WWE Money in the Bank Preview

Sunday night the WWE presents one of their most anticipated events in a long time with ‘Money in the Bank’ from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois and built around John Cena Vs CM Punk for the WWE Title. The LAW previews the show and then catch The LAW immediately after the pay-per-view at 11pm EST on The Score on Sirius 158 and right here on the website.


Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski
This will be my bathroom break because I cannot stand the way they push her in the ring. I’m guessing she’ll retain.

Jason Agnew
This match should be a game of “how fast can we get this done”… Kelly wins in 3.5 minutes.

John Pollock
The bell rings and immediately CM Punk’s music hits and he sends them to the back because they are wasting everyone’s time.


Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski
Well, I may not know who’s going over here, but the real loser is the audience since this match is not going to be pretty. Get out your bowling shoes….

Jason Agnew
They’ve hyped this match a considerable amount and attempted to make Henry into a monster…. however, I still have hard time buying him in this role after all the damage they’ve done to him over the years.  Along with that I’m not interested in either of these characters in the ring.  I’d guess Big Show wins here since he’s due for a feud with Del Rio which should hold Punk over with… well more on that below.

John Pollock
I proposed my music video montage idea on Review a Raw, which would be the best way to showcase this match – highlights. I will fully admit this is the most interesting I have found Mark Henry to ever be and has taken to this new role very well. This should be a series of power spots and booked short with Henry going over and a likely program with Randy Orton for the title as a result.


Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski
This should be another strong in-ring match from both of these guys, but it seems pretty obvious that Christian is never getting near the world title again. Orton retains.

Jason Agnew
Once again Christian will come up short here… but I’m sure they’ll do some sort of controversy yet again to extend this feud one more match since whomever wins MITB there will still be little to no emphasis on this title.

John Pollock
Boy does this program pale in comparison after just spending all that time booking the finish for the WWE Title match. I love the matches these two have but this is one pay-per-view too many for this feud and have really divested myself just as they have with this lame stipulation that Christian can win the title on a DQ or if the official makes a bad call – if this is their way to put the title on Christian without pinning Orton than it’s going to be bad. That being said a title change on this show will be completely forgotten by the end of the night and I believe Orton keeps the title – they could always do a swerve and have a MITB cash-in for this match but it would be a swerve for the sake of a swerve and thinking short-term.


Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski On this side of MTIB, it’s a harder pick but it has to be Wade Barrett or Sheamus getting the nod here. I’ll go with Sheamus since they seem to be pushing him again lately.
Jason Agnew
For the first time in a long time there are so many potential winners coming out of this match, that it makes it very hard to predict.  I’m going to bet that one if not both MITB’s are going to be cashed in this night after Punk beats Cena.  So if that is the case, there is a certain reason / rationale for more than one of these guys to come out on top.


Sheamus – If this is just a flat out win to have a title contender and build up a character, Sheamus is the obvious choice here cause he is the next one in line to fued with Orton.  But then again, generally the MITB winner should not be the logical contender and instead be someone slightly out of the picture so they can build the challenge for a while before cashing in the briefcase.  Sheamus could however come out of this as the winner, and then after Punk beats Cena, Vince demands he cash in his title shot and Punk beats him as well… thus Sheamus can go back on SD saying that he deserves a shot cause he won MITB…. but the briefcase is already used so it becomes and empty threat an very heel like.

Cody could win here, and then have to get in the ring to face Punk since a GTS to the face would play well into his gimmick.

I love the idea of Wade Barrett getting this.  He is an excellent talker and if this is the case of having someone walk around for 6-months threatening the champion, this is a gimmick that has the potential to put Wade back into the main event picture and away from the dismal Ezekiel “Ahmed Johnson” Jackson program he has been lost in.

Gabriel and Slater are non factors but will provide some good stunts… as will Sin Cara

Daniel Bryan is interesting considering he’s been mentioned by Cena in the Punk angle.  If he wins, then Vince demands that he go after Punk and either he refuses, or gets in the ring and lays down… that would be a tremendously interesting angle, and align him with Punk which would make his spot in the company mean a lot more than it does right now…. the internet marks would go nuts for this.

Kane once again could win, and then Vince could demand him cash it in that night… thus it would be seen as a big obstacle for Punk to overcome, but he’s not very interesting.

John Pollock
This match could start the show off and is a bit more of an open field when it comes to picks with Sheamus the favourite going into the match. I would immediately rule out Kane, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. Some are feeling Daniel Bryan is under consideration but I just don’t see it based on how he is portrayed as a ‘nerd’ on TV and given no momentum heading into this match. That leaves us with Sheamus, Barrett, Rhodes and Sin Cara – Barrett is missing something to take him to the next level and I don’t know if winning this would be a wise choice, Rhodes has improved a lot with the deformed gimmick and fits the mould of a rising talent, who could benefit a lot with a win here, Sin Cara has gotten over well at live events and have to consider him a success thus far in his short WWE run but his character doesn’t lend it self well to winning the MITB. I’m leaning towards Sheamus in this one with the company hopefully having a renewed faith in him.   


Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski
I think it’s pretty obvious in this bunch that Del Rio is going to be the winner, take the title from Punk and feud with Cena for the summer.
Jason Agnew
As per above this is also a very interesting / exciting match, and many have the opportunity to win here with a great storyline.

Of course when I say many let’s first rule out Kofi & Evan who are merely spot monkeys in this one.  Riley is out, and subsequently this could lead to Miz being out as well, since Riley’s focus has been all about taking out The Miz.

R-Truth is in his own little world, and although the crazy stuff he’s doing has managed to reinvigorate his career, he’s not going to get this MITB spot.

Jack Swagger is interesting as if they are going to do a scenario where they toss the RAW MITB winner into the ring right after Punk beats Cena, he would be my second choice to go in and do the job.  Thus later on he can brag he’s a 2x MITB winner, and was forced to give his second one away by McMahon.

My first choice if they were to go with that angle would be Rey Mysterio… Mysterio wins, Vince then forces him to fight Punk.  These two have amazing chemistry together in the ring, and even if Punk does 20 minutes with Cena another 10 with Rey would be incredible television, and they have so many reversals and have such great in-ring chemistry that is would be a very exciting match, with Rey ultimately losing to Punk.

And finally Alberto Del Rio… naturally this is the guy that is and has been the choice for months going into this PPV.  DelRio’s character is stale… but the MITB briefcase could either reinvigorate his character… OR, if they choose to put the SD winner in the ring with Punk first and tire him out, then DelRio could come in and beat down a very tired Punk and take away the title effortlessly which would very much build his heel persona, and make him VERY hated and ready for his boring match with Cena at Summer Slam.

John Pollock
You know you are getting a great match in both Ladder matches as these are always laid out very well and you have some great performers in the ring. Rey Mysterio has quietly been having a fantastic run since being drafted to ‘Raw’ in the spring and is great in these types of matches when building to the finish and heightening the match. Del Rio is the clear, cut favourite and the fact he is such makes this match prone to be booked for a surprise and I wouldn’t necessarily have a problem with it. Del Rio is already near the top and can easily main event ‘SummerSlam’ without winning this match. The MITB has been designed to take guys lower on the card and show the audience they are serious about getting behind them (well except for the time Jack Swagger won). I think it’s too early for Alex Riley to get that kind of a push as he is very limited and that has been shown when he is not booked with The Miz. I will lean towards Del Rio but if I they go the surprise direction I will go with a long shot in Kofi Kingston.


Dan ‘The Mouth’ Lovranski

Well, this is the big one that everyone is waiting for. I see Punk beating Cena but then one of the money in the bank guys gets the win on him, probably Del Rio. This focuses on Cena vs Del Rio for the summer and then Punk can come back at the Royal Rumble and, hopefully, set him up for something with Stone Cold at Wrestlemania.

Jason Agnew
Well as mentioned above there are a few scenario’s that could be put in place here.

1) Montreal Finish… bad idea

2) Montreal Finish attempt with Bret Hart stopping McMahon from doing it… and Punk beating Cena.  Good idea if written properly.

3) Punk wins, challenged by SD MITB winner who he beats, then by RAW winner who he loses too.  (I’d push for Kane to be the SD winner… or Daniel Bryan, which would make the interest level go through the roof! Then DelRio to take the eventual win on the Raw side)

4) Punk wins, challenged by RAW MITB winner who he beats, then by SD winner who he loses too…. I dont see this scenario happening, but if it did I would suspect Rey Mysterio as the RAW winner, and Sheamus as the SD winner and golden child when this night is done.

5) Punk defeats Cena, then beats both MITB winners… and leaves.  This once again would be awesome, and him walking out to end the PPV would be pretty cool.

6) Cena beats Punk… either clean or via McMahon interference, let’s hope this doesn’t happen.

OVERALL: I don’t remember a card that i’ve been so interested in.  This angle already has a better follow up to it than the Nexus angle did.  I can’t wait for Sunday night… and I don’t think I’ve said that since the Bret Hart Can/Am angle in 1996/97…. okay well maybe the WCW or ECW invasion angles… but those were both ruined very fast.  Let’s hope they hit a home run with this one.

John Pollock
It has been a long time since there was this much intrigue to the finish of a match and how they book the finish of a match. The WWE has previously booked shows in such a way where it is easy for people to skip the shows and simply get caught up on ‘Raw’ the next night but this is a match you want to see live because of the atmosphere and genuine interest in how they book the finish with so many different options. It seems a lock that Punk is going to be taking time off after this match and likely return late in the year or early 2012. Punk is the hottest commodity in the business right now and has the ability right now to bring back an audience that has lost interest in the product. I have never been a big advocate of turning John Cena but in this case I like the dynamic of Cena being a babyface to a certain segment of the audience and Punk playing to the older crowd without either being a distinct heel in the traditional sense. The worst finish would be a straight match and Cena simply defeats Punk and Punk loses a ton of steam and ultimately fails. One of the best booking ideas thus far has been from Bryan Alvarez of the WO/F4W site with Punk defeating Cena, defeating the Smackdown MITB winner and ultimately losing to the Raw MITB winner with the only downside being you squander the MITB chase for a one night angle. You also have to take into account that John Cena is going to headline ‘SummerSlam’ and has to be booked with that in mind (and that show is going to suffer a lot if Punk is not on that show as I see a lot of people opting to buy this show in lieu of SummerSlam). I have given it some thought and feel a great scenario would be Punk defeats Cena and leaves with the title and the WWE Title is taken off of television for the rest of the year. This makes Randy Orton (or Christian) the champion and can go to both shows with one title fought over for the rest of the year. You could even have Punk take the title for a shot in Japan and it leads to Punk returning in the new-year as the ‘REAL WORLD CHAMPION’, who defended the title everywhere and it leads to a Title Vs Title match at WrestleMania 28 while Cena and Rock have a non-title match. The question is, who does Punk come back to feud with in a program that big? I wouldn’t go with Orton and the guy that comes to mind right away is Triple H.

WWE Money in the Bank Preview

Sunday night the WWE presents their first ever ‘Money in the Bank’ pay per view
from the Sprint Center
in Kansas City, Missouri. The concept began in 2005 at
‘WrestleMania 21′ and has been built into a star creating mechanism because of
the gimmick being protected and each winner successfully winning either the WWE
or World Title when cashing in the briefcase. The company is now hitching their
hopes that the concept alone will draw on pay per view as a stand alone event
that will feature two Ladder Matches for briefcases. Past winners include Edge,
Rob Van Dam, Mr. Kennedy, CM Punk (twice) and Jack Swagger at this past March’s
WrestleMania event. The LAW will have a full review of the show Sunday night at
11pm EST on Sirius 98 Hardcore Sports Radio, which you can listen to for free
right here on the website.


Dan Lovranski
I can’t see them flipping the title back to Cena here, but then again,
they flipped it to Sheamus last month and no one thought that would
happen. I see this one being a set up for yet another Nexus attack on
Cena, enabling Sheamus to retain the belt.

Jason Agnew
With the report of Triple H just having surgery the
potential Sheamus vs. Triple H match at SummerSlam is definitely not going to
happen, therefore it would make sense for Summerslam to be some sort of
culmination of the Nexus / NXT angle with Wade Barrett vs. John Cena, and it
would make sense for Cena to have the title around his waist to do so.  However, I don’t think they’re going to
flip-flop the title like that and instead Sheamus will retain and I expect a
3-way at Summerslam… just to complicate an already convoluted storyline.

John Pollock
The booking this past Monday left
me scratching my head as they booked Sheamus to be in fear of Nexus and running
away from them and then paired him alongside John Cena as allies to close the
show, which seems unconventional when they are headlining a pay per view six
days later in a Steel Cage match. I definitely do not want to see a title
challenge change just four weeks into this latest reign for Sheamus and the
constant title changes I feel have a big impact on pay per views holding less
importance. It would make sense to me that you tease Sheamus and Cena uniting
to fight off Nexus and it’s revealed that Sheamus is their leader as they
assisted him in winning the title at ‘Fatal Four Way’ and retaining this
Sunday. This can prolong the Sheamus Vs Cena feud while Triple H is out of


Dan Lovranski
I think Rey should retain here since they just gave him the title. I
also see a Money in the Bank attempt in this match, although I’m not
sure who it would be. It would be great to see Nexus guys weasel into
the Money in the Bank matches and then have one of them challenge Rey
right after he beats Swagger.

Jason Agnew

I think the theory of having Rey
win this one and immediately having a heel try to win it from him would make
sense.  I expect Mysterio to come out on
top here and have McIntyre unsuccessfully try to redeem his briefcase title
shot… and he’ll then have his title shot somehow given back to him on Friday

John Pollock
I think it would be a big mistake
to take the title off of Mysterio this early into his run. Next to Cena he is
the biggest draw amongst kids and should be the focal point of ‘Smackdown’
heading into the SyFy move this fall. In the ring they have the set the story
for Mysterio to sell his ankle and Swagger work for the ankle lock. I expect
Mysterio to retain in this one.


Dan Lovranski
It looks pretty obvious who would come out on top, and that’s the Miz.
But I also think that using one of these Money in the Bank matches with
an Nexus guy would be amazing if done right. I would have Nexus take out
Mark Henry, playing off what the Miz did to him on RAW, and then have
the Anonymous GM put Wade Barrett in the spot (which keeps the hint
going that the GM is Nexus friend). They will probably go with Miz, but it would be a great push for

Jason Agnew

Giving this to Jericho / Edge is just dumb since they are
already at main event level.  Bourne
doesn’t work here since it’s a better concept for a heel.  Henry is a ridiculous thought, he’s merely in
this to catch Bourne every time he falls off the ladder.  I would love to see The Miz win this, but I
think that might be the common thought so I’d expect a swerve. This would be a
fine way to put a rocket on DiBiase’s back, but considering he just got Maryse
on his arm, I don’t think his character is established enough to give him this
prize as of yet.  Thus, although this
concept works better for a heel to have Randy Orton has the actions of a heel
with the appeal of a babyface.  If
they’re going to have a heel (McIntyre) win the SD match, then I’d expect a
babyface to come out on top here… I’ll pick Orton for this one, and when he
cashes in the title shot the viper will get a rattlesnake like pop from the

John Pollock
Right off the bat I hope it’s not
Orton, Edge or Jericho as neither need the extra added push (though Jericho has
been booked to be in the background rather than the focal point of late on
‘Raw’). Evan Bourne has been booked into oblivion since the week he teamed with
John Cena and needs this win the most to erase all the times he has been laid
out over the past three weeks. The Miz is the next candidate as he can carry
the gimmick on the stick and is ready for that elevation to the top mix. The
gimmick itself probably lends itself best to the character of Ted DiBiase but
he is not ready right now and putting him over will only force the company to
rush him to the top end and he’s still getting his feet wet as a singles heel.


Dan Lovranski
I guess everyone is betting on Drew McIntyre to get the win in this one.
Ho hum. With all the stop and start on his character lately, I’m not
nearly as interested  as before. Much like the other match, I would love
to see another Nexus guy weasel in here and win and now we have two
Nexus guys with title shots and the story really kicks into gear as one
of these guys could steal the titles at any time.

Jason Agnew

Drew McIntyre… and it’s going to
be the first match of the night in order for him to rest before he returns to
take out Rey.

John Pollock
The pick that jumps out is Drew
McIntyre and could even see McIntyre cashing it in and failing later in the
night so you only have one briefcase holder coming out of this show and not
watering it down with dual title shot winners. Ziggler has a chance and they
could build him up for the title shot. Hardy and Christian seem to be in this
match to gain older fans interest but I don’t see either winning the mach nor
do I feel Kane or Big Show should be under any consideration for the win. I’ll
stick with McIntyre.


Dan Lovranski
I could see them putting the belts on the heels here to keep the feud
going between these two teams. What else are you going to do? You only
have these two teams to feud over the titles, so what do you expect?
Usos win the belts.

Jason Agnew

Who is less over… The Uso’s or
Archer & Hawkins?  The answer… Who
cares!  This feud is somehow burying both
teams… I’ll take the Uso’s and the feud will continue… ouch.

John Pollock
This program hasn’t done a lot for
me and I worry that this one could come across flat on the show. In a company
that has two active tag teams (unless you want to throw Archer and Hawkins into
the mix) it’s hard to really get motivated by the Tag Titles as a viable title
in the WWE picture. The Hart Dynasty lacks the personality to burst out of
their current position and it’s a big hole in their presentation with Natalya
serving as the most charismatic of the three. The people haven’t taken to The
Uso’s yet so the placement of this match on the card will be key.


Dan Lovranski
This match has major worst match of the year candidate written all over
it. Unfortunately, I see Fox retaining and the feud continues.

Jason Agnew

This is going to be a beyond awful
match… I’ll take Eve to win the title back.

John Pollock
The company seems to be really
behind Torres as the top female babyface on the roster and the people have
taken to her in the limited roles she has been placed in. She may have the
worst dropkick delivery in the history of the industry but if kept in the ring
short is passable. I was surprised they decided to take the title off of Torres
but I assume they feel her chasing the title is more interesting of a story. If
that is the case than no need to flip the title so quickly.


Dan Lovranski
Yes, not one, but two diva matches on one show. Layla should totally
retain since she has personality and is great in her heel role, while
Kelly Kelly has all the personality of a wet sponge and should be
strictly kept as eye candy.

Jason Agnew

TWO Diva’s matches?!?  I’ll take Layla to retain here with help from

John Pollock
I can’t remember the last time
both female titles were on the line on one pay per view and I think there is a
reason for that. I would assume with two Ladder matches, a WWE and World Title
match that they want to have two buffer matches on the card and that’s the
purpose behind this decision. I’ve grown to enjoy Michelle McCool and Layla
together as a tag team and if they’re going to switch a woman’s title I would
rather it be Alicia Fox dropping her title rather than McCool and Layla, who
should be saved for Beth Phoenix returning.