TNA Bound for Glory Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA Bound for Glory from Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The opening video features all of the BFG Memory spots they have run on television. 

The crowd is super hot to start the show 

Zema Ion Vs Rob Van Dam for the X Division Title

Thunderous chants of “RVD” to start the match

Ion gets crotched on the top rope and Van Dam kicks him to the floor and this elicits a “Holy Shit” chant 

Ion gets back in and hits a tornado DDT with Van Dam going straight down on his head and a two-count

Ion hits a somersault dive to the floor. Ion drops Van Dam face first on the top turnbuckle after Van Dam tries for a monkey flip and then uses an abdominal stretch. 

Van Dam presses him in the air and kicks him in mid-air, rolling thunder and then hits the five star frog splash and pins him clean at 8:03. 

Magnus is with Jeremy Borash and says this is the biggest show of the year, calls himseld the “Mag-Daddy” and has escaped from “political prison” and Joe cannot hide behind Hogan or the office any longer. 

Samoa Joe Vs Magnus for the Television Title

Magnus got the advantage after sucker punching Joe during a referee break and had the advantage for the early portion of the match

Joe came back with a boot off the turnbuckle and a running senton for a two-count.

Joe applied three rear-naked chokes with the third one in the middle of the ring and Magnus finally tapping at the 9:00 mark.

Borash interviews Bobby Roode in the back and the Street Fight is next

Bobby Roode Vs James Storm in a Street Fight with King Mo as the Special Enforcer

They have Earl Hebner as the referee and Mo as the outside enforcer.

They go to the floor and after using a side Russian leg sweep to send Roode into the barricade, he comes back and sends Storm into the post and he juices.

Roode gets a chair and attacks Storm and then he is busted open as Storm attacks him with trash can lids including a repeated series of shots to the head with the lid and using a kendo stick and they fight around ringside bleeding all over the place.

They get on top of the announce desk at ringside (which is glass by the way) and Roode spears Storm off through a wooden desk next to it.

Roode gets into the face of Hebner and Mo comes in and shoves Roode and he backs into the Eye of the Storm by James Storm and then hits the Last Call but Roode kicks out. Storm stands up to deliver another one but Roode blocks and tosses Storm into a chair in the corner and a roll up for a two-count.

Roode brings tacks into the ring as Storm is seated on the top turnbuckle but Storm fights him off and shoves Roode off the turnbuckle and onto he tacks. Storm hits a top rope elbow drop onto the tacks for a two-count. Roode comes back with a low blow and grabs a six-pack of beer from under the ring and Storm stops him and breaks the bottle on Roode’s head, lifts Roode up and hits the Last Call again and Roode takes a back bump straight on the tacks and Storm pins him at 17:33.

Borash is with Joey Ryan and he says he should have had a contract with TNA back in May and trended worldwide that night. He calls Al Snow a disgusting man, who is best known for carrying a severed head and is the opposite of himself.  

Joey Ryan Vs Al Snow

The crowd is chanting “we want head” at the start of the match.

Snow is out wrestling and Ryan and controlling the first few minutes of the match. He hits the Snow Plough and gets a two-count. Crowd is not into the match.

Snow climbs under the ring and grabs Head for a pop but Brian Stifler takes it away and Ryan shoves Snow into Stifler and gets the advantage. Ryan grabs head and makes out with it.

Snow pulls Ryan in between the ring skirt and the ring and attacks him, grabs head but then Matt Morgan runs out of the crowd and hits the carbon footprint to Snow and tosses him into the ring where Ryan pins Snow at 8:27.

Ryan and Morgan shake hands after the match.

Daniels and Kazarian are with Borash in the back and they won’t answer a question from Twitter because they aren’t influenced by Twitter. Daniels cuts a promo referring to his “beverage of choice” but not actually saying the word “appletini”.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Vs A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle Vs Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez for the Tag Titles

Guerrero’s right shoulder is taped up.

Hernandez and Guerrero work over A.J. Styles at the start until Kazarian makes a blind tag.

Hot tag is made to Kurt Angle and hits german suplexes to Daniels and then two consecutive ones to Kazarian and Daniels blocks third. Crowd picks up for Angle’s involvement.

Kazarian with DDT to Angle and then take shoulder block from Hernandez, Styles with flying shoulder block to Hernandez and then Daniels with a STO to Styles.

Daniels a split legged moonsault to the floor onto Angle and then Hernandez with a tope to the floor onto Daniels.

Kazarian goes for a hurricanrana to Hernandez on the outside of the apron and Hernandez lands awkwardly on the floor. Styles with a somersault dive off the top to Daniels, Kazarian and Hernandez on the floor.

Angle blocks the three amigos and hits the Angle slam to Guerrero.

Kazarian hits a TKO and then Daniels with the BME to Styles for a two-count.

Styles blocks the Angel’s wings and hits an inverted DDT out of the corner to Daniels. Hernandez tags in and hits the Border toss to Daniels and Guerrero with the frog splash Hernandez pins Daniels at 15:35.

Hemme interviews Guerrero and Hernandez on the ramp and Chavo says this was for Eddy.

Miss Tessmacher Vs Tara for the Knockout’s Title with Taryn Terrell as the referee

Tara lays her out on the floor and drops her on the apron and continues with the heat as they return to the ring.

Tara lost part of her hair in the middle of the ring as Tessmacher comes back with clotheslines and then hits a top rope hurricanrana.

Tessmacher misses top rope elbow drop and Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak and hits it for the win at 6:20.

Tara gets on the microphone and says she has been so inspired lately and did it for her boyfriend. She brings him out – Jesse Godderz from Big Brother, who has been under contract with TNA for a long time. He comes out and they make out.

Highlights from the Hall of Fame ceremony from last night air.

A video on the Aces and 8’s program runs

Sting & Bully Ray Vs Aces and 8’s in a No DQ Match

Sting is wearing a Bully Ray shirt and Bully Ray is wearing face paint.

Aces and 8’s bring out Joseph Park and match begins with two of the masked members representing them.

Sting is being beaten down and then tries for the Scorpion Deathlock and crowd gets behind it but it’s broken up.

Another member runs in and Park breaks free and runs wild in the ring. He fights one of them to the back.

Ray and Sting hit the Doomsday device to another member. Sting hits the splash and calls for the tables.

Bully Ray brings a table in and another member runs in with a spine buster to Bully Ray and they pin him at 10:50.

They are all in the ring as Hulk Hogan comes down the aisle and attacks them with one remaining in the ring. He Hulks up and gives him the big (or below average) boot.

They unmask him and its Devon as the babyfaces are stunned and he leaves with Aces and 8’s.

Austin Aries is with Borash in the back.

Austin Aries Vs Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title

The crowd is very pro-Aries, so the closing segment of Impact did wonders.

Hardy fights back and the crowd boos him and he looks annoyed at the reaction.

On the floor Aries is thrown into the steps and then Hardy with the poetry in motion off the steps to Aries against the barricade.

Hardy is selling and crowd going back and forth chanting for both.

Hardy lifts up Aries in w powerbomb position and Aries fully rotates over his shoulders and goes face first to the mat.

Hardy with the whisper in the wind for a two-count. Aries responds but knocking Hardy to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Hardy gets to his feet and Aries hits another and throws him into the ring and gets a two-count. Aries applies the Last Chancery and Hardy to the ropes.

Aries attacks the neck of Hardy with a neck breaker to the outside of the apron and the raised platform.

They exchange forerarms with Aries hitting the discus forearm and Hardy responds with the twist of fate for a two-count. Hardy gets crotched on the top rope and hits a jumping hurricanrana from the top rope and looked excellent. He hits a missile dropkick in the corner and brainbuster but Hardy kicks out.

Hardy hits a twist of fate out of the corner and another one along with a swanton and pins Aries to win the title at 23:04.

TNA Bound for Glory Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA ‘Bound for Glory’

The pre-show is hosted by Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme.

Mr. Anderson is interviewed backstage and talks about Bully Ray learning to fight in Philadelphia while he grew up outside of Milwaukee, made a joke about picking up fat chicks at a bowling alley. Anderson put over Philadelphia and was trying his best to ensure he didn’t get booed out of the building.

In the Tag Title Match Hernandez and Anarquia kept the Tag Titles defeating Ink Inc after Hernandez rolled up Jesse Neal after he shoved Neal into Shannon Moore. The crowd sounded really hot and got into the match and featured a spot with the women. Ink Inc’s new valet has been given the name ‘Moxine’.

The pre-show ended with Jeff and Karen Jarrett upset that Jeff Hardy has arrived in the building just in case anyone wasn’t aware he was there.

The show begins with a scenic shot of Philadelphia with the Rocky Balboa statue and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show.

The opening video features the Madison Square Garden press conference from October 2009 with the announcement of Hulk Hogan coming to TNA.

Austin Aries Vs Brian Kendrick for the X Division Title

The crowd is super hot for Aries and announcers acknowledge it right away

Kendrick hits a dive to the floor and is booed and then went for three straight monkey flips with Aries stopping him on the third one. Aries tells the crowd to quiet down as they continue to cheer him.

Aries played complete babyface setting up the pendulum elbow drop and Kendrick kicked him in the head to stop it, Kendrick with a double sledge to the back of the head but Aries cuts him off with a uranage and elbow drop.

Aries hits a missile suicide dive (a new term I have coined for Aries) into Kendrick, who crashes into the barricade. Kendrick goes for the Sliced Bread but it’s blocked by Aries and Kendrick is seated on the top but comes back and hits a super Sliced Bread off the top rope but Aries kicks out and crowd pops for the near fall

They end up on the outside of the apron and Kendrick again goes for the Sliced Bread but lands on the floor when Aries blocks and Aries punts Kendrick back in the ring, hits a dropkick in the corner and Aries hits the brainbuster for the win.

Very good opening match and the crowd added a lot. Aries leaves and again tells the crowd to quiet down.

Traci is with Borash in the back and playing with Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s kids. Karen sends the kids away and yells at Traci for playing with her children and Karen will be the special referee for the Knockout’s Title Match and refers to them as ‘those four prostitutes’.

A video on the Rob Van Dam Vs Jerry Lynn feud airs and noting it launched their careers and has been going for over a decade

Jerry Lynn Vs Rob Van Dam in a ‘Full Metal Mayhem Match’

An ‘ECW’ chant starts right away and quickly dies – which sounds like a great metaphor for the 2006 revival

Starts with holds and Van Dam going for an arm bar but Lynn avoids and back to their feet

Van Dam was off in some spots early on and looked to have got Lynn hardway under his right eye. They brought a ladder into the match around 3-mins into the match.

Van Dam with the Van Daminator and then a rolling thunder to Lynn on top of a ladder and that led to the ‘ECW’ chants returning.

Van Dam did a quebrada onto his feet with Lynn in the corner and he dropkicked a chair into Van Dam. Lynn misses a leg drop off the corner onto the ladder and then back to his feet and tossed a chair into Van Dam’s head.

They did a ridiculous spot with a ladder lodged against the ring and Lynn went for a sunset flip over the top but caught his legs in the ladder and Van Dam came down missing the ladder and hitting his head into the guard rail.

Back in the ring and Lynn takes another Van Terminator and then gets set up in the corner with a ladder covering him and Van Dam hit the Van Terminator with a chair into the ladder into Lynn and got a ‘Holy Shit’ chant and Van Dam got the pin at 13:13

They raise each other’s arms after the match

Dixie Carter is shown arriving earlier in the day with her husband Serge

Samoa Joe Vs Matt Morgan Vs Crimson

Morgan and Crimson double team Joe to start

Joe back body drops Crimson to the floor and hits an elbow suicida and Morgan follows up with a top rope crossbody to the floor on Crimson

Joe took his turn to exit the ring and Morgan and Crimson had a staredown and went back and forth until Joe pulled Morgan out and came in to work with Crimson.

Morgan misses a running knee to Joe in the corner and gets his leg caught in the ropes and Crimson spears Joe for the pin. Crimson was booed by the audience.

Bully Ray is interviewed in the back and they killed the crowd heat so they wouldn’t boo him and Ray cuts a heel promo that he milked and raped the Philly fans for money and says he’s not from Philly but is from New York City

Bully Ray Vs Mr. Anderson in a ‘Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere Match’

They didn’t even have Anderson do his introduction it seems the company is hell bent on now letting Bully Ray get cheered in this one and Anderson not getting booed out of the building

Anderson grabs a planted ‘Welcome to Philly Asshole’ sign and clocks Ray in the head, it was unwrapped and was a yellow ‘Dead End’ sign – comedy that writes itself in this company

They fight on the floor with a woman tossing beer at Ray, Ray pulls out a table for a huge pop. They fight to the entrance and battle over the microphone and Ray saying he is from New York and is cut off by Anderson who sends the mic into Bully Ray, who is now bleeding.

They head to the back and Ray hits a piledriver on the cement but Anderson kicks out and then chokes him with a chair. Back into the arena and Anderson regains the advantage and brings the steel guard rail into the ring. Ray runs at Anderson and gets back body dropped onto the guard rail. Anderson then comes off the top with a swanton bomb and misses Ray and onto the guard rail. Anderson then takes a Bubba Bomb through the table but Bully Ray only gets a two-count. Ray then misses a senton off the second rope onto the guard rail and Anderson with the Mic Check onto the guard rail for another near fall.

On the floor Ray takes a nasty trash can shot right to the head and then is laid out on a table on the floor and Anderson climbs to the top and over shoots Ray with a swanton bomb onto the floor and looked brutal for Anderson. He recovered and hit a Mic Check for the win at 14:32. This was a pretty great match and best match thus far on the show for me.

Eric Bischoff is with Jackson James in the back and revealed as Bischoff’s son with Bischoff saying Sting has to lose and Sting has to be taken away on a stretcher and James agrees and the two are working together

Mike Tenay and Taz are in shock at the reveal – doesn’t the network have power during pay-per-views to intervene over this crooked referee reveal? Or maybe Jackson James is WITH THE NETWORK!

Winter Vs Velvet Sky Vs Mickie James Vs Madison Rayne for the Knockout’s Title

Karen Jarrett comes out as the special referee and Rayne puts her tiara on Karen

Sky hits a face plant on Rayne but Jarrett is adjusting her shoes

Winter and Rayne are in the ring but Karen wants the babyfaces in the ring to fight (James and Sky) with Jarrett not covering any pinfalls from either. Sky hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to James and then an exchange of forearms. The heels trip the babyfaces as they run the ropes and get the advantage and leads to all four fighting in the ring.

Karen and Mickie are arguing and Winter uses the mist but accidentally hits Jarrett and then James hits the implant DDT to Winter. Rayne attacks James and sends her to the floor.

Sky hits the double underhook suplex to Rayne and Traci is in the ring and counts three at 8:40 so Sky is presumably the champion until the TV tapings when Karen overrules it

Kazarian is backstage with Borash and chats about Bobby Roode kicking on every cylinder but is torn because his two friends A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels are going to have an ‘I Quit Match’ and hopes they will end their feud after this match

A great video package airs for the Styles Vs Daniels feud

A.J. Styles Vs Christopher Daniels in an ‘I Quit Match’

The two start off with submission holds but neither will give up and then it escalates to a brawl on the floor. Daniels gets a wrench out of a tool box and fire it at Styles, who moves out of the way as it hits the steel steps. Back in the ring Daniels has a screwdriver to try and hit him in the face with it but Styles stop him. The screwdriver ends up in the top turnbuckle. Daniels continues with the heat but Styles keeps refusing to quit.

Daniels hits the BME and taunts the audience and then into a half crab. Daniels later gets a chair and chokes Styles with it and says everything Styles has been given in TNA will be his and tells A.J’s wife to turn off the PPV so they don’t see A.J. die in cold blood. Styles begins a comeback with clotheslines and a quebrada off the ropes into a reverse DDT, hits a springboard forearm but then Daniels blocks a discus clothesline and hits a uranage. Daniels charges at Styles and yells ‘Die A.J.’ but Styles counters with a Pele kick and hits the Styles Clash.

Styles has a chair but instead grabs the screwdriver in the turnbuckle and Daniels immediately says ‘I Quit’ and runs away at 13:49. Very weak finish for a major PPV.

Styles is walking to the back and Daniels returns and attacks him with the Angel’s Wings on the entrance.

Jeff Jarrett comes out next and calls out ‘Jeffrey Nero Hardy’ and says he warned him not to show up and says no one in the company wants anything to do with Jeff Hardy. He says he surveyed people in Philadelphia and 9/10 people don’t want Hardy back.

Hardy comes out with a new t-shirt featuring a negative of his mug shot. Hardy attacks Jarrett with Hardy having the advantage until security breaks it up as they try and fight through them.

The crowd was so into this they gave a huge chant of ‘D-Lo’ when he came in to help break up the brawl

A video reviewing the past two-years leading to the Hulk Hogan Vs Sting match airs

Hulk Hogan Vs Sting

Dixie Carter is shown in the crowd with Serge and gets annoyed at a fan blocking her view

The match starts and immediately Hogan waves to the back and Ric Flair comes out

Hogan does his poses and the crotch chop, isn’t even trying to play the heel

The match thus far is all Sting bumping for Hogan and then to the floor and Flair attacks Sting with chops

Flair passes a foreign object to Hogan, who starts attacking and stabbing Sting with it and Sting juices.

Hogan took a back bump off a punch and in this match that was a high spot and then took another one off a punch. Sting gets the object and attacks Hogan with it and takes another bump and both are bleeding now. Sting hits the splash in the corner, knocks Flair off the apron and a splash to the back of Hogan and then applies a very loose Scorpion Death Drop and Jackson James reluctantly calls for the bell at 9:41

After the match they all beat down Sting with Immortal coming into the ring with Gunner, Bully Ray and Scott Steiner attacking with chairs. They show Abyss watching from behind the curtain backstage as they attack Sting.

Bischoff grabs a chair but is stopped by his son and then Bischoff attacks his son with the chair and lays him out. Sting is down and calls Hogan for help and Hogan Hulks Up and attacks the heels with Sting.

This was the biggest pop of the entire show as Hogan and Sting clear the ring except for Bischoff. Hogan and Sting took out Bischoff to complete the full babyface turn of Hogan and the crowd went insane, all things considered this went as perfect as you could imagine.

Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode for the TNA Title

They skipped the ring introductions so it seems the last match went way long with the post match.

They are racing through stuff early with Angle taking a throw off the top rope and landing awkwardly in the ring.

Roode applies the Crossface but Angle gets out of it by applying the Ankle lock but then Roode reverses and gets the Crossface back on. Angle gets out and hits the Angle Slam for a two-count. Back to the Angle lock but Roode kicks out of it and is selling the leg. Roode hits the Fisherman suplex for a two-count the crowd bites on.

The story is Angle is hitting Roode with everything but Roode is kicking out and crowd is chanting ‘Bobby’.

Angle with the rolling german suplexes but on the final one Roode transitions into the Crossface but Angle gets to the ropes and puts his arm under the bottom rope for the break. This leads to duelling chants.

They do a sequence and back and forth and ends with the Angle Slam and Angle pins Roode as he grabs the rope and wins the match at 14:14.

Wrong booking for the main event and ended a great show with a horrible finish.

TNA Bound for Glory Report


Welcome to our coverage of TNA ‘Bound for Glory’ taking place at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida – the site of probably the biggest angle shot in WCW history when Hulk Hogan joined Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to form the New World Order.


My first TNA pay per view in High Definition!


The opening video is an instrumental montage of clips featuring the majority of the roster and lots of blood and ends with the words ‘One Night Will Change Everything’.


Mike Tenay and Taz guarantee their will be a new TNA Champion tonight.


Motor City Machine Guns Vs Generation Me for the TNA Tag Titles


Generation Me has a real good heel presence to them but I’d give them gear.


They start off slow working to build the match, which should be more effective. Generation Me hits a double draping DDT off the top rope to Shelley to get the heat on the Guns. Jeremy Buck follows up with an enzuguri style kicks to the neck of Shelley, which they are working over stemming from the injury angle.


Jeremy attempts a superplex off the top to Shelley, but he is knocked to the canvas and takes a double foot stomp from Shelley and leads to both men making tags to get Max and Sabin in.


Shelley hits a baseball slide dropkick to Max in the tree of woe position followed up by a hesitation dropkick by Sabin to Max and then runs off the ropes to the floor on Jeremy and crowd is really into this. Jeremy is dropkicked to the floor attempting a springboard into the ring onto Sabin. Max hits a reverse infared onto Sabin for a near fall and has some of the oddest facials when Sabin kicks out.


Generation Me continues with near falls including a springboard splash by Jeremy simultaneous with a moonsault by Max to Sabin in the middle of the ring.


Sabin springboards off of the back to the top rope and hits a release german suplex to Max off the top rope and then hit their finish with Shelley hitting a splash off the top to pin Jeremy and retain the Tag Titles – really solid match to start off the show.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Madison Rayne and Tara and Rayne calls Hemme a ‘skank’ and a ‘bitch’ – these promos for the women become so transparent upon continual viewing. Rayne says that Tara is indebted to Rayne ‘for life’ after Rayne allowed her back to TNA as they tried to tease Tara screwing Rayne to win the title tonight.


Angelina Love Vs Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne Vs Tara for the TNA Knockout’s Title with Mickey James as the special guest referee


The match starts with Love and Rayne and Rayne immediately tags in Sky so they have to square off.


These four didn’t have a terrible match by Knockout’s standards. It broke down into a free for all with all of the women in the ring and came down to Tara in the ring with Sky and rolled her up (which looked horrible) and got the pin. Tara acted upset not realizing she won the title when Rayne was supposed to win and they teased problems between Tara and Rayne after the match. They did a spot where James knocked out Rayne and blew a kiss towards Tara, who tended to Rayne after the match.


Hemme backstage with Eric Young and his drawn on tattoos stating that ‘who cares if Jordan is bi…polar’ and then Jordan walks in dressed like a mummy or something.


Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal Vs Eric Young & Orlando Jordan


Young comes with the ‘TNA Rule Book’, which I would love to read one day.


This was a throwaway comedy match with the match building up to Young attacking his partner Jordan (because he’s crazy) and Neal and Moore hit their top rope blockbuster finish for the win. This was just unnecessary on so many levels and ate into time other matches on the show could have used.


Jeff Hardy is with Hemme backstage and has completely adopted the verbal skills of Sting circa 1993.


Jay Lethal Vs Douglas Williams for the X Division Title


Tenay explained Williams enacted his rematch clause to get this match.


Lethal misses the springboard dropkick as Williams sides step the maneuver.


Match was mostly Williams getting heat on Lethal and working his style throughout the match. The finish was kind of interesting with Williams going for a top rope huracanrana and Lethal reversed it after he landed it and rolled him up for the win and playing up Williams using a high risk maneuver and biting him in the ass. Lethal left through the audience with his title after the match and was then attacked by Robbie, who was with Cookie. They brought Lethal into the ring and laid him out stating Lethal was a disgrace to New Jersey and would add class to the title.


Abyss Vs Rob Van Dam in a ‘Monster’s Ball Match’ – was this ever mentioned as a Monster’s Ball Match on TV in a promo or anywhere?


They go to the barbed wire almost right away, which is why RVD is wearing a t-shirt to start the match. Both men take a bump in the barbed wire and then fight on the floor. RVD hits a rolling thunder going over the top rope and putting Abyss through a table.


Van Dam takes a huge spot where a chair is thrown at him on the apron and he falls off and through a table with barbed wire lodged between the ring and steel barricade. Abyss brings him back into the ring and Van Dam gets off his shoulders and sends Abyss through a table with barbed wire in the corner and follows up with a Van Terminator to Abyss in the corner. This leads to Van Dam going for the five star frog splash but Abyss moves out of the way. Abyss grabs Janice from ringside.


Abyss is hit with a chair to the shoulder thrown by Van Dam, who then grabs Janice and hits Abyss in the gut and Abyss is bleeding from the mouth as Van Dam hits the five star frog splash for the win.


After the match Abyss says to the camera ’10-10-10, get ready because here we come’.


Sting & Kevin Nash & The Pope Vs Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe


Joe was working from the start of this match with Sting and Nash having limited time in the ring.


Joe worked for the big tag to Jarrett, who stepped off the apron and turned on Joe, leaving Joe alone with the other three. Nash, Sting and Pope signaled to Joe that they told him so but Joe attempted to fight them off anyway and ended with Joe taking a jack knife powerbomb and Nash pinned Joe – if Nash is actually leaving than that’s nuts but wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


Mr. Anderson is with Christy Hemme and says he has to apologize to Angle’s kids and his neighbors because he is going retire Angle tonight and complained about getting hit in the nuts this past week.


Team 3-D are out for their major announcement. Brother Ray puts over their Tag Titles reigns, TNA and the tag team division in the promotion and states that as of right now the team is officially retired. Ray says if they are going out they want to have one more match and they want to wrestle the best tag team in the world – the Motor City Machine Guns.


Ric Flair and Fortune cut a promo with Styles promising to end Tommy Dreamer’s career tonight and send EV2.0 on their way. Flair refuses to let the director wrap them up and keeps going.


Fortune Vs EV2.0 in the ‘Lethal Lockdown Match’


Mick Foley and Ric Flair are both out with their teams. Commentators do not make it clear if they are part of the match.


Stevie Richards and Kazarian are the first two in the match while all the others are on the floor.


A.J Styles is the third man in the ring as the heels get the advantage throughout the match until all of the members are in. Tommy Dreamer follows him at #4 and starts bleeding after Robert Roode enters after him.


They grate Dreamer’s face against the steel and Flair punches him from the outside. Dreamer has the full crimson mask going by this point. Sabu evens it up with three on each side.


Crowd is so quiet for this knowing the finish isn’t coming until all of the guys are in the ring.


James Storm makes it 4 on 3 for Fortune. Raven is then sent it to even it out with Morgan and then Rhino making it 5 on 5. Morgan enters the ring and powerbombs Sabu into the side of the cage.


10:10pm came and went in case they were going to be clever on the east coast and shoot the angle with Abyss at that time.


Rhino comes in and runs wild hitting a spinebuster on Storm and then a belly to belly suplex on Morgan and a gore to Storm as the ceiling lowers with the weapons.


Flair and Foley start fighting on the floor with Foley thrown into the announce table and Foley making a comeback with punches. The two fight to the back as the match continues.


Just about everyone is bloody in this match. Kazarian and Richards make it to the top of the cage and Brian Kendrick appears out of no where on top of the cage and attacks Kazarian off of a ladder and puts him through a table.


Back in the ring Dreamer hits Styles with the Dreamer Driver and gets the win for EV2.0.


Kurt Angle promo with Christy Hemme backstage stating that he has to win the TNA Heavyweight Title and that wrestling is his life. He dedicates this match to Hulk Hogan.


Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Mr. Anderson for the vacant TNA Title


Angle runs shoulder first into the post to go to the floor early in the match. Back in the ring he hits a double german suplex spot on Anderson and Hardy.


Hardy went for a hilo and missed both Angle and Anderson on the floor in a spot that looked painful for Hardy.


They showed Dixie Carter at ringside with her husband Serge!


Angle looks to have his right eye busted.


Angle gets the ankle lock on Hardy, but Anderson tries to break it up and Angle criss crosses both Hardy and Anderson’s legs for a double ankle lock but they power out of the submission.


Hardy kicks out of an Angle slam with Anderson on the floor. Angle hits a moonsault for a two count on Hardy later in the match.


Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with a chair and enters the ring and teases hitting either Angle or Anderson, who are on the floor and then Hulk Hogan’s music plays and he comes out on crutches and gets into the ring.


Hardy gets up and grabs a crutch and teases hitting Bischoff but turns and hits Bischoff and reveals he is aligned with Hogan and Bischoff. Hardy then hits Anderson with another crutch and then a twist of fate on Anderson and gets the pin to win the TNA Title.

Jeff Jarrett and Abyss come to the ring and ‘they’ are a heel group – Hardy, Hogan, Bischoff, Abyss and Jarrett.

TNA Bound for Glory Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA ‘Bound for Glory’ from the Bren Events Center in Irvine, California.

Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society plays an electric version of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ to kick off the show.

They announce that the Motor City Machine Guns defeated Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed on the pre show and have gained entry into the Ultimate X Match as a result.

They announced that The Pope D’Angelo Dinero was out of the match due a family emergency.

Amazing Red Vs Suicide Vs Homicide Vs Daniels Vs Chris Sabin Vs Alex Shelley for the X Division Title in an ‘Ultimate X Match’

This was a huge spot fest with everyone trying to top one another. Sabin and Shelley added a lot to this match and Daniels was involved in the majority of the big spots including a very scary spot near the end where Suicide and Daniels were on the ‘X’ ropes and Suicide attempted a Rock Bottom type of maneuver on Daniels, who landed horribly on the floor. Red climbed and grabbed the title after that spot. Daniels was taken out of the ring but they seemed to kill some time after the match.

Backstage Lauren is with The Beautiful People, who mistake Lauren for Jeremy Borash.

JB is with Sarita and Taylor Wilde and do your standard babyface promo and will take on all challengers.

Sarita & Taylor Wilde Vs Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockout’s Tag Titles

They had Lacey make out with referees Jamie Tucker and Earl Hebner but was still thrown out.

Quick match with Wilde and Sarita hitting the combination dropkick into a german suplex and the win in just 3:00.

Kevin Nash Vs Hernandez Vs Eric Young for the TNA Legend’s Title is next

They did a promo prior to the match establishing that Young had hired Nash and that Young would be leaving with the title.

During the match they worked together and wasn’t the greatest sight as this match tended to drag. Hernandez hit a big dive over the top rope. Young hit a top rope elbow drop on Hernandez and then instructed Nash to hit the powerbomb. As Nash put Hernandez between his legs, Young took Hernandez and through him into the groin of Nash and then pinned Nash to take the title.

Backstage Scott Steiner, Booker T. and The British Invasion are fighting and Magnus cuts a promo saying they should work together.

Booker T. & Scott Steiner (TNA Tag Champions) Vs Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams (IWGP Tag Titles) Vs Beer Money Inc. Vs Team 3-D in a ‘Full Metal Mayhem Match’ for both sets of Tag Titles

They did a stretcher job for Booker early in the match, they all but wished him the best in future endeavors in this one. Steiner was over throughout the match and hit the top rope frankensteiner. 3-D grabbed the IWGP Tag Titles just as Rhino ran in and attacked them with chair shots including ones straight to the head. Beer Money was over huge with the crowd going back and forth chanting ‘Beer’ and ‘Money’. Rob Terry ran in the ring and tossed Robert Roode over the top rope and through a table, where he landed on his tailbone. Terry helped Magnus climb and grab the TNA Tag Titles.

ODB Vs Awesome Kong Vs Tara for the TNA Knockout’s Title

They took Tara out of the match when a blonde woman attacked her and Tara left and went backstage. She returned a few minutes later. Crowd was very confused by this but into Tara.

Kong dumped Tara out of the ring and then hit the implant buster on ODB but she kicked out at 2. Raisha Saeed came out and threw a chair into the ring but Kong kicked it back, Saeed finally threw it back into the ring as Kong went for a powerbomb on ODB, who reversed the powerbomb and Kong went face first into the chair and ODB got the win and keeps the title.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan backstage. He says tonight’s match with Kurt Angle is both business and personal.

Samoa Joe Vs Bobby Lashley in a ‘Submission Match’

Joe took most of the match and they didn’t work it like the Angle Vs Joe match from ‘Lockdown’ last year but just as a straight wrestling match. Joe hit two uranages on Lashley but on the third attempt, Lashley hit a leg sweep and applied an anaconda vice and Hebner ended the match even though Joe didn’t tap.

Jeremy Borash is backstage and Mick Foley says there will be plenty of times for laughs but tonight is not one of those nights.

Abyss Vs Mick Foley in a ‘Monster’s Ball Match’ with Dr. Stevie as the guest referee

If you’re a fan of hardcore matches than you probably enjoyed this. Abyss took a ton of punishment as per usual with his arm a bloody mess and also doing color under the mask. Daffney ran in and took a chokeslam through a table with barbed wire on it but the camera missed it (the replay got it). Foley had Abyss pinned at one point with Stevie knocked out and Jamie Tucker ran in and covered three but Abyss forgot to kick out, that took the match down a bit. Finish saw Abyss chokeslam Stevie on the tacks and then chokeslam Foley on the barbed wire on top of a table, Abyss then took the limp arm of Stevie and covered three for the win.

Matt Morgan Vs Kurt Angle

They built this match very well and I thought this was easily the best match of Morgan’s career. They told the story that Morgan delivered everything and couldn’t defeat Angle. Angle kept applying the ankle lock but Morgan would escape. The match built to a series of near falls and the crowd was starting to turn on Morgan with ‘Morgan Sucks’ chants and getting behind Angle as the babyface. Angle hit a frog splash for a two count and finally won with a victory roll. They did the respect angle after the match with both shaking hands.

A.J Styles Vs Sting for the TNA Title

Styles won the match after a springboard splash. They teased Sting retiring after the match but he was vague on the mic and said he wasn’t sure if he would be back or not.

TNA Bound for Glory Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA’s “Bound for Glory” show. The weekend has been a big success for the company with TNA selling out their Fan Fest yesterday and a huge crowd is expected for tonight’s event. The company set their bench mark earlier this year for the “Lockdown” Pay Per View in Lowell, Massachusetts that drew 5,400 paid and was the company’s most bought show of the year. TV has been stronger than usual for this show built around a major title match and the return of Jeff Jarrett and debuting Mick Foley.

8:03 PM
We are starting with the X Division Steel Asylum Match – Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, Curry Man, Eric Young, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, Shark Boy, Johnny Devine and Petey Williams.

8:06 PM
They haven’t changed the color of the red Asylum, which is very difficult to watch it on TV.

8:07 PM
Poor Sabin and Shelley – they should be so much higher on the card than this.

8:08 PM
Sonjay and Petey look “well”

8:12 PM
Tokyo Dangerous back break by Daniels…err Curry Man onto Rave from the top rope, which looked great.

8:13 PM
Great sequence with Lethal hitting a huracanrana onto Rave off the top rope and then Shelley follows up with a picture perfect frog splash onto Rave – huge pop for that.

8:13 PM
MCMG with a double team ace crusher off the top rope.

8:15 PM
Williams runs off the ropes and hits the Canadian Destroyer on Shelley. These guys are hitting everything perfectly – quite the opener thus far.

8:16 PM
Devine attempts a pedigree type maneuver and nearly drops Rave right on his head. Devine then F-5’s Lethal and hits a followup moonsault on Lethal.

8:17 PM
Dutt knocks Curry Man off the ceiling – Dutt and Lethal are fighting to the hole and start attacking each other upside down – Lethal wins the exchange and gets the victory. Excellent!

They announce that Lethal is now the # 1 contender for the X Division Title and will face the winner of Sheik Abdul Bashir Vs Consequences Creed.

8:21 PM
Jeremy Borash is in Jim Cornette’s office. Mick Foley comes in and Cornette marks out for him. Foley says he remembers travelling with The Midnight Express and listening to Stan Lane service the locals. Cornette says Borash is his personal bitch for the rest of the evening.

The Beautiful People come in and complain that they only wanted blue M&M’s and throws them at Foley and complain about his clothing. Foley points out that they are throwing blue ones away too, which is counter productive. Useless segment but I laughed.

8:25 PM
Kip James & The Beautiful People Vs Rhino & ODB & Rhaka Khan in a “Bimbo Brawl Match” is next

The voice over is great with the tease that Rhino will try to knock the botox out of Kip James face.

Traci Brooks is the guest referee for this match.

8:27 PM
There is no reason for this match to be on the show.

8:29 PM
Highlight is Mike Tenay calling ODB “One Dirty Bitch”

8:29 PM
Why is Rhino teaming with ODB the alcoholic?

8:31 PM
Rhino comes in and irish whips Velvet Sky and gets suplexed. Kip runs in to grab her out of the ring but totally misses her.

8:32 PM
They do an exchange with Rkaka and Kip where she grabs his balls and he tags out.

8:34 PM
Kip comes in and hits ODB with a makeup kit, but I’m guessing on this because the camera cut away as he went to hit her.

8:36 PM
Rhino attempts to pin James but the Beautiful People interrupt the pin and all the women fight to the outside. James goes for the famouser but Rhino turns it into a gore and gets the win.

8:37 PM
Consequences Creed cuts a promo saying he detests the words that Sheik Abdul Bashir says about America and “if you don’t love it, leave it”.

Sheik Abdul Bashir Vs Consequences Creed for the X Division Title is next

8:41 PM
They bring an Iraq veteran that was awarded a Purple Heart as the guest ring announcer to welcome Creed.

8:44 PM
Creed starts the match with an over the tope rope somersault plancha onto Bashir. Creed has been injected with more charisma tonight than he has ever shown.

8:45 PM
Bashir gets the heat knocking Creed off the apron and in the steel barricade.

8:46 PM
I was just thinking how it seems a given they put the title on Creed with this build tonight but then Mike Tenay brought up how Bashir won the title last month in Canada with Petey Williams dropping the title and realized logic is a dark path to travel down in this promotion.

8:47 PM
Creed goes into the corner turnbuckle chest first – I think he took Bret Hart’s challenge on Wrestling Observer Radio this week literally…and he failed.

8:52 PM
Bashir hits a top rope huracanrana for a near fall

8:53 PM
Bashir rolls up Creed from behind and grabs the ropes for the win – this company is AMAZING!

8:54 PM
Cut to Foley with Jeremy Borash telling a story about the 1998 Hell in a Cell Match and Jim Ross thinking he was smiling with his tooth in his nose. Raisha Saeed comes in and yells and Foley and says it doesn’t matter what he thinks and Foleys says that’s gimmick infringement and has The Rock on speed dial. Foley says that Saeed needs a visit from Yurple the Clown (??), for fans that recall that angle with Vince McMahon…10 YEARS AGO.

8:56 PM
Taylor Wilde Vs Roxxi Vs Awesome Kong for the TNA Knockout’s Title

9:00 PM
Roxxi and Taylor Wilde make the worst double drop kick attempt in history – as Wilde left her feet a taxi drove through the space between Kong and Wilde

9:04 PM
Roxxi hits the double knee spot off the top rope onto Kong that Evan Bourne has been using

9:04 PM
Roxxi has Wilde on her shoulder and Kong just boots Roxxi right in the face and drops both

9:05 PM
Kong climbs to the top, Wilde climbs up to kick her but struggles climbing and takes an awkward fall to the mat after the kick to Kong

9:06 PM
Wilde hits the German Suplex on Roxxi with Kong on the outside and scores the pin – not a great match.

9:07 PM
More Foley backstage as A.J Styles welcomes him to TNA. Team 3-D comes in and calls Styles a mark. 3-D says Foley isn’t even that big of a deal. Foley asks why Ray had to steal his flannel look. Ray says he looks better in flannel than he does. 3-D says they do whatever they want in TNA just like ECW and WWE.

Jim Cornette returns and Foley says it’s been relatively quiet. Foley says tonight he’s going to be the “sack of thw walk” and Cornette responds “you said sock of the walk right?”…SILENCE.

9:11 PM
Beer Money Inc. Vs LAX Vs Team 3-D Vs Matt Morgan & Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match for the Tag Titles

Abyss has been in all the 4 previous Monster’s Ball matches

Steve McMichael is the Guest Referee and he has grown!

9:14 PM
James Storm comes out with a football helmet beer bong

9:18 PM
Homicide hits a tope con hilo on Beer Money Inc. and then high fives Don West, Hernandez follows up with a plancha landing on his feet on Beer Money Inc. as well

9:20 PM
Homicide pulls out a fork and Don West comments “that’s what makes the Monster’s Ball so wicked”

Homicide opens up the forehead of D-Von with the fork though Tenay says that Homicide may have caught D-Von in the eye with the fork

9:22 PM
“Cheese grater right to the nuts” – Don West

Brother Ray opens up Abyss with the cheese grater and then licks the blood off of it – I guess they’ve given up on the PG audience WWE is attracting

9:26 PM
Beer Money challenges Mongo to a football face off with McMichael in the 2 point stance, he clotheslines Roode to set up a near fall for Homicide but Roode kicks out

9:27 PM
Matt Morgan hits a cross body to the outside onto Hernandez and Beer Money Inc.

9:28 PM
Team 3-D gets a staple gun and attacks Abyss with it. Johnny Devine comes out from backstage and attacks Abyss with a kendo stick. Devine then brings out a table.

9:30 PM
3-D light the table on fire and choke slam Abyss off the stage and through the flaming table. Abyss was on fire for way too long as officials had to use a fire extinguisher on him twice. I hope Chris Parks can remember the “this is awesome” chants when he’s in his 50’s.

9:32 PM
Steve McMichael has to be one of, if not the worst guest referee in history. He has killed the heat on about 4 near falls because he can’t get down fast enough. Homicide is clearly pissed at Mongo.

9:38 PM
3-D puts Hernandez through a table with thumb tacks on it and Beer Money spits beer in the face of D-Von and steal the pin, despite Mongo taking 5:00 to get on the ground and count – he hurt this match significantly.

9:45 PM
A.J Styles Vs Booker T. Vs Christian Cage is next

9:48 PM
Huge moonsault by Styles off the top rope to the outside

9:54 PM
Terrific match thus far, Styles gets a near submission with an armbar on Booker but Cage breaks it up and takes a Styles up kick from the ground to the head

9:55 PM
Cage teases a spin-a-roonie and Styles leaps off his knee and into Booker

9:56 PM
Styles misses a spiral tap onto Cage on the apron

Booker hits a double axe kick on both Cage.

9:58 PM
Cage lays out Styles with the unprettier and then Booker hits a top rope axe kick for the pinfall on Cage

9:59 PM
Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Jarrett is next with Mick Foley as the Guest Enforcer

10:01 PM
Angle interview with Lauren asking why Foley is in this match and that it is 2 on 1. He tells Jarrett’s kids that their Dad will stop bleeding eventually.

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett who cuts a tearful promo on his return and says he is going to do this for his children

10:04 PM
Foley is only on the outside of the ring with Rudy Charles as the in ring official

10:11 PM
Angle has been excellent in this match so far, his selling and timing are making this a very good match

10:19 PM
Joe and Sting are looking at their watches

10:19 PM
Angle teases a belly to belly suplex off the top rope and to the outside but Jarrett reverses into a superplex into the ring

10:20 PM
Jarrett applies the figure four leglock

10:22 PM
Angle hits three German suplexes on Jarrett but only gets a 2 count

Angle rolls out a pin attempt and applies the ankle lock – Jarrett rolls out

10:24 PM
Angle hits the Angle slam for a 2 count

Angle misses a moonsault off the top rope (with his knee pads not even covering his knees)

10:25 PM

10:25 PM
Jarrett hits the stroke and Foley runs in but Angle kicks out at 2

Angle recovers and hits a low blow and then goes to the floor and grabs a chair, as Foley tries to stop him Angle hits him right in the side of the head and then into the ring and hits Jarrett with an unprotected chair shot

Angle goes for the pin but Foley pulls the referee out

10:27 PM
Foley applies the sock onto Angle and then Jarrett hits Angle over the head with the guitar and gets the win, weak final 2:00 but this was a very strong match for both men

10:34 PM
Samoa Joe Vs Sting for the TNA Title closes the show

10:50 PM
Joe has played heel the whole match no selling Sting and just brutalizing Sting.

Joe is refusing to break the 5 count and grabs the official, which leads to Kevin Nash coming to ringside

10:52 PM
Sting reaches for the bat but Nash pulls it away from him

10:53 PM
Zero idea who is the babyface and heel in this match

Nash then clocks Joe with the bat

10:54 PM
This allows Sting to hit the Scorpion Death Drop and pins Joe for the win and the title