TNA Turning Point Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA Turning Point from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

The show starts off with Taz in the middle of the ring to discuss the “Make An Impact” campaign to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Taz brings out Bully Ray and Orlando radio host Buckethead to come out.

Buckethead says they are going to set a Guinness record by having the most people simultaneously text on a live pay-per-view and spells out what to text and gets everyone to text at the same time.

The show then starts with the usual video to open the pay-per-view featuring comments from Hardy and Aries and highlights of the closing angle on Thursday.

Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz are the broadcast team for the night.

Samoa Joe Vs Magnus in a No DQ Match for the Television Title

They start the match fighting on the floor. Tenay brings up Joe being a former ROH Champion and his undefeated streak years ago.   

Joe with the advantage and face wash in the corner as Magnus grabs a chair and throws it as Joe as he goes for a suicide dive and Magnus with the advantage. Joe catches him off turnbuckle with atomic drop.

Magnus goes for armbar but Joe keeps hands clasped. They fight on the turnbuckle with Joe dropped and Magnus with elbow drop from the top and a two-count. Joe runs at Magnus and into a Michinoku driver by Magnus and then follow up top rope elbow drop for another two-count. Magnus runs into uranage by Joe out of the corner.

Joe hits a tornillo dive to the floor as Magnus lets go of the chair upon impact. Back in the ring Joe with the muscle buster but Magnus kicks out. Magnus fire backs and give him the middle finger and Joe applies the Kokina clutch and Magnus tries to fight it but passes out and Joe wins at 12:29.  

Jeremy Borash is in the back with ODB and says she doesn’t know if there will be a match as she hasn’t heard from Eric Young, who then runs in and says a shark ate his phone. He asks for forgiveness and they make out.

ODB & Eric Young Vs Tara & Jesse

Jesse bench presses Tara after they enter the ring.

Jesse gets seated in the corner and ODB with bronco buster and then Young gets in the corner too but ODB gets tripped by Tara.

Tara distracts Taryn Terrell and ODB sprays Jesse in the eye and give a low blow. ODB hip tosses Young and Tenay explains she is trying to get him closer for a tag. ODB with the BAM to Tara and she goes to the floor. Young makes a blind tag and takes his pants off and hits a top rope elbow drop to Jesse for the win at 8:34.

Borash is with James Storm and Storm says tonight is a “turning point” for someone and has been preparing for over a year for this match (which was announced ten-days ago).

Joey Ryan comes out and says Morgan isn’t here but they never listen to Hogan.

Rob Van Dam Vs Joey Ryan for the X Division Title

Taz says that RVD not only has the experience edge but he’s simply more talented – great!

Ryan rolls to the floor to avoid rolling thunder. Back in the ring Van Dam goes to the top but Ryan pops up and shoves him to the barricade on the floor. Ryan follows up with a suicide dive to Van Dam on the floor. Ryan then hits a spike DDT.

Ryan hits a spinning neck breaker off the second rope called the “mustache ride” but Van Dam comes back and hits a standing moonsault for a two. Van Dam wins with the five-star frog splash at 7:46.

Van Dam gets hit by Matt Morgan and the carbon footprint and leaves him laying.

The announcers explain Sting is with an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas and Hogan is with him as well.

Borash is with Joseph Park in the back and cuts a good promo stating he will walk in and walk out as a man tonight and is nervous about the match.

DOC Vs Joseph Park

Park gets a shot in and then to the floor they go and DOC gets a chair but misses and hits the post. Park grabs the hand of DOC and smashes it into the steps.

DOC grabs a hammer but Park with a double leg takedown to stop him. Park grabs the hammer but DOC attacks him from behind. DOC keeps attacking and then Park with comeback and looks tired beyond belief doing so. DOC uses the STEEL SPIKES on his belt as referee’s back is turned and Park is bleeding. Park sees his blood and begins to transform and attacks and hits black hole slam.

DOC get laid through the ropes and Park hits a chair shot but DOC kicks out. DOC gets up and hits a chokeslam for the win at 11:03.

The post match sees DOC continue to attack Park and then gets the hammer but Bully Ray runs down and chases DOC away. Bully Ray helps Park up and raises his hand.

Borash is in the back with Bobby Roode and says he gets back on track tonight without any gimmicks or stipulations (there is actually a pretty heavy stipulation on this match). He says he takes one step closer to regaining the title tonight.

A video for the Tag Title Match airs

Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero Vs Christopher Daniels & Kazarian for the Tag Titles

Hernandez and Chavo work over Kazarian with a number of power spots from Hernandez but Daniels pulls him out of the way of a frog splash from Chavo. This leads to Daniels and Kazarian getting Chavo to their corner and attacking his ribs.

Chavo gets draped on the top rope and dropkicked to the floor leading to Daniels and Kazarian doing the Gangnam style dance – this was hilarious.

Chavo finally tags Hernandez and suplexes Daniels out of a bear hug and then splashes him in the corner. Hernandez hits a double clothesline to Daniels and Kazarian and then a big shoulder block to Kazarian. Daniels blocks Hernandez from hitting a tope to the floor and the hit the High-Low for a near fall on Hernandez.

Guerrero back in with dropkick to both heels and hits the three amigos to Kazarian and Daniels and climbs to the top but stopped by Kazarian.

Daniels is put on the shoulders of Hernandez and Guerrero with a crossbody to him off the top rope and pins Daniels at 13:19.

A.J. Styles is with Borash and says it’s been a tough year for him with a lot of distractions and it’s been almost three-years since he has been TNA Champion and that is all the fuel he needs. He says tonight a new chapter begins for him.

Bobby Roode Vs James Storm Vs A.J. Styles

Roode is knocked to the floor right away.

Roode and Storm are in together and exchange a number of chops. Styles then in with Storm and kicks the leg of Storm and then applies a figure-four. Storm sends Styles into Roode on the outside of the apron.

Styles gets thrown into the steps on the floor and is selling his knee.

Storm goes for the Last Call to Roode but Styles with a springboard elbow and a two-count on Storm.

They do a spot where Roode and Storm work together to vertical suplex Styles and tease doing the “Beer Money” chant but they each attack one another.

Storm to the floor and Styles goes for springboard 450 and misses Roode and takes a spear but kicks out. Roode applies the crossface but rolls back for pin attempt on Roode.

Storm returns to the ring with Roode selling and hits the Last Call and hits Styles and pins him at 16:37.

Devon cuts a promo in the Aces and 8’s office about this not being personal towards Kurt Angle and show the board where they threw a dart and landed on him.

Devon Vs Kurt Angle

Devon is trying to go after the neck of Angle and the announcers play up all of Angle’s neck problems in the past.

They zoom in on Devon’s belt and it has metal on it.

Devon climbs and gets suplexed off by Angle running up. Angle then applies the ankle lock but Devon kicks out of it.

Angle countered a powerbomb but slipped and landed on his tailbone and then hits three german suplexes and gets a two-count. Angle climbs to the top but Devon comes under and powerbombs him.

Devon hits a spinebuster but the misses a splash off the top and takes an Angle slam but kicks out.

Aces and 8’s come out and surround the ring and Angle gets speared but kicks out. Angle then applies a heel hook and gets the tap at 11:48 as Aces and 8’s storm in the ring and he escapes.

Doc yells that Angle is a “dead man”.

They find A.J. Styles in the back and ask what he will do for the next year and he just stares at him and walks off.

Borash is with Austin Aries wearing his cape towards the camera. Aries says they are about to write the final chapter in the Jeff Hardy saga and it will end in tragedy.

Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries in a Ladder Match for the TNA Title

Aries wants the ladder right away but won’t fight Hardy near the ladder.

Hardy hits a plancha to Aries on the floor and nearly crashes to the ladder right by them. Hardy hits the poetry in motion to Aries against the guard rail.

Aries puts the ladder against the guard rail and the apron and places Hardy onto it and drops a forearm onto him and then a knee.  

Aries pulls out another ladder from under the ring. He traps Hardy in between a ladder with the steel steps on top of him on the floor and goes to climb the ladder but Hardy disappears under the ring and Aries goes to look as Hardy runs up ladder and Aries takes the ladder out and Hardy spills on the mat.

Aries with a running dropkick and goes for the brainbuster but drops Hardy awkwardly. Aries runs at Hardy and is arm dragged into the ladder in the corner. Hardy climbs the broken ladder and it falls forward and he splashes Aries.

Hardy grabs a third ladder and starts to climb when Aries dropkicks the ladder and Hardy falls.

The two climb the ladder and fight at the top and hits a twist of fate off the ladder and then hits the swanton.

Hardy climbs the ladder and this time the titles are elevated and show Aries controlling them so Hardy grabs a giant ladder. They climb the big ladder and fall over onto another ladder draped on the top and Hardy hits a twist of fate on that ladder as Aries goes to the floor. Hardy climbs and grabs the title at 20:59.

TNA Turning Point Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA ‘Turning Point’ from Orlando, Florida.


The show kicks off with Mike Tenay and Taz welcoming us to ‘the
first pay per view in the Hogan / Bischoff regime’.


Jay Lethal Vs Robbie E. for the X Division Title is up first


Robbie has new tights with ‘GTW’ on the front (Gym, Tan,
Wrestle), which was a nice addition along with a big fist on the back of the tights.


Crowd is really into the match with ‘Robbie Sucks’ chants as
he works over Lethal with an abdominal stretch and gut wrench spot.


Lethal makes a comeback with a suicide dive to the floor
that the crowd popped for.


Lethal stops Cookie from using the hairspray and tosses it
in the ring but Robbie walked into the Lethal Combination but Earl Hebner was
distracted. As Lethal went to the top rope, Hebner was distracted getting rid
of the hair spray and Cookie interfered and allowed Robbie to hit the reverse
neck breaker and get the win and is the new X Division champion.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Mickie James and James says
Tara may not like her but will respect her and took something that was ‘business’
and made it ‘personal’ – I have no idea what she’s talking about.


Tara Vs Mickie James


James is wrestling in chaps – very bad look unless Sam
Houston was considered a trend setter in the late 80’s


‘Let’s go Tara, Let’s Go Mickie’ chants – TNA should be
thankful for this crowd tonight


They end brawling on the floor and then to the entrance and
into the audience with the story being that the referee cannot control them.
They call a double count out in the audience and the crowd boo’s but they
continue fighting.


They continue back to the ring and James tears off Tara’s
top and leaves her in her bra and loud chants of ‘let them fight’ go throughout
the arena and were very much into this. This came off really well.


Motor City Machine Guns Vs Team 3-D for the Tag Titles is


Christy Hemme said she is sad that its Team 3-D’s final
match and they cut a promo stating it’s their last night – this would be a nice
touch if it was going to be their last match.


Taz tells a story about The Dudley’s getting their gimmick
in ECW from the movie ‘Slap Shot’ and basing them on The Hanson Brothers.


Brother Ray is opened up early on in the match when he is
thrown into the ring post


Crowd is really into 3-D specifically Brother Ray with the color
throughout the match.


Big pop for the tables entering the match as Ray sets up a
table in the corner and Sabin is irish whipped toward the table but does a wall
flip off of the table and then a drop toe hold to Ray to put him through the
table and they get a near fall on D-Von.


3-D makes a comeback and hits the 3-D on Sabin but he kicks
out and the announcers sell the fact that no one has ever kicked out of the


Shelley hits his top rope frog splash on Brother Ray as
Sabin holds him up and they get the clean win – great match and Tenay and Taz
should be given credit for their role during the match.


The audience gives 3-D a standing ovation and it’s unfortunate
retirements have been so trivialized and that this is going to end in an angle
of some sort but it looks like that will wait for TV.


Hemme is backstage with Tommy Dreamer asking for his
reaction to 3-D’s retirement. He says tonight is a sad night with 3-D retiring
and EV2 fighting for their jobs.


Tommy Dreamer Vs Rob Van Dam


‘This match is about trust’ – Taz


Van Dam gets kicked from the apron into the barricade with
the back of his head hitting first


Van Dam tried a leg drop over the top rope onto a chair on
Dreamer’s face but Dreamer moved and Van Dam just landed on the ground


Both men are openly using a chair, so I assume this is one
of those unspoken ‘no DQ matches’. Dreamer just pulled out a ladder and the
announcers tell us that they promised to go ‘old school’ so I guess that means
hardcore rules.


Dreamer used a bulldog onto the ladder for a two count. Van
Dam then goes for a rolling thunder but Dreamer moves and Van Dam takes the
spot on his back on the ladder and leads to a Dreamer frog splash (you read
that correctly)


Dreamer appears to have a broken wrist from the frog splash
and is taking his glove off and it looks bad.


They continue the match with the announcers acknowledging the


Dreamer hits a piledriver on Van Dam. They set up a ladder
on the ropes and Dreamer is crotched on the ladder and then takes a Van
Daminator to the face while lying on the crowd.


Van Dam misses a frog splash as Dreamer gets back to his
feet and then is dropped on a chair and takes a frog splash on the chair with
Van Dam getting the win.


After the match Van Dam apologizes and hugs Dreamer.


Ric Flair and Fortune are with Hemme backstage and all
members cut a promo.


A.J Styles & Beer Money Inc. & Kazarian &
Douglas Williams Vs Sabu & Raven & Rhino & Stevie Richards &
Brian Kendrick


If EV2 loses than a member of their team is fired


I guess this match is also ‘old school’ like the last match


They take Kendrick out of the match right away with Williams
attacking his ankle and they take him to the back.


The finish features Storm getting out of the way from a
Rhino gore and instead Rhino MURDERS Robert Roode with the gore – just insane
how Roode sold the spot.


Styles hits a second rope Styles Clash on Sabu and nearly
drops him on his head but then regains his footing and hits it for the win.


Ric Flair gets on the stick and says for everyone to pay
homage to Fortune and everyone bows down to the group. Flair then states he
hated The Sheik and he hates Sabu and fires him and then sings ‘Goodbye Sabu’.


Tommy Dreamer and RVD come out and Dreamer cuts a promo
putting over Sabu and how much he gave to the industry.


The Pope is with his lumberjacks backstage and calls Abyss a
piss stain on the foundation of TNA. Tara and Mickie James then brawl in the
backstage area and the lumberjacks break them up but Madison Rayne comes in and
attacks James and leaves her laying as she leaves with Tara.


The Pope Vs Abyss in a ‘Fans are the Lumberjacks Match’


Kory Chavis of The Dark City Fight Club in Ring of Honor is
one of the members of The Congregation at ringside


Abyss knocked to the floor and Pope hits a cross body to the
floor. They are playing up that Pope is wrestling with injured ribs.


Eric Bischoff comes out and makes money signs with his hands
and The Congregation turns on The Pope and beats him to the ground. Abyss
brings Pope back into the ring and hits the Black Hole Slam for the win.


Christy Hemme goes to the EV2 locker room and wants a word
with Sabu but Stevie Richards says he has nothing to say. Richards says he is
tired of sitting on the sidelines and is stepping up and challenging A.J Styles
to a match this Thursday to ‘Impact’.


Video package for Jeff Jarrett Vs Samoa Joe where Joe says
he has never had a real friend in this company and then discusses his friendship
with Jarrett when he went to his house and played with his pets and jumped over
his picket fence.


Jeff Jarrett out in the ring and cuts a promo about ‘they’
being revealed on 10-10-10 with chants of ‘you sold out’ and says all of them ‘bought
in’ and are taking back control of this company. Jarrett is upset and says you
won’t see Jeff Hardy tonight and goes to leave but Samoa Joe’s music plays and
he comes out.


Crowd is more down for this one than the majority of the in
ring tonight.


Joe kicks out of the stroke and then comes back with an
exploder suplex. Jarrett attempts the stroke from the second rope to zero
reaction but Joe kicks out of that one as well. This leads to Jarrett grabbing
a chair from the floor but this match isn’t ‘old school’. Joe takes out Jarrett
and the referee with a suicide dive to the floor.


Gunner and Murphy run into the ring but Joe attacks both
with a muscle buster to one of them and this allows Jarrett to grab a
nightstick and attack the knee of Joe. Jarrett then chokes out Joe with the
nightstick and leads to chants of ‘Angle’. Jarrett gets rid of the nightstick
and applies the kokina clutch as Brian Hebner gets back into the ring and
raises Joe’s arm three times and Jarrett gets the win.


Then we get a video recap of the whole event by
F.I.L.T.H.E.E. (this would have been better at the end of the show and ended


Bischoff is with The Congregation backstage and calls Pope a
douchebag as Immortal doubled the day rate.


Jeff Hardy Vs Matt Morgan for the TNA Title


Hardy is really trying to play heel rather than when you see
a top babyface turn and not really embrace the heel skin.


Tenay brings up that we have seen Hardy’s offense change
with this turn, which is a key to getting this heel persona over to the

The story early in the match is Hardy attacking the left leg
of Morgan and keeping Morgan off his feet to take away the size disadvantage.

They had a big mess during a near fall spot where Morgan was set to kick out of the twist of HATE but barely moved and the referee didn’t count three and it came off like a heel move by the official but seemed to me to be Morgan not kicking out convincingly.

Hardy ended up hitting three twist of hates for the win and then Immortal came out to celebrate the win with confetti coming down from the rafters. The crowd was not hating Hardy with chants of ‘Hardy’ throughout the match and frankly Morgan just wasn’t ready for a main event in this role and the match disappointed.

TNA Turning Point Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of TNA “Turning Point” from Orlando.

8:00 PM
They do an opening video where the Main Event Mafia cut promos on the young talent. The highlight was Kurt Angle saying if he saw any of these guys in an airport he wouldn’t recognize them (that was hilarious because Kevin Nash did an interview a while back saying that people would ask him in airports if he’s still wrestling). Sting said TNA wanted to sign him to get on Spike TV (he signed in December 2005 and they started on Spike in October 2005, but it sounds good).

The Main Event Mafia get out of a hummer limo with Scott Steiner cutting the same promo about the young guys on the internet and grabbing their joy sticks.

8:05 PM
The X Division Ranking Match is up first (Consequences Creed, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Volador, Eric Young, Doug Williams, Hiroshi Tanhashi, Homicide and Jay Lethal)

8:08 PM
Rankings are based on eliminations with pinfalls and submissions legal.

8:10 PM
Dutt leaves the ring to kiss Val and Lethal hits a suicide dive to the floor on him.

8:11 PM
Doug Williams is making his debut here tonight (he was part of Team International during the World X Cup and signed just prior to that).

8:13 PM
Volador and Lethal do a great fish out of water spot. No eliminations yet.

8:15 PM
Dutt is eliminated first after a top rope huracanrana by Volador.

8:16 PM
Rave eliminates Volador after hitting the Rock the World.

8:17 PM
Doug Williams hits the German suplex on Rave for the elimination.

8:18 PM
Tanahashi stops Petey Williams from hitting the Canadian Destroyer on Doug Williams.

Homicide attempts a tope con hilo onto Eric Young but he over shot and bounced off the rail and into the audience where he hit his head on the wall and they ruled him eliminated from the match.

8:19 PM
Eric Young hits a swanton off the top rope on Doug Williams and Creed goes for the cover but Williams kicks out.

8:21 PM
Williams goes for a sunset flip on Creed but hits the Canadian Destroyer instead and eliminates Creed.

8:22 PM
Tanahashi hits a twisting frog splash on Petey to eliminate him.

Down to Lethal, Doug Williams, Eric Young and Hiroshi Tanahashi

8:23 PM
Tanahashi is eliminated by Lethal after a small package.

8:24 PM
Young hits Doug Williams with a wheel barrel suplex into a neck breaker and it’s down to Young and Lethal.

8:26 PM
Young hits a bridging suplex onto Lethal coming off the ropes and gets the win, so Young is the # 1 contender for Sheik Abdul Bashir.

Young cuts a promo after the match on the Main Event Mafia and stating that tonight they are going to face some of the greatest professional wrestlers in the world. He says they aren’t entertainers, side show freaks or millionaires. He says they started at the Asylum in Nashville 6-years ago and that their legacy will not be forgotten. He says it all starts tonight and that tonight these kids become men. 

8:29 PM
Tenay and West say “Welcome to Turning Point” and run through all the matches – why do they always do this after the first match? What was the first half hour of this show then?

West explains that falls can take place anywhere in this building for the falls count anywhere match.

8:31 PM
Lauren is backstage with Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett tells Foley to go talk to “the kids” – these two came across like a married couple rather than two authority figures. Jarrett needs to invest in a wardrobe because he comes across like the owner of the local indy fed with his look.

8:33 PM
Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed Vs Taylor Wilde & Roxxi is next.

8:36 PM
Lots of frequent tags between Wilde and Roxxi as they work on the arm of Saeed. Nice double team where Wilde jumps into Roxxi and she propels Wilde onto Kong with a senton.

8:38 PM
Someone has a sign that says “Kong Ate My Sign” – which makes no sense at all.

8:39 PM
Roxxi goes to tag Wilde but Rhaka Khan was trying to grab Wilde’s leg from the floor and she somehow screwed that up.

8:41 PM
Saeed delivers the curb stomp to Roxxi.

Kong and Saeed attempt the old Quebecers maneuver where Saeed grabs Kong’s hands from the top rope and somersaults onto Roxxi but she over shoots it and misses.

8:42 PM
Wilde gets the hot tag and attacks Saeed, Kong and Khan. 

8:44 PM
Roxxi hits a crossbody onto Kong on the outside while Wilde using a bridging german to pin Saeed.  

8:45 PM
Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia when Jeff Jarrett comes into their locker room. Jarrett asks them to be professionals tonight. Angle says Jarrett isn’t one of their peers until he wrestles. They are doing a great job for when they finally pull the trigger on a rematch. Kevin Nash tells Jarrett that he needs to go “talk to the children” in the other locker room. Booker jokes that Jarrett needs to go buy a new suit – I guess he agrees.

8:47 PM
Sheik Abdul Bashir Vs Rhino

8:50 PM
They are pack to using referee Shane Sewell.

8:54 PM
Scott Hall is in the front row with the Insane Clown Posse but the announcers are not saying it’s him just saying there are “familiar faces at ringside”.

8:58 PM
Rhino goes for the gore but is hit with a knee by Bashir. Bashir then gets in the face of Sewell and spits in the face of Sewell, Rhino gores Bashir and gets the win.

8:59 PM
Mick Foley is backstage talking to “the children” by Shelley and Sabin are talking to each other and then asks Foley who he is and that he doesn’t care what Foley is talking about. He says he won’t accept that because than it means what the Main Event Mafia are saying is true. The guys kick Shelley and Sabin out of the locker room.

9:01 PM
Beer Money Inc. Vs Motor City Machine Guns for the Tag Titles

9:04 PM
Don West is certainly enjoying the term “young lions” tonight.

9:04 PM
Scott Hall, ICP and company are still in the front row on the hard camera side.

9:07 PM
I would have done the angle in the locker room with Foley after the match as you now have two heel teams here but the MCMG’s are still working the match as faces.

9:12 PM
They get the heat on Shelley who finally tags Sabin but the referee misses the tag. Shelley hits a dual flatliner / DDT on Roode and Storm and then Sabin gets the hot tag.

9:14 PM
Sabin springboards into a tornado DDT on Roode.

9:16 PM
Machine Guns hit a huracanrana / frog splash combo Storm for a two count.

9:19 PM
They hit an awkward tower of doom spot with Sabin able to get an arm over Roode for a two count.

9:20 PM
Jacqueline runs in to attack Sabin, who scoop slams her. Storm runs in and spits beer in the face of Sabin and they get the pinfall on Sabin. Very strong match.

9:22 PM
Borash is backstage with Booker T. and Sharmell. Sharmell says the talking is over and that Cage will join the Main Event Mafia.

9:25 PM
Booker T. Vs Christian Cage for the Legend’s Title

9:42 PM
Good match back and forth with the crowd a bit subdued into this one. Scott Hall and ICP have disappeared from the front row. Booker gets the win when he school boys Cage and grabs the tights. After the match Booker welcomes Cage to the Main Event Mafia and says the group has a meeting at 8am tomorrow morning and Cage has to be there.

9:43 PM
Lauren is backstage with Abyss and Matt Morgan. Abyss says he is fine from his burns at “Bound for Glory” – he says Lauren looks beautiful tonight. Abyss says that Matt told him if he’s not 100% than Angle will beat him. He said he requested a fall count anywhere match. He is upset that Angle opened up his puss scarred wounds and is going to replace his puss with Angle’s blood, which is quite the visual.

9:46 PM
There is a funny line in the video package where Angle says that guys of a certain stature need to form a union and they can control the industry meaning the Main Event Mafia but was still funny to hear on a pro wrestling broadcast.

9:48 PM
Kurt Angle Vs Abyss in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

9:51 PM
Abyss hits the shock treatment on Angle but Angle kicks out at two. They then head to the audience and brawl throughout the crowd.

9:54 PM
Tenay notes that all the fans are behind Abyss and slapping him on the back – THE MAN JUST EXPLAINED ALL THE BURNS HE HAS ALL OVER HIS BODY!

9:55 PM
Angle hits Abyss with a chair in the mid section and then into the back of Abyss. Don West explains that he has burns all over his back (which the fans all just hit).

9:57 PM
Angle ran off the stage and hit a huge somesault in mid air onto Abyss standing – this was executed perfectly and should be replayed forwever…and Abyss kicked out at two. Easily the spot of the night.

9:58 PM
Angle body checks Abyss through a wall by the stage. West calls Angle a “raging bull”. Both men have disappeared under the stage somewhere and the crowd is booing. They come out the other side – maybe they stole the Brie Bella angle and it’s Eric Angle.

10:00 PM
They are back in the ring and Angle is working on the left knee. Angle avoids the shock treatment and hits the Angle slam but Abyss kicks out.

10:02 PM
Angle runs towards Abyss with a chair but Abyss punches the chair into Angle. Abyss puts the chair in the corner between the turnbuckles. Abyss delivers a low blow to Angle and throws him into the chair and Abyss gets a very close near fall with the ref hitting the apron three times.

10:04 PM
Angle hits a nasty chair shot to the head of Abyss. Angle then puts the chair on the chest of Abyss and hits a moonsault onto him but looks like he connects with his knees on Abyss.

10:05 PM
Abyss attempts a tombstone and Angle reverses into an ankle lock but Abyss reverses and hits the black hole slam for a two count. Crowd is really into this one at this point and it’s been a very good match.

10:07 PM
They fight onto a scaffold and Abyss teases a press slam but Angle gets down and shoves Abyss through a table and climbs down for the pin – this match was excellent.

10:08 PM
Angle looks dead after the match. This was probably the most physically taxing match Angle has had in quite some time – and that’s saying a lot considering his standards.

10:09 PM
Backstage Lauren is with Samoa Joe who calls Kevin Nash a former friend and mentor but is a “petty bitch”. Joe says Nash has been a bodyguard and mentor for a lot of people that are better men than Nash without saying Shawn Michaels.

10:12 PM
Kevin Nash Vs Samoa Joe is next.

10:13 PM
Joe comes out and just annihilates Nash. The best finish is a quick squash for Joe as it puts a ton of heat on Joe and you’re not sacrificing anyone whose stock with the company is in the ring.

10:16 PM
Nash got a tool box (uh oh isn’t that what he lifted to mess up his neck during the Chris Sabin program?). He got cutters for the turnbuckle.

Portion of the crowd is booing Joe.

10:18 PM
They have Nash working on the back of Joe throughout the match.

10:21 PM
Joe mounts Nash and Tenay states this is where we will see the MMA training of Joe but the “MMA training” is thwarted by a poke to the eye by Nash.

10:22 PM
Nash hits a big boot and then hits the jack knife power bomb. Nash goes for the pin:

Don West: “He’s done, he’s done…HE’S NOT”.

10:23 PM
Joe is bleeding from the forehead as West states that Nash is trying to “KILL HIM”.

Nash goes for another jack knife but delivers it on Joe’s shoulder but Joe kicks out.

10:24 PM
Joe attempts an arm bar on the ground but the referee gets knocked out and Nash escapes from punches to the face of Joe.

Nash hits a low blow with the referee out.

Nash pins Joe with the feet on the ropes and Nash gets the win – surprised they did that.

10:27 PM
Jeremy Borash is backstage with Sting and asks if he regrets bringing up the fact A.J’s father kicked him out of the house at 15. Sting does not regret this. Sting says tonight he’s going to kick him out of his house.

10:33 PM
Sting Vs A.J Styles for the TNA Title is up last.

10:35 PM
So it’s the 11-year anniversary of Montreal, Earl Hebner is the referee for the main event title match featuring a performer who uses the sharpshooter as his finish…please don’t TNA – this has been a really good show!

10:41 PM
Sting press slams Styles over the top rope and to the floor.

10:43 PM
This is the most heated I have ever seen a crowd for an abdominal stretch spot.

10:46 PM
“It’s hard to watch A.J scream” – Don West

10:48 PM
Sting only gets a two count after a Scorpion Death Drop.

10:49 PM
Stings hits three straight Scorpion Splashes onto Styles in the corner. Styles is able to hit a sunset flip from the top power bombing Sting to the mat. Styles hits the Spiral Tap but says he’s going to do it one more time. The Main Event Mafia runs out but Styles fights them off and goes for a Pele on Sting but misses and Sting rolls him up with a la magistral cradle for the win.

This was a solid show and if TNA keeps this direction going I will be very happy. Thumbs Up show.