WrestleMania 26 Pay Per View Buys Released

The WWE released their latest quarterly results on Thursday morning and
announced the amount of pay per view buys for January, February and

The number everyone was most interested in was the number for
‘WrestleMania 26’, which did a very disappointing 885,000 buys
worldwide (international makes up for about 35-40% of that final
number). This number is down from last year’s show that did 960,000
buys worldwide.

To say that the UFC 111 show (Georges St-Pierre Vs Dan Hardy, Shane
Carwin Vs Frank Mir) didn’t have a big effect on the WrestleMania
number is simply burying one’s head in the sand.

The build for this year’s WrestleMania was one of the best in company
history built around the rematch of The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels as
well as the return of Bret Hart to face Vince McMahon and a solid build
for Batista Vs John Cena.

The record for a WWE pay per view was 1,250,000 buys for ‘WrestleMania
23’ in 2007 featuring the Hair Vs Hair stipulation match with Umaga Vs
Bobby Lashley and the involvement of Donald Trump.

This year’s ‘Royal Rumble’ event did 462,000 buys as compared to last year’s show that did 450,000 buys.

The February ‘Elimination Chamber’ event this year did 285,000 buys, which is also up from the 2009 show that did 272,000 buys.