WWE NXT Report for Dec. 20 – Big Show Vs Bo Dallas

Tonight’s show begins with a video recap featuring the recent accomplishments of one Bo Dallas.  A few weeks ago young Mr. Dallas challenged the entire WWE roster not to a match but to a fight.  What he might not have expected was that his challenge would be answered by the Big Show.  Cue the Coheed and Cambria music.


Tony Dawson and William Regal are calling the action tonight.  Uso #1 starts the match with a long headlock spot.

Primo escapes but runs into a really nice armdrag.  These two are really adept at the chain wrestling which is always a big hit with yours truly.  Uso #1 continues to hold the advantage and tags in #2.  Primo tags out to Epico.  Jay dominates Epico and tags in Jimmy.  Jey tags back in and the heel contingent retreat to the floor.  Uso #1 baseball slides to the floor to fake out Primo and Epico while Uso 2 delivers a plancha as we cut to the commercial break.  

Back from the break and the Usos are still in control.  The heels send Jey flying to the floor and regain control.  

Primo and Epico cut the ring in half.  Rest hold applied by Epico as the crowd tries to rally Jey.  Epico hits 3 consecutive back suplexes.  Dropkick and a cover by Primo.  Suplex and another cover.  Primo misses a dropkick in the corner and ends up tying himself in the Tree of Woe.  Hot tag to Jimmy but the ref doesn’t see it.  Jey continues to sell.  Jey reverses an Irish Whip and hits a backdrop, finally making the hot tag.  A fresh Jimmy hits the Bubba Bomb, a butt smash and the Samoan Drop on Primo.  Jey hits the 5-star Frog Splash for the win.  After the match the lighting changes and The Ascension appear on the screen promising their return and another chapter in the ongoing feud with the Usos.  Awesome (love the Ascension!).

Winners – the Usos



Last week Dusty Rhodes made this handicap match in response to Comacho’s attempt to cash in on the $5000 bounty placed on the head of Big. E.  There’s a big ‘E’ sign in the audience (I’m not kidding!).  Langston goes to work on English with knee lifts and a clothesline.  Regal puts over the big man – saying he’d never want to face him in competition.  Comacho retreats to the floor as Langston hits his finisher.  Comacho retreats up the ramp.  The crowd begs for more – and they get it (yep – 2 more finishers and 2 more five-counts).  This guy is by far the biggest babyface on the roster (which makes his appearance on RAW this week all the more interesting – hmmm).
Winner – Big E. Langston



Watson hits a set of smooth moves to open the match.  Regal talks at length about how he understands Ohno’s state of mind but hopes that he changes.  Watson goes for a standing suplex but Ohno escapes with strike to the midsection.  Ohno works over Watson in the corner.  Ohno hits an elbow strike but Watson kicks out.  Dragon Sleeper applied by Ohno.  Ohno chokes out Watson using the top rope.  Watson still has some fight in him and they trade chops.  Watson goes on the attack with rights, a dropkick and a spinebuster.  Watson does his position-shifting splash.  Ohno looks to be setting up Watson for a neckbreaker but then he hits the One Behind the Ear finisher instead.  After the match Ohno berates William Regal from the ramp but Regal remains unfazed.
Winner – Kassius Ohno
In the next segment Jim Ross interviews present champ Seth Rollins.  Ross asks Rollins if he is okay being ‘the hunted’.  Rollins responds that he is ‘a fighting champion’ (this guy can really talk).  Outta nowhere Corey Grave chop blocks Rollins and applies a vicious submission.  Graves remains in the ring and demands that Jim Ross interview him.  Graves cuts a solid promo on why he should be the next in line for a shot at the NXT title.
Coming back out of the break and John Cena himself cuts a promo hyping the Boxing Day edition of NXT (neat).



It’s Smackdown champ Big Show against the fiery Bo Dallas (a man who once claimed that he has “a chin that won’t give in” – we’ll certainly get to test that theory).  Jim Ross is on commentary with William Regal (my favorite commentary team).  Show dominates Dallas from the get go – mowing him down with a shoulder block.  Ross compares Bo Dallas to an animal that was bred to fight.  Big Show hits the massive chop to the chest of his much smaller opponent.  Then he does it again.  Big Show goes for a scoop slam and Dallas locks on a sleeper hold.  Big Show reverses the hold by falling backward onto Dallas (damn).  Big Show misses a giant-sized elbow drop.  Dallas responds with multiple strikes as he fires up.  A dropkick doesn’t take down the giant.  Dallas avoids a chokeslam.

Dallas tries for a Bulldog but Big Show powers him to the mat and follows up with the W.M.D. punch for the win.

Winner – Big Show

My 2 Cents
With next week’s show being a ‘Best of’ for the year there will be no NXT report (but I will be back with another one in 2 weeks).  When the NXT show moved to Full Sail University I had a feeling that it would tighten up and I was right on the money.  Like a lot of WWE fans yours truly watches Smackdown and RAW as well but I’ve gotta say that week in and week out this is the best hour of wrestling the ‘Fed puts out.  To make a food analogy NXT would be South Street Burger, Smackdown is like Harvey’s and then there’s RAW which is very much the MacDonald’s of the set.  It’s almost like NXT is what wrestling really should be – what with the logical booking, solid matches and gradual character development.  It’s amusing to me that the best thing the company does on a weekly basis is so far under the radar.  
It’s sort of like your guitar-hero friend that can really shred but plays in a cover band and doesn’t draw attention to it.  
Well anyways – it’s been a blast writing these reports, thanks for reading ’em and I’ll see you all in 2 weeks.  Stay cool.