This Is Wrestling – Part 1

As some of you already know, my name is Sam Pierce and I’m damn proud to say that I’m a wrestling fan. I started watching it with my dad when I was 4 and haven’t looked back since. Now 19 years old, I can say I’ve attended wrestling events on both ends of the spectrum. Whether it was at the Skydome with 70,000 people in attendance, or at some war memorial in Whitby with 70, there’s nothing that gets me more pumped up than seeing wrestling live.

The year was 2002. Toronto’s Skydome was host to WWE’s WrestleMania 18. My dad got me 4th row seats and I was absolutely ecstatic. I don’t even think I ate anything that day, I was that excited. We walked through the doors of what’s now called the Rogers Centre, and looked down at the arena from the concourse. What I saw was truly breathtaking. As Jim Ross once said, “This is WrestleMania!” The setup was of a scale I’ve never seen before and it was a night I’ll never forget. I’m pretty sure I got some of Ric Flair’s blood on me when he and Undertaker were brawling right up against the guard rail where I was sitting. COOL!

Fast forward to 2010. What looked like somebody’s basement in Whitby was host to an Apocalypse Wrestling Federation event. I’m almost certain I found out about this show through a flyer that was posted at a bus stop. I didn’t care, it was still wrestling, dammit! Me and my dad walked into the dining room sized venue and saw nothing more than a ring with a few rows of seats around it. There wasn’t even a guard rail, I could literally stand up and jump into the ring from my chair. Not to mention we saw the same guys wrestle like 3 times because they had a roster of about 8 total people. In the end though, it was a few hours of entertaining wrestling that I would go see time and time again. Too bad the next AWF show got canceled.

I once heard a young boy at an ROH show say “we should go to WWE next time, that’s GOOD wrestling!” Newsflash kid, all wrestling is GOOD. No, it’s GREAT and I wouldn’t give it up for anything else in the world. Thanks for reading.