TNA One Night Only PPV Report – Eddie Edwards vs. EC3 for TNA Title


We are live in the new and improved Impact Zone for TNA’s first PPV event of 2017, One Night Only: Live.

Davey Richards vs. Lashley

Davey hits Lashley with a running boot against the guardrail.

Davey connects with three suicide dives in succession.

Davey hits the double foot stomp from the top rope for a near fall.

Lashley connects with a big powerslam on the apron, the hardest part of the ring.

Lashley goes for the Spear but can’t due to Davey working on his ankle.

Davey has Lashley in the ankle lock but Lashley reverses it into a key lock to win by submission.

Lashley def. Davey Richards

Backstage, DJZ talks about how he is familiar with all of his opponents tonight.

DJZ (c) vs. Trevor Lee vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Andrew Everett – Four Way Elimination Match for the TNA X-Division Championship

Everett launches himself over the top rope but hits his Helms Dynasty partner, Trevor Lee, by accident. DJZ does the same and takes them both out.

DJZ rolls up Everett for the first elimination.

Lee rolls up Sutter with a hold of the tights for the second elimination.

DJZ goes for ZDT but Lee hits him with the foot stomp on the way in.

DJZ successfully hits the ZDT for the final elimination.

DJZ def. Trevor Lee, Braxton Sutter & Andrew Everett – Four Way Elimination Match for the TNA X-Division Championship

Backstage, Eddie Edwards is trying to calm down Davey Richards after his loss to Lashley earlier tonight.

Robbie E comes to the ring sporting some new orange and black ring gear. He says he is new and improved and challenges one member of the DCC. Bram comes out but rethinks things and says he wants the night off instead. Robbie E gets on the top rope and launches himself onto Bram. The match is on.

Robbie E vs. Bram

Robbie charges at Bram but he sidesteps and sends him into the steel ring post.

Bram dominates Robbie in the early going. Robbie finally starts to build some momentum but Bram shuts him down with two big clotheslines.

Bram hits Robbie with numerous powerbombs and clotheslines but Robbie will not stay down for the three count.

Robbie connects with the Boom Drop. Bram’s elbow pad falls off and when referee Earl Hebner goes to remove it from the ring, Bram hits Robbie with a low blow, followed by the Brighter Side of Suffering DDT to win.

Bram def. Robbie E

JB interviews Mike Bennett about his no holds barred match with Moose tonight. He says he brought Moose into TNA and he’s going to take him out tonight. Bennett claims he beat Moose for the Grand Championship on last night’s episode of Impact but the judges were crooked.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria vs. Moose – No Holds Barred Match

Bennett attacks Moose from behind while he’s getting in the ring and the match is on.

Moose sits Bennett on a chair and hits him with a running bicycle kick.

Moose places Bennet on a ladder between the ring apron and guardrail. Moose flips over the top rope but Bennett moves out of the way, causing Moose to crash into the ladder.

Moose hits Bennett with a powerbomb, followed by a senton and a moonsault from the second rope for the near fall.

Bennett hits Moose with two piledrivers, one of them on a steel chair but Moose is able to kick out.

Moose hits Go to Hell for a near fall.

Bennett charges at Moose but Moose back body drops him onto a ladder.

Bennett attempts to powerbomb Moose from the steel steps onto a table but Moose back body drops him through the table as well.

Moose sets up Bennett on a table and attempts a moonsault but Bennett hits him with the cutter through the table instead.

Moose hits the Game Changer and goes for the pin but Maria breaks up the count. Bennett spears Maria by accident and Moose follows up with the Game Changer to win.

Moose def. “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria – No Holds Barred Match

Backstage, Eli Drake reveals that his tag team partner will be Tyrus for his tag team title match against the Broken Hardys tonight.

Marshe Rockett comes out for a match and calls the fans giant turkeys. He calls himself the hottest commodity in Impact Wrestling because he is bigger, faster and stronger than anyone else on the roster.

“Mr. M-80” Marshe Rockett vs. Mahabali Shera

Rockett dominates Shera in the early going, causing Shera to escape to the outside to regain himself.

Shera hits Rockett with a big running powerslam, followed by Sky High to win.

Mahabali Shera def. “Mr. M-80” Marshe Rockett

Gail Kim comes to the ring and says she is still not medically cleared to compete but she is not retired. She tells Rosemary she will be back and she’s coming to take back her knockouts title. Rosemary interrupts and says she poisoned Gail when she sprayed her in the face with mist. Rosemary tells Gail she will never wrestle again, causing Gail to attack her. Referees break it up and Sienna comes out for her knockouts title match.

Rosemary (c) vs. Sienna – TNA Knockouts Championship

Rosemary meets Sienna on the entrance ramp and they brawl outside the ring to start the match.

Sienna attempts a senton from the second rope but Rosemary avoids it and goes on the offense.

Sienna hits Rosemary with the Samoan Drop for a near fall.

Sienna connects with the Silencer but it knocks Rosemary out of the ring so she can’t pin her.

Sienna works on Rosemary on the ropes and referee Earl Hebner tries to break it up. Sienna pushes Earl out of the way.

Rosemary spits the mist in Sienna’s face behind the ref’s back, followed by the Red Wedding to win.

Rosemary def. Sienna – TNA Knockouts Championship

Backstage, JB interviews Jessie Godderz about his upcoming match with DCC member, James Storm.

Jessie Godderz vs. James Storm w/ Bram & Eddie Kingston

Bram distracts the referee while Kingston attacks Godderz.

Storm throws Godderz over the top rope and distracts the referee so Bram can attack him on the outside.

Godderz locks in the Adonis Crab but Bram gets up on the apron, causing Godderz to break the hold.

Storm hits the Eye of the Storm for a near fall.

Godderz fights off Bram and Kingston on the outside and follows up with a springboard clothesline on Storm for a near fall.

Godderz counters the Last Call superkick into the Adonis Crab but Bram and Kingston run in the ring. Godderz takes them out but Storm catches him with the Last Call to win.

James Storm w/ Bram & Eddie Kingston def. Jessie Godderz

The lights go out and Decay appears behind the DCC. Abyss and Crazzy Steve spray mist in the face of Storm and Bram, followed by a double chokeslam to Kingston. The lights go out again and Decay is gone.

JB interviews EC3 and asks him if he’s going to regain the world heavyweight title when he faces Eddie Edwards tonight. EC3 says Eddie will not be his friend in the ring tonight because his only goal is to become a 3 time champion.

The Broken Hardys come out to defend their tag titles against Eli Drake and Tyrus. Matt calls them the LOD, Legion of Dummies.

The Broken Hardys (c) vs. Eli Drake & Tyrus – TNA World Tag Team Championship

Jeff goes for the Whisper in the Wind but Tyrus crotches him on the corner turnbuckle. Drake follows up with a superplex off the top rope for a near fall.

Drake and Tyrus keep Jeff on their side of the ring and wear him down.

Matt comes in and bites Tyrus. Jeff goes to tag him in but Tyrus knocks him off the apron.

Tyrus goes for the splash off the second rope but Jeff avoids it. Tyrus tags in Drake and Jeff gets the hot tag to Matt.

Matt hits the Side Effect on Drake for a near fall. Matt attempts a second Side Effect but Drake avoids it and blind tags Tyrus. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Tyrus clocks him from behind.

Jeff hits the Twist of Fate on Tyrus outside the ring. Jeff and Matt both hit the Twist of Fate on Drake, followed by a Swanton Bomb from Jeff to win.

The Broken Hardys def. Eli Drake & Tyrus – TNA World Tag Team Championship

Backstage, Eddie Edwards previews his match with EC3 in an interview with JB.

As Jeremy Borash is making the introductions for the world title match between Eddie Edwards and EC3, Lashley interrupts and sits on a chair at the top of the ramp.

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. EC3 – TNA World Heavyweight Championship

EC3 hits a running dropkick off the apron to the outside.  Meanwhile, Lashley gets out of his seat and makes his way down to ringside.

Eddie slams EC3 back first on the ring apron.

Eddie hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.

EC3 transitions a rollup into a sit-down powerbomb for a near fall.

EC3 connects with the TK3 for a near fall.

Eddie hits the Shining Wizard but EC3 comes right back at him with a big clothesline.

Eddie sets up for the Boston Knee Party but Lashley holds onto Eddie’s leg. The referee goes to eject Lashley but Eddie hits both Lashley and the ref with a suicide dive.

EC3 hits the One Percenter and goes for the pin but there’s no referee.

EC3 connects with a TK3 off the top rope. Lashley gives EC3 a steel chair and tells him to hit Eddie with it. EC3 doesn’t do it and gets caught with a Spear by Lashley.

Lashley goes to hit EC3 with the chair but Davey Richards takes it out of his hands. Davey swings at Lashley but hits EC3 by accident.

Eddie follows up with the Boston Knee Party to retain the title.

Eddie Edwards def. EC3 – TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Davey looks as though he knows he screwed up. One Night Only: Live goes off the air as Eddie celebrates with the fans.

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