Update on Incident with Alberto and Guillermo Rodriguez in Austria


The LAW has been in contact with spokesperson Fritz Grundnig of the Austrian authorities in regards to the situation over the weekend involving Alberto (Del Rio) and Guillermo Rodriguez. (Grundnig could not specifically identify the two brothers by name but did provide us with specific details on the case in question).

The brothers got into a fight with a 26-year old man at a bar and the man that was injured was taken to hospital for some contusions but didn’t suffer any severe injuries. The Rodriguez brothers were brought to the local police station but that the time no arrest was made.

Alberto and Guillermo got into a fight with each other at the station with Guillermo suffering a cut over his eye and a table, chair and some plastic boxes were damaged in the altercation with some spots of blood on the wall and the floor as well.

Once Alberto and Guillermo were calmed down they were released on a bail bond.

The actual detention of the two took place when they got into the fight at the police station and since it was a brief arrest, the Mexican embassy was not notified as both are citizens of Mexico.

The Austrian police will report the facts of the case to the prosecutor’s office but at this time no charges have been laid against Alberto or Guillermo Rodriguez.