TNA No Surrender Report

After three months (and several dozen hiccups) we find out the winner of the Bound For Glory series. Also, Aces and Eights explodes (!) as the President battles the Vice-President. Away we go…

Live from St Louis, MO. – Sept. 13, 2013

Today’s announcers: Mike Tenay and Taz

Show opens with a great hype video featuring comments from AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Magnus as they hype the important of the Bound For Glory Series. We then get a video telling the story of the Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson break up and they even use a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald to explain the hatred between the two. I really liked both videos and TNA made this seem like an important event right from the start.

Bully Ray kicks off the show being accompanied by Brooke Tessmacher, who shows off her ass to the camera during the entrance. I appreciated that. Ray says he’s in a bad mood and advises everyone not to piss him off and listen to what he has to say. He says things haven’t been going right in the Aces and Eights and that he and Mr. Anderson are not on the same page. A loud “you suck” chant starts up. He adds that he’s willing to forgive Anderson and blames the whole mess on Hulk Hogan.

This brings out Hogan, who is wearing a blue Impact Wrestling t-shirt. He goes for a few cheap pops and tells Ray he should be worried about facing Anderson. Ray says Hogan is the reason why there’s problems in the Aces and Eights and that Anderson will do the right thing. Hogan repeated an earlier line here to Ray, which confused the crowd. Ray says he wants Anderson to come out and challenge him to his face. This brings out Anderson, who refuses to shake Hogan’s hand and enters the ring. Ray tells Anderson that their colours are stronger than Hogan and that all Anderson has to do is apologize for being out of line and this will all be over. Anderson agrees that he was out of line and can’t wait to get out of line again and attacks Ray. Anderson says he will be the new champ and repeats his name, while Hogan says brother a few times and announces that their match will be a last man standing match.

Match #1: Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles – Bound For Glory Series semi-final

They lock up and the crowd is hot for this match with chants for both guys. A dropkick by Aries sends Styles to the outside and Aries hits Styles with an axehandle to the outside. He tosses Styles back in but misses with a missile dropkick and Styles dropkicks Aries to the outside. Styles misses a slingshot crossbody and Aries runs back into the ring and attempts a suicide dive but Styles hits him with a forearm. They exchange kicks and punches but the crowd is dead and these two just aren’t connecting tonight. Styles puts Aries on his shoulders but Aries fights out of it and then attempts to suplex Styles but Styles escapes and hits Aries with a forearm as we go to break.

We return from break and they do the same spot as before with Aries breaking out of a fireman’s carry and Styles blocking a suplex. Styles hits a backbreaker for two and a “this is awesome” chant breaks out. Totally undeserved as this match has been pretty sloppy and awkward. Styles teases a Styles Clash but Aries reaches the ropes and Styles throws Aries to the outside. Styles hits a slingshot crossbody to the outside as a “TNA” chant starts. Styles attempts a slingshot but Aries stops him. Aries then gets a suplex attempt blocked for about the 12th time this match and just tosses Styles to the outside. Aries goes for a suicide dive but Styles hits a slingshot flying forearm as Aries is in mid move in the ring. Sounds good and the announcers played it up huge but it wasn’t that great – Aries basically stopped. Styles goes for the clash again but Aries hooks his arm and then hits Styles with a hurricanrana. Aries goes for a dropkick in the corner but Styles sticks his boot up and then Aries replies with a stiff looking dropkick. Aries attempts a brainbuster but Styles reverses, Aries lands on his feet and then finally hits the brainbuster for a two count. Aries then locks on the last chancery but then lets go of it for some reason and goes to the top rope. Styles stops him and they fight on the top with Aries eventually shoving Styles off. He goes for the 450 splash but Styles rolls out of the way and Aries lands on his feet. Aries attempts a cross body but lands on the top turnbuckle and Styles hits the Pele. He then sets up Aries in the super styles clash off the second rope and gets the pin. Great finish but this match wasn’t that great. Their earlier match was much better and this was slow, awkward and a little sloppy for my taste.

Winner: AJ Styles at 14:37 via pinfall

Magnus is in the back and is approached by Sting. Sting says the Main Event Mafia is made up of all former champions but they made an exception in his case. He adds that Magnus will be champion. Magnus thanks MEM for all they’ve done but Magnus says he’s sick and tired of being called the future and tonight the future is now.

Tenay says he just noticed Tito Ortiz and Rampage are not here and wonders what’s going on. I’m wondering how he realized they’re not here from sitting at the desk.

Match #2: Bobby Roode vs. Magnus – Bound For Glory Series semi-final

Roode is impatient and wants the match to start. Tenay identifies the St. Louis Rams in the crowd. By the Rams, he means two players. He also calls the Rams “undefeated” – he fails to mention it’s after one week of the regular season, 14 other teams are also undefeated.

Roode attacks Magnus to start but Magnus fights back with a clothesline and a European uppercut, which sends Roode to the outside. Magnus is definitely over in St. Louis. Roode drags him to the outside, runs him into the apron, hits a clothesline and throws him into the steps. Roode throws him back in and hits two suplexes in a row that both get two counts. He chokes Magnus on the ropes and Magnus fights back only to get hit with a high knee and clothesline for a two count. Roode applies a headlock and Magnus eventually frees himself from it and hits a clothesline. Crowd is really behind Magnus here. Roode goes off the top and Magnus catches him and slams him. Roode fights back with a spinebuster for two and then sets up Magnus on the top rope for a superplex. Magnus fights out of it and shoves Roode off the top rope and nails him with an elbow drop. Roode then rolls up Magnus for two and locks on the crossface but Magnus breaks free and turns it into the cloverleaf. Roode gets the ropes and runs to the outside, Magnus chases him and as Magnus re-enters the ring, Roode kicks the ropes. Roode then goes for the fisherman’s suplex but Magnus reverses it into a pin and gets the win. Nice pop and big win for Magnus. Pretty good match too.

Winner: Magnus at 6:57 via pinfall

Roode is freaking out in the back as Kazarian and Daniels try to calm him down. Roode says it’s all Hogan’s fault and that they will get Hogan back tonight. If they aren’t in the finals there will be no finals.

Hogan is in the back with Manik and says that Manik has been on fire lately (I don’t think he’s wrestled in a month). He says when Manik puts on the mask it’s like Hulkamania. Manik agrees and says when he puts on the mask he goes to a whole new level. Manik says he wants Jeff Hardy tonight (probably meant next week as we never got this, production flub). Hogan says Hardy could be in trouble. Dixie Carter walks in and tells Manik to leave. She tells Hogan she got a call from Bellator attorneys and that they’ve pulled Tito and Rampage off the show because things have escalated more than they expected to and they need to protect the pay per view on Nov. 2. Hogan says he’s fine with that and he’s done with Tito’s drama. He says Tito will be fed to Rampage on Nov. 2. Interesting promoting of Bellator there.

Aces and Eights are in the back and Ray begins questioning Brisco, Bischoff and Knux about their loyalty. He calls Anderson a selfish bastard and wonders why he would attack him after everything he’s done for him. He says he’s proud of all of them, he loves them and they will do the right thing. Brisco, Bischoff and Knux stand there drinking beer and not reacting. Some of the best work from that trio in months.

Match #3: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson – Last Man Standing match for the TNA World title

Anderson attacks Ray on the ramp to start and tosses him into the ring. He throws Ray to the outside and slams him onto the announcer’s table. Ray hides behind Christy Hemme and runs away but Anderson catches him and slams him on the apron. Ray comes back with an eye rake and tosses Anderson into the steel steps. He tells Brooke to get a chair and Ray hits Anderson with a clothesline and continues beating on him. Ray attempts to use the chair on Anderson but is kicked and Anderson grabs the chair and hits Ray in the back with it. He tosses Ray into the ring and then delivers the forward roll slam to Ray. Crowd is into this match. Anderson grabs a table to a big pop but Ray hits a big boot as the table is carried into the ring. Ray grabs the chair and nails it with Anderson as we go to break.

Ray continues to beat on Anderson with the chair as we return from break. Ray then gets in Earl Hebner’s face, followed by Hebner getting back into Ray’s face to a big pop. Hebner then turns around and Ray shoves him into the corner (ha). Big heat for that. Ray goes for a big boot but Anderson ducks and delivers a mic check to Ray onto the chair. The ref is still out (that must have been some shove) and Anderson tries to revive the ref but gives up. He then picks up Ray but walks into the bubba cutter. Both guys are out and here comes the rest of the Aces and Eights. They tease helping Anderson but then Tessmacher comes in and nails Anderson with a low blow. Brisco, Bischoff and Knux then hit a triple power bomb on Anderson (take that Shield) and the ref is no awake but Anderson gets up at a nine count to a big pop. Ray hits him with a clothesline and then grabs a chain. He wraps the chain around his fist and nails Anderson in the face. Anderson is now busted wide open but again gets up at nine. Ray then spears Anderson through the table (!) and the crowd chants “holy shit”. The table is destroyed and Anderson is down for the 10 count. Great match, best from Anderson in years. I enjoyed this much more than I should have.

Winner: Bully Ray via 10 count at 17:25

Post match, Anderson is put on a stretcher but Ray stops the medical team and dumps Anderson onto the ramp. Ray grabs Anderson’s cut off him and whips him with it and then hits him with a piledriver (!) onto the ramp. Great beatdown here and it made the Aces and Eights seem more important than they have in months. Could be used as a way to write off Anderson too. Loved the match and this beat down.

They announce that next week it’s Mickie James vs. ODB for the Knockouts title. They cut to ODB who says a lot has happened in the last while, she got married, she started using coasters but she hasn’t won the Knockouts title in three years. She says James needs to take her seriously and forget the music career. She’s been training hard for this match and she will see James next week.

Gunner and Storm are in the ring and Storm gets a cheap pop and talks about how drunk he is. He says he and Gunner were just going to watch Bound For Glory in the back and drink beer but Gunner wants to fight. Storm says they can do both and challenges any team to a match at BFG (great build). Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come out and he points out that he and Hernandez won the tag titles at BFG last year. He says Storm is a great tag team wrestler and one half of one of the greatest teams of all time (America’s Most Wanted??) but that the greatest team is any one with Chavo. He tells Gunner that he is one of the strongest men in TNA but Hernandez is the strongest. Chavo points out they’ve been on a losing streak lately (always good to have the champions lose) and he challenges them to a match. Gunner grabs the mic and says he likes to fight and agrees to give them a non-title match next week, if they win they can get a title shot. He then tells them that if they get their nose in he and Storm’s business again that he will bash their skulls with his title belt – which receives a big pop.

Match #4: AJ Styles vs. Magnus: Bound For Glory Series final

Styles is selling a leg injur y from before as both guys lock up. Styles applies a headlock as they spend the first few minutes fighting in and out of it. Crowd is into this and Tenay and Taz are doing a good job selling the importance of this match. Magnus breaks the headlock with a suplex for a one count. Magnus runs at Styles, who hits a drop toe hold on Magnus into the turnbuckle and the two continue to trade moves. Back body drop by Magnus gets another one count and Styles rolls up Magnus for a two. Kazarian, Daniels and Roode come out and beat down both guys. They eventually leave as we go to break.

We return and I guess the match is restarted? They trade punches and Styles hits an insiguri. Double clothesline spot has both guys down. Styles takes control and goes for a springboard flying forearm but Magnus stops him in mid-air with a European uppercut in a nice looking Ceasaro-esque spot. Magnus hits a michinoku driver for two and then goes for the cloverleaf but Styles turns it into the gogoplata in another nice spot. Styles then goes for a victory roll for a two count and then the Pele also gets two. Styles rolls into the calf killer but Magnus refuses to tap and reaches the ropes. Flying forearm by Styles but he’s caught by Magnus and slams him for two. Magnus sets Styles on the top rope and they fight on the top for a while before Styles eventually shoves Magnus off and then hits the spinal tap (!) for the win. I would have liked to see Magnus go over here but this was a great match.

Winner: AJ Styles at 15:08 via pinfall

Magnus is devastated post match as Styles celebrates. Styles grabs the mic and says he told everyone he was going to do it. He thanks the fans for their support and that he got a lot of response from his interview a few weeks back but not a single tweet from Dixie Carter. He tells Dixie to show up next week because it will be her wake up call. Another weird promo from Styles and he should be talking about  winning the TNA title not Dixie Carter.

Overall though, this was one of the best episodes of Impact in a long time.

Best in Show: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Worst in Show: Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles

Outstanding Perfomer: Bully Ray

Next week: Mickie James vs. ODB, Gunner/Storm vs. Chavo/Hernandez, Mannik vs. Jeff Hardy and another “shoot” promo from AJ Styles!H


TNA No Surrender Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA ‘No Surrender’ from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Hardy in the BFG Series Semi-Finals

They head to the floor ealy on with Hardy hitting a flying clothesline off the apron. Back in the ring Joe with a big boot and running senton and wears down Hardy and then hits a tope suicida to the floor.

Joe misses a senton and Hardy with a leg drop to the chest and gets a two-count and then whisper in the wind for a two.

Joe blocks a DDt but Hardy with a twist of fate, Joe gets back to his feet and crotches Hardy on the top rope and goes for a muscle buster but Hardy counters with a roll up and Hardy gets his head lock submission, Joe rolls on top but Hardy counters with a roll up of his own for the win at 12:34.

Jeremy Borash in the back with James Storm and says it his time to be bound for glory and has lived and learned over the past year.

James Storm Vs Bully Ray in the BFG Series Semi-Finals

Ray stalls at the beginning and is slapped by Storm and sells it big as fans chant ‘you got bitch slapped’

Ray gets the advantage as Storm goes for a superkick and misses in the coener and Ray attacks the leg.

Storm with a head butt and powerbomb out of the corner and follow up cross body off the top for a two.

Earl Hebner gets knocked down and Bully hits a Bully bomb and another official runs in and Ray gets two. Ray then misses a senton off the second turnbuckle. Storm then takes out the second official with a flying forearm. Storm with the double knees and again Hebner is knocked down, hits the last call but Hebner is out.

Bobby Roode runs in and hits Storm with a beer bottle and Ray climbs on top and gets the win at 13:53.

Borash in the back and brings Miss Tessmacher and praises Tara for teaching her everything and would not be champion without her and wants to prove the student is better tonight.

Miss Tessmacher Vs Tara for the Knockout’s Title with Taryn Terrell as the Referee

They tell the story of each showing respect but it turns into a brawl with both annoyed at the other.

This fell apart with both missing a bunch of spots and crowd was silent for the majority.

Tessmacher with a roll up to counter the Widow’s Peak and gets the win at 6:35.

Bobby Roode is being taken out in hand cuffs and Hogan wants him to rot in jail. James Storm attacks him and Hogan has both arrested and sent to jail.

Austin Aries comes out and drops the word “bullshit” and calls out The Arm Breaker.

The fight starts with a suicide dive to the floor by Aries and they fight back into the ring. Aries tries to unmask him in the corner but is knocked to the floor.

Aries is throw into the steps as a fan yells “You suck, Gallows”.

Aries is about to take a power bomb and then drops power in the eyes of Arm Breaker Dude.

Aries is dropped on the apron and Arm Breaker gets a chair but Aries with a roll of quarters and hits the brainbuster and the crowd pops big for the end. Aries tries to unmask him (was clearly Luke Gallows) but all the Aces and 8’s ran in and led to locker room emptying.

They all brawled with Jeff Hardy being sent shoulder first into the post and injured as Hogan puts Impact on “Lockdown” so no one can get out.

Zema Ion Vs Sonjay Dutt for the X Division Title

The two have a good back and forth that starts to pick up with Dutt providing a lot of the offense.

Dutt hits a moonsault off the second turnbuckle to the floor on Ion and a springboard splash into the ring for a two count.

Ion blocks a hurricanrana and powerbombs Dutt and applies the Rings of Saturn and play up his shoulder injury from before but Dutt reaches the ropes.

Dutt comes back and lays out Ion but misses moonsault and lands on feet, rolls up Ion for two and they exchange near falls.

Ion is able to lift Dutt and hits the Gori especial for the win.

Hogan says he wants more cops and to beat the Aces and 8’s members and then arrest them.

Jeff Hardy is being tended to by the trainer as Magnus walks in and tells Borash that Jeff Hardy makes bad decisions when it comes to business and he paid the price, just like Rob Van Dam will.

Magnus Vs Rob Van Dam

Magnus is thrown into the barricade on the floor and drapes him on the top of the barricade but misses the spinning leg drop off the apron

Magnus with the advantage and uses a Texas Cloverleaf on Van Dam as he works the leg.

Van Dam goes for a somersault into a monkey flip but cut off by a clothesline, he recovers and comes back with a five start frog splash for the win at 10:09.

Borash is in the back with Christopher Daniels and Kazarian and Kazarian calls him “Jeremiah B” and Daniels goes over a list of how they have been criminally mistreated by TNA including referring to Hogan as “Thunderlips”. Great promo as always.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Vs A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle for the Tag Titles

Angle has his left hamstring all taped up

The heels got the heat on Angle and kept him away from Styles until Angle runs up the corner and suplexes Kazarian off and makes the hot tag.

Styles with a suplex and running forearm to Daniels in the corner, then a quebrada into an inverted DDT for a two-count.

Angle with the blind tag and climbs to the top and hits a splash for a two-count and then brings the straps down and tries for the ankle lock on Daniels.

Styles takes monkey flip from Kazarian but hits a hurricanrana to Daniels before landing and looked awesome.

Angle applied the ankle lock to Daniels from the floor as Styles hit a springboard 450 but Kazarian kicks out for huge near fall spot.

Angle is knocked to the floor and selling the hamstring as Styles goes for a roll up and Daniels splashes the appletini in his face and Kazarian pins Styles at 19:31.

Hogan is with the police and stresses how important the next match is and to make sure Aces and 8’s doesn’t interfere

Bully Ray cuts a fantastic promo about respecting him for reinventing himself and being one of the best tag wrestlers ever and one step away from Bound for Glory

Bully Ray comes and then Jeff Hardy’s music hits but he doesn’t come on the first two tries.

Hulk Hogan comes down and teases the match being off and asks Bully Ray to wait until Thursday but then Hardy’s music hits and he comes out for the match

Bully Ray Vs Jeff Hardy in the Finals of the BFG Series

It was Ray beating down Hardy and working the shoulder over and over but Hardy wouldn’t give up

Hardy fought back with a twist of fate and follow up swanton as he fought back and then did the sequence a second time but couldn’t beat Ray and finally on the third twist of fate and swanton combo he got the win at 12:22 to end the show.

TNA No Surrender Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of ‘No Surrender’ from Orlando, Florida.

They start off with the entire roster on the stage for a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11 including Jesse Neal in his uniform and also showed Rosita, who lost her father in the trade center attack.

The show kicks off with Kid Kash Vs Jesse Sorensen

Kash has the heat for the majority, nearly killed Sorensen with a moonsault and his knee came dangerously close to his head upon landing. The finish comes when Sorensen makes his comeback and hits a version of the curtain call that Goldust used to use and Sorensen gets the win and is the #1 contender for the X division champion.

Jeremy Borash is with Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle in the gorilla position and Angle is pissed about TNA’s booking and not knowing his match until the final 20-mins of ‘Impact Wrestling’, Hogan says deal with it.

Bully Ray (49 points) Vs James Storm (40 points) in a BFG Series Match

Tons of Zbyszko stalling by Bully Ray at the start of the match

Storm works for a straight arm bar early on but Bully Ray retreats to the floor and then goes for it again with Ray actually kicking out of it – fighters need to learn this technique.

On the floor Storm attacks the arm of Ray and slams it into the steel steps. Ray then grabs a chair and brings it into the ring but the referee takes the chair and allows Ray to spit beer into the eyes of Storm with the official distracted.

Bully Ray calls for the Bubba Bomb but Storm counters with the arm breaker but Ray reaches the ropes. Storm then applies the sharpshooter in the middle of the ring but Ray makes the ropes again.

Storm grabs the beer and goes to spit it at Ray but he ducks and he catches the official in the eyes, applies the arm bar and Ray taps but the bell is rung for the DQ and Ray gains 3 points and Storm loses 10.

Mickie James Vs Winter for the Knockout’s Title is next and is preceded with a video package

James comes out dressed as Wonder Woman

We get an O’Connor roll reversal by James but Winter kicks out. Love gets involved and James goes to chase her to the back and then is conflicted over whether to return to the ring in time but does.

This was where things got weird as Earl Hebner was booked to be an idiot as Winter tossed him into the ropes, he then got distracted by Love on the floor and Winter spit the blood into the face of James and got the win as Hebner ignored Winter putting her hands on him and the blood on the face of James so Winter is the new champion.

Gunner cuts a promo with Borash and says he is going to win the tournament tonight but then Bully Ray walks in and tells him he cannot quit tonight and calls him ‘a young boy’ and tells Gunner he doesn’t want to face him in the finals…is this now a traditional tournament?

Anarquia & Hernandez Vs The Pope & Devon for the Tag Titles

Rosita gets involved on the apron early and Pope lifts her up but knocked down by Anarquia

Pope holds Anarquia for the what’s up head butt but Pope gets distracted and Devon is then crotched on the top rope

Pope hits the Chocolate Slide going to the floor and then a followup crossbody off the top to Anarquia.

All four enter the ring and Jackson James just stands there not knowing what to do – Sarita and Rosita come in and take a double spanking from Devon and The Pope.

The Pope goes for a vertical suplex on Anarquia but Rosita grabs the leg of Pope and Anarquia lands on top for the pin

Borash is with Mr. Anderson, who is wearing headphones and goes on and on about he and Sting having a common bond and then more comedy

Samoa Joe Vs Matt Morgan is next

The first 5-mins of the match is all Morgan with Joe selling and hitting all his offense including the elbows in the corner and a crossbody off the top rope

Joe for the kokina clutch – amazing how you book someone not to matter and a submission tease doesn’t get an ounce of a reaction from the crowd. Morgan gets out and hits the carbon foot print for the win – match was fine but crowd was dead and Morgan seemed gassed toward the end.

Borash is with Bobby Roode and James Storm in the back – Roode says he has been prepared for this for the last 13-years. Borash brings up how they need a submission to tie Bully Ray so that will be the story of the match. Storm says he wishes it would be the two of them but wishes him luck and tells him to ‘beat that piece of shit Bully Ray’

Gunner Vs Bobby Roode (both are at 42 points)

Gunner works a full nelson spot but Roode runs him head first into the top turnbuckle to break the hold

Roode is continually working for the Fujiwara armbar and finally locks it but Gunner makes it to the ropes and then gets it again, Gunner teases the rope break but Roode pulls him back in and applies the crossface for the win.

So we have Bully Ray and Bobby Roode tied at 52 points

Eric Bischoff comes out and sarcastically congratulates Roode and then announces we are getting Roode Vs Bully Ray tonight ‘unannounced and un-promoted’ but not right now

Borash is in the back with Austin Aries and says all of Kendrick’s phrases are useless now, calls him a world class athlete and will bring his A-game but so will he and he will be the next and perhaps the last X division champion

Brian Kendrick Vs Austin Aries for the X Division Title

Crowd is chanting ‘Austin Aries’ at the start – Kendrick’s character isn’t over at all

Aries goes to the floor and wants a time out but Kendrick follows him to the floor and hits him with forearms and tosses him into the steel barricade but Aries regains the advantage and tosses Kendrick into the post on the floor.

Aries utilizes the stunt puller on Kendrick, which Tazz is impressed by

Kendrick plays possum on the floor and gets out of the way as Aries goes for a suicide dive and collides with the barricade as the fans pop and chant ‘holy shit’

Back in the ring they exchange near falls until Aries hits a discus forearm and then a draping DDT off the top rope by Aries

Aries goes for a 450 but rolls through when Kendrick gets out the way, Aries suplexed into the corner and then a Tiger Driver for a near fall. Aries with a low blow and brainbuster for the win and the title.

Borash is in the back with Bully Ray with a chain wrapped around his neck, says he didn’t think he would have to fight twice, couldn’t count on Gunner just like he couldn’t count on Devon all those years. He says he knows that Roode’s neck is bothering him and he is going to attack it and will got to ‘Bound for Glory’ in Philadelphia

Bully Ray Vs Bobby Roode in the BFG Series Final

They have a stare down at the start, Ray to the floor and stares off with some dude in the front row that is never identified

This was well done with Roode continually no selling and then sending Ray to the floor in frustration and the crowd was getting behind Roode throughout the match

Roode applies the crossface in the middle of the ring but he is able to escape and goes to the floor

Bully Ray starts killing Roode with chops but he asks for more and eggs on Ray and they go back and forth with stiff shots, Roode hits the blockbuster off the second turnbuckle for a two count

Uranage by Ray for a two count and Roode comes back with a spine buster and gets the pin out of nowhere for the surprise finish to the match and Roode wins the tournament

Crowd was really hot for the finish and the post match with Roode celebrating with the audience

Jeremy Borash is in the back and speaks with Rosita and introduces her as Thea and discusses losing her father on 9/11 and is her inspiration for everything she does

Kurt Angle Vs Mr. Anderson Vs Sting for the TNA Title finishes off the show

Angle exits the ring right away so Sting and Anderson will square off but quickly returns

First major spot is a double german suplex with Angle sending Anderson and Sting over

Sting takes three consecutive german suplexes, it’s astounding how little the crowd is into the main event

Sting applies the Scorpion Death lock onto Anderson, who has trouble getting over but then Angle breaks the hold and hits the Angle Slam onto Sting

Anderson hits the Mic Check onto Angle and Angle is slow to get the shoulder up as the referee counts three – no reaction. Sting is on the floor and Hogan appears in the crowd and sprays something into the eyes of Sting.

Sting returns to the ring and cannot see and tries for the death drop on the referee and allows Angle to hit the Angle Slam for the win, total flat finish

TNA No Surrender Report

We have a very strange video off the top with a Fellini type of feel but really had no context for the video.

We start with Taylor Wilde & Sarita Vs Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockout’s Tag Titles.

Mike Tenay explained right away that Angelina Love was no longer employed by TNA and that the company wished her the best ‘in her future endeavors’.

Wilde and Sarita are a very good babyface tag team and during the commentary Mike Tenay stated that TNA official Scott D’Amore compares the two to the Rock ‘n Roll Express. Velvet Sky taking bumps is not a very pretty sight an to their credit they kept this match short. Wilde set Rayne up for a german suplex and Sarita dropkicked Rayne and Wilde executed the german suplex for the win.

They did a promo after the match with Lauren and they said they would be champions for a long time.

Backstage Jeremy Borash is with World Elite and Eric Young is in a suit saying he is not dressed to wrestle because he won’t attack his ‘brother’ Hernandez.

Hernandez Vs Eric Young

They did a quick squash match where Hernandez attacked Young and hit the border toss for the win in less than one minute.

Samoa Joe Vs Daniels for the X Division Title

This was a strong match but if you were watching this with visions of their matches from 2005 and 2006 than you would have been disappointed. Daniels worked very hard during this match. Daniels went for the Last Rites near the finish but Joe reversed and locked in the kokina clutch and Daniels tapped out. They got about 14-minutes.

Backstage Mick Foley tells Borash that someone tore up the ‘Tweet ‘n Tweak Connection’ picture that Borash got for him and he is going to find out the culprit.

Lauren interviews Pope D’Angelo Dinero, who plugs the Stacker 2 energy drink and then is attacked by Suicide and that leads into the ‘Falls Count Anywhere Match’ between the two that was announced as a ‘bonus match’ at the start of the show.

Isn’t the whole point of adding a big stipulation such as ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ to increase interest in a match and it will draw more than the original match did? So what is the point of adding this match DURING THE SHOW so no one had any idea of this stip match taking place prior to ordering the event?

They brawled throughout the backstage area and tried some comedy hardcore spots. They make their way to the arena and set up a table on the entrance ramp. Suicide sets up Pope on the table and takes a huge leap from  above the entrance but Pope moves and Suicide goes through the table and Dinero gets the win.

Cody Deaner Vs ODB for the vacant TNA Knockout’s Title

A couple of comedy spots and they continued their effort to have the officials taken more seriously when Deaner got into the officials face and he shoved Deaner into a roll up for a near fall. ODB hit the TKO (Marc Mero’s old finish) and got the clean win and the title. ODB gave a shout out to all of her fans in prison watching this (wow, being in jail AND watching TNA).

Kurt Angle is backstage with Borash and says Matt Morgan is big but has no brains and if size mattered, than Morgan would be champion. He said Sting or Styles winning is a fairy tale but not realistic.

Mick Foley comes out to ringside to call the next match.

Kevin Nash Vs Abyss for the TNA Legend’s Title in a ‘$50,000 Bounty Match’

Daffney ran in with a taser to attack Abyss but she took a black hole slam, this allowed Nash to grab the taser and shock Abyss in the groin and get the win. After the match Nash power bombed Dr. Stevie who didn’t want to give Nash the $50,000.

A promo with Scott Steiner and Booker T., who state they hate foreigners.

Booker T. & Scott Steiner & Beer Money Inc. Vs Team 3-D & Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams in the ‘Lethal Lockdown Match’

I will apologize – I HAD ZERO CLUE this was a 4 on 4 match – I totally thought this was a 4 way tag match.

This match was much better than I anticipated with good use of the weapons.

Roode and Storm fought Magnus on top of the cage and even did a suplex onto Magnus on the top of the cage.

James Storm scored the winning fall for their team.

Rhino is interviewed by Lauren and runs down MMA.

Rhino Vs Bobby Lashley

They did give Rhino some of the match rather than doing the straight squash that many expected. Rhino bled during the match and built to a spot where Lashley hit a knockout punch and got the clean win following a ref bump.

A.J Styles and Sting are backstage and Styles says all he is focued on tonight is ‘winning’ and that Sting got him out his funk earlier this month where he teased retiring.

Kurt Angle Vs Sting Vs A.J Styles Vs Matt Morgan for the TNA Title

Hernandez comes out to cash in his TNA Title shot – why wouldn’t he wait until after the match? Anyway, it’s not a five way match.

They do an injury angle with Hernandez and he is taken out of the match – I hope he’s coming back out or that was terrible babyface booking.

Crowd is very subdued throughout this match.

Angle is laid out in the ring, Styles hits a springboard 450 and pins Angle to win the title.

Huge celebration for Styles.

TNA No Surrender Report

8:00 PM
We get the most epic opening video in the history of TNA where they say that TNA performers are not mere men but immortal warriors – they did not edit out Booker T from this piece. If you haven’t read the site, Booker T. is off the show due to flights being grounded in Houston due to Hurricane Ike

8:05 PM 
Sting comes out to start the show – he’s not getting a heel reaction in Oshawa either. Sting opens with a standard heel gesture by stating “it is beyond great to be back in Canada” and the fans respond with their disgust with chants of “You’re a legend”. Sting says he will be fighting the winner of the main event tonight at “Bound for Glory” for the TNA Title. Sting adds that if you made it to THIS Pay Per View and be in THIS ring than you have talent (??) I guess Booker T. does not qualify under Sting’s criteria. This is an interview that could have been saved for the TV tapings Tuesday night. Sting compares himself and what he’s fighting for to Bret Hart in Montreal and states it was 10-years ago (it was 11).

8:13 PM
Mike Tenay informs everyone that Booker T. will not be at the Pay Per View due to Hurricane Ike. There are 9 matches on the card and we’re already 15 minutes in – get ready for some rush jobs.

8:14 PM
Opening match is Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave & Christy Hemme Vs Super Eric & Shark Boy & Curry Man.

Lance Rock notes that Canadians have free health care but asks if anyone wants to get infected – the fans say “no”.

8:16 PM
Don West notes that Rock and Rave are going to have to be a “two man team” tonight.

Eric and Rave start the match with Eric hitting a big missile dropkick for a near fall.

Rock is in with Shark Boy, who cannot complete the Lou Thesz press and gets a dropkick from Eric in the back to complete the move.

8:19 PM
I cannot believe WWE has not sued TNA yet over the Shark Boy gimmick

Curry Man is tagged in with Christy Hemme with Hemme accidentally putting Curry Man’s head into her chest and doing a scene out of “Dirty Dancing”.

You cannot even tell Curry Man and Super Eric apart – why are they dressed the same?

8:22 PM
Curry Man kisses Hemme and rolls her up and Don West asks if that was a pin attempt or a scene out of a porno. Hemme then comes back hits the “Fire Crotch Guillotine” on Curry Man.

8:24 PM
Super Eric hits the double DVD on Rock & Rave and then Curry Man jumps on Hemme for the pin, but he won’t get off her.

8:25 PM
Awesome Kong Vs ODB in a “Falls Count Anywhere Match” – the video previewing this match has a great line stating ODB is the only woman “man enough” to take on Kong

8:28 PM
Raisha Saeed attacks ODB prior to the bell ringing and gives Kong the advantage from the start

8:30 PM
ODB grabs a table early on and brings it into the ring, setting it up in the corner.

8:31 PM
They leave the ring and go into the crowd. Mike Tenay has some trouble telling the two apart in the crowd – are they really that tough to tell whose who?

8:34 PM
ODB is setting up weapons and then when Kong attacks, she moves out of the way and Kong runs into them

8:35 PM
ODB sets up the table in the ring. Kong gets on the 2nd rope and gestures for Saeed to get a chair and this allows ODB to powerbomb Kong onto the table, but it doesn’t break and Kong seems legit hurt. They stall for a few seconds and then Kong kicks out of a pin attempt

8:36 PM
ODB goes outside and attacks Saeed – giving Kong more time to recover.

8:38 PM
Saeed grabs another table from under the ring and puts it in the ring. ODB chugs from her flask and spits it in Kong’s face. Kong recovers and hits a spinebuster on ODB through the table for the win.

8:40 PM
Backstage Lauren is with Christian Cage emphasizing that he grew up ONE HOUR from Oshawa. Cage says when he was growing up and said he wanted to be a wrestler and people laughed at him – I think this story applies to every wrestler that has ever told this story. He cuts a really strong promo and his promos have been the only thing that have built this match to mean anything tonight.

8:44 PM
Abyss & Matt Morgan Vs Team 3-D is up next

8:49 PM
Matt Morgan is very excited to be wrestling

8:50 PM
3-D tease leaving the arena but shockingly Abyss and Morgan stop them from leaving and the match continue

8:52 PM
3-D clips the knee of Abyss so they are working on the left knee of Abyss. This is the most scientific match I may have ever seen 3-D participate in for TNA

8:54 PM
Morgan does a cool spot where he does the “old school” across the top rope holding onto Ray and then leaps over Ray and hits a crossbody onto D-Von. Morgan goes for the Hellevator but Johnny Devine runs in with a chair and attacks Morgan. Abyss comes back in and it’s 3 on 2 with Devine helping 3-D.

8:57 PM
3-D delivers the ugliest looking Doomsday Device of their careers on Abyss, they couldn’t have been a foot away from the corner. Horrible spot. Abyss has a comeback on D-Von including a choke slam for a 2 count. Abyss gets the chair that Devine brought in but hesitates to use it and Ray attacks Abyss. D-Von gets the chair but Morgan punches the chair into D-Von’s face and then Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on D-Von for the win.

Mike Tenay says Jim Cornette should take notice about Morgan and Abyss for a Tag Title shot. Getting a title shot over 1 win? MMA fans would be disgusted.

9:00 PM
Brother Ray hits both from behind and Morgan gets to his feet and sees Abyss with a chair and assumes Abyss hit him. I wonder if Morgan will order the replay or proceed with a feud with Abyss for the next month?

9:05 PM
Petey Williams Vs Consequences Creed Vs Sheik Abdul Bashir for the X Division Title

They are being smart and not even trying to pretend Williams isn’t the babyface in this match. Huge chants of “You Screwed Bret” for Earl Hebner.

9:07 PM
Huge spot by Creed early hitting a somersault to the outside on Bashir.

9:13 PM
They do the Montreal tease with Bashir in Petey’s sharpshooter – wouldn’t you put Petey in the vulnurable position?

9:14 PM
Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Creed but Bashir pulls Williams out of the ring and into the barricade and steals the win and is the new X Division Champion.

9:20 PM
Taylor Wilde Vs Angelina Love for the Knockout’s Title is next

Wilde gets on the mic and says she has a “new best friend” to watch her back with Velvet Sky in Love’s corner and brings Rhino to ringside

9:25 PM
Traci is at ringside scouting

9:27 PM
Rhino takes on Kip James with a gore and Wilde gets the pin with a bridgin suplex – very good match

9:33 PM
Sonjay Dutt Vs Black Machismo with Val’s love hung above the ring – I hate this concept

9:38 PM
Don West notes that “whoever wins this match DESERVES So Cal Val…or at least a night with her” – someone name a street after this man

9:39 PM
They botch a catapault spot where Dutt misses the ladder and crowd doesn’t approve

9:43 PM
Brutal looking spot wher Dutt delivers a neck break to Lethal on a horizontal ladder on the outside.

Don West with another gem saying when he first heard about this match he was skeptical but seeing this match he thinks they should put a woman up for grabs in every match. MVP of the night is Mr. West

Crazy spot where Dutt puts Lethal in a camel clutch on top of two ladders in the ring and is then thrown off by Lethal

9:45 PM
Lethal gets his leg caught in the ladder and Val helps him get out and Dutt is PISSED at Val for helping Lethal. The ultimate revenge Sonjay is to win.

Both men are climbing up the ladder and Val low blows Lethal and Dutt wins the match. Don West yells that he is pissed over this. Dutt and Val make out hardcore after the match.

Don West finishes his best called match of all time with “nothing like a Ladder Match to get the old hormones going”

9:47 PM
Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle who asks if Booker T. being out of the match hurts his plans without someone to count on in the match. Angle says he made this business (huh? Since 1998?) and that he will erase Samoa Joe’s name and calls this place is a toilet people where Cage is from. He also says he will take out Jeff Jarrett.

9:50 PM
Beer Money Inc. Vs LAX for the Tag Titles

9:52 PM
They announce that Salinas has been attacked by Jacqueline and taken to a local hospital – I believe she couldn’t get a flight to Canada either

10:02 PM
Jacqueline throws powder into the face of Homicide and Roode hits the pay off for the win and they retain the Tag Titles.

10:04 PM
A.J Styles Vs Frank Trigg in a Mixed Martial Arts fight (3 rounds of 5:00, can only end with a KO or Submission) is next

Trigg cuts an awesome heel promo running down Toronto and that A.J can be an honorary Canadian because the U.S doesn’t want him and that he’s sending A.J to the hospital – such a natural heel, he’s excellent

10:10 PM
They roll to the outside and fight on the floor and are then brought back into the ring

Chants of “We Want Wrestling” from the audience – cannot be shocked by that reaction. Maybe Affliction and Golden Boy might realize something here

10:12 PM
Fans are totally booing this out of the building and adding in “Fire Russo” chants – fans are very negative on this match. Round 1 end with a flying armbar attempt by A.J, which momentarily gets the audience but as the round ends, it is met with boos.

10:14 PM
“This is bullshit” chants start Round 2. Styles hits Trigg with an unintentional low blow and the referee calls the match a ‘no contest’ – shouldn’t Trigg get 5 minutes to recover under the unified rules? Styles grabs a kendo stick and attacks Trigg after the match. This was a big fail.

10:18 PM
Borash with Samoa Joe backstage – Joes say he doesn’t know what he’s going to do tonight. He says he has Angle, Christian and even Sting coming at him and he’s an animal that is cornered. He says he respected Sting when he came to TNA but he lost respect because Sting DOESN’T DO HOUSE SHOWS – guess who scripted this? He says he’s the highest paid performer and works the least. If Sting is now the babyface than this promo is very dumb.

10:22 PM
We finish with Samoa Joe Vs Christian Cage Vs Kurt Angle for the TNA Title

10:31 PM
After all 3 come out, Sting comes but Joe attacks him and takes him out (finish alert)

10:37 PM
Cage takes a nasty belly to belly suplex from Angle over the top rope and land awkwardly on the floor

10:41 PM
Cage is given 3 German suplexes by Angle but then Joe gets involved and suplexes Angle right over onto his front

10:43 PM
Angle teases the German off the apron to Cage – they get back into the ring with Angle applying the ankle lock. He does a spot where he grabs the left leg of Joe and the right leg of Cage and puts the ankle lock on both of them.

10:44 PM
Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Cage but Angle grabs referee Earl Hebner and Hebner is delayed getting to the fall and Cage kicks out

10:45 PM
Joe hits a corkscrew tope onto Angle and Cage on the floor – one thing you can say about a TNA crowd is that even if one match takes them out of it, they rebound by the next if the work is good and that isn’t often the case in WWE where a dead match can kill the crowd for the whole night

10:46 PM
Cage throws Angle out of the ring and hits the unprettier on Joe but Angle yanks Hebner out of the ring and throws Hebner into the guard rail

Angle grabs a chair and hits a sick shot on Cage and throws him to the floor and then hits Joe with a chair to the back and applies the ankle lock.

This prompts Jeff Jarrett to come to ringside

10:48 PM
Jarrett hits Angle with the guitar and Joe hits the Muscle Buster and pins Angle to retain the title and protect Cage in Canada