WWE NXT Report for Nov. 14 – Another #1 Contender’s Match

WWE Show starts with Jinder Mahal being interviewed by Tony Luftman.  Bo Dallas crashes the interview and challenges Mahal to a match at the end of the night with Mahal’s #1 Contender spot on the line.  Mahal accepts


Match One

The Ascension vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson

The Ascension really go to work on Percy Watson in the early going – cutting the ring in half and employing frequent tags.  O’Brian does this really cool headlock spot.  Watson hits a back suplex and Tatsu gets the hot tag.  Tatsu is quickly shut down when all 4 men are in the ring.  Watson is sent to the floor and the Ascension put the match to bed

Winners – The Ascension

In the back Layla is approached by a congenial Aksana who then insults her hair (oh man – you can’t be doing that!).  Layla alludes to ‘taking out the trash’.


Match Two

Corey Graves vs. Oliver Gray

Tony Luftman is joined by Jim Ross for thiss match (I guess they’re giving Regal the week off for having his chest brutalized by the Big Show on Monday’s RAW).  Corey Graves would apparently like to be known as the ‘saviour of misbehaviour’ (catchy).  Oliver Gray works a hammerlock off the lockup and actually gets a whole lot of good looking spots off in this match.  One of the best parts of NXT is how the matches are booked.  Sure this is what you’d call an ‘enhancement match’ but it’s not an outright squash (hats off to the agents putting these matches together).  Graves works a slow and punishing oldschool style as Luftman plays up Graves boxing and jiu jitsu background.  Graves applies the first of multiple submission attempts.  Oliver Gray eventually submits to a crazy leglock that the writer has never seen before.  Solid debut.

Winner – Corey Graves

We get a video package on the up-and-coming Big E. Langston.  The big man’s gimmick so far being his insistence on the 5-count.  To his credit the audience is eating it up.  Big E. is interviewed on the ramp regarding the $5000 bounty Vicky Guerrero placed on him last week (yay – bounties are back – very oldschool).  Comacho blindsides the big man with a cheap shot but then hastily retreats.


Match Three

Layla vs. Aksana

Aksana’s really playing up the sexy girl gimmick (let’s hope she brings it in the ring this week).  Layla starts things off with a quick rollup attempt.  For some reason Aksana goes to the outside apron and does the sexy crawl.  Layla puts an end to that with a baseball slide that sends Aksana to the floor.  Layla follows with a nice pinning combination and then another.  Aksana catches Layla looking to climb the turnbuckles and goes for a cover.  Numerous elbow drops by Aksana who then uses the bottom rope to choke out her opponent.  Leg scissors applied by Aksana and another cover.  Aksana hits Jeff Hardy’s Compactor and goes for another cover.  Aksana fires Layla into the corner.  Layla makes her comeback and hits her 3 jump lateral press.  Layla hits a Chick Kick.

Winner – Layla

Bray Wyatt’s back! (this is a great character).  Wyatt’s is out in the woods preaching to an overhead camera and is accompanied by his protege (the big guy from last week – can’t remember his name at the moment).  Seriously though – this is one compelling character and a fantastic reboot on the former Husky Harris.


Match Four

Roman Reigns vs. Chase Donovan

Jim Ross really plays up Reigns’ vast potential (and I couldn’t agree more – he’s definitely got the Vince McMahon-approved look but moreever he’s rock solid on the mic).  Reigns turnbuckles his opponent.  Reigns hits 2 huge slams and applies a nerve hold.  Reigns hits a clothesline, roars and hits his finisher.  After the match Reigns insists on his victory being announced as ‘the Thoroughbred Roman Reigns”.

Winner – Roman Reigns


Main Event

#1 Contender’s Match

Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas

J.R. plays up the fighting spirit of one Bo Dallas.  Mahal and Dallas trade hammer locks and reversals in the early going (nice).  Dallas works a long headlock spot.  Mahal plays the cowardly heel.  Mahal makes a shortlived comeback.  Dallas misses a dropkick and Mahal retreats to the floor as we go to the commercial break.  Back from the break and Dallas is owning Mahal turnbuckling him several times before hitting a vertical suplex. Dallas with a short arm clothesline and a cover.  Dallas works over his opponent in the corner.  Mahal fights back with a running knee stike and a cover.  Mahal back in control with knee drops and a rest hold.  Mahal transitions nicely into another rest hold and then another (this guy is definitely living up to his potential – nice to see).  Dallas fights out, hits a Snap Mare and 2 pinning combinations.  Mahal takes out his competitors legs and hits a knee to the gut before going for another cover.  Mahal uses the 2nd rope against his opponent.  Dallas fights back from the apron with a shoulderblock and a knee lift.  Solid powerslam and another cover by Dallas.  Bo Dallas charges the corner hard and Mahal evases.  In the end Mahal locks Bo Dallas in the Camel Clutch for the 2nd week in a row.  Seth Rollins runs out to the ring to watch over the fallen Bo Dallas.  This was another solid match that exemplifies what this show does best in putting both guys over regardless of who picked up the win.

Winner – Jinder Mahal