WWE Money in the Bank Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of the WWE Money in the Bank show from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

The panel of Renee Young, Booker T, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves share their memories of Dusty Rhodes and will be celebrating his life throughout the night.  

Ryback is interviewed by JoJo and cut a Rybackstage promo.

Dean Ambrose walks into the locker room where Roman Reigns is seated and Ambrose asks if he is going to cash in on him tonight and Reigns says he will be the first to know.

The panel interviews Stephanie McMahon and says The Authority will respect the wishes of Seth Rollins and he is putting his standing at risk if he were to lose the title to Dean Ambrose.

R-Truth vs. King Barrett

Barrett came out in something resembling a volunteer’s uniform from Medieval Times. Hideously bad.

R-Truth won with a crucifix at 5:49 and is declared “King What’s Up”. The commentary was painful and Barrett is hitting new lows with this King gimmick.

The pay-per-view began with everyone out for a ten-bell salute for Dusty Rhodes and the played his theme song at the end.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Neville vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus vs. Kane in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The match started with everyone pairing off and Kingston was odd man out and grabbed a ladder to sneak the early win and they all stopped and caught him as he went to climb.

Kingston does a forward flip off a catapult from Nevlle into the ladder and climbs up but is stopped. Kingston is powerbombed onto the ladder draped on the bottom rope by Reigns and then Reigns powerbombs Neville on top of Kingston.

Orton is back and hits RKOs to Kane and Kingston as he continues to try and climb. Neville springboards onto the ladder, and Orton yanks him off by the leg and hits a RKO. Sheamus and Ziggler fight on top of the ladder with Ziggler hitting head butts. Ziggler applies a sleeper and then hits the Zig Zag as Sheamus lands on the mat and Neville hits the Red Arrow.

Kane hits the worst baseball slide into a ladder and takes the superman punch from Reigns. Reigns they takes out everyone on the floor with a tope.

Big E and Xavier Woods come down to help Kingston back into the ring with a ladder but Reigns takes out Big E and Woods and goes after Kingston and tosses Kingston over the top onto everyone on the floor. Orton appears from behind and Reigns avoids the RKO and spears Orton.

Reigns is about to climb when the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears and takes out Reigns with Sister Abigail and leaves.

Sheamus and Neville are left and Sheamus sends Neville off the ladder and grabs the briefcase at 20:34.

Paige is backstage and dedicates this match to Dusty Rhodes.

Nikki Bella vs. Paige for the Diva’s title

Paige hits a somersault dive off the apron to the floor but then gets dropped on the barricade by Nikki.

The Diva’s division is all watching in the back.

Nikki works on the lower back of Paige. Paige is selling throughout the match and then comes back and applies the STF and Nikki reaches the rope. Paige goes for the PTO and Nikki blocks it and kicks her away.

Paige hits the Rampage for a near fall and crowd bites on it. The two then fight on the turnbuckle and both fall to the floor and allows Brie to come out from under the ring and switch with Nikki.

Brie goes for an inside cradle and Paige counters and pins Brie, who then reveals she is not Nikki and Nikki comes and attacks Paige and hits the Rack Attack and scores the win.

The Miz comes out and insults Ohio and says if you don’t live in New York or L.A. you don’t matter. He is joining the commentary for this match.

Ryback vs. Big Show for the Intercontinental title

Ryback immediately hits the meat hook clothesline and then the shell shock is blocked.

Ryback transitions from a Fujiwara armbar into a straight armbar and it looked terrible.

Ryback runs into a choke slam from Show and kicks out at two. Show sends Ryback to the floor and warns Miz to stay away. Show puts Ryback back into the ring and Miz runs in and attacks Show with the microphone for the DQ at 5:29.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens in a non-title match

The crowd is so hot from the start of the match.

Owens hit a pair of shoulder blocks and then the five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA but Cena counters into the STF. Cena gets up and hits a reverse vertical suplex. Cena then hits the five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA but Owens blocks and hits a release german followed by the cannonball into the corner.

Owens climbs to the top and goes for a swanton but Cena gets his knees up. Cena then drops him sternum first from an electric chair and follows with the AA for a near fall and Cena freaks out at Mike Chioda. Owens then takes him off the turnbuckle and hits a spinning sit out powerbomb for two on Cena.

Cena counters the pop up powerbomb and hits a huracanrana but then eats a superkick from Owens. Cena misses a leg slicer off the top and Owens hits the package slam for a two-count. Owens misses a moonsault and then takes the AA and Owens kicks out again as Cena is frustrated.

Owens blocks a superplex and hits a Northern Lights suplex from the second turnbuckle for a two-count. Cena then hits a Code Red and Owens kicks out and hits the pop up powerbomb for another near fall.

Cena hits the springboard stunner and AA and pins Owens at 19:13.

Cena congratulates Owens and says he belongs here in front of all these people. They shake hands and then Owens kicks him in the gut and powerbombs Cena on the outside of the apron on the floor.

Owens poses with the NXT title and then tosses the U.S title on the ground.

This was tremendous and the post-match was great.

Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose and jokes about taking the title onto Bourbon Street. He says he has been robbed and screwed and is walking out with the title tonight.

Big E. & Xavier Woods vs. The Prime Time Players for the tag titles

Woods says Kofi Kingston was robbed of being Mr. Money in the Bank yet again. Big E. calls the Ohio State Buckeyes “cheaters”. They get mad at the crowd for chanting “New Day Sucks”.

They get the heat on Young and build to the hot tag to O’Neil. Big E. is in and hits the tackle to Young off the apron and to the floor. O’Neil hits the Clash of the Titus on Woods for the win at 5:48 and wins the titles.

They announce Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt for the Battleground show on July 19th.

Seth Rollins is walking in the back, he walks past J&J security, Kane says Rollins has dug his own grave, then he walks by Stephanie and Triple H and Stephanie says he will be the one to blame if he loses and then Hunter says this is what he wanted and he needs to “show them why I chose you” and why he is the WWE champion.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose in a ladder match for the WWE title

After battling back-and-forth, Ambrose vertical suplexes Rollins onto the ladder in the corner and then hits an elbow off the ladder. Ambrose goes to climb and Rollins returns with a chair and attacks the left knee of Ambrose. Rollins proceeded to attack the knee with a dragon screw leg whip and stomped the knee. Rollins applied a figure-four around the post and then re-applies it in the ring and slapped each other as a call back to the Bas Rutten vs. Frank Shamrock spot in Pancrase.

Ambrose is placed in the tree of woe and takes a double foot stomp from Rollins. Rollins climbs to the top and Ambrose throws a chair at Rollins and stops him and is crotched on the top rope as Ambrose clotheslines him off.

Ambrose makes a big comeback and they fight into the crowd. Rollins leaves him out in the crowd and races back but Ambrose returns and jumps off the announce desk to take Rollins down. A ladder is set up between the ring and announce table as they return to the ring and leads to Rollins taking a back body drop over the top and onto the ladder. Rollins tries to climb and Ambrose returns and stops him and they go back to the floor.

They fight on the announce desk and Ambrose blocks the pedigree and hits Dirty Deeds. Ambrose is hoping up the ladder on his bad knee and Rollins smashes a monitor into the injured knee. Rollins hits a pedigree.

Rollins pulls Ambrose to the floor and into the ladder and then hits a running powerbomb, which sends Ambrose into the barricade and does it a second time. Rollins then places chairs onto a ladder on the floor and hits a sit out powerbomb onto them and buries him under the ladder and chairs. Ambrose comes back and they battle for the title on top of the ladder and both fall off with it but Rollins grabs the title and is declared the winner at 35:40.

WWE Money in the Bank Report

The pre-show kicks off with Renee Young hosting the panel along with Booker T., Christian and Alex Riley.

Tom Phillips is being used in the social media lounge as they rotate spots with Josh Mathews gone.

Byron Saxton interview Roman Reigns and says he will go sit at the head of the table.

They also aired a great video on the “numbers” behind the MITB and probably should have run on TV.

Young announces that Bad News Barrett is out of the ladder match tonight because of the shoulder injury he sustained.

Jon Stewart from The Daily Show is backstage at the show with his son.

Michael Cole brings out Daniel Bryan into the ring for the interview segment.

The crowd is super hot chanting “Yes” and Bryan tries to quiet them down and they chant “No”.

Bryan says he doesn’t know when he will be back because the strength hasn’t come back to his arm and might need another surgery but promises to be back and will win the title when he does return.

Bo Dallas interrupts Bryan and says not competing tonight must be a “pain in the neck” and needs to bolieve because life is about the journey and not the destination. Bryan says Dallas is acting like a “bo-ner” and leads to a chant and tells him “Bo…Leave” to end the segment.

The panel is wrapping the show as Harper & Rowan come on the screen and says The Usos time is ticking and to “run”.

The Usos vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan for the Tag Titles

Harper and Rowan come out to new music so they have ditched the instrumental version they came out to on Monday.

Jey gets shoved off turnbuckle and onto the barricade on the floor and then shoulder blocked on the floor by Harper. Harper and Rowan get the heat on Jey back in the ring.

Rowan uses the claw on Jey and Cole compares him to Baron Von Raschke.

Jey makes hot tag to Jimmy. He hits a pair of superkicks to Harper for a two-count.

Harper comes back and hits a powerbomb to Jimmy for a great near fall. Harper then hits a suicide dive and then hits another to Jimmy on the floor.

Rowan climbs the top and gets crotched and both Usos superplex him off and then each of them splash Rowan off the top for the win at 13:14 with Jey getting the pin.

Dean Ambrose is in the back and cuts promo ripping Seth Rollins apart and grabbing briefcase means everything because it represents a title match. Says he has to choose between “the case” and “the face” of Rollins and breaking it and chooses both.

Paige vs. Naomi for the Diva’s Title

They start with a collar and elbow tie up and fall through the ropes to the floor while keeping it applied.

Naomi hits a pescado to the floor and then applies a back submission to Paige as Cameron is looking bored in the corner of Naomi.

Paige climbed the corner for a superplex and lost her footing and both fell to the floor.

Paige applies the stump puller and then a hurricanrana but Naomi kips up and hits the rear view for a two-count. Paige gets her knees up as Naomi goes for a split legged moonsault and then comes back with a small package on Paige for a two. Naomi leaps up and Paige hits a spike DDT in mid-air for the win at 7:02 in a very good match.

They go to the panel and make their picks for the Money in the Bank title match and re-air the numbers video.

Damien Sandow comes out as Paul Revere and cuts promo on the Rose Buds and calls them “losers” just like the fans. He says Boston will always live in the shadow of New York.

Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose

Sandow with the advantage as the Exotic Express cheers on Rose and gets fans to sing. Rose gets up and stomps him in the corner and runs at Sandow and into a clothesline.

Sandow with a full nelson slam for a two-count. Rose hits Party Foul and gets the win at 4:16. Highlight was Sandow yelling “the elbow is coming…the elbow is coming”.

Thea Trinidad (formerly Rosita in TNA) was part of the Exotic Express.

They showed Jon Stewart and his son in the audience.

We got quick promos from all the members of the MITB briefcase match in front of a black screen with the MITB music playing in the background.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Early spot was Kingston climbing and Ambrose knocking the ladder over and Kingston landed feet first on the top rope and dove to the floor on to Van Dam, Ziggler and Swagger on the floor.

Swagger is head butted off the top of a ladder by RVD and then gets hit from behind by Rollins. They fight on the top as Swagger comes up and powerbombs Van Dam off the ladder. Ambrose scales up the ladder and superplexes Rollins from the top of the ladder.

Ambrose and Rollins later fight at the top of the ladder with Rollins knocked off but Swagger stops Ambrose and Ambrose counters with a DDT and is selling his shoulder from it.

The trainers come to check on Ambrose and want to remove him from the match and he starts going Johnny Bedford on the officials and leaves to the back.

Rollins, Kingston and Van Dam fight on the top of the ladder with another ladder draped between the ladder and top rope. Kingston back body drops Rollins onto the horizontal ladder and Kingston nearly grabs briefcase but Ziggler stops him. The crowd totally bought Kingston could win. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag to Kingston on a ladder and both hurt from it.

Ziggler climbs as Swagger applies the ankle lock and Ziggler keeps climbing and kicks Swagger off. Ziggler climbs and Rollins attacks the bad ankle with a chair. Rollins starts climbing and crowd erupts as Ambrose returns from the back and beats down Rollins with a chair while selling his left shoulder.

Ambrose climbs by himself as Kane’s pyro goes off. Kane yanks him off the ladder and choke slams Ambrose and then a tombstone.

Kane holds the ladder as Rollins climbs and grabs the briefcase at 23:14 to win the match.

Triple H and Stephanie come out to congratulate Rollins and pose with him at the entrance with the briefcase.

Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Goldust & Stardust

These four are in the death spot following the last match as crowd comes down.

Ryback and Axel beat down on Goldust while tagging in and out.

Ryback hits a spinebuster to Goldust and pounds his chest. He sets up for the meat hook clothesline and runs into a back elbow from Goldust and then tags in Stardust.

Stardust counters the shell shock with an Inverted DDT but Axel saves.

Axel knocks into Ryback and Stardust school boys Axel for the win at 7:34.

Axel tried to attack Stardust after the match and was laid out.

Crowd hurt this and the announcers didn’t seem into it either and everyone took this as the intermission.

Byrox Saxton interviews Fandango about the women’s match, he loves triangles. Summer Rae walks in and says we know who Fandango really loves and shows off her legs. Layla walks in and says he prefers someone who is “abreast” with the situation and they insult one another.

Rusev vs. Big E.

Lana and Rusev cut a promo in the ring – same as usual.

Big E. comes out with the American flag and E has an insert promo doing his Apollo Creed delivery with a patriotic promo.

E goes for the tackle through the ropes but runs into a knee from Rusev and then hits E with a german suplex.

E recovers and hits belly to belly suplex and then Rusev runs into a uranage for a two-count. Crowd isn’t into the match.

E hits an overhead belly to belly and hits the tackle through the ropes as both crash to the floor and gets a reaction from the crowd. It looked as though E spiked his head on the floor.

Rusev hits head kick from the outside of the apron and into the ring with a big thrust kick, stomps the back and applies the Accolade and E tries to break out but cannot get out and taps at 7:19.

The panel put over the ladder match.

Nikki and Brie Bella are in the back and Stephanie walks in asking why Brie is here. Stephanie tells them not to “think” as it’s not what the Bellas do best and our licensed personnel can be here and Nikki is showing Brie her favorite video on her phone and it’s a replay of Vickie sending Stephanie into the mud on Raw.

Stephanie has Brie escorted out.

Summer Rae vs. Layla with Fandango as Guest Referee

Fandango gets distracted by Rae’s legs as she chokes Layla and then Layla kicks Rae into Fandango and they near kiss when Layla attacks her.

Announcers are giggling their way through this one.

Summer mounts her and then gets up and takes a superkick from Layla and she gets the win at 3:06.

Layla and Fandango make out after the match and they leave together with Summer in the ring crying.

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the vacant title

Triple H and Stephanie come out to sit at ringside.

Sheamus and Reigns each grabs a ladder and sandwich Kane in between them.

Kane choke slams Cena and gets a strong reaction for that move. Kane then holds the ladder for Orton to climb but Reigns knocks Kane into the ladder and sends Orton off of it and the ladder falls on his head and cut Orton open hard way.  

Bray tips the ladder as Sheamus and Cesaro hold onto the ring holding the titles and Sheamus falls down followed by Cesaro.

Sheamus and Cesaro climb with a ladder going through the main one and Reigns tips it onto its side as Cesaro and Sheamus remain on the ladder, cool visual.

Kane and Orton work together to take Sheamus off the ladder with the idea that Kane is only here to ensure Orton wins. Reigns returns and spears Kane and Orton drops the ladder onto Reigns’ head.

Reigns avoids the RKO and hits the superman punch to Orton and then knocks Sheamus off turnbuckle to the floor.

Reigns with jumping dropkicks to Del Rio and then to Wyatt on the desk followed by a spear to Cesaro on the floor and cleaning house on everyone.

Reigns and Cena have a face off in the ring. I thought the crowd would be hotter for that stare down.

Reigns spears Cena and goes to climb but Orton pulls him down. Orton climbs and Wyatt stops him and hits Sister Abigail and really teasing a turning with Bray for ruining The Authority’s plan. Del Rio stops Wyatt and sends him to the floor with a superkick. Sheamus tips ladder and brogue kicks Del Rio. Cesaro pulls him off and hits Neutralizer as they all are taking turns having the ring alone.

Orton pulled Cesaro off the ladder into a RKO for a great spot.

Orton and Reigns fight on the ladder as Orton is all bloody. Kane then choke slams Reigns off the ladder. Kane holds the ladder for Orton when Cena comes in and hits the AA to Kane and then an AA to Orton on top of Kane.

Cena climbs and grabs the titles at 26:30.

WWE Money in the Bank Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Josh Mathews, Big Show, Kofi Kingston and Vickie Guerrero (who I thought was fired) were on the expert panel this month.

They went right to the pre-show match.

Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. The Usos for the Tag Titles

The crowd wasn’t into the first half of the match but really picked up after the second commercial break they took.

There was a tower of doom spot that they popped huge for and ended with Rollins powerbombing a member of The Usos into the corner and staggering as Reigns hit the spear for the win at 14:48 with the final 4-5-minutes really hot in the arena.

They did an elaborate video opening with a money truck driving through Philadelphia and arriving at the Wells Fargo Center with the two briefcases. The announce the crowd at 18,147.

Fandango and Dean Ambrose are already in the ring as the show starts for the opening Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Zeb Colter cuts a promo as he comes out with Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger and says instead of stars and stripes they should have put a burrito or taco on the flag and two real Americans will win the match.  

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes enter with Sandow cutting a promo and then Rhodes goes to speak but the microphone is yanked as Sandow makes fun of Rocky Balboa as “fictional”.

Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Wadde Barrett in the World Title MITB Ladder Match

Swagger and Cesaro try to double team with the ladders early in the match. The crowd was big into Ambrose as he fired up on Cesaro. 

Sandow hit Fandango with a vertical suplex onto the ladder in the corner.

Barrett attacked Sandow with a broken off rung and then Barrett was pulled off the ladder by Swagger into an uppercut by Cesaro on his way down.

Rhodes took Cesaro off the ladder and went for a muscle buster but dropped him on the ladder in the corner.

Fandango hit a sunset flip to Barrett off the ladder for a big reaction – all of them are working hard. 

Ambrose puts the ladder around his neck and swings it ala Terry Funk. Cesaro and Swagger lifted him with the ladder and after a failed attempt Ambrose skinned the cat in mid-ring.

Swagger then had Cesaro stand on his shoulders to try and get the briefcase but Rhodes hit a dropkick to knock his balance off.

Rhodes and Ambrose fight on the ladder as Rhodes is busted open and knocks Ambrose off but Rollins and Reigns run in and attack Rhodes. The Usos run in for the save and they brawl to the floor as Ambrose climbs but Rhodes tips the ladder and Ambrose falls onto everyone on the floor.

The crowd is super hot for Rhodes as he climbs and then Sandown comes from behind and knocks him off and steals the briefcase at 16:27 for the win.

Justin Roberts welcomes Brad Maddox to the ring, he calls Justin the wrong name (essentially he’s going to play Mike Adamlein this new role). He tells a terrible joke about not being able to fill Vickie’s shoes because he doesn’t like high heels. He points to Vickie on the expert panel and thanks her.

Maddox throws to terrible music video tribute for Vickie with Maddox singing them tune to. Horrible.

Curtis Axel vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Title

The crowd is chanting “ECW” for Heyman at the start of the match. 

Miz fakes an injury on the floor in order for the referee to send him to the back as a lot of the crowd boos that Heyman is leaving and a big “We Want Heyman” chant. 

Axel is wearing down Miz but the crowd is pretty quiet. Miz starts a comeback as the crowd boos him and he starts playing the heel to the crowd. 

Axel hits the Perfect Plex but Miz kicks out. 

Miz comes back and applies the figure-four but Axel turns it over but the Miz gets back onto his own back. Axel goes to the floor after getting out of the hold and hit a neck breaker  for the win at 9:18. 

AJ vs. Kaitlyn for the Diva’s Title

AJ is attacking the arm from the start of the match.

They tell the story that Kaitlyn’s elbow is hurt and leads to AJ being tossed off the top to the floor where Langston catches AJ.

AJ gets back in the ring and takes a spear but the elbow is hurt and allows AJ to apply the Black Widow and get the win.

They go to the expert panel to recap the matches we’ve seen thus far.

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

The crowd is quiet during the first five-minutes of the match. Ryback is tossing Jericho around and hits a splash off the second turnbuckle.

Ryback lost his footing as he went to shoulder block Jericho in the corner. Ryback hit him with a belly to belly suplex and lariat as he calls for the Shell Shock but Jericho blocks it and goes for the code breaker but Ryback drops him in mid-air.

Jericho goes after the injured leg of Ryback. Jericho then hits the code breaker through the apron and Ryback goes to the floor but Ryback makes it back before the count of ten.

Ryback lifts him and tries for the Shell Shock but Jericho counters into a DDT. Jericho fires up and goes for the lionsault but Ryback moves and Jericho lands on his feet and Ryback rolls him up with a school boy for the win at 11:22.

They aired a video on the opening of the WWE Performance Center.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler for the World Title

The crowd is all behind Ziggler.

Ziggler does his repeated elbow drops as Lawler says that killed him once.

Del Rio tosses Ziggler into the barricade on the floor. Del Rio starts showing off and runs at Ziggler, misses and go through the ropes and spills on the floor.

Del Rio climbs to the top and Ziggler runs up and hits him with a face buster. A few minutes later Del Rio got out of the way of the rocker dropper and Del Rio hit a bridging german suplex for a two-count.

Del Rio misses the enzigiri in the corner and gets hit with the rocker dropper for a near fall.

AJ’s music hits and she comes out skipping and Ziggler doesn’t want her there.

Ziggler gets stopped on the top rope and takes the reverse superplex and Del Rio gets a two-count.

Del Rio pulls his knee pad down and goes for another super kick as AJ runs in and hits Del Rio with the belt for the DQ finish at 14:28.

Ziggler is upset at AJ as the crowd chants “You Screwed Ziggler” at her and she cries as he leaves her in the ring.  

A video package airs for the WWE Title Match, which is next.

John Cena vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Title

The crowd is heavily into Henry at the start.

It’s all Cena selling from the start including Henry dropping him on the steps on the floor and hitting the old Chocolate Slide onto Cena.

Cena tries for a scoop slam and later the AA but both times Henry falls down on top of him. Cena tries the AA again and hits it but Henry kicks out.

Cena climbs to the top rope and jumps but is caught by Henry in mid-air and hits the World’s Strongest Slam but Cena kicks out. 

Henry removes two of the turnbuckle pads as the referee is distracted with one of them and Cena reverses and runs Henry into one of them and applies he STF but Henry makes the ropes. 

Henry hits a low blow behind the referee’s back and gets another near fall. Henry tries for another World’s Strongest Slam but Cena jumps off and applies the STF for the win at 14:41. 

The panel marvels at the toughness of John Cena. 

They recap The Wyatt Family’s debut this past Monday and eliminating Kane from the ladder match.

Rob Van Dam comes out first for a monster reaction.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Christian vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Rob Van Dam in the WWE Title MITB Ladder Match

All of them attack Van Dam at the start and then go after Sheamus.

It’s down to Punk and Bryan in the ring in the early going as the crowd pops for their brief back and forth.

Van Dam makes it back in to do his pose but then gets tossed to the floor by a bunch of ladders.

Sheamus starts climbing as Van Dam tips it and Sheamus lands badly on the leg of the ladder.

All six climbed the ladders at the same time and ended with all of them falling with Orton looking to have landed badly on his leg.

All the guys have turns alone trying to get up the ladder but stopped by someone else. Christian gets knocked off the ladder by Van Dam and leads to a spot where Van Dam climbs a ladder and splashes Christian.

Bryan does this insane sequence nailing everyone with a ladder, a suicide dive to Punk and then knocking Sheamus off the top and through a ladder set up between the ring and announce table.

Bryan goes to climb but Curtis Axel runs in and attacks Bryan. Axel lays him out but then Punk hits Axel with the GTS. Paul Heyman comes down and starts yelling at Axel for getting involved in Punk’s match. 

Punk starts trying to climb as Heyman gets into the ring and thrusts a ladder at Punk three times with the final time to the head of Punk and leaves as Punk is bleeding from the head. 

Van Dam tries to climb and Orton comes in and hits a RKO to him off the ladder. 

Orton climbs up and gets the briefcase at 26:38.

WWE Money in the Bank Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE ‘Money in the Bank’ event from the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The pre-show featured Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeating Hunico and Camacho to keep the Tag Titles in a short match. The crowd was into it for what it was.  

The show opens with a video recapping all the past MITB winners and resulting in a new champion every time the contract has been cashed in.

The show kicks off with the ‘Smackdown’ Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Dolph Ziggler Vs Santino Marella Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Tyson Kidd Vs Sin Cara Vs Christian Vs Damian Sandow Vs Tensai in the ‘Smackdown’ Money in the Bank Ladder Match 

Sin Cara and Dolph Ziggler had a scary spot where it looked like Cara was going for the Flux Capacitor the Maximos used to do off the top and lost their balance but landed okay

Christian missed Rhodes with a frog splash landing on the ladder

Kidd took Tensai to the floor with a huracanrana over the top rope and allowed Sandow and Christian to fight back and forth up the ladder and Christian went for a spear but was kicked by Sandow before he could hit it and they continued to fight and Christian speared him on his second try onto the ladder

Ziggler and Rhodes race up the ladder and exchange punches until Tensai pulls down both and climbs as Kidd springboards onto the ladder but gets knocked down – Kidd has looked great in the match thus far

Marella tosses Christian to the floor and lays out Ziggler with a hip toss and head butt and then the cobra on Ziggler and climbs the ladder, uses the cobra on Sandow on the ladder and then Rhodes knocks him off the ladder

Rhodes begins to climb and Vickie starts climbing and allows Ziggler to attack Rhodes and the crowd is excited for Ziggler but Christian cuts him off

Tensai sets a ladder up between the ring and announce table and power bombs Sin Cara onto it and then Ziggler gets sent into the announce booth and flies into them

The finish comes with Christian climbing after knocking down Marella but Ziggler comes and knocks him off and grabs the briefcase at 18:29

Josh Mathews is with Sheamus, who does a long promo comapring himself to a car – crowd was at the edge of their seats

The Miz returned and said he had been filming a movie and has added himself to the Raw MITB match later tonight and will win

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Title

Del Rio immediately goes after the arm and Del Rio with the advantaghe as crowd isn’t into things early 

Del Rio runs into a Sheamus boot

Sheamus sling shots into the ring and takes a single arm DDT in mid-air by Del Rio and Sheamus fights back with shots to the chest on the apron and then the Irish Curse for a two-count 

Sheamus misses the brogue kick into the ropes and Del Rio with a back cracker for a two-count

Del Rio went for a running enzigiri in the corner and they totally messed it up and missed and Sheamus just went to the finish with the Irish Curse and Brogue kick for the win at 14:24

After the match Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez beat down Sheamus and Ziggler comes out to cash in his briefcase but Sheamus gets up and brogue kicks him in the head before Ziggler cashes it in

They air an interview with Daniel Bryan from the pre-show and says he will win the title and AJ tonight

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth come out in suits and then AW comes out to introduce the Prime Time Players and refer to them as ‘dem boys’

Darren Young & Titus O’Neil Vs Epico & Primo

Epico with a dive to all three on the floor 

O’Neil runs Epico into the post on the floor and they work him over in their corner

The crowd is dead for this match and they do a spot where Rosa Mendes dances on the floor

Primo rolls up Darren Young for the win at 7:11

AW yells that they are still the #1 contenders and get in the face of Kingston and Truth at ringside and they toss water at AW and are separated

A video for the WWE Title match airs and then Matt Striker interviews AJ and says she will be fair and gets emotional talking about CM Punk and calls him an ‘amazing human being’ and Daniel Bryan is her first love even though he is using her and says she doesn’t know how she feels about both of them

CM Punk Vs Daniel Bryan with AJ as the Guest Referee for the WWE Title

Early in the match Punk hits a suicide dive to the floor and plays to the crowd and then they fight up the aisle

They do a spot where AJ is knocked down on the floor and they take her to the back

They fight around the ring and Punk sprinboards off the barricade with a clothesline to Bryan on the floor

Punk pulls out a table and then a kendo stick but Bryan gets the kendo stick as they get back into the ring and Bryan attacks him with it repeatedly but then misses with a splash off the top rope

They do an exchange of kicks and then forearms in the middle of the ring with Punk taking over and hits the running knee and bulldog and calls for the GTS but it is blocked on the first try and then goes for it again and Bryan with a rana into a roll up for a two-count

Bryan with an inverted surf board but Punk gets one leg free and grabs the kendo stick and attacks Bryan with it

AJ runs back out with both men down and is smiling and then pulls out a chair and places it between them and both go for it with Bryan getting the chair and using it over and over and AJ counts two

Bryan delivers a series of kicks in the chest but Punk comes back with a clothesline and picks up the chair

Bryan goes for the kendo stick but AJ steps on it and Bryan turns around into a head kick and scoop slams him onto a chair and goes for a top rope elbow drop but Bryan moves and Punk lands on the chair and Bryan applies the YES lock using the kendo stick but Punk breaks free using the kendo stick and hits the GTS but Bryan kicks out

Punk puts Bryan on a table and climbs to the top and Bryan hops off and crotches Punk, Punk stops Bryan on the top and drives down elbows to Bryan and suplexes Bryan off the top through the table and Punk gets on top for the win at 27:46

A video promoting Tout airs

Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks Vs Ryback 

Ryback dead lifts Hawkins and powerbombs him before sending him to the floor and hits Reks with THE MEAT HOOK (clothesline) and lifts Reks for the SHELL SHOCK for thewin at 4:22 

They air another Raw moment featuring Chris Jericho’s debut in 1999 with The Rock in Chicago

Layla & Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka Vs Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Phoenix runs at Kaitlyn in the ropes and misses and Kaitlyn tags in Layla and misses a spin kick and gets military pressed but turns it into a roll up for a two

All the women fight in the ring and ends with Tamina super kicking Phoenix and Layla hits her finish for the win at 3:25

John Cena Vs Chris Jericho Vs Kane Vs Big Show Vs The Miz in the ‘Raw’ Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Big Show and Kane clear the ring and go abck and forth until Show is sent to the floor and Cena delivers the AA to Show through the Spanish table and then they bury him with ladders

They do a double five knuckle shuffle spot with Cena delivering it to Miz and Jericho on a ladder

Show finally emerges from under the ladders and eventually pulls out the biggest ladder I have ever seen and setsit up in the middle of the ring

Show fights off Kane and Cena from the ladder but Jericho attacks Show with a chair

Jericho and Cena climb the big ladder and Cena gets him on his shoulders but Jericho turns it into a sleeper and Jericho eventually drops Cena and Miz climbs up as they fight for the briefcase and then Big Show climbs up and hits the KO punch to Jericho and knocks down Miz as Cena climbs up and uses the briefcase to knock Show away and the briefcase breaks off in Cena’s hands and he wins at 20:04.

WWE Money in the Bank Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE ‘Money in the Bank’ from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty in a non-title dark match.

A great video package built around CM Punk’s comments and footage of Vince McMahon at various press conferences etc. They had a clock sound effect playing up that Punk’s contract is up at Midnight tonight.

The ‘Smackdown’ Money in the Bank Ladder Match is up first with Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Cody Rhodes

Crowd is hot right from the start of the match. Everyone ends up on the floor with Gabriel and Slater attacking everyone with the ladder and then they fight in the ring. Gabriel shimmies on the ladder and then takes a dropkick from Daniel Bryan to drop off the ladder.

Daniel Bryan with a suicide dive to the floor and then Justin Gabriel with a somersault over the top and Sin Cara hits a top rope crossbody to the floor onto Sheamus.

Barrett sets up the ladder on the apron and Spanish announce table but then misses a clothesline to Sin Cara into the steel post. Sheamus then lays out Cara with the Brogue kick.

A chant for ‘CM Punk’ starts about 10-minutes into the match.

Sheamus with a powerbomb to Sin Cara off the apron and puts him through the ladder that is between the announce table and apron. Sin Cara is taken to the back on a stretcher.

Kane climbs the ladder but stopped by Barrett, Slater and Gabriel and allows Cody Rhodes to climb while they are distracted but they stop him as well and then the same to Daniel Bryan. They play up The Corre working together here in spots.

Barrett wants to climb but Slater and Gabriel attack Barrett and he is thrown to the floor. Then Slater and Gabriel climb and fight over the briefcase but Rhodes tips the ladder and lays out Slater in the ring. Rhodes begins to climb but Barrett is back and they fight. Rhodes drops Barrett but then Sheamus is in and hits a uranage into his knee to lay out Rhodes.

Kane and Sheamus delivered the Doomsday Device to Daniel Bryan and led to a chant of ‘L.O.D.’ from the crowd. Kane hits Rhodes with a choke slam and then another to Justin Gabriel and then Kane climbs but Bryan fights with him on the ladder. Big chant of ‘Let’s Go Bryan’.

Sheamus and Barrett try to lift Slater by the sternum but he falls to the floor on Kane in a strange looking spot.

Sheamus beats down Gabriel and hits him with the Brogue kick. Sheamus climbs but so does Kane and the fight on the ladder. This leads to Kane hitting a chokeslam to Sheamus off the ladder and onto another ladder back first. Barrett hits Kane with Wasteland.

In a huge spot Gabriel hits a 450 splash off a ladder on the turnbuckle to hit Kane. The margin for error was very tiny and Gabriel pulled it off. Rhodes stops Barrett from climbing and clotheslines Barrett to the floor.

Rhodes and Bryan are next to fight on the ladder but Barrett comes up from behind them. Bryan is on the top going for a guillotine as Barrett attempts to grab the briefcase but is stopped. Rhodes is sent to the floor and then he knocks down Barrett and Daniel Bryan grabs the briefcase.

They show Vince McMahon arriving with John Laurinaitis and a WWE attorney.

Kelly Kelly Vs Brie Bella for the Diva’s Title

Eve Torres is in the corner of Kelly.

There is a nasty tilt-a-whirl spot by Kelly and then they fight on the floor with Kelly laying out both Bellas.

Kelly had a head scissors while she is upside down on the apron and gets dropped front first onto the floor.

Brie works over the right arm of Kelly.

Kelly goes for the famouser, it is countered into a backslide but Brie blocks. Kelly goes for a face plant but Brie drops too fast and then Kelly comes back with the famouser for the win and keeps the title.

Nikki tells Brie that Kelly doesn’t even eat and why she couldn’t beat Kelly.

A promo airs for ‘SummerSlam’ with Cee Lo Green doing the theme song.

Mark Henry Vs Big Show is next

Show with a shoulder tackle and Henry to the floor. They fight on the floor and Henry gets shoved over the steps after a clothesline from Big Show.

Back in the ring Henry attacks the bad left knee of Big Show and works it over.

Henry hits a World’s Strongest Slam but Show kicks out. He hits a second one and gets the win.

After the match Henry did the Brian Pillman deal to his ankle and Show sold it big in the ring. He needed assistance to get to the back and is taken out on a cart. The crowd chants ‘CM Punk’ as he exits.

McMahon is with Laurinaitis and Josh Mathews walks in and asks if they have re-signed CM Punk and McMahon says ‘no’ and calls Punk an ingrate. He says he offered him the most lucrative contract ever and he turned it down.

The ‘Raw’ Money in the Bank Ladder Match is next with Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, R-Truth, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger

All the guy grab ladders to start and attack Del Rio, who is sent to the floor. Mysterio is sent front first to the floor and lands on a ladder.

Riley dives over the top rope onto Swagger and Miz and then R-Truth with a tope con hilo to the floor on all three. Kingston and Mysterio with stereo crossbodies to the floor. It builds to Bourne hitting a shooting star press off the top of a ladder to everyone on the floor in a spectacular spot.

The Miz and Bourne are on the ladder in the middle of the ring but Del Rio tips it over Miz looks to have injured his knee and is helped to the back.

Kingston springboards over Swagger onto the ladder but Swagger applies the ankle lock as Riley comes from the other side to climb the ladder.

Kingston hits the Boom Drop off the top rope and bounces off a ladder on the ropes.

They do a spot where all seven are on the ladders going for the briefcase but all fail.


Kingston climbs but Swagger stops them and Swagger falls awkwardly with Kingston landing on top. The Miz runs out to a massive babyface reaction but Mysterio stops him and Mysterio gets a chorus of boos.

Del Rio and Mysterio are climbing but Del Rio yanks the mask off of Rey and he shields his face but accidentally knocks Del Rio off his ladder, Del Rio climbs again and wins the match.

Josh Mathews interviews Alberto Del Rio and he says it is his destiny to win the WWE Title.

Randy Orton Vs Christian for the World Title – if Orton loses by DQ he loses the title or if there is a bad call by the official

There are light chants of ‘Randy sucks’. Christian with the heat during the early portion of the match.

The match picks up with Orton making a comeback but cut off with the killswitch and crowd pops for the near fall by Christian.

Christian misses a spear to the corner and then lifts Christian and drops him on his back. Orton goes for the punt but Christian with a counter.

This leads to Christian in the corner begging off and spits in the face of Orton, who then responds with a low blow but the referee sees it and calls for the bell and Christian wins the title as per the stipulations.

After the match Orton destroys Christian with multiple RKO’s on the Spanish announce table and the crowd is insanely hot during the post match.

They air a video for the main event and then the crowd stands in anticipation of CM Punk, chant his name and then goes crazy for his entrance.

John Cena Vs CM Punk for the WWE Title

Very slow at the start with Cena applying holds and even teasing the AA early. Punk comes back with a DDT and then a figure four to the neck of Cena.

Cena is drapped on the apron and Punk hits a flying knee of the top rope.

Colt Cabana and Ace Steel are visible in the front row throughout the match but never referred to on camera by the announcers.

Punk hits a twisting crossbody and lands awkwardly on Cena for a two-count. They go a spot with both going for vertical suplexes on the apron and it ends with Cena suplexing Punk onto the floor.

Long abdominal stretch spot by Cena but Punk fights off and hits a hip toss. Punk misses the knee in the corner and Cena drops him with a suplex and the crowd is just hating Cena. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle but Punk hits him with a low blow and then hits a suicide dive to Cena on the floor.

Cena goes for the AA but Punk lands on his feet and then falls on his ass and hits Cena with a kick. Punk goes for the GTS but Cena blocks and hits a suplex for a two-count. Punk comes back with a series of knees and a bulldog to Cena and then a springboard clothesline for a two-count. Punk with a flying kick that Cena ducks and into the STF.

The finish came with Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis at ringside and McMahon wanted to call for the bell but Cena stopped him. Punk hit the GTS and got the win.

McMahon was furious and called for Alberto Del Rio, who came down with his MITB briefcase and got kicked in the face by Punk and Punk ran through the audience and left as the show went off the air.