WWE Royal Rumble Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of the WWE Royal Rumble from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The kickoff show features Josh Mathews, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Jim Duggan on the panel.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. New Age Outlaws for the Tag Titles

Finish came with Billy Gunn making he blind tag as Cody hit the Disaster kick to Road Dogg and then Gunn hit the famouser from behind and got the clean pin to win the titles. 

The pay-per-view kicks off with Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. We had the WORST technical problems imaginable and the result was missing most of the first 25-minutes of the show.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

My notes are very scattered, they got a lot of time with Bryan working on the knee of Wyatt early in the match.

Bryan hit a curb stomb, which they replayed and he had the advantage. Bryan hit a running tornado DDT off the apron to the floor. They would have Bryan with a lot of momentum and Wyatt would come him off dead with a running elbow and later a clotheslines as Bryan was going for the running dropkick in the corner.

Bryan rolled up Wyatt with a school boy to counter Sister Abigail and then into the Yes Lock but Wyatt bit Bryan and got out of the hold. They fought on the top with head butts delivered by both and Wyatt went down and Bryan hit a splash off the top. Bryan stood up chanting “Yes” and Wyatt rolled to the floor to avoid the flying knee. 

Bryan did a suicide dive and crashed to the floor where Wyatt hit the Sister Abigail into the barricade and then hit another one in the ring for the win, the limited parts I saw looked very solid.

Renee Young interviews Paul Heyman in the back and says his client will challenge the winner of Randy Orton and John Cena for the WWE championship.  

The cut to the panel and go over the next match.

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

Lensar runs in and tackles him down and attacks before the bell rings and then uses a chair to Big Show.  

Show goes to the floor and then rolls in and takes more stomps and chair shots with the bell still yet to ring to start the match.

The referee takes the chair away and then Lesnar gets another one as the bell rings and runs at Show and eats a KO punch by Show and Lesnar goes down.

Show was constantly being censored for yelling “shit” and calling Lesnar a “son of a bitch”.

Show goes for another punch and Lesnar ducks it and hoists Show up and hits the F-5 for the win at 2:02.

Lesnar continues with chair shot after chair shot to Show on the floor after the match. This continued for a long time.

The Shield has a segment in the back saying how they will each win the Rumble, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose got into an argument of what their numbers were and Seth Rollins said the only numbers that matters is “3”.

Renee Young with Randy Orton and calls Daniel Bryan a “Duck Dynasty reject” as he previews match with Cena.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WWE Title

There is a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant at the start of the match.

They started slow and the crowd just stated random chants such as “Y2J” and thus Cena attempted the Wall of Jericho in a clever detour.

The crowd is dictating everything with their chants including “same old shit” and “you both suck” chants.

Orton plays to the crowd and take an electric chair out of the corner.

Cena came off the top with a guillotine leg drop and grazed Orton’s head.

Cena gets the STF but Orton makes the ropes, crowd seems bored later into the match. Cena gets booed hitting the five knuckle shuffle and the goes for the AA but Orton knocks out the referee after grabbing the ropes. Cena gets the STF and Orton taps with no official.

Orton kicks out of the AA and Cena kicks out of the RKO. Cena gets out of the way of a punt kick but Orton comes back and locks in a STF of his own and Cena gets out and applies the crossface. Orton gets up and hits the AA for a two-count and then Cena gets up and hits a RKO for a near fall.

Cena hits a tornado DTT off the top and back to the STF by Cena and pulls him into the middle and then lights go out with The Wyatts appearing on the apron, Cena is distracted and takes a RKO and Orton gets the win at 20:56.

After the match The Wyatts attack Cena in the ring, Harper clotheslines Cena. Bray yells “behold the creators of the new world” as he hits Cena with Sister Abigail and the fans chant “Yes”.

Renee Young interviews the New Age Outlaws and show a recap of their win over Cody and Goldust to win the tag titles. This was a pretty fun promo as they headed off to a victory parade and wouldn’t invite Renee.

They went through comments from The Miz, The Usos, Big E Langston, Fandango, Batista, Ryback, Damien Sandow and Rey Mysterio with quick promos about winning the Rumble.

They go to the expert panel with Jim Duggan picking Dolph Ziggler, Shawn Michaels is picking either CM Punk or The Shield and Ric Flair is picking Batista.

Royal Rumble Match is next

1. CM Punk

2. Seth Rollins

Punk hits a running knee to the face and calls for the GTS but Rollins cuts him off.

3. Damien Sandow

4. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes to Sandow and Sandow then runs at Punk and gets dumped over for the first elimination

5. Kane

Kane is working in dress pants and gets a good reaction for the surprise. Kane goes to choke slam Punk and takes a head kick and is knocked over the top.

6. Alexander Rusev from NXT

Rusey hits a spinning heel kick right away and does a number of power spots with the guys in the ring.

7. Jack Swagger

Swagger and Rusev square off and does no favors for Rusev’s size.

The crowd is chanting “We the people”.

8. Kofi Kingston

9. Jimmy Uso

The ring is starting to load up with guys

10. Goldust

Punk and Kofi dump out Rusev

Kingston gets knocked into the arms of Rusev on the floor and Rusev places him on the far barricade so he isn’t out yet and runs the barricade and onto the apron to get back in.

11. Dean Ambrose

12. Dolph Ziggler

The crowd chants for Ziggler as he enters the match.

13. R-Truth

Truth is eliminated immediately followed by Jimmy Uso by Ambrose.

Kingston is hanging on by his feet to the bottom rope, takes ff Swagger’s boot and hits him with it.

14. Kevin Nash

Nash comes out to the N.W.O. theme and immediately eliminates Swagger.

15. Roman Reigns

Reigns grabs Kofi and throws him over his head and out.

He spears Ziggler and sends him out and gets booed.

Nash runs and Reigns and flies over the top to the floor.

16. The Great Khali

The Shield triple teams and sends Khali over.

Goldust eliminates Cody out of nowhere and then Reigns clotheslines Goldust out.

17. Sheamus

It’s The Shield, Punk and Sheamus in the ring as Sheamus attacks all the members of The Shield.

18. The Miz

19. Fandango

20. El Torito

Torito runs into the ring, attacks Rollins with a head scissors then hits one to Punk and nearly eliminates Fandango before he dropkicks Fandango off the top and eliminates him.

Reigns lifts and sends Torito onto Fandango on the floor.

21. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro with the giant swing to Miz and Punk dropkicks Miz, he then goes for a swing on Punk and then one to Rollins that last forever

22. Luke Harper

23. Jey Uso

24. JBL

JBL got into the ring, gave his jacket to Michael Cole and was dumped over by Reigns.

25. Erick Rowan

Harper clotheslines and eliminates Miz and then knocked out Jey Uso.

26. Ryback

27. Alberto Del Rio

28. Batista

Batista eliminates Rowan right away.

Ryback runs at Batista in the corner and takes a back body drop out.

He lifts up Del Rio and eliminates him.

29. Big E. Langston

30. Rey Mysterio

Crowd was very unhappy that Daniel Bryan didn’t come out.

Sheamus eliminates Langston.

Mysterio took a jumping kick from Rollins on the outside of the apron and knocked out.

Harper took a superman punch from Reigns and is out.

Ambrose tries to eliminate Reigns but cannot. Reigns dumps Ambrose, Rollins and Cesaro together.

Final four are Punk, Batista, Reigns and Sheamus.

Kane returns and pulls Punk to the floor after 49:12 in the match.

Kane choke slams Punk through the announce table at ringside.

Sheamus is on the outside apron and Reigns shoulder blocks him out for the new record of 12 eliminations and it’s Reigns and Batista left.

Crowd is now behind Roman Reigns

Batista spears Reigns but it looks very awkward and the calls for the Batista Bomb but Reigns gets up and spears Batista.

Reigns lifts him up but Batista reverses and tosses Reigns over at 55:07 for the win.

WWE Royal Rumble Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of the WWE Royal Rumble from the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The pre-show match featured Antonio Cesaro Vs The Miz for the U.S. Title. 

Miz took a spill coming off the top rope and was selling his knee. They went to the floor and Miz got thrown into the apron. Cesaro hit him with The Neutralizer back in the ring and pinned Miz clean. 

The first match is the “Last Man Standing Match” for the World Title with Big Show coming out first.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez are walking in the back and Bret Hart makes a cameo appearance telling Del Rio that he reminds him of a “Mexican Bret Hart” and put a pair of glasses onto Ricardo. They were taking no chances of the audience rejecting Del Rio with this big endorsement segment by Hart.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Big Show in a “Last Man Standing Match” for the World Title

Big Show brings the first weapon in the match with a chair but Del Rio stops him and attacks with the chair first. Del Rio comes off the top and is caught with Show choke slamming Del Rio but makes it back up and Show attacks him back.

They fight in the aisle and Big Show is hit low and takes another kick but gets up at the count of nine. They fight by the entrance and Show gets a light tube he breaks on the back of Del Rio and sets up a table and climb onto a structure at the entrance and Del Rio is choke slammed off of it and through a table and Del Rio is up at nine for a big pop.

They go back into the ring and Del Rio rolls to the floor to avoid the knockout punch. Show tosses Ricardo into the barricade and runs at Del Rio, who side steps and Show collapses through the barricade. Del Rio attacks with repeated chair shots. Del Rio then attacks the arm of Show with a chair shot and then uses a fire extinguisher on Show.

Del Rio applies the arm bar in the ring as Ricardo duct tapes Show’s feet to the bottom rope and how cannot get up and Del Rio wins at 16:58.

Matt Striker interviews Dolph Ziggler with AJ and Big E. Langston and Ziggler says he will be #1 in the Rumble. Langston then takes the microphone and does his announcer voice to interview Ziggler, this was not good.

They aired some taped promos from Antonio Cesaro, Titus O’Neil & Darren Young, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett and Ryback on why they will win the Rumble.

Team Hell No Vs Team Rhodes Scholars for the Tag Titles

Early on Bryan attacks Sandow with kicks as they chant “No” for each successive kick. The heels get the heat on Bryan, who hits a big DDT to Cody Rhodes and makes the tag to Kane.

Sandow went for a neck breaker to Kane that was badly done. Kane goes for a double choke slam and Bryan with the blind tag as Rhodes Scholars vertical suplex Kane and Bryan with missile dropkick to Sandow.

Kane choke slams Rhodes and Bryan applies the No Lock to Sandow for the submission at 9:25.

They air the video on all of the stats from the Rumble over the years.

Daniel Bryan and Kane are celebrating and Vickie presents them with their Rumble numbers. This turns into a series of penis jokes with “show me yours, show you mine”.

A video on Fan Axxess from the weekend airs.

Royal Rumble match

1. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler comes out cuts a promo before the match that he stands in the spotlight alone.

2. Chris Jericho

3. Cody Rhodes

The crowd is super hot for everything Jericho does including going for the Walls of Jericho on Rhodes.

4. Kofi Kingston

Kingston is thrown and bounces off the top rope using his shoulders.

5. Santino Marella

He tosses everyone over but they all remain in the match and he celebrates like he has eliminated them all and then Rhodes eliminates Marella.

6. Drew McIntyre

7. Titus O’Neil

Drew McIntyre is dropkicked off the outside apron by Jericho for the second elimination of the match.

8. Goldust

Goldust gets big reaction and goes after Cody Rhodes.

9. David Otunga

10. Heath Slater

11. Sheamus

Sheamus beats down Titus’ chest and throws Otunga into him and eliminates Titus.

Sheamus then brogue kicks Otunga out.

12. Tensai

13. Brodus Clay

Rhodes and Goldust fight on the outside apron and ends with Rhodes sending Goldust into the post and out.

14. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio comes in with pair of 619s to Ziggler and Jericho and then a splash to Jericho.

15. Darren Young

They all group together and dump out Clay.

Tensai is out next as Kingston lower the top rope and he falls over.

Kingston is knocked off and lands on the back of Tensai and then onto the Spanish table and grabs JBL’s chair.

16. Bo Dallas

Kingston is still on the desk and uses the chair as a pogo stick to get back into the ring. Kingston then dumps out Young but is then eliminated by Rhodes.

17. The Godfather

He climbs in and instantly gets knocked out by Ziggler.

18. Wade Barrett

19. John Cena

Cena immediately eliminates Heath Slater and Cody Rhodes.

20. Damien Sandow

Barrett knocks Mysterio off the apron and to the floor to eliminate him.

21. Daniel Bryan

22. Antonio Cesaro

23. The Great Khali

JBL with a great line as he asks if Bret Hart is aware this could be his future nephew in reference to Khali.

24. Kane

25. Zack Ryder

Kane eliminates Khali and Bryan then dumps out Kane but then Bryan is knocked off the apron and into the arms of Kane, who drops him and Bryan is gone.

26. Randy Orton

Ryder takes a RKO and is eliminated by Orton.

27. Jinder Mahal

Cena eliminates Cesaro and Cena is booed.

28. The Miz

Sheamus eliminates Jinder Mahal.

29. Sin Cara

Bo Dallas eliminates Barrett with the guillotine over the top rope, which was a good spot to have him get a moral victory in his debut. Barrett yanks Dallas to the floor and hits him with the bull hammer.

30. Ryback

Ryback dumps out Sandow first and then military presses Sin Cara out, dumps out Miz.

Jericho is superkicked off the apron by Ziggler after an awesome sequence of spots with Sheamus and Ziggler interacting with Jericho.

Orton hits a bunch of RKOs and then gets clotheslined out by Ryback.

Ziggler takes a huge brogue kick off the apron from Sheamus and is out after 49:46 in the Rumble.

It’s down to Cena, Ryback and Sheamus.

Ryback catches the brogue kick and sends Sheamus out.

Cena applies the STF and tries to dead lift Ryback, who recovers and gets on his shoulders but Cena pops off and sends Ryback out at 55:04.

They air a video for the main event.

Josh Mathews is with The Rock and he cuts a promo on The Shield attacking him. He calls attention to his mother in the crowd battling cancer and not giving up – there is zero chance he is losing this one.

CM Punk Vs The Rock for the WWE Title

The fight to the floor and Punk teases using the Spanish table but just fixes the top and won’t use the table.

Punk starts selling the knee after coming off the top rope and the announcers did a great job of calling attention to it and his recent surgery. Of course then Punk hit a suicide dive to the floor.

The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but Punk uses elbows stop him and lifts up Rock for the GTS but Rock counters and goes for the sharpshooter and Punk avoids and into the anaconda vice but Rock gets out.

Rock goes for a Rock Bottom but Punk counters with a crucifix and Rock escapes and into the sharpshooter.

They fight onto the Spanish table with Punk going for the GTS and Rock stops him and sets him up for the Rock Bottom and the table breaks from underneath him and then Rock recovers and hits a Rock Bottom to Punk on the floor and then gets a two-count in the ring. Punk staggers to his feet and kicks Rock in the head.

The two exchange standing and Punk goes down as Rock goes for The People’s Elbow but the lights go out and Cole yells that it’s The Shield but no one can see them and Rock is put through a table.

The lights come up and Rock is out, Punk rolls Rock into the ring and pins him at 21:29.

Punk is celebrating when Vince McMahon comes out and says it is his duty as chairman of the board to officially…before he can finish The Rock says we aren’t ending the night like that and says he is going to take the title from him not Vince and wants the match re-started.

Punk stomps Rock and climbs to the top and hits an elbow drop but Rock kicks out. Punk calls for the GTS but Rock blocks and hits a spine buster and then hits the people’s elbow and pins Punk at 1:53 of the re-started match.

WWE Royal Rumble Report

Live from Atlanta, Georgia

Michael Cole welcomes us to the ‘splendor and the glory of the Royal Rumble’

Crowd is announced at 16,697 in the Philips Arena

Christian Vs Ezekiel Jackson for the ECW Title

Regal is ejected from ringside early during the match, a lot of Christian selling, which is for the better. Striker calls Jackson’s offense ‘disturbing’. Lawler just used the word ‘dude’ in conversation with Cole and Striker.

Lots of selling by Christian throughout the match – great line by Striker stating the last ECW Title change in Atlanta was when Vince McMahon won the title and there was silence and Striker responds ‘Nothing?’.

Christian retain the title with the killswitch, better match than I feared.

Backstage with Teddy Long and Tiffany and Long says the last match was ‘great’ (let’s not get crazy) and all of a sudden they have the trophy from ‘Bragging Rights’ in the Smackdown locker room.

Cryme Tyme walks in and wants to get both of them in the Rumble. JTG and Shad say Great Khali offered their spot in exchange for a kiss with Tiffany but then Tiffany is disgusted. Ranjun Singh and Khali do an impression of Steve Urkel from ‘Family Matters’, then Long, Tiffany and Cryme Tyme sing ‘Pants on the Ground’ – Miz walks in and says he is going to win the Rumble. Long says there are no guest hosts tonight and makes a match with Miz Vs MVP tonight for the U.S Title and then they sing ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’.

Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes are in the locker room and Rhodes talks smack about DiBiase’s fame from ‘The Marine 2’ going to his head and telling Orton that DiBiase wants to win the Rumble and challenge Orton at WrestleMania for the WWE Title. Rhodes says Orton can count on him.

The Miz Vs MVP for the U.S Title

Striker discusses the WrestleMania season and how the days get longer, the weather gets warmer and you don’t have to wear a jacket anymore as ways to idenify WrestleMania season.

The only got seven minutes – MVP was booked to look ridiculous where he was climbing into the ring and got small packaged by Miz and Miz gets the win. MVP hits the playmaker after the match and the fans boo MVP.

Chris Jericho and Big Show are backstage and Show asks Jericho if he’s jealous that Show and Miz have better chemistry than they ever did. Jericho says Miz is egotistical and only thinks of himself and Show says that reminds him of Jericho. Show says if it comes down to Jericho, Miz and Show in the Rumble than Show is only loyal to himself and will throw them both out. R-Truth walks in and says if Show doesn’t than he’ll throw Jericho out. Jericho tells Truth he is going to the main event of WrestleMania.

DiBiase wishes Orton good luck tonight. DiBiase says Rhodes is acting weird – so they are playing each one against the other and Orton can’t trust either.

Sheamus Vs Randy Orton for the WWE Title

Sheamus comes out first and then Orton – the crowd reaction to Orton will be interesting in this match

During the introductions in the ring Orton gets the clear babyface reaction from the audience

Loud ‘Randy’ chants at the start of the match

Sheamus is working over the left arm of Orton throughout the match. Sheamus attempts the Celtic Cross but Orton escapes and attacks the knee of Sheamus and knocks him to the floor. Orton working as subtle babyface and getting a pop for his big spots including a second rope DDT on Sheamus.

Orton teased kicking Sheamus in the head but Sheamus crawled out of the ring and the fans were disappointed at that.

Cody Rhodes comes from the audience and attacks Sheamus on the floor, Sheamus gets back in the ring and Orton hits a RKO but the referee calls for the bell and Sheamus wins by DQ to keep the WWE Title.

Rhodes is in the ring apologizing and there are huge chants of ‘RKO’ – Orton attacks Rhodes and rips his shirt off. Ted DiBiase runs out to the ring and also gets attacked by Orton. Sheamus comes back in the ring and hits a running kick onto Orton as he turns around and Orton is left laying in the ring. The impressions left here is Legacy is done and Randy Orton is going babyface. DiBiase and Rhodes look upset afterwards so we may get the apology tomorrow night from those two.

Michelle McCool Vs Mickie James for the Women’s Title

McCool cuts a promo in the ring stating that Mickie James is nowhere to be seen. Layla comes out in the same pig outfit she did on ‘Smackdown’. They are interrupted by James’ entrance theme and delivers a Thesz press to Layla and almost over shoots.

McCool attempts to deliver a running kick to James, who moves out of the way and McCool hits Layla. McCool is stunned and James hits the implant DDT and gets the quick pinfall for the win and the title.

All the babyface women come out and throw a cake onto McCool and Layla. The quick match explains the need to add Miz Vs MVP to the show.

The Undertaker Vs Rey Mysterio for the World Title

They only went about ten minutes. The Undertaker got a bloody nose and they did not stop the match and led to Lawler having a great line stating ‘I can’t believe I’m seeing blood’.

Mysterio hits two 619’s at the end and then attempted a springboard but was caught and given a Last Ride by Undertaker and ‘Taker got the win.

Backstage Triple H and Shawn Michaels chat about each winning the Rumble. Michaels says that ‘Taker Vs Michaels is meant to be.

Royal Rumble Match

#1 is Dolph Ziggler and #2 is Evan Bourne to start the match – crowd isn’t too crazy for these two starting the match

CM Punk is #3 and quickly eliminates both Ziggler and Bourne and then cuts a promo on the audience. Serena is in his corner at ringside.

JTG is #4 in the Rumble. JTG lasts about a minute before Punk dumps him out and then goes back to his promo saying ‘Before I was so rudely interrupted’ and is getting some babyface reactions for this.

Next out is The Great Khali – let’s see if the streak continues…

He gets Khali to put his right hand in the air to pledge his allegiance to Punk and the chops Punk.

One of the surprise entrants is Beth Phoenix at # 6

Phoenix is lifted up by Khali and almost thrown out but Phoenix makes out with Khali and dumps him over the top rope – great spot. Phoenix then clotheslines Punk and attempts to throw him over but Punk reverses and gives the Go to Sleep to Phoenix.

Zack Ryder is out next and Punk quickly eliminates Phoenix so it’s Punk and Ryder left right now – Ryder is now gone courtesy of Punk.

Triple H is next – well the angle with Punk was fun while it lasted – no eliminations

Drew McIntyre is the next entrant

Punk attempts the GTS on Triple H, as he lands he grabs the leg of Punk before it connects and dumps Punk over the top rope.

#10 is Ted DiBiase, he joins Triple H and Drew McIntyre in the ring

John Morrison is the next one in, they seem to be building up some bodies in the ring now

Kane is #12 – he delivers a double chokeslam to McIntyre and Morrison

Cody Rhodes comes out next and immediately helps DiBiase as Kane is attempting to eliminate Ted

MVP enters but is attacked by The Miz on his way to the ring with Miz hitting MVP with the U.S Title to the back of the head. MVP is taken to the back and never enters the match.

Carlito somehow got into the Rumble this year – zero reaction when he came out

The Miz comes out next – MVP runs back into the ring and takes both Miz and himself out of the Rumble

Matt Hardy runs in next and is almost instantly eliminated by Kane and then Triple H tosses out Kane

Shawn Michaels is next in the Rumble

Michaels eliminates Carlito with a big back body drop and then follows up with eliminating Rhodes and DiBiase

Michaels dumps out Morrison next and is getting the big clean out spot

Michaels and Hunter team up to knock out McIntyre and now and Michaels and Hunter stare at each other as they are the two remaining

As they stare at each other – John Cena is the next entrant

Cena lifts Hunter and ends up dropping him on Michaels head and that looked really bad for Michaels

Michaels gets up and hits Hunter with a superkick to eliminate Triple H

Shelton Benjamin is next in – so we’ve got Michaels, Cena and Benjamin in the ring

Benjamin is knocked out by Cena

They note that Michaels has eliminated 5 men already

Yoshi Tatsu is #21 in the match and referred to as ‘Poison Fist of the Pacific Rim’ by Striker

Tatsu is gone almost right away and we’re back to Michaels and Cena

Big Show is #22 – Show actually ran to the ring, which was quite the sight

They do the spot where Michaels is attempting to guillotine Show over the top – the same spot where Benoit eliminated Show in 2004 but Show overpowers Michaels. Michaels is tossed over the top but skins the cat and hooks Show with his legs but is lifted up by Show and thrown into the middle of the ring

Mark Henry is #23

Henry delivers a bodyslam to Show

Chris Masters is the next entrant

Masters attempts the Master Lock on Show but Show flips him over the top and eliminates Masters

R-Truth is next and he dumps Henry and Show over the top together – he’s in line for a big push it seems based on his booking over the past few weeks

#26 is Jack Swagger – Striker notes that somewhere an ‘Okie’ is watching with a smile in reference to Jim Ross

We have Michaels, Cena, R-Truth and Swagger in the ring right now with four more entrants

Kofi Kingston is #27 – they note there have been four winners in the past who have drawn #27 (the most in Rumble history)

Kingston uses his legs to swing Swagger over the top rope and eliminates Swagger

Kingston from the apron uses a head scissors to toss R-Truth over the top rope

Chris Jericho is in next

Michaels attempts a sweet chin music on Jericho but Kofi hits Shawn with the Trouble in Paradise and this leads to Jericho eliminating Kingston


He delivers spears to everyone and then tosses out Chris Jericho

The final entrant in the Rumble is Batista

The final four are Michaels, Cena, Edge and Batista – speaks volumes about the new stars created in the last year

Edge and Michaels are on the apron on the outside – Michaels kicks Edge back into the ring, Batista knocks into Michaels, who is holding by one hand and then knocked to the floor by Batista and eliminated

Michaels throws a fit and attacks two of the referees who have no names anymore

Batista is tossed out next – Edge lines up Cena for a spear, doesn’t hit it but then throws Cena over the top rope and Edge wins the Royal Rumble.