WWE Raw Report for July 16 – AJ Says ‘Yes’

Raw begins tonight from Las Vegas with a main event announced of CM Punk vs. Big Show.  I was hoping for the roulette wheel…oh well.

Punk comes out to the ring.  He declares that he loves Las Vegas and refers back to his pipe bomb promo that took place in Vegas.  He talks about saying he was the best, and proving it over the past year.  He talks about 1000 episodes of Raw, and how a guy like him would have never been on the first episode.

Big Show interrupts, coming down to the ring clapping for Punk.  He makes light of Punks accomplishments and says he was inches away from winning MITB.  Show talks about Cena getting lucky, with the handle breaking at the right time.  Show says if he had the contract, he would cash it in right now.

Punk tells Show that ‘almost’ doesn’t count.  He says that Big Show did what he would always do; he destroyed everyone and dominated, and then lost.  Punk tells Show that that is why he doesn’t have the respect of the fans, or the Title.

Show counters, saying that if Punk left tomorrow it would take but a week for the fans to move on, and that they really don’t respect anyone.  He says that neither of them are special, and the company revolves around one man (Cena).

Punk calls Show a bitter shell of a giant.  Show tells Punk that he will knock him out, and Cena just might cash in on him tonight!  Show finishes by dropping the mic like it was a CM Punk pipe bomb…some pretty lame stuff is passing off as pipe bombs these days!


This match is for the WWE tag team titles…don’t ask me who has them and who is challenging.

I will go on record now to say that AW is completely useless, and actually hurting this team.

Kofi and Truth hit the usual tandem offence, and work over Young with boom drops and baseball slides.  Kofi does a sunset flip dive over the top which could only mean one thing…commercial.

After the break, Titus tags in and starts a beat down on Kofi.  He applies a bear hug,   AW does only one interesting thing, and that’s pick Young’s hair.

Truth tags in and cleans house, Kofi takes Young out and hits T.I.P on Titus, Truth follows it up with his finisher which is now simply called “little Jimmy”.

Winners – R Truth & Kofi Kingston

After the match, AW starts arguing with the ref.

In the back, AJ is talking with Daniel Bryan.  Bryan says without any hidden motives, he’s sorry about the things he’s said about her and the way he’s treated her since Wrestlemania.  He says that he got caught up in beating Punk but now he realizes the error of his ways.  Eve comes along and interrupts.  She says that after Bryan left her in their tag match last week, she’s gone to the board and she gets to choose a partner to face Bryan and AJ tonight.  Bryan tells AJ that he will finish what he was going to tell her after they win their match.  Then he leans in and kisses her on the cheek.


Del Rio is fired up and angry.  He targets the arm early, and smashes it on the steps.  Ryder tries to fight out of it, but Del Rio tosses him shoulder first into the post, and follows up with a cross arm breaker for an easy win.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio re-applies the arm breaker to Ryder, but he is quickly saved by none other than REY MYSTERIO!  Mysterio hits ADR with a 619 after a brief struggle.

I would not have thought this to be the week of Mysterio’s return, but I guess they have enough surprises for next week.

Heath Slater talks about his favorite Raw moments.  He points out his several interactions, and spins it around positively on himself.  This was great.

Next up is another Slater match…I can’t wait!

Slater says that he knows a Raw legend is about to come out, and he’s not stupid.  Out comes Rikishi.


Big chants, sounds like the Vegas crowd want a piece of the Kish.  Rikishi hits a side kick, and the stink face.  He finishes it off with a banzai drop.

Winner – Rikishi

After the match, The Usos join their dad for a little dancing…not bad actually.  I wouldn’t expect to see Brodus Clay on this show.


I’m not sure who we are supposed to cheer for in this one.  Bryan is getting a great “Yes” chant tonight.

Bryan and Miz start out.  Miz hits a kitchen sink and a running stomp.  AJ tags herself in, so Eve jumps in and goes on the attack.  Eve hangs AJ up from the top rope.  AJ fights back with some kicks.  She even dropkicks Miz off the apron.  Eve goes for a roll up, but Bryan comes in behind the refs back and reverses the roll up.

Winners – Daniel Bryan & AJ

After the match, Bryan tells AJ that there is something she used to say to him, but he was too scared to say back.  He tells AJ that he loves her.  He says that last week he proposed because he wanted the edge in the title match, but this week he doesn’t want anything, except her.  He proposes again, this time with a ring…She said YES! They kiss, and share some “Yes!” chants together.

Wedding angles aren’t what they used to be…the wedding is going to be next week!


So now Swagger knows where he is…one step ahead of Local Jobbers and Tyler Reks.  The bell doesn’t ring when Swagger attacks Ryback right away.   He hits the Swagger bomb and the ankle lock, but Ryback kicks out and hits the double power bomb…make that triple.

Winner – No contest

The crowd is in a chanting mood, they join Ryback with a “feed me more” chant.

Vicky introduces Ziggler, who comes out and cuts a promo, saying that everyone who has cashed in has won, and you’re looking at the next World Champion.  He says he’ll be the best champion of all time.  He says that he’ll be better than Bret Hart, The Rock, and Stone Cold.

This brings out Chris Jericho, who may be continuing a transition into being a baby face.

Ziggler tells Jericho that this is his time, and he’s not going to have his spotlight stolen.  He tells Jericho that he’s never won MITB, and starts to question the last time Jericho’s won anything.  He says that all he’s heard since Jericho has come back is how it’s the end of the world, and how he’s the best in the world at what he does.  He points out that apparently what he does is lose.  Ziggler calls Jericho all hype, and says that Jericho can’t win the big one anymore.

Jericho hits Ziggler with a great looking code breaker out of nowhere.

Rikishi is coming back out…oh no, it’s Brodus.


Brodus hits a knee lift and a suplex, but JTG gets some shots in on the knee.  Brodus weathers the storm and hits a suplex, head butt and a splash for the win.

Winner – Brodus Clay


Punk starts out by ducking and diving.  He hits some quick kicks, but Show catches him with a head butt.  Show follows it up with a shoulder tackle, and then he just steps on Punk.  After a short burst, punk is deflated again by several blows to the midsection and power slams.  Show misses the Vader bomb, and Punk tries to capitalize with several kicks to the head.  He hits three high knees, but after missing the bull dog he goes to the top and hits the big elbow for two.  Show catches the flying clothesline and hits a choke slam, but punk gets his foot on the rope.  Show gets frustrated and tosses the ref to the side as he pummels Punk in the corner.

Winner – CM Punk

After the match, Show is about to hit Punk with the K.O. punch, but Cena comes out with the briefcase.   He fends off Big Show, leaving him with an incapacitated Punk.  Cena is about to make his announcement, when Big Show, from the ring apron, says that he knows Cena is about to cash in.  He urges him to do it right now, saying that Punk in vulnerable.  Cena announces that he will cash it in for a one on one match at Raw 1000 next week.  He nails Big Show with the briefcase and Raw comes to a close with Cena and Punk standing side by side posing with the briefcase and the title.

This episode was okay, in the sense that they have been building up to next weeks be all end all show.  The return of Mysterio was a nice surprise, so maybe that will create some buzz going into next week and we will get a match or a promo.  I like the directions of Ziggler and Jericho, and if they are starting a program it will be interesting especially since both look to be on their way to becoming baby faces.  I’m very surprised to see Punk and Cena happen so quickly, so I suppose that Cena will win the title next week and there could be a rematch at Summerslam.  I would personally like it if this was just a way of getting Punk even more over, by having him beat Cena clean on Raw 1000, but I doubt that will be the case.  I could also see a Big Show interference, setting up a 3 way at Summerslam.  There was a lot of filler tonight and to me it’s becoming apparent that there are a lot of guys still in the early stages of development, and not a lot of bonified stars (actually just 2 full time ones).  Hopefully next weeks juiced up show will springboard a new attitude in the younger talent, or the writers…and we will be treated to newer and fresher stories for months to come…If not, this is going to be a very long 3 hour ritual every week.

And since Raw was in Vegas…let’s talk about some Odds!


Odds that Anyone knew JTG was still employed by the company (including his family) 3-1

Over under on total minutes of televised dancing tonight 4.5

Who will ruin AJ’s wedding? Kane 1-1 Miz 5-1 Eve 5-1 Punk 7-1 AJ 1-1 Piper 9-1 NOBODY 11-1

Over under on “mark out moments” next week  1.5

Odds that Heath Slater is involved in one of them 1-1

Over Under on how long until “TOUT” becomes nothing more than a site for pervs to flash their junk  -2 months

Over Under on when I’ll start using TOUT – 2 months

Odds anyone even cared that there was no GM tonight 4-1

That’s it for now, we`ve all got a lot to look forward to for next week so let`s just sit back and let it play out, and hopefully it will live up just a little bit to all the hype!  I`d love to read your comments as always below, and let me know who you think they will go with for Raw GM and who will win the title match next week?  Where do AJ and Bryan go from here?  I’ll tell you right now, I don’t have a clue.