WWE NXT Report for Nov. 7 – #1 Contender’s Match

Hello and welcome to the NXT report!  This week’s show starts with a visual recap of the events leading to tonight’s Four Man Elimination Main Event to determine the #1 contender for Seth Rollins’ NXT belt.  Cue the Coheed and Cambria music


This was a long and very competitive match.  Early on there was a really clever spot where Baretta tried to Sunset Flip Ohno to the floor but Ohno blocked it and used the NXT apron to blind his younger opponent before stomping his head.  The commentary team remind us that Baretta actually has a win over Ohno (from 2 weeks ago – when Richie Steamboat literally threw in the towel and it did NOT go Ohno’s way).  Ohno takes a lot of punishment in this match (more than I’ve seen him take in any match so far in his NXT tenure).  Even in losing this was a great match for Trent Baretta.  At one point Ohno sets up his opponent for a top rope move like a Superplex but Baretta fights out and hits a Missile Dropkick.  Ohno leaves the ring and his opponent pursues only to be nailed with the Knockout Elbow.  Ohno goes for the Knockout Elbow a 2nd time but Baretta dodges it and sends Ohno to the floor.  Great match that really put over both competitors.
Back from the commercial break and we get an intro bit for a new personality called Graves (a heavily tatted punk rock lookin’ dude).  I liked this little promo bit – he didn’t rush his words and the delivery was very polished.


Regal and his commentary partner play up the accomplishments of one Big E Langston.  Regal relays a story of how Langston was expelled from amateur wrestling for excess brutality and that he turned to power lifting as an outlet for his aggression.  This match consisted of a clothesline and a finisher.  Langston has a gimmick where he’s into getting a 5-count.  Post match Langston hits his finisher a 2nd time (the audience always goes crazy for this – even chanting “One more time!”).  Vicky Guerrero appears on the big screen and puts out a bounty of $5000 on the big man (remember that last week he covered her in chalk).  So – of course – Langston goes for his finisher on his unconscious opponent but Chad Baxter interferes (he wants those 5 big ones!).  Baxter is mowed down and also receives the finisher for his troubles.


The former Husky Harris is back (yes!).  This writer’s a huge fan of Wyatt’s swamp preacher character (great to see him back).  Wyatt is challenged by Jordan but sends one of his disciples instead (a massive disheveled man that makes the Necro Butcher look like a Gap employee by way of comparison).  The unknown wrestler methodically destroys Jordan.  The massive freak misses a kick in the corner but this proves to be a brief hope spot for young Jordan who really doesn’t get in any offense whatsoever.  In the end the big man hits the Black Hole Slam for the finisher.  It turns out that the mystery man is “the first son of the Wyatt family – Luke Harper”.
Roman Reigns comes out to be interviewed by Byron Saxton.  The very well-attired Reigns dismisses Saxton and cuts a smug and self-congratulatory promo (this guy is very solid on the mic – I’m almost 100% sure he’ll be called up to RAW in the next year).



As always we get good ol’ Jim Ross on commentary with Regal for the Main Event (one of the best reasons to tune in every
week).  The 2 members of 3MB attack the ‘faces in the early going with the ‘faces taking the lead going into the commercial break.  Back from the break and it’s McIntyre against Dallas and Gabriel.  Mahal continues to wait patiently on the outside – picking his spots.  McIntyre sets up Gabriel for a Superplex which Bo Dallas turns into a Tower of Doom spot (this looked great).  Mahal plays the opportunist and covers Gabriel before going to work on Bo Dallas.  Snap suplex and a nearfall by Mahal.  The 2 members of 3MB beat up on Bo Dallas before turning on each other.  Gabriel re-enters the match with a springboard cross body on McIntyre.  Gabriel is on fire here – taking out all of his opponents and eventually hitting the 450 Splash on Jinder Mahal.  Mcintyre makes the save.  Dallas spears McIntyre for the first fall and then takes out Gabriel with another a few seconds later.  Mahal owns Bo Dallas as NXT champ Seth Rollins watches from the ramp.  Dallas makes a comeback with a power slam but misses a Spear and ends up locked in the Camel Clutch.  Mahal gets the submission win and turns his attention to Rollins.  He reapplies the Camel Clutch to his beaten opponent and Rollins rushes the ring.  Show ends with the NXT champ shouting at his challenger who slowly backs up the ramp.  Good show.