WWE NXT Season Finale Report


As a relative newcomer to the NXT show I do have to say that I’m a huge fan of Steven Regal on commentary (and having said that – man is this guy working hard to put Watson over).  Bateman applies a  waistlock off the inital lockup and they go through a few reversal and counter spots before running the ropes.  Hawkins applies a rest hold and then gets caught in a legscissors that he escapes by kipping up.  Stand off between the 2 competitors.  Hawkins tags out to Rex who dominates Bateman.  Bateman tags in Watson who goes to work on Rex’s arm.  Brief heat by Rex but then Watson hits an enzugiri.  In tags Bateman who applies a rest hold and then hits a cross body.  Batement charges the corner and eats a boot.  Bateman is run shoulder-first into the turnbuckle and Hawkins tags in and applies a rest hold.  Chinbreaker applied by Bateman who makes the hot tag.  Watson does a clever spot where he ejects both opponents from the ring at once.  Bateman ups the ante by going up and over the top rope to the outside to take ‘em down again as we go to commercial.  Back from the break and Watson is working the arm of Hawkins.  Hawkins turns things around quickly and goes for a cover.  In tags Tyler Rex who goes to work on Watson the old-school way with a stomping and kicking approach taken before applying a rest hold.  Rex grounds Watson with a clothesline and goes for a cover.  In tags Hawkins who goes for another cover.  Watson starts to fight his way out and takes an enzugiri.  Hawkins continues to cut the ring in half.  In tags Rex who takes a moment to play to the audience.  Percy Watson tries to take on both opponents but the numbers game catches up with him and Rex applies another rest hold.  Watson hits a back suplex and an enzugiri.  Bateman gets the hot tag and goes to work on Tyler Rex.  Cover by Batemen.  Save by Hawkins.  Rex hits his finisher for the win.

Winner(s): Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rex


Had to watch the show a 2nd time to catch the beginning of this match.  Love Natalya’s entrance attire.  Lockup and Natalya drives Kaitlyn to the mat  Another lockup and Kaitlyn gets the better of this one.  Double leg takedown by Kaitlyn who forward rolls into a pinning combination.  Natalya works for a rope break and is rolled up for a 2-count.  Natalya uses her superior power to again ground Kaitlyn..  Natalya slips out of the ring and Kaitlyn gives chase.  Natalya knocks her opponent off the apron, tosses her back into the ring and stomps the hand.  Natalya hits some stiff-looking kicks to the ribs.  Super-casual cover by Natalya who follows up with a bow and arrow (which almost backfires on Natalya when the ref starts counting her shoulders down).  2 roll-ups out of nowhere by Kaitlyn.  Natalya boosts her opponent and powers her into the corner before playing to the audience (way more personality than we’re used to getting with Nattie – which is awesome).  Dropkick by Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn goes for a cover.  Kaitlyn runs into a boot in the corner.  Natalya almost wins by pinning her opponent with her feet up on the ropes.  Kaitlyn almost wins by rolling up a distracted Natalya.  Nattie hits a clothesline and goes for another cover.  Nattie tries to boost Kaitlyn again but she reverses it for the win.  Nattie throws a fit in the middle of the ring.

Winner – Kaitlyn


McGillicutty and Uso1 start the match.  McGillicutty with the initial upper hand off the lockup.  McGillicutty mocks his opponent and tries some headbutts which Uso1 no-sells.  Chops in the corner by Uso1.  Uso1 gets rid of Johnny Curtis and hits a real nice deep armdrag on McGillicutty before tagging in Jey.  Jey sets up McGillicutty for the Running Butt Bump but Curtis tags himself in.  The advantage goes back and forth between Jay and Curtis.  At one point the two trade rights and forearms.  Jey goes to the top rope but is grounded by Curtis.  In tags McGillicutty.  So far the heel team have done a great job cutting the ring in half.  In tags Curtis.  In tags McGillicutty.  With the ref distracted the heals go to work on Jey as we cut to commercial.  Back from the break and heels are still dominating young Jey Uso.  Jey looks for the hot tag but doesn’t get it.  In tags McGillicutty who does some old-school stomping offense before dropping the other Uso off the apron with a right.  In tags Curtis who slips outside the ring and uses the ringpost against Jey Uso.  In tags McGillicutty who works Jey’s leg until he gets ejected from the ring.  Finally Jimmy Uso gets the hot tag and unloads on McGillicutty.  Jimmy plays to the fans and hits the Running Butt Bump.  Cover by Jimmy Uso.  Belly-to-back suplex by McGillicutty who follows with a cover.  Jey tags in.  Double down situation.  Curtis is sent to the floor.  Jimmy hits the Frog Splash for the win.  Decent match.

Winner(s) – The Usos