WWE Elimination Chamber Report

Welcome to The LAW’s WWE Elimination Chamber coverage. The show is taking place from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The kickoff panel features Renee Young, Booker T., Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

The WWE has officially announced that Rusev is out of the Elimination Chamber match.

Kane told New Day that all three will be allowed to be in their Chamber match.

Zack Ryder vs. Stardust

Ryder dropkicks Stardust off the apron to the floor. Stardust came back and attacked the lower back. Stardust hit the side effect as JBL explains Stardust is working on a secret move called the “Queen’s Crossbow”, which is the Cross Rhodes and he hits it for the win at 5:56.

Tom Phillips is with Lana in the social media lounge. She is no longer talking to Rusev and doesn’t have any information on Rusev. Lana says Ziggler is funny and charming and she is more understanding of other people and their cultures now.

Summer Rae is in the ring to introduce The Miz, totally forgot these two were linked the last time we saw them. Lawler compares his last movie to the death penalty, which of course was a WWE Studios project. They show Daniel Bryan vacating the Intercontinental title and then Bryan comes out.

Miz takes credit for mentoring Bryan on NXT, Bryan says his career isn’t over, he plugs his book coming out in July, Miz says that people write books when their careers are over (that would be terrible news for the UFC with the latest book release) and tries to sell him on an image consultant and is told to “shut up”. Bryan says he will be back and states again his career isn’t over. Bryan calls Miz TV “boring” and then brings out Macho Mandow and Curtis Axel.

Miz attacks Mandow, Axel tears off his shirt and they attack Miz, leg drop from Axel and clear the ring.

Eden Stiles is in the back with Dean Ambrose, he says he is relaxed and focused because he has everything to gain, has a bubbling hatred for The Authority, Roman Reigns walks in and says he is in the corner of Ambrose tonight.  

New Day vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. Los Matadores vs. The Ascension vs. Lucha Dragons vs. The Prime Time Players in an Elimination Chamber match for the tag titles

The Ascension and Lucha Dragons start the match.

Kalisto is on top of New Day’s pod and they yank his leg down and prevent him from getting off the top of the pod. Sin Cara hit a swanton off the pod to Viktor.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro are next in. Cesaro did jump to the top turnbuckle and hit an uppercut to Kalisto on top of the pod. Cesaro then superplexes Kalisto off the pod and Kidd lands a springboard elbow drop.

Los Matadores are next and El Torito had been standing on top of the pod and hits a huracanrana to Cesaro. Kalisto climbs to the top of the Chamber in the middle and flips off and lands on the bodies underneath. Ascension catch Torito from the top and throw him into one of the Matadores, hit the Fall of Man on the other and Los Matadores are eliminated. The Ascension then hits the Fall of Man on Kalisto and eliminates the Lucha Dragons.

The Prime Time Players are in next and Darren Young hits the Gut Check and pins Viktor and Ascension are out.

New Day are the last team to enter with all three in the match. Kidd and Cesaro toss Xavier Woods into the pod and lock him in it. Kidd catapults Kingston into a spinebuster by Cesaro, he follows with the giant swing into a Kidd dropkick but then Darren Young sneaks in the roll up and pins Cesaro to eliminate the team.

It is down to New Day and the Prime Time Players, Big E. gets Woods back in the match from the pod. They triple team stomp O’Neil as his head is lodged into the steel chain. The pace picked up a lot, Young hit the Gut Check to Kingston for a two-count, Big E. hit a belly-to-belly to Young on the steel floor.

O’Neil had Woods as Big E. clipped the knee, Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise and they piled on him to retain the titles at 23:34.

Lana wishes Dolph Ziggler good luck and that the Intercontinental title would look good around his waist and they flirt.

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi vs. Paige for the Diva’s title

Naomi pulls Nikki to the floor and tosses her upside down into the announce desk.

Nikki comes back and misses a kick off the turnbuckle and appeared Paige was supposed to be there to take it or catch her. They did a tower of doom spot with Nikki tossing both from the top.

Nikki lifted Paige for the Rack Attack and Naomi stopped it with the rear view. Paige went for the PTO on Nikki and Naomi broke it up. Naomi then was lifted on Paige’s shoulders and went for a reverse huracanrana and Paige was out and didn’t look great, Nikki returned and hit the Rack Attack to Naomi and pinned her at 6:04.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens in a non-title match

The crowd started chanting “Fight Owens Fight” and then went right into “Let’s Go Cena / Cena sucks”. Owens took control early attacking Cena with various strikes, Cena lifted him for the AA and it was blocked and turned into a DDT by Owens. They really got across that this was a fight and not a pretty wrestling match.

Owens hit the cannonball dive in the corner, Cena counters the pop up powerbomb and makes a comeback, suplexes him and hits the five knuckle shuffle, Owens blocks the AA and hits the pop up powerbomb and Cena kicks out.

They fight on top of the turnbuckle, Cena goes down and Owens springs up, turns and misses a moonsault off the top, Cena hits the AA and Owens kicks out.

Owens mocks Cena and goes for the five knuckle shuffle and Cena applies the STF, Owens kicks him off and then Owens hits the AA for a near fall. Cena comes back with a tornado DDT and gets a two-count followed by a leg drop from the top and got a two-count.

Owens lifted him for the package piledriver but dropped him safely on his back for a two. Cena then comes back with the springboard stunner for another two-count and Cena is frustrated.

Owens then blocks a superplex and suplexes Cena from the top for a two, goes to the top and hits a swanton for another two on Cena. He sends Cena into the ropes and comes off and hits the pop up powerbomb for the win at 19:55.

Owens says that everyone knows who he is now and he started a fight with John Cena and he ended that fight. Owens says he has some veteran advice for Cena and that Cena’s time is up, his is now and that the champ is here.

Neville vs. Bo Dallas

Neville catches him with a boot and Dallas rolls to the floor and Neville hits a moonsault off the top to the floor. Dallas is begging off and Neville goes for a kick to the head and Dallas throws him to the floor. Dallas has a cravat applied. Dallas is run into the turnbuckle and sent to the floor, Dallas comes back and head butts him in the chest and hits a DDT to Neville.

Neville blocks the Bo-dog, knocks down Dallas and hits the Red Arrow for the win at 8:53.

Triple H approaches Dean Amborse and Roman Reigns in the back and says that Reigns will not be allowed to be in Ambrose’s corner tonight or Ambrose will be disqualified.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus vs. King Barrett vs. R-Truth vs. Ryback vs. Mark Henry in the Elimination Chamber match for the vacant Intercontinental title

Barrett and Ziggler start the match. Ziggler was going for takedowns early in the match before Barrett got the advantage and was throwing Ziggler around the ring.

R-Truth is the next entrant and Barrett immediately attacks him before he gets out of his pod. Barrett drives Ziggler into the pod of Mark Henry and breaks the paneling so Henry enters the match and then the buzzer sounds and Ryback enters.

The first elimination is Barrett after R-Truth hit him with the Lie Detector.

Sheamus is stuck in his pod as the door won’t open. Eventually it is revealed he put his chain in the door to lock it and comes out when the remaining three are down on the mat.

Ryback pins R-Truth for the next elimination.

Sheamus hits the Brogue kick to Henry for the elimination.

The crowd is dead with Ziggler, Sheamus and Ryback remaining.

Ziggler superkicks Ryback, ducks a brogue kick but then he hits it on the second try and Sheamus eliminates Ziggler.

It is down to Sheamus and Ryback. Ryback fires up and goes for the meat hook clothesline but Sheamus rolls away, Sheamus lifts Ryback and hits White Noise on the steel floor.

Ryback makes his comeback and hits the shell shock and pins Sheamus at 25:13 to win the Intercontinental title.

They announce a rematch between John Cena and Kevin Owens for Money in the Bank on June 14th. They also announce Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and Neville for the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE title

Ambrose gets distracted by Mercury on the floor and is stopped on the turnbuckle by Rollins and placed in the tree of woe and Rollins hits a double foot stomp from the top. Rollins has the advantage and is getting good heat from the crowd.

They had a great back-and-forth sequence of pinfall attempts, security pulls Rollins to the floor and Ambrose hits a suicide dive and takes out Rollins.

Back in the ring, Mercury gets sent off the apron and Ambrose gets a roll up for two. Ambrose clotheslines Rollins and both go to the floor, Rollins ducks a clothesline and powerbombs Ambrose into the barricade.

Ambrose hits a tornado DDT for a near fall, he ducks a springboard knee and Ambrose lands the slingshot clothesline for another near fall. Ambrose takes a buckle bomb but comes right back with a clothesline, knocks J&J and Kane off the apron and then takes them out with an elbow drop from the top to the floor.

Ambrose comes off the top and Rollins pulls the referee in front and the referee is taken out. Rollins misses with the Phoenix splash and Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds, another referee runs in and counts three at 21:47.

The two referees start arguing and then it is announced that Dean Ambrose wins the match by disqualification.

Ambrose was being attacked when Roman Reigns ran down and they cleared the ring. Ambrose said he won the match so he is taking the title.

WWE Elimination Chamber Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of Elimination Chamber pay-per-view from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The pre-show had Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio and The Miz on the panel, not very riveting stuff and at times painfully awkward.

Larry Hennig came out in the corner of Curtis Axel and Ryback but didn’t play any role in the match other than cheering on the team.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes defeated Axel and Ryback, they got about 10:00 and was a clean win after Cody hit the Cross Rhodes, no sign of any breakup between them.

The pay-per-view begins with Zeb Colter cutting a promo on Big E. alongside Jack Swagger and that the “E” stands for “Enough” of him as champion and has done nothing as champion and blames the polar vortex issue on illegal immigration.

Big E. vs. Jack Swagger for the Intercontinental Title

This match was a back drop to tie in Big E. as a former NXT champion so Michael Cole can plug the Arrival show this Thursday – could be a long night.

E goes after Colter on the floor and then turns around and spears Swagger against the steps. Swagger recovers and tosses him to the floor and gets the advantage back in the ring. They collide with a double clothesline in the middle of the ring.

Big E. starts a comeback, hits a belly to belly suplex and then runs into a spinebuster and Swagger gets a two-count.

Swagger is put on the outside of the apron and Big E. spears him through the ropes to the floor, rolls him back in and gets a two-count.

Swagger is bleeding from the mouth and runs up the corner and suplexes Big E. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock and he gets out, Swagger applies it again and Big E. gets up and hits an enzuigiri and the Big Ending and pins Swagger at 11:50.

Bad News Barrett shows up on his riser with Big E. in the ring, says Russia has won more gold medal than the U.S. at the Olympics.

They plug Hulk Hogan’s return tomorrow night on Raw.  

They recap Kane attacking Daniel Bryan on Raw and Smackdown.

Byron Saxton is with Daniel Bryan backstage and asks him about the shoulder, he will go all out just like he always does and runs off a bunch of questions so fans can chant “Yes”.

New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos for the Tag Titles

Road Dogg does his opening promo and says they’ve “headlined WrestleMania and sold out the Garden”.

Outlaws to the floor early and Usos tease a double tope but Outlaws get out of the way.

One of the Usos takes a big hip toss into the corner and a big “CM Punk” chant begins while Gunn has the heat.

The Usos makes a comeback and Jimmy hits a diver over the top to the floor onto Road Dogg.

Jimmy comes off the top and Gunn is out of the way, he superkick Dogg off the apron and rolled up by Gunn at around 8:30 to keep the titles.

Barrett is back and says Daniel Bryan won’t win tonight and fans will turn on the Yes movement.

A big plug from the announcers for the network – these are getting insane, apparently it’s available on multiple devices and they are showing us all of them.

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

“We Want Lesnar” chant right away, these poor guys aren’t going to be given a chance.

Young is Irish whipped into the corner and over the top to the floor and then runs Young into the steel post ribs first.

O’Neil applies an abdominal stretch and slaps his chest while doing so and the announcers just joked around about picking up bar tabs.

Young gets out and hits a back body drop, they are battling a dead crowd. Young hits a reverse neck breaker on the outside of the apron and then Titus recovers and hits the Clash of the Titus for the clean win at 6:17.

Barrett is back and cuts a promo on MINNESOTA’S ELECTRICIANS because his riser is broken. He cuts a promo on Hogan coming back and his skills disappearing.

They went to the panel – not the best combination of personalities. Rey Mysterio wants to be anywhere but on that panel.

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

“This is awesome” chant before they even touch. The Shield attacks them and clear the ring right away as the chants are going back and forth for both teams.

Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns are tagged in and crowd pops big for those two entering together.

Rowan does his spot where he drives his knuckles into the temple of Ambrose.

Harper attempts a german suplex off the top and Rollins lands on his feet.

Rollins hits a springboard flying knee to Harper and gets big reaction, crowd is loving the match. Rollins is selling and selling while The Wyatts tag in and out. Rollins makes hot tag to Reigns, who hits his jumping dropkick from the floor.

Ambrose runs in and attacks, he goes to the floor and Harper hits a suicide dive followed by a somersault dive by Rollins and then a big double clothesline between Rowan and Reigns.

Ambrose makes save on floor and attacks Bray into the crowd. Rowan is slapping Reigns in the ring and then comes back and hits a flying clothesline to Rowan.

Wyatt returns and Ambrose is gone, Reigns is sent to the floor and Rollins is on the desk as Rowan and Harper hit a double choke slam sending Rollins through the Spanish table.

It’s 3 on 1 with Reigns left in the ring, Harper hits a big boot and Bray is tagged in and goes for Sister Abigail but Reigns powers out of it and lifts him for Samoan drop. Harper runs and ends up on the floor as Reigns hits superman punches to Bray and Rowan. Reigns spears Harper but then takes a flying forearm from Bray and hits Sister Abigail’s kiss for the win at 22:41.

A WWE Network promo runs with Hulk Hogan and John Cena as the spokesmen.

AJ Lee comes out and cuts a promo about how long she has held the title but has to defend it tonight.

AJ vs. Cameron for the Diva’s Title

Not a good match, with the finish ending when Tamina superkicked AJ (it was supposed to come off as a mistake but no one moved and looked like she deliberately hit her). Tamina then yanked Cameron to the floor and it ended in a DQ at 3:57. Worst match on the show.

Barrett with another promo about people losing their jobs while watching the WWE Network and rats moving into their homes – these are terrible.

Santino Marella, Emma, Great Khali and Los Matadores are with the new WWE toy set and Santino tries to pass off he doesn’t play with toys to impress Emma but it turns out Emma thinks it’s cool.

Alberto Del Rio comes out with crutches and a neck brace and tells Batista he cannot compete tonight due to Batista’s attacks on him. Batista turns around and Del Rio attacks him with the crutch and has his trunks on and wants them to ring the bell.

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

Crowd boos Batista as soon as he attacks Del Rio and chant “Boo-tista” and then chant for Daniel Bryan.

Del Rio goes after the left arm of Batista and they boo when he attempts a comeback.

Chants of Y2J and then “boring”, RVD, We Want Lesnar and announcers are acknowledging the chants and how they are cheering Del Rio.

Batista hits a spear and crowd boos heavily.

Del Rio misses a senton off the top and Batista with a spinebuster, Del Rio blocks Batista bomb and clips the knee and kicks Batista in the head.

Batista blocks armbar and hits Batista bomb for the win at 7:08.

They go back to the panel with their picks for the Chamber match.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Cesaro vs. Christian in the Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Title

Sheamus and Cesaro start the match.

Daniel Bryan is in at the 5:00 mark to a huge reaction and attacks both men. As soon as Bryan gets knocked down and the focus is on Sheamus and Cesaro the crowd gets silent.

Cesaro reverses an Irish whip and sends Bryan into the pod and breaks the plexiglass.

Sheamus with a rolling fireman’s carry to Cesaro on the steel floor.

Christian is out at the 10:00 mark and goes after Bryan’s taped up shoulder.

Christian hits an inverted DDT to Sheamus on the steel floor and then clings to the cage and jumps onto the shoulders of Cesaro and attempts a hurricarana but is blocked and thrown into the pod and eats an uppercut from Cesaro.

John Cena is next in.

Bryan with a series of kicks to Cena and then Christian with the killswitch but Bryan kicks out.

Randy Orton is the last one in. Everyone is staring him down and Orton locks himself back in his pod. Sheamus brogue kicks he pod open and gets Orton into the match.

Giant swing to Orton and lets him go and Bryan with O’Connor roll into a release german.

Christian comes off the top of a pod with a splash to Sheamus and pins him at 26:05 for the first elimination.

Bryan hits the running knee to pin Christian at 27:12.

Cesaro takes the AA on to the steel floor, dragged into the ring and Cena applies STF and is eliminated at 30:13.

Cena applies the STF on to Orton and the lights go out with The Wyatts appearing in the ring and attack Cena and Bryan. Rowan with a splash, Harper hits clothesline and Bray with the Sister Abigail and crowd chants “thank you, Wyatts”, Orton pins Cena at 32:39.

Kane comes out and sends The Wyatts to the back.

Bryan hits Kane with a knee to the side of the head and then crotches Orton on the top rope and into the tree of woe with running dropkicks.

Bryan hits the Busaiku knee and Kane pulls the referee away during the count. Bryan kicks Kane in the head and takes the RKO but kicks out at two.

Kane gets back up after a few near falls and attacks the shoulder and Bryan takes a second RKO and Orton pins him at 37:33.

WWE Elimination Chamber Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of the WW Elimination Chamber event from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The announcers are Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler.

The pre-show match featured a quick match with Brodus Clay and Tensai defeating Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow with a double splash in the middle of the ring onto Rhodes and pinned by Clay.

The show kicks off the World Title match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show for the World Title

Del Rio hits Show with a super kick while Show is on his knees and goes for the armbar but Show blocks and spears him.

Show with a Vader bomb and gets a two-count. Del Rio leaps off the turnbuckle into a bear hug by Big Show.

Show grabs the bucket from Ricardo and throws it to his head. Del Rio sends him to the floor and hits a suicide dive and Show returns at the count of nine. Del Rio then hits a seated senton off the top for a two-count.

Show hits the chokeslam but Del Rio kicks out to a big pop. Del Rio comes back with the running enzigiri and gets a two-count and then applies the armbar but Show lifts him and slams him to break the hold.

Show holds up the bucket and looks to Ricardo on the floor as Del Rio goes for a running enzigiri but misses the bucket and does it again to hit it (crowd booed the blown spot) and then applied the armbar for the tap out at 13:05.

The air a trailer and interview two of the co-stars from G.I Joe “Retaliation” with The Rock.

Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz for the U.S. Title

The Miz starts off on the offensive and then takes a shoulder breaker from Cesaro, which is taped up from the giant swing spot on Raw.

Cesaro runs into a boot from The Miz in the corner. Miz comes off the top rope and Cesaro goes for the Fujiwara armbar but Miz turns it into a roll up and then sends Cesaro to the floor.

Miz with a SHOULDER BLOCK off the apron and caught by Cesaro but gets off his shoulders and rams him knee first into the steps.

Back in the ring Miz continues to attack the knee and fans start to “woo” as he teases the figure-four but The Miz accidentally hits Cesaro low when Cesaro kicks the leg out from Miz and the referee calls for the DQ at 8:20.

The finish was really bad and crowd responded as such.

After the match The Miz gave him another low blow and his music played.

The Elimination Chamber match is next.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter come out first with Swagger having new theme music that reflects the new character. Swagger hands mic over to Coulter. He discusses the “Louisiana Purchase” and how Thomas Jefferson would feel about today’s America and that tonight will be the start of “Jack Swagger’s America”.

Jack Swagger vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in the Elimination Chamber Match

A new participant comes in every 4:00.

Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan start the match.

They fight on the steel floor with Bryan attempting the No Lock but is then catapulted into one of the chambers.

Jack Swagger comes in third and goes after Jericho.

Bryan with running knee to Swagger on the steel floor off the top rope.

Kane is the next one in and attacks Swagger and works with Bryan until Bryan goes for a roll up from behind and Kane kicks out and is pissed and Bryan tries to calm him down and wants a hug but Kane says “no” and Bryan yells “yes” and they go and forth. Bryan pie faces him and they fight.

Jericho lifts Bryan and Kane off the top and they hit the Doomsday Device on Bryan.

Randy Orton comes in fifth and hits a draping DDT to Kane on the steel floor. Orton hits a superplex to Swagger and then Jericho with a superplex to Bryan.

Mark Henry comes out last and attacks everyone, who are selling the superplexes.

Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam to eliminate Bryan at 16:35.

Henry then sends Orton right through the chamber plexiglass.

Kane jumps off the top and is caught by Henry and hit with the World’s Strongest Slam and is out at 16:20.

Swagger and Jericho double team Henry with a vertical suplex to the steel floor.

Henry came off the ropes with a Vader bomb, missed and took a big boot from Swagger, the code breaker and then a RKO from Orton and Henry is eliminated.

Henry leaves to cheers but comes back in and gives slams to all three and then leaves.

Booker T and officials are swarming the ring to get him removed.

Orton with a dropkick to Jericho coming off the top and then power slams Jericho and Swagger.

Swagger goes for Swagger bomb but Orton with boot up and Swagger with the Patriot Act and Jericho breaks it and Swagger puts the ankle lock onto him but Jericho escapes and applies the Walls of Jericho to Swagger and Orton breaks it – makes no sense why you would break someone’s hold.

Orton hits double draping DDTs to both and Jericho blocks the RKO, Orton gets his knees up for the lionsault and Jericho takes the RKO and is eliminated and then Swagger immediately rolls up Orton at 31:17 to win.

John Cena & Sheamus & Ryback vs. The Shield

They brawl at the start with Cena, Sheamus and Ryback hitting simultaneous vertical suplexes.

They spend a long time working down Cena in their corner until Cena knocks Ambrose to the floor and makes the hot tag to Ryback.

Ryback hits them with powerbombs and tosses Ambrose recklessly into Rollins in the corner.

On the floor Reigns spears Sheamus right through the barricade.

Ryback catches Rollins off the top but Ambrose and Reigns run in and attack him and set up for the powerbomb but Cena pulls Reigns out.

Cena is in and Ryback lifts Rollins for the shell shock but Reigns spears Ryback and Rollins lands on top to pin Ryback at 14:50.

Dolph Ziggler comes out with AJ and Big E. Langston and says Swagger isn’t guaranteed the World Title only his briefcase is a “guarantee”. Booker T comes out and makes an impromptu match.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston sends Ziggler to the floor and goes for a suicide dive and hits Langston when Ziggler moves out of the way.

Back in the ring Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise but Langston pulls him out of the ring.

Ziggler goes for a superplex but drops him on the top turnbuckle and then hits the Zig Zag for the win at 3:50.

After the match Langston attacks Kingston in the ring.

Then we got a segment with Tensai and Brodus along with Cameron and Naomi playing with the new Power Slammer toys and ending with Tensai saying he doesn’t know what is written on his face and it might be a sushi menu – they danced.

Kaitlyn vs. Tamina for the Diva’s Title

Tamina controls most of the match and goes for the superfly splash and Kaitlyn moves out of the way and spears Tamina for the win at 3:15.

The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title

Punk starts off with a few leg kicks as Heyman yells he is up “2-0”.

Punk spits in the face of Rock and Rock sends him to the floor and they fight by the announce table.

Punk is wearing him down as Heyman shouts words of encouragement to Punk and was so great during this match.

Punk continues with the heat and hits a running knee in the corner and elbow off the top rope.

Punk with a head kick in the ring and gets a two-count and then they go to the floor and Punk goes for a Rock Bottom on the Spanish announce table but it doesn’t break.

Rock breaks the count and they exchange standing. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom and Punk stops him with repeated elbows. Rock gets back up and hits a Rock Bottom but Punk kicks out.

Rock is Irish whipped into the referee on the apron and knocks him out and then Rock is out but so is the referee.

Rock is back up and hits a spine buster and hits the People’s Elbow but Punk kicks out as another official comes in to count.

Punk hit the ankle of the referee and then a head kick to Rock.

Heyman gets the WWE Title and passes it to Punk, Heyman holds up Rock and Punk knocks Heyman with the title and hits a Rock Bottom to Punk and pins him at 20:54.

WWE Elimination Chamber Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of ‘Elimination Chamber’ from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We start with an opening video on the Elimination Chamber calling it ‘the belly of the beast’ and the implications it will have on WrestleMania.

They announce the crowd at 15,306 right off the bat. We’ve got Michael Cole, Booker T and Jerry Lawler on the announce crew tonight.

Raw Elimination Chamber Match kicks off the show

CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho Vs The Miz Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs R-Truth for the WWE Title

CM Punk and Kofi Kingston start the match with Jericho the last one scheduled to enter

The two have a great back and forth with hold, counter. Punk gets flipped onto his knee on the chamber floor but comes back with a slingshot sending Kingston into the glass door of one of the pods.

Dolph Ziggler comes in third at the 5:00 mark of the match. Ziggler does a spot where he does pull ups on the side of the chamber and then tries to drop a leg drop from that position to Punk. Punk and Kingston collide in mid-air but both going for springboard clotheslines.

R-Truth comes in 4th at the 9:00 mark, so they are playing around with the time intervals. Punk gets a two-count on Truth after a superplex, ducks the Trouble in Paradise by Kingston and throws him onto the steel. Punk hits the top rope elbow drop on to Truth and eliminates Truth at the 11:42 mark.

Kingston springs onto the caged side and then leaps off with a Tornado DDT to Ziggler with Kingston landing back first on the steel floor.

The Miz in in 5th at 13:30 and immediately throws Punk into the glass of a pod. Punk applies the Anaconda Vice and has it locked when Chris Jericho enters and he releases it to fight with Jericho.

Ziggler goes for a roll up on Jericho, who kicks out and hits the Code Breaker on Ziggler and eliminates him. Jericho and Punk fight into a pod and Jericho repeatedly shuts the door on Punk’s shoulder. Kingston climbs on top of a pod and hits a cross body to Punk and Miz but as he is selling, Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho and Kingston taps out. Jericho continues to attack him after he is eliminated and tosses him to the floor. Jericho then takes a head kick from CM Punk and is also thrown to the floor outside of the Chamber. The officials rule he has been knocked out and cannot continue. They play this up that it’s legit and Punk is in shock at what he has done and Jericho plays dead on the floor.

The Miz attacks Punk to continue the match. Punk goes for a springboard clothesline but The Miz counters with the Skull Crushing Finale but only gets a near fall and crowd is into the match. Miz is beating down on Punk and working snug, he runs into the pod when Punk moves out of the corner and allows Punk to hits the GTS and pin Miz for the win at 32:38.

We get a recap of Santino Marella getting the vacated spot of Randy Orton in the Smackdown Chamber Match. They show Santino doing a mock Rocky training routine eating raw eggs and spits them up.

They air a big video of John Cena and his gym where and testimonials from developmental talents including Seth Rollins (Tyler Black), Xavier Woods (Consequences Creed), Big E and others. They tried to put over John Cena as an everyman and The Rock isn’t grounded like he is.

Beth Phoenix Vs Tamina Snuka for the Diva’s Title

Phoenix has plaid on her outfit as the announcers explain she went back to watch tape of Roddy Piper and his feud with Tamina’s father, Jimmy Snuka.

Stereotypes are alive and well as the announcers explain how Tamina has a hard hit. Phoenix applies a Dragon Sleeper but Snuka escapes and fights back, goes to the top rope but is stopped by Phoenix and hits a superplex to Snuka.

Snuka fights back and lays Phoenix down and hits the Superfly Splash but Phoenix kicks out at two. I thought the crowd would react bigger after establishing that finish for the past month. They fight to the floor and back in where Tamina is tossed into the corner and gets hit with the Glam Slam and Phoenix keeps the title at 7:17.

After the match they put over Phoenix being the most dominant Diva’s Champion in history.

Marella vignettes continue, this time he is punching some ham and it hits him in the head and then pulls out The Cobra and hits it with the Cobra.

Josh Mathews is in the back as doctors work on Chris Jericho and he is unavailable for comment.

John Laurinaitis comes out next along with David Otunga. He trips up on a bunch of his words basically saying that Teddy Long should go through the same scrutiny that he has had to go through from the Board of Directors.

Alberto Del Rio drives into the arena in an Excalibur convertible to interrupt Laurinaitis. Del Rio says Teddy Long is corrupt and a piece of trash and they don’t need people like that in this business. Del Rio says Laurinaitis should be the G.M. of both Raw and Smackdown.

Mark Henry comes out and calls Long a bully and says Laurinaitis never throws his weight around and agrees with Del Rio.

Christian is the next return and says Orton is at home faking his concussion and Long forced him to work hurt a few months ago and calls it an ‘unsafe working environment’ and wants the Board of Directord to name Laurinaitis the G.M. of Raw and Smackdown. They go to take a picture together in the ring as the audience chants ‘Triple H’.

Marella outside and runs steps and celebrates in slow motion with his trumpet dance.

Josh Mathews is in the back with Big Show and brings up his ‘less than stellar’ WrestleMania record and says it’s true and has had over 4,000 matches but hasn’t had success at WrestleMania

Smackdown Chamber Match is next

Daniel Bryan Vs Big Show Vs The Great Khali Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Wade Barrett Vs Santino Marella in an ‘Elimination Chamber Match’ for the World Title

Wade Barrett and Big Show start the match and crowd was checked out frokm the get go and not into the two. Sho0w uses his power to toss Barrett onto the steel floor and steps on Barrett’s chest at one point.

Big Show stares down Daniel Bryan for the countdown but it’s Cody Rhodes who comes in #3. Show tosses Rhodes into the chained fence. Barrett and Rhodes get the advantage double teaming Show.

Santino Marella is in #4 and goes after Barrett and hits him with a hip toss and diving head butt and Ultimate Warrior shaking the ropes routine. Big Show chops Marella and then tosses him across the ring but Rhodes attacks Show’s knee from behind.

Barrett and Rhodes deliver a double team vertical suplex to Big Show on the steel floor. Rhodes swing the hand of Marella into the fence as the clock counts down.

The Great Khali enters #5 and attacks Rhodes and Barrett with chops and tree slams to both, a chop to Marella but then Big Show spears Khali and eliminates him – best way to book Khali and then stares down Bryan again and then climbs on top of his pod and starts breaking the chain roof and tries to climb in and attacks Bryan and is the hottest the crowd has been all night and is choking him as the clock counts down for Bryan to enter last.

Show throws him into another pod through the glass and then leads to a chokeslam but then Barrett attacks Big Show with a big boot. Rhodes his two Beautiful Disaster kicks to Show and then a DDT in the ring. Barrett hits a top rope elbow to Big Show and Rhodes pins Big Show to eliminate him and the crowd loudly boos the heels.

Rhodes is celebrating as Marella pins Rhodes with an O’Connor Roll but Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes to Marella before he leaves. We are down to Bryan, Marella and Barrett and the crowd chants ‘Santino’.

Barrett wraps the arms of Marella into the fence and attacks him. Bryan and Barrett fight with Bryan slipping as he ran to the corner for the moonsault but recovered fine. Barrett beats down Bryan with a powerbomb into the fence and shutting the pod door on his neck.

Bryan comes back with a flying knee off the top to Barrett. Marella goes for a superplex to Barrett but is tossed down but then Barrett misses a top rope elbow Bryan hits a top rope head butt and Marella rolls over and covers Barrett to eliminate him.

We are down to Bryan and Marella and the crowd is hot for Marella. Bryan laughs at Marella and attacks him with kicks. Bryan misses Marella in the corner and gets rolled up and the crowd bites for the near fall. Bryan misses a top rope head butt and Marella hits him with The Cobra but Bryan kicks out for a huge reaction and then Bryan applies the LeBell Lock and Marella tries to escape but finally Marella taps out at 34:07.

Bryan is celebrating in the ring when Sheamus comes out and lays him out with the Celtic Cross (Finlay’s version) and leaves.

Hornswoggle is eating cheese and looks over and asks Natalya to cut the cheese and she farts and runs away. Justin Gabriel walks in to talk to Hornswoggle as do Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero and they argue. Teddy Long comes in and books match between the two for tonight. Swagger says he agrees with the others than one man should run Raw and Smackdown, Long agrees and says it should be him.

Jack Swagger Vs Justin Gabriel

Quick match with Swagger having the heat early, Swagger gopt knocked to the floor and took a corkscrew plancha from Gabriel. They go back in the ring and Swagger applied the ankle lock and Gabriel tapped out right away.

WrestleMania 28 promo built around The Rock and John Cena saying it’s the biggest WrestleMania of all-time.

They announce The Undertaker will be at ‘Raw’ tomorrow night in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

John Cena Vs Kane in an ‘Ambulance Match’

The two brawl down the aisle at the start and by the ambulance and then back to the ring with Kane thrown into the steps and into the ring. Kane takes out the Cena with the claw hold and then pulls a wheelchair out from under the ring and wheels Cena up the aisle.

Cena gets up and puts Kane on the wheelchair and wheels him slowly into a table – I just want this match to end.

Cena attacks Kane with the microphone and a monitor from the announce table.

Cena attacks Kane with the steel steps and then lifts him on his shoulders, climbs the steel steps but Kane gets off and chokeslams Cena off the steps through the announce table. Kane then brings the stretcher down to the ringside area to get Cena.

Cena escapes the ambulance and makes his comeback, they fight on the ambulance and Kanbe takes the AA off the ambulance and Cena wins the match at 21:21 and Cena celebrates in the ring.

WWE Elimination Chamber Report

Welcome to our coverage of ‘Elimination Chamber’ from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.


The show starts with a video hyping up WrestleMania and the wrestlers that will ‘put their careers on the line’ tonight headline the show.


The crowd is super heated to start the show when they introduce Ricardo Rodriguez and he introduces Alberto Del Rio.


The commentary team tonight is Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and Booker T.


Del Rio does his usual promo, he is ‘committed to excellence’ and calls Kofi Kingston ‘garbage’ and is cut off by Kingston’s theme music.


Kofi Kingston Vs Alberto Del Rio


The crowd is super hot to start and chanting ‘Del Rio’, they are not calling this a title match.


They head to the floor and Kingston is tossed into the steps.


Michael Cole is noticeable subdued from his usual heel persona, which is better for the broadcast if its limited to the WWE Title match tonight.


Kingston uses reverse elbows to break out of the body scissors applied by Del Rio.


Kingston off the top rope with a flying forearm and hits the Boom Drop and sets up for the Trouble in Paradise but Del Rio moves out of the way.


Kingston hits a mid-air DDT but Rodriguez distracts and doesn’t get the pin and then follows up with a sweep into a pinfall for a near fall that the crowd pops for.


Del Rio applies the armbar but Kingston locks his hands but Del Rio breaks Kingston’s hands up and gets the tap for the win. This was a good opener and was the right finish.


They show Randy Orton backstage getting ready for his Chamber match.


Todd Grisham is backstage with Edge, who recaps all the horrible booking of the World Title over the past few weeks. He states no champion has walked in as champion and left with the title but he has also won a Chamber match in the past. Drew McIntyre walks in and mockingly applauds Edge and brings up Kelly Kelly being fired and Edge not caring about Kelly being fired. McIntyre says Edge took something important from him and tonight he will take Edge’s most prized possession. Edge says the title and Kelly will never been seen with Drew.


A video airs on the Elimination Chamber and past Chamber matches and goes over the rules of the matches.


The Smackdown Chamber Match is up next


Teddy Long comes out and says with Dolph Ziggler fired he has a replacement and it will be Big Show. It was not brought up that Wade Barrett beat Big Show his qualifying match.


Edge Vs Kane Vs Drew McIntyre Vs Wade Barrett Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Big Show for the World Title in an ‘Elimination Chamber Match’


Edge and Mysterio will start the show – the same two met at the 2008 show (then called ‘No Way Out’, tune into Review a Wai later tonight)


Mysterio takes a back drop onto the steel floor but lands on his feet to cushion the fall, Mysterio comes back with a huracanrana.


Wade Barrett is the third entrant into the match. Mysterio attempts the 619 but Edge hits him with a boot to the face.


Kane is in next – they state he’s been in four chamber matches and therefore the perfect playground for him – is that really case if he’s lost all those matches?


Kane has laid out everyone as the next entrant comes in, which is Drew McIntyre


McIntyre throws Barrett through the lexon glass, the glass that is so strong it’s what the WWE used to build its ceiling at times.


Booker T’s role on the broadcast seems to be to state the obvious


Edge hits the implant DDT on McIntyre but Kane attempts choke slam Edge but Rey saves and attempts the 619 to Kane but he ducks. Kane sends Mysterio head first into the pod and Mysterio has taken a lot of punishment in this match.


Big Show is the final entrant.


Show chops Barrett numerous times against the steel cage and then knocks him out with a straight right and eliminates Barrett. Show then takes a flying clothesline from Kane and a elbow drop from Edge for a two count, then a future shock DDT by McIntyre for a two and then a seated senton off the pod by Mysterio to Show for another two count. Show takes a 619 and then a spear by Edge, Kane takes out Edge and Mysterio with punches and finishes off with a choke slam to Big Show and Kane eliminates Show.


McIntyre comes off the top and takes a choke slam from Kane to be eliminated. Mysterio then counters a choke slam into a huracanrana but Kane holds onto him for a powerbomb but Edge spears him first and Edge pins Kane.


Kane choke slams both Edge and Mysterio before leaving. The two recovered and worked into near falls.


Mysterio ducks the spear in the corner but then takes it in the middle of the ring but Mysterio kicks out of the spear to a huge pop. Mysterio then hits the 619 and springboard splash but again Edge kicks out and crowd is super hot for this match. The match finishes with Mysterio hitting another 619 and Mysterio goes to the top and jumps off into a super spear by Edge who gets the win.


Solid final 15-minutes to the match especially when it came down to Edge Vs Mysterio.


After the match Alberto Del Rio attacks Edge but Christian makes his return and lays of Del Rio with the unprettier and crowd is really hot for Christian.


A promo for WrestleMania featuring The Rock airs including Steve Austin included in the promo.


Jerry Lawler is getting ready backstage and Matt Striker approaches. This was an awesome promo from Lawler describing the past week of his life with his Mom passing away and having the opportunity to win the WWE Title and go to WrestleMania tonight. This was great.


Booker T. enters the ring and introduces Trish Stratus as one of the trainers for ‘Tough Enough’ that debuts in April. Stratus does a catchphrase combining The Rock, Stratus and Booker’s catchphrases. Stratus says she is here tonight to see Jerry Lawler defeat The Miz. And yes, she was wearing a Stratusphere yoga shirt.


A trailer for ‘The Chaperone’ airs – anyone see it?


Michael Cole buries the segment with Booker T. and Stratus.


Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov Vs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater for the Tag Titles


Kozlov makes the tag to Marella, who comes in with a hip toss to Slater and then another to Gabriel on top of Slater. Marella goes for The Cobra but is cut off.


Kozlov in and lifts Gabriel, with Slater making the blind tag and comes in and attacks the leg of Kozlov. Gabriel recovers, tags and hits the 450 splash on Kozlov for the win and they win the Tag Titles.


A promo airs for the Hall of Fame in April.


Todd Grisham is with The Miz and Alex Riley and is asked how nervous he is. The Miz says it’s not 1983 when it was good to be King, it’s not 1999 when people smelled what The Rock was cooking and its 2011.


Vickie Guerrero comes out and says Smackdown suffered a tragedy this week when Dolph Ziggler was fired. She pleads for fans to demand Ziggler be hired back. Teddy Long comes out and tells Vickie to stop. Long announces he has rehired Kelly Kelly, who teases attacking Vickie but is attacked by Michelle McCool and Layla. Trish Stratus runs out for the save, she hit a high kick to McCool and then went for the huracanrana into the ropes on Layla but grabbed the bottom rope and Layla needed to save the spot. She finished off with a double bulldog and the heels left the ring.


A fantastic video for Jerry Lawler aired, there was no excuse for this not airing on TV leading into the show.


The Miz Vs Jerry Lawler for the WWE Title is next


Booker T. compares Lawler to Buster Douglas when he fought Mike Tyson in 1990 in Tokyo, Japan and shocked the world.


The match built well to the finish where the audience got behind the near falls. With The Miz and Lawler on the floor Lawler threw Miz into Michael Cole and took Cole out for the rest of the match.


Lawler went for the piledriver but Miz avoided it, Lawler eventually hit the second rope fist drop but Miz got his foot on the ropes. Booker was going insane on commentary trying to call a Lawler win but Miz recovered and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the clean win.


They left the camera on Lawler in the ring and played his theme on his way out.


John Cena is backstage eating Fruity Peebles and tells Todd Grisham he feels ‘yabba, dada delicious’ and they wonder why half the audience hates him.


CM Punk with Matt Striker says he is batting 1.000 against Cena.


The Raw Elimination Chamber closes off the show.


Randy Orton Vs John Morrison Vs R-Truth Vs CM Punk Vs Sheamus Vs John Cena in an ‘Elimination Chamber Match’


R-Truth once again is not given a live mic for his entrance.


Sheamus and John Morrison start off the match.


The fans were super hot in the opening 5:00 with chants for Punk as well as pro/con Cena chants.


Right now Trish Stratus, Michael Cole, Alex Riley and Fruity Pebbles are trending on Twitter.


Randy Orton is next in and delivers a draping DDT to Sheamus on the steel floor. Morrison is selling throughout as Orton works with Sheamus.


CM Punk is out #4 but the door won’t open as Orton waits for Punk. Orton attacks Punk, pulls him out and instantly delivers a RKO and eliminates Punk in seconds.


An e-mail comes in and says that due to a malfunctioning pod that Punk wasn’t given a fair chance to compete and Punk can re-enter his pod and back in the match.


John Cena is next in and gets a lot of boos


R-Truth is in #5. Truth hits a spinning clothesline to Cena and then walks into a Brogue kick and Sheamus eliminates Truth.


Orton throws Morrison through the glass of the pod.


Cena and Orton square off going back and forth with shots. The crowd responded much more than at the Rumble last month.


CM Punk comes in as the last entrant. Cena goes for the AA but Orton counters and hits the RKO on Cena but takes a bump onto the steel floor. Punk gets a near fall and then mocks the RKO set up as he goes for the GTS on Punk and hits it on Orton and eliminates Orton.

Morrison scaled the top of the chamber and came off the ceiling to take out Sheamus and eliminate him. Morrison was selling his knee and missed the starship pain on Punk and was eliminated with the GTS.

Finish came with Cena hitting the AA onto Punk on the steel floor and getting the win.