WWE NXT Report for Oct. 18

Good to see that Jinder Mahal retains his character despite being part of the new 3 Man Band.  Alex Riley dominates the early going of the match until Mahal turns things around with a shoulderblock.  Dropkick by Alex Riley who then mounts Mahal in the corner to rain down punches.  Mahal slips out of this predicament but then Riley ascends the ropes and hits a Flying Battering Ram.  Cover by Alex Riley.  Jinder Mahal scores a knee lift and then suplexes Riley abdomen-first on the top rope.  Cover by Mahal.  Rest hold by Mahal.  Hip toss by Riley.  Clothesline by Riley.  Riley rolls up his competitor for the surprise win.  After the match Mahal attacks his opponent and applies the Camel Clutch.
Winner – Alex Riley


Jake Carter is the son of Vader (would not have known that were it not for the commentary team).  Carter gets a headlock off the lockup.  Standoff ensues.  Waistlock by Baretta is countered into a headlock and then a shoulderblock by Carter.  Baretta takes down his opponent and applies a long headlock spot.  Baretta goes for a cross body block and totally misses – hitting the ropes in what looked like a really painful spot.  Cover by Carter.  Big backdrop by Carter.  Regal talks about how Carter had a pushup regimen when he was a mere 5 years old.  Carter works over Baretta in the corner and goes for another cover.  Rest hold applied by Carter.  Knee drop, cover and a rest hold by Carter.  Baretta fights out with a back suplex.  Baretta and Carter trade blows in the center of the ring.  Baretta ends the exchange with an enziguri.  Carter hits an explosive clothesline that Baretta totally committed to (this looked awesome).  Cover by Carter.  Carter elevates Baretta for a back suplex from the top rope.  Baretta fights out and hits a Whisper in the Wind.  Cover by Baretta.  Overhead belly-to-belly suplex by Carter.  Cover by Carter.  Another cover by Carter.  Flying knee by Baretta gets him the win.
Winner – Trent Baretta


Sandow cuts a great promo as always (WWE needs to put out a Sandow shirt and it needs to be good – I want a Sandow shirt!).  The audience doesn’t go for it and Sandow promises to prove his point on his opponent (who was trained by Harley Race).  Sandow and his opponent actually engage in a little technical wrestling in the early going (this was excellent).  Sandow finds himself at a disadvantage and lapses into heel stalling mode.  Headlock by Sandow.  Shoulderblock and some oldschool stomping offense by Sandow.  Sandow hits some ground and pound offense after his opponent misses a dropkick.  Snapmare into a reverse chinlock by the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses.  Sandow’s opponent fights back but is wrestled back into another reverse chinlock.  Sandow’s opponent tries for a Sunset Flip and then hits a dropkick.  Sandow hits his finisher.  After the match Sandow teases a cartwheel but then doesn’t do it.
Winner – Damian Sandow


Good ol’ Jim Ross joins the commentary team for the one.  Myself being a huge Ring of Honor fan I’m very much familiar with Kassius Ohno’s former life as Chris Hero (if you’re a fan of Ohno’s you owe it to yourself to check out the Chris Hero DVD now being sold at rohwrestling.com).  The ‘faces clear the ring in the opening seconds.  As we cut to commercial.  Back from the break and it’s Jimmy Uso and Kenneth Cameron.  Jimmy gets the better of his opponent with a shoulderblock and tags out.  The Usos double-team Cameron and Jey works in a really smooth armdrag.  Jey tags in Richie Steamboat.  Cameron tags in Kassius Ohno who tags right back out.  Then it’s O’Brian and Jey Uso.  O’Brian goes for a headbutt which Jey no-sells.  O’Brian hits a strong counter and locks on a bodyscissors.  O’Brian effectively cuts the ring in half.  Leg drop by O’Brian.  Another bodyscissors by O’Brian.  Cameron tags in as we go to another commercial break.  Back from the break and Cameron hits a back suplex and goes for a cover.  Cameron ejects Jey and O’Brian works him over with the ref distracted.  Jey still has some fight in him and in tags Ohno who hits some offense and goes for a cover.  Rest hold applied by Ohno.  Jey almost makes a tag but Ohno muscles him back into the wrong corner.  In tags O’Brian.  Jey still has more fight left and hits a Fireman’s carry into a pinning combination.  In tags Cameron.  Jey goes for a pinning combination.  Ohno tags himself back and works over Jey in the corner.  Jey makes the hot tag to Steamboat who goes to work on Ohno with a flurry of chops and a big backdrop.  Steamboat hits a Superkick and goes for a cover but both members of the Ascension make the save.  The Usos eject the Ascension from the ring and hit them with simultaneous planchas.  Steamboat is about to fly as well when Ohno catches him behind the ear with his elbow for the knockout win.
Winner(s) – The Ascension and Kassius Ohno