WWE NXT Report for Feb. 14 – Tag Tournament Finals

A video recap of the NXT Tag Team Tournament airs to open the show.

[Match #1]: Mike Dalton vs. Axl Keegan

Before the match begins, Paige hits the ring and runs off ring announcer Summer Rae. She then grabs the mic and says that she is holding up the show until Rae comes back to the ring. Apparently talent holding up WWE television is the en vogue thing to do nowadays. She slaps Keegan and tells him to leave, and Keegan’s facials here were hilarious. NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes comes to the ramp and says the show doesn’t revolve around her and tells her to leave. Rae then comes back out and Paige runs up the ramp as the two are separated.

Winner [via]: No contest

[Match #2]: Alex Riley vs. Corey Graves

Riley opens with a flurry of punches and sends Graves into various turnbuckles before hitting a big clothesline and a scoop slam. Riley continues the offensive with an atomic drop and a high angled dropkick for a two count. Back on their feet and Graves gets a quick kick to Riley’s knee to take advantage. The two work through some rest spots that include a reverse chinlock and a ‘gator lock’ as William Regal puts it, which he describes as a quarter-nelson with an armbar.  Riley reverses a vertical suplex and hits a spinebuster for 2. He then sends Graves into the corner and charges in with an elbow and goes for the A-Bomb but Graves tosses him off, clips the knee and locks on the Thirteenth Step for the win.

Winner [via submission]: Corey Graves (5:09)

After the match, the announcers can’t remember what Graves’ finishing hold is called. Ugh.

A promo video for Elimination Chamber airs. This is odd because recapping Raw and Smackdown and the like is something you don’t really see on NXT.

[Match #3]: Summer Rae vs. Paige

Paige attacks with a Thesz Press and punches, but Rae quickly fights back and works over Paige’s shoulder, which was apparently injured earlier. Paige counters with a stiff kick to the gut and hit a big hair toss out of the corner, tossing Rae directly on her face. Rae bails to the floor and attacks the arm again. She comes back in the ring and hits a spinning roundhouse kick for the win, which leaves the NXT Arena in stunned silence before a chorus of boos breaks out.

Winner [via pinfall]: Summer Rae (2:03)

In the back, Sasha Banks is handed another stupid poem from her secret admirer, which basically says we have to wait another week to see who it is. Not sure why this is still going on – it’s pretty terrible.

[Main Event]: NXT Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: ‘British Ambition’ Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey vs. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)

Before the match Regal points out that if British Ambition wins the NXT Tag Titles, it would be a historic event and mentions the British Bulldogs.

Grey and Harper start things off with Harper gaining the advantage before missing a clothesline and getting sent to the floor. Grey then hits a suicide dive as we head to commercial. Back from break and Grey is still in control, only now on Rowan. Grey and Neville trade quick tags and go to work on Rowan’s arm and Regal has a great line when he says “the British have been underdogs for hundreds and thousands of years, but Tony Dawson, you wouldn’t know anything about that.” This guy is excellent. At one point Neville hits a great looking top rope double stomp to Rowan’s arm. Rowan eventually breaks free and tags Harper, who doesn’t fare much better as he eats a couple of kicks from Neville. Harper reverses an Irish whip and Neville jumps up to the top, moonsaults over Harper and hits a backflip dropkick. This guy could seriously be WWE’s version of AJ Styles. Grey and Harper are in now, and Grey misses a clothesline and is backdropped over the top, but hangs on, and Bray Wyatt interferes and pulls him to the floor. Rhodes is back out now and sends Wyatt to the back.

Harper and Rowan isolate Grey with Rowan hitting a number of power moves including a big scoop slam and a pump-handle backbreaker. The heels continue to get the heat on Grey before he hits the hot tag to Neville, who comes in with his usual bombastic aplomb. He lands a couple of flying forearms and a tilt-a-whirl-DDT to Harper and climbs to the top, only to eat a big boot as he jumps off. Grey is in to break up the pin attempt, but gets sent to the floor by Rowan, who follows him out. Harper goes for his lariat finisher, but Neville ducks and he hits Rowan. Neville then hits a running enzuigiri and his Corkscrew Shooting Star Press for the win. Good match.

Winners [via pinfall]: Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey (13:48)

My Thoughts

Basically a one match show, but the main event was well worth the time. British Ambition is an excellent tag team with star power written all over them and every time Neville is in the ring, you never know what is going to happen – just like AJ Styles was years ago. Good to see NXT give Paige a program since she’s the most ready talent on this show, and while it’s puzzling she’s still on NXT, it was surprising to see her lose clean here to Rae in her first match nonetheless.

Announced For Next Week

Big E. Langston vs. Conor O’Brian, and a post-surgery interview with Tyson Kidd.