on a rest hold. Both men trade rights and Truth makes a comeback. Truth hits his finisher for the clean win? Wow – super short match.

Winner – R-Truth

After the match we see Sheamus walkin’ the back and Booker T suspends him for the night. But to soften the blow he books Sheamus against the Big Show in a TLC match at the next ppv. Booker suggests that Sheamus go grab a few pints. We find out that Big Show is in a match later tonight with Team Hell No (I still say they should’ve went with Team Friendship).

Match Three

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

For a 2nd week in a row JBL mentions the former AAA and CMLL titles held by these 2 wrestlers (well he’s at least half right). These guys work really well together (I’m almost surprised we haven’t seen more matches between the two now that I think of it). Back from the commercial break and Del Rio’s in complete control of Sin Cara. Sin Cara fights his way out of a cravate and his comeback is short-lived. Del Rio works over Sin Cara in the corner and locks on a reverse chinlock variation. JBL talks up the ADR/Orton match from Monday’s show (it actually was one hell of a match). Sin Cara attempts another comeback with a huracanrana. Del Rio misses a corner attack. Del Rio starts to tug at Sin Cara’s mask. Sin Cara makes another comeback with some beautiful moves – eventually going for the cover. Sin Cara hits the ol’ Tajiri Flying Elbow. Sin Cara goes for a top rope move but is scouted and thrown to the mat. ADR applies the cross arm breaker. Decent match.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the back. Bryan tells his partner to stay out of his way. Bryan reminds Kane that he once beat the Big Show in 45 seconds. Kane suggests that Bryan team up with Big Show and call themselves Team No Show (clever). Bryan asks if Kane’s attitude has to do with not being invited over for Thanksgiving. Kane admits that it does (these guys are awesome). Then they argue the merits of vegetarian turkey (still awesome). Bryan promises that if they win the match Kane’ll be invited over for Christmas (these guys are to Smackdown what Kaz and Daniels are to Impact Wrestling).

Match Four

Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show

Bryan starts the match. Bryan goes to work on the legs of the giant but gets taken down with headbutts and chops. We see Sheamus watching the match from Booker’s private box with William Regal. Big Show slowly dismantles Daniel Bryan isolating the left arm. Bryan still comes back to life – launching into a series of leg kicks to the giant. Big Show continues to work the left arm of Bryan. Big scoop slam by the giant. Big Show climbs the ropes and misses a big elbow drop. Bryan starts to lay into Big Show with a series of kicks including one to the head. Cover by Bryan. Bear Hug by the Big Show. Big Show releases the hold but runs into a boot. Bryan launches himself off the top rope and locks on a sleeper hold. Show starts to fade but then breaks the hold by falling backward (ouch!). Hot tag to Kane who hits 2 clotheslines and 2 low dropkicks. Top rope axehandle by the Big Red Monster. Kane goes for the chokeslam but doesn’t get it. Show hits a Sidewalk Slam. Bryan tags in and applies the No! Lock. Kane walks to the back. Show hits the chokeslam on Bryan for the win.

Winner – Big Show

After the match Kane rolls back into the ring. Big Show looks to hit the W.M.D. punch on Kane but Bryan interferes. Big Show leaves the ring and grabs a live mic. Big Show addresses Sheamus from the ramp regarding their upcoming TLC match on Dec. 16th.

Match Five

Kofi Kingston vs. Damian Sandow

Wade Barrett joins the commentary team for this one. Prior to the match we see a Tout from Cody Rhodes with a wrapped shoulder throwing darts at a picture of Kane. Sandow hits the early offensive. Kingston easily turns things around and ejects the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses. Kofi himself is sent to the floor as we go to the commercial break. Back from the break and Sandow’s got a rest hold locked in. The I.C. champ fights his way out. Sandow runs into a boot in the corner. Sandow easily gets his heat back and signals for the Elbow of Disdain (I love typing that). Cover by Sandow. Sandow uses the 2nd rope and locks on another rest hold. Kingston fights back again and again it’s short-lived. Kingston again tries for another comeback but is fired into the apron. Kofi hits a High Cross Body from the top rope. Cover by Sandow. S.O.S. by Kingston! Kingston fires up and hits a flurry of offense followed by a Boom Drop. Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner (and still I.C. champ) – Kofi Kingston

After the match Barrett grabs a live mic and promises that his reign will end courtesy of the Barrett Barrage (I really like where this is going). After the break we get a RAW recap. (loved that C.M. Punk 1 year celebration – that was excellent). They actually cut to fan Touts regarding Punk’s stable and Monday’s attack on Ryback. We are promised an in-depth interview with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on Monday’s show.

Match Six

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

With these two we’re pretty much guaranteed a ppv level match (big props to Orton for the match he had on Monday with Alberto Del Rio – that 2/3 Falls Match was somethin’ else!). Orton takes the early lead and turnbuckles the Show Off. Orton hits that oldschool offense while Ziggler sells like the 2nd coming off Mr. Perfect. Standing dropkick by the Viper. Orton suplexes Ziggler into the ring from the apron using the top rope for extra torque. Ziggler is sent to the floor. Ziggler attempts to escape over the fan barricade as we go to the commercial break. Orton continues to dominate Ziggler as JBL continues to berate his Josh Matthews. Ziggler hits a dropkick on the floor. Ziggler drops an elbow back in the ring and locks on a rest hold. Orton gets a roll-up out of nowhere. Ziggler fires back with a lariat and a cover. Another rest hold applied by Ziggler. Neckbreaker counter by Orton. DDT by Ziggler and another cover. Ziggler climbs the ropes and is caught with a right and then another. A few more rights and Orton positions Ziggler for the Superplex. Kickout by Ziggler (nice). Ziggler runs into 2 clotheslines and powerslam. Draping DDT by the Viper. Orton goes for the RKO, Ziggler slips past it and rolls up Orton with a handful of tights for the upset win.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

After the match Alberto Del Rio goes to attack Orton but is scouted by the Viper. On the ramp Dolph Ziggler is taken down and put into the STFU by Cena. Officials are trying to pull Cena off Ziggler as the show goes off the air.