TNA Against All Odds Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA ‘Against All Odds’ from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash are your announcers for the night as Taz is dealing with a death in the family, so we wish our best to him.

Zema Ion Vs Jesse Sorensen in a X Division #1 Contender’s Match

The match barely got started and Sorensen was bumped on the floor taking a top rope huracanrana and Ion’s knee knocked out Sorensen and they counted him out at 4:03 and looks to have been hurt legit.

Security and officials are out working on Sorensen as Tenay and Borash stall time.

Bobby Roode is interviewed in the back by Christy Hemme and wearing one of Chris Jericho’s suits he mentioned on ‘Raw’.

Robbie E comes out with Robbie T for his open invitational to defend the Television Title. Shannon Moore comes out to answer the challenge.

Robbie E Vs Shannon Moore for the Television Title

Robbie and E and T go to leave early on but Moore attacks E on the ramp and they fight back to the ring.

Moore hits an Asai moonsault to E on the floor and goes for a series of pinfall attempts unsuccessfully. Moore hits a top rope huracanrana for another near fall. Moore with an O’Connor roll but E sends him into the ropes where he is punched by Robbie T and E hits Moore with an implant DDT and pins Moore at 9:27.

A video previewing the Gail Kim Vs Tara match follows

Gail Kim Vs Tara for the Knockout’s Title

Kim is accompanied by Madison Rayne and both argue on the way to the ring

Kim has the advantage and all of a sudden Rayne leaves and goes backstage sao they are teasing the breakup between Kim and Rayne.

Kim attacks the right knee of Tara that has the brace on it. Kim hits a top rope huracanrana but then leads to Tara fighting back and hitting a tilt-a-whirl side slam for a two-count. The two climb to the top and Tara hits a back body drop to Kim from the top and then a moonsault to Kim and Tara selling her knee.

Kim blocks the Widow’s Peak and hits Eat Da Feet for the win at 6:46.

Hemme is with James Storm in the back and says tonight is about revenge and Roode took what he worked 15-years for and has wanted Roode to keep the title so he can take it from him.

Matt Morgan & Crimson Vs Samoa Joe & Magnus for the Tag Titles

Joe and Magnus work over Crimson in their corner and double team him.

Morgan in and takes enzigiri in corner and goes for snap mare but Joe tossed into Magnus in corner and sent to the floor. Joe recovers and sends Crimson to the floor and then Morgan takes snap mare and top rope elbow drop and Joe and Magnus win the Tag Titles at 9:56.

Hemme with Bully Ray and just rails on Hemme and says no matter how much make up she puts on and skanky oufit she wears she will never look good and takes the microphone and yells ‘go away feeble woman’. He says he isn’t the dark horse but the thoroughbred and will win the title.

Mike Tenay states Jesse Sorensen has been sent to a local hospital.

Austin Aries Vs Alex Shelley for the X Division Title

Aries rakes the eyes of Shelley and Shelley preteneds he cannot see before attacking Aries with a kick and gaining the advantage.

Shelley builds up to the Sliced Bread #2 but Aries grabs the rope to avoid the pinfall. Aries responds with knees to the head and kick to the head to set up the brainbuster but Shelley kicks out at two. Crowd is chanting ‘this is awesome’.

Aries drops Shelley chest first on the mat and delivers more knees to the head and another brainbuster and Aries applies the Last Chancery submission for the win at 15:04.

Hemme is with Jeff Hardy and says his back and neck have seen better days but he sees gold tonight.

Video preview airs for the Kazarian Vs A.J. Styles match

Kazarian comes out with Christopher Daniels and is wearing a Daniels t-shirt.

A.J. Styles Vs Kazarian

Styles rips off the Daniels shirt. The crowd is chanting ‘Daniels sucks’ at ringside.

A weird spot where Styles went for a leap frog early and Kazarian ran into him as he landed on his feet and then Kazarian was tossed to the floor. Styles hits a flying forearm off the apron to the floor and then applies Indian death lock in the ring but Kazarian reaches the ropes.

Kazarian comes back, hits a running dropkick and both are working hard but crowd is not into the match much. Styles tries for the Styles Clash but Kazarian reverses out with a head scissors. Kazarian leaps over the top rope and DDTs Styles onto the apron. Kazarian sling shots Styles into the ring and hits an Ace Crusher in mid-air for a two-count.

They fight on the top rope with Styles headbutting Kazarian off and hits an inverted DDT for a two-count. Kazarian drops Styles with a version of the Mic Check. Styles back with the Pele kick. Styles goes for a springboard into the ring but changes his mind and hits moonsault to Daniels in the floor but as Styles returns to the ring he takes the Omori Driver from Kazarian and he gets the win at 18:39.

Hemme is with Eric Bischoff and Gunner. Bischoff says he is a bit pissed off that Hogan has inserted himself into his family business but also grateful because Hogan can understand how dangerous this situation is and that Gunner will destroy Garret. Eric cuts a sarcastic tearful promo about putting Garret into this spot and wants Hogan to throw in the towel when it gets too bad. I sense a Bret Hart Vs Bob Backlund finish from the ’94 Survivor Series.

Gunner Vs Garret Bischoff

Eric Bischoff is in the corner of Gunner and Hulk Hogan in the corner of Garret. Hogan gets the biggest reaction of the night thus far.

Garret works on the left arm and is distracted by Eric and is the first tease of Hogan getting involved at ringside. Garret is controlling the entire first portion of the match. Gunner finally gets the heat by attacking him from behind and stomps down on Garret. Gunner continues to work him over until Garret goes for a flapjack and nearly drops him in a bad position.

Eric hits Garret with the referee distracted and Hogan decks Eric for the biggest pop of the match. Gunner hits a neck breaker as Hogan tells Garret to get back up and will stop it if he doesn’t get up. Hogan teases throwing the towel in but Garret says ‘no’ and Gunner hits a DDT for the win at 12:02.

Tenay and Borash throw to Christy Hemme for yet another interview and this time with Sting. He says Roode will not walk away from the match or cheat to keep the title. He will make sure there is a clear cut winner tonight.

Bobby Roode Vs James Storm Vs Bully Ray Vs Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title with Sting as the Special Enforcer

Bully Ray goes to the floor right away and won’t help Roode. Ray returns to the ring and hits a uranage to Roode after he is tossed off the top rope and gets a two. Storm then hits a back cracker and gets a two-count.

Roode and Storm hit a double team vertical suplex to Ray and then tease the ‘Beer Money’ chant but they attack one another. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind to Roode and then taken out with a big boot from Ray.

Fans start chanting ‘Devon’s better’ at Bully Ray.

We get a Tower of Doom spot with Roode taking the superplex.

Hardy with the Twist of Fate to Ray but the referee is distracted

Roode with a spinebuster to Ray but then Hardy with a Twist of Fate but misses the swanton. Roode is on the floor and takes the title from So Cal Val and into the ring while Hardy is out but Sting grabs the title. Sting goes to hit Roode with the title but Roode ducks and Sting takes out Hardy and Roode gets on top and Sting reluctantly counts three at 15:06.

TNA Against All Odds Report

The show starts off cold with Ric Flair walking into the building furious and tells Christy Hemme that he hates Eric Bischoff for making himself the referee in the main event tonight and won’t allow Bischoff to screw with Styles tonight. Flair states that ‘I’m like a God around here’.

The don’t waste anytime as we start off the show with Desmond Wolfe Vs The Pope in the first quarter final match of the Eight Card Stud Tournament.

Good match to start off the show with a good back and forth between the two. The Pope gets the win with the D’Angelo Dinero Express in the corner to the back of Wolfe. Pope’s character is getting over very well and this match showcased Pope really well.

Ric Flair is backstage in Bischoff’s office and states that Flair is ‘God’ and anything concerning A.J Styles has to go through him. Bischoff states that Flair is worried because there is an official that he cannot buy. This was a great segment with these two and I have a feeling Flair is going to be the star of this show.

Jeremy Borash is backstage interviewing Matt Morgan and Hernandez – WASN’T BORASH TAKEN OFF TV??

Hernandez and Morgan do babyface promos and say they will be Tag champs for a long time but for one night they want to get a TNA Title shot and want to find out who is the better athlete tonight and will leave it all out there

Hernandez Vs Matt Morgan is next in another quarter final match

The crowd was dead for this match – no interest in these two outside of a delayed vertical suplex by Hernandez, who the crowd was more into. Morgan played subtle heel and they teased a countout to Hernandez, who was selling the left shoulder but Morgan said he didn’t want to win like that and then pinned Hernandez a minute later by hooking the tights after he rammed the injured shoulder into the post. Hernandez was upset after the match and walked out – great slow, subtle burn.

We get a recap of the Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle story.

Kurt Angle is with Christy Hemme and says he will never doubt Hulk Hogan again after Hogan saved him from Scott Hall and Sean Waltman.

Kurt Angle Vs Ken Anderson is up next

They did blood in this match with Angle busted open. The crowd again was hardly into this match, though this was a much better match than the previous one. Towards the finish Anderson went to expose the turnbuckle but the official stopped him and went to fix the one buckle and Anderson took the opposite sides turnbuckle off. Angle avoided being thrown into the exposed steel and came back with an Angle Slam but Anderson kicked out at two. There was a reversal and Angle was thrown into the exposed turnbuckle and Anderson hit the mic check and got the pin on Angle to advance. After the match Anderson spit in the face of Angle.

Mick Foley and Abyss are with Eric Bischoff backstage and said that he had to ensure there were no shenanigans in their match tonight and is making it a ‘No DQ Match’ so he gets what he wants and if they don’t use a barbed wire baseball bat during the match than Abyss will lose his mask. Abyss is conflicted by this, Foley says they will use the bat.

Abyss Vs Mick Foley

The story of the match was that Abyss didn’t want to hurt his friend but understood he had to because of the stipulation Bischoff put on this match involving the mask. These guys tried their hardest but it’s really tough to do a whole lot with Foley in the ring in 2010. Crowd kept chanting ‘Use the bat’ in reference to the barbed wire bat. Abyss steals the sock of Foley and then Foley takes the sock off of referee Mike Posey to counter. Foley dumps tacks on the floor and then Abyss teases chokeslamming Foley on the tacks but then chokeslams him away from the tacks and get a two count. Foley did a good job of getting the story of the match over with his taunting of Abyss, who eventually chokeslammed Foley into the tacks and got the win. After the match Abyss was apologetic and helped take the tacks out of Foley’s back. They never used the bat during the match.

Semi final matches are:
*The Pope Vs Matt Morgan
*Mr. Anderson Vs Abyss

The Nasty Boys cut a promo stating they know people think they are here because they are friends of Hulk Hogan but this match has been 15-years in the making…can’t wait.

The Nasty Boys Vs Team 3-D in I assume a ‘No DQ Match’

This match was not booked the way I envisioned but the feud is clearly continuing so it made sense to build to a big brawl. This was not pretty – Jerry Sags had to carry the workload for the Nasty Boys, which tells you something. There was a great spot where Sags was playing to the camera on the floor and then Brother Ray knocked Sags into the cameraman and he fell. Jimmy Hart made a run in at the end and threw in a helmet and allowed the Nasty Boys to get the victory.

Eric Bischoff meets with Samoa Joe backstage and warns him to watch his ‘Samoan temper’

Matt Morgan Vs The Pope in the semi finals of the tournament

The Pope gets the win after a splash following the DDE – match was rushed but Pope is going to the finals.

Promo with Mr. Anderson with Borash, Anderson says he dominated Angle and is going to change TNA forever. They do a cool jib shot where they go from the backstage area to the ring.

Mr. Anderson Vs Abyss in the semi final

Quick match and nothing to write home about, Anderson gets the win with the mic check and advances.

A.J Styles is backstage with Ric Flair and unveils his brand new Flair style robe that has a hood like Styles’ old entrance gear.

Eric Bischoff is on his way to the ring and Hulk Hogan confronts Bischoff and says he cannot screw Styles. I love how Bischoff is a babyface in some angles and a heel in others. Hogan says to drop this feud with Flair, it’s gone on long enough.

A.J Styles Vs Samoa Joe for the TNA Title with Eric Bischoff as the Guest Referee

This match got a lot of time and was very strong with minimal outside interference that I expected would water down the match. Bischoff played straight referee throughout the majority of the match – Flair was tremendous on the floor and was the most over performer on this show. Lots of great sequences between these two. Styles took a nasty bump over the top rope and to the floor and landed awkwardly on his neck and shoulder but seemed to be okay. They teased one of them taking a bump onto the exposed concrete on the floor but neither did. Joe hit a muscle buster on Styles and had the match won but Flair pulled out Bischoff and this led to Bischoff punching Flair and he took a bump for Bischoff. Joe grabbed Bischoff and began shoving Bischoff, the distraction led to Styles hitting Joe with the Pele kick and then a followup Styles Clash and Bischoff reluctantly counted three. After the match Flair ordered Bischoff to raise the hand of the champion. This was byfar the best thing on the show thus far and Bischoff didn’t take away from the match – I still don’t like Bischoff playing a heel and yet he’s feuding with the heel champion.

They go to yet another interview with Mr. Anderson who discusses that it’s Valentine’s Day with Christy Hemme.

The Pope is interviewed by Jeremy Borash and is attacked by Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, who then look to the camera and threaten Hogan.

Mr. Anderson Vs The Pope in the Finals of the Eight Card Stud Tournament

Pope played the sympathetic babyface throughout the match where he sold the ribs throughout the match stemming from the attack from Hall and Waltman. It was sell, sell, sell by Pope and then get a hope spot and worked the crowd very well with the story of the match. Anderson brought the mic down and said he was going finish him with the mic check – he hit the mic check but then missed a swanton bomb and Pope hit the DDE for the win.

TNA Against All Odds Report

8:00 PM
They start with the Main Event Mafia and Sting entering the
building in separate but pimped out vehicles along with Team 3-D arriving in a
fancy blue car.

8:02 PM
Alex Shelley Vs Eric Young for the X division title starts off the show

8:20 PM
They had a decent opening match and were given time. Finish
came with Young being distracted by the ref and Shelley getting the roll up for
the cheap heel win.

8:23 PM
Borash interviews the Main Event Mafia and Angle says all
the members of the Mafia push one another and tonight he will push Sting in the
main event.

8:24 PM
Scott Steiner Vs Petey Williams is up next.

8:27 PM
Nothing says a grudge match than the victim of an assault coming out dressed up as the attacker.

8:29 PM
This match is going to be a test for both men – you think that would concern them.

8:35 PM
Williams takes a nasty powerbomb on the outside where his shoulder gets clipped on the ring apron.

8:38 PM
Steiner finishes Williams with the Steiner Driver – a move he used to use in New Japan and his earlier days. Looked very good and after the match Steiner delivers a Samoan drop off the second rope onto Williams. This causes Samoa Joe’s music to start. Joe cuts a promo with his new face paint and says there are five men responsible for the sins he is about to commit and Steiner will be the first victim.

8:41 PM
Mick Foley is backstage with Sting. Foley will commentate during the main event (probably without a headset) and present the championship to the winner. He says he hopes it is not Kurt Angle and Sting asks him not to speak that way of a fellow mafia member and then Foley puts over Sting and Sting appreciates the compliment.

8:45 PM
Wrestlecrap just got a brand new page courtesy of Brutus Magnus, who now comes to the ring wearing a ridiculous mask and a male fetish porn outfit. He says he doesn’t fit into the American stereotypes of the British (do argument here) and makes an open challenge, which is accepted by Chris Sabin.

8:53 PM
Way too much give and take in this match if the idea is to make Magnus an undefeated monster and doesn’t pull off that gimmick from a physical standpoint. Magnus won with his finish, which is like an F-5 onto the side. This gimmick has “fail” written all over it.

8:57 PM
Lauren interviews Team 3-D and convince us that they belong in the main event and one of them could actually win the TNA Title…well that was the intent, don’t know if that was the result. Brother Ray asks a hypothetical question if he could have won 21 Tag Titles on his own? I’m presuming no because he won TAG titles. 3-D end the interview by stating they are going to “talk to Sting”.

8:58 PM
Awesome Kong Vs ODB for the TNA Knockout’s Title

9:04 PM
Jim Cornette comes out and throws out Raisha Saeed, Sojourner Bolt and Rhaka Khan. Kong comes out and threatens to attack Cornette but ODB jumps her and the match starts.

9:08 PM
Crowd is very much behind ODB and it builds to ODB finally bodyslamming Kong right out of ‘Mania 3. Kong reccovers from the slam and makes a comeback and hits the implant buster right away for the pin.

9:10 PM
Ray and D-Von confront Sting about the beating Ray took. Ray said he saw into his eyes that night when he walked away but that he also didn’t get involved with the attack. Ray says he would love to respect Sting but doesn’t think it’s time for that yet.

9:13 PM
Booker T. Vs Shane Sewell for the Legend’s Title is up next.

9:25 PM
Booker took most of the match with the storyline that he was taking Sewell lightly. They built to one comeback spot for Sewell to “hulk up” but then Sharmell tripped him and Booker hit the ax kick for the win. After the match Booker goes to attack Sewell but A.J Styles returns and makes the save.

9:30 PM
Styles cuts a promo that he grew up poor and hard work got him to where he is and it’s time for a legend to step up for TNA and it’s him.

9:30 PM
Matt Morgan is interviewed by Lauren. Morgan says he just had shoulder surgery and he’s ready to fight, Lauren wants the match to be cancelled. Morgan cuts a great heel promo – this man should never be a babyface again.

9:31 PM
Matt Morgan Vs Abyss

9:51 PM
They kept the hardcore to a minimum with a constant tease of Abyss using his bag of either glass or tacks. Morgan was recovering from surgery on his shoulder for staph infection and it showed in this match as he wore t-shirt and couldn’t seem to take a flat back bump. A number of ref bumps during the match and ends with Abyss hitting the black hole slam and getting the win. Abyss spills the tacks on the ring after the match but Morgan escapes.

9:52 PM
In the Main Event Mafia locker room Angle gives Sting a pep talk stating that 3-D “doesn’t give a shit” about him. He says they will still be a strong family tomorrow no matter who is TNA champion. Sting hugs Angle and after Sting leaves, Angle tells Nash to watch Sting.

9:56 PM
Beer Money Inc. Vs Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed for the Tag Titles

10:16 PM
Beer Money retain the titles as Storm gets a chain and punches Lethal in the face to allow Roode to get the pin. This match was good but not great and the crowd wasn’t into the latter part of the match.

10:17 PM
Sting Vs Kurt Angle Vs Brother Ray Vs Brother D-Von for the TNA Title to close the show

10:48 PM
Match went 15 mins with Sting hitting the scorpion death drop on Ray and retaining the title. The match was decent for what it was but overall a lackluster Pay Per View and a perfect example of 12 Pay Per Views being too much.