This Is Wrestling – Part 4


This past May, my dad and I decided to take our first trip to TNA’s Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. But we weren’t just going in any ordinary capacity. Instead, we dished out an extra couple hundred bucks and got ourselves the Ultimate Fan Experience package. However, what we got for that extra cash didn’t quite make us feel like ultimate fans.

First on our list of exclusive Ultimate Fan Experience activities was a catered luncheon, hosted by The Whole F’N Show, Rob Van Dam! My dad and I joked when we said that it would be a lunch cooked by Rob Van Dam, himself. I imagined him in the back with an apron on, making finger sandwiches for all of us. That would’ve been cool. However, instead of the expected hamburgers and hotdogs, we got a meal that could’ve come straight from a hospital cafeteria. It consisted of over-salted ham, an under-cooked baked potato and mushy green beans. But it wasn’t about the food, it was about the experience. Having lunch with RVD, Devon, SoCal Val and the Hebner family was the last thing I ever thought I’d get to do.

Another perk that we got with the Ultimate Fan Experience was priority entry in to the Impact Zone. Otherwise, its first come, first serve and we weren’t going to take the chance flying all the way to Orlando and then risk being hung out to dry because it was sold out. But it wasn’t like we got to leisurely walk in and choose our seats.  We were placed at the front of a line with the general public and then after waiting in a steamy, crowded hallway for over an hour, the doors opened. It turned into a free for all at that point, with people running and shoving to get to the door first. My dad actually held a guy back by his T shirt because he didn’t have an Ultimate Fan Experience pass and was trying to get in front of us. Don’t mess with my dad!

All that aside, the Impact Zone is an amazing place to watch wrestling. It’s small and there isn’t a bad seat in the house. We even had a bonus concert by country music stars, Montgomery Gentry who were taping their latest music video before Impact. I had a memorable three nights of live Total Nonstop Action wrestling and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for reading.