WWE Smackdown Report for Feb 26

First off, let me apologize
for not being here last week. I had an intense weekend, filled with
a variety of emotions, stories, and an awesome Alpha 1 Wrestling Show
that I will be touching on at the end of the report. Things are rapidly
changing, so I want some feedback on the new style in the report. 

Welcome to another excellent
episode of Smackdown. First off, the show starts with a great package
showcasing the fallout of The Elimination Chamber PPV, adding to the
build for Undertaker’s match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania,
in less than thirty days. 

Tonight, we emanate from
the good land of beer and cheese, Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Matt Striker
and Todd Grisham, as usual, are manning the desk, and reminding us all
about who the top is and who the bottom is. 

Chris Jericho makes his
way down to the ring, carrying the ten pounds of gold that is the World
Heavyweight title. This promo is really great, as usual. He’s going
to do everything he can to be the smart, evil heel. He goes on about
how Monday was to be his crowning achievement, but it was stolen from
him by Edge. This brings out Edge, who goes on to do a great promo featuring
an over usage of the word ‘Spear’. I love how they are putting over
the Spear as his main weapon, and it looks great. It’s just as good
if not better than Bill Goldberg’s. 

This is a going to be such
a great match, going like two Canadians fighting over the last beer.
Edge says Jericho doesn’t believe that he can beat him. He has doubt
in his eyes, and Edge thinks he’s in Jericho’s head all nightmare
long. Edge wants Jericho at his best, the best in the world, for Wrestlemania,
because if he isn’t, and he comes to the show with doubt in his eyes,
one more spear and it’s all over. The crowd is really into this segment
at this point. Jericho says Edge will never spear him again, and hooks
Edge. He goes to hit the Codebreaker, but misses and lands in Edge’s
sights for a big spear. The posturing has begun, and the belt is on
the line, come thirty days in Phoenix. With the end of that, we head
into the first commercial break of the night. 

As we come back from commercial,
we get a Mania video package and AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, leading into
a three way match for a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match at
Wrestlemania. Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on with this match
and the PPV of the same name, but I’m hoping
its just filler until they come up with something better. 

Match 1: Dolph Ziggler
vs. R-Truth vs. John Morrison

The match was fast paced
and well timed. Truth came down with David Otunga, his protégé 
from the NXT program. I’ve seen little bits of this guy, and if he
can get his in ring stuff together, he could be something down the line.
He’s a magnificent specimen, as Stu Hart would say. Ziggler plays
a great heel, though out the whole match, and I can really see something
coming from this guy down the road.  At one point, Truth and Ziggler
are outside, by the announce table, and Otunga just sits there while
Truth is out on the ground. He should have got up and attempted to help
him, if they’re to be the team/mentors that they want from the NXT
experiment. Ziggler ends up winning this after Morrison hits Truth with
Starship Pain, stealing one, and I like this. He’s
heading to the big ladder match, and I hope that it’s good things
for him. I don’t see him winning it,
necessarily, but I can certainly see him making some good spots in the

As we come back from commercial,
we see an absolutely STELLAR video package to explain the whole Undertaker-HBK
feud. I am totally and completely into this story and I simply cannot
wait to see how it all pans out. If it were me, I would retire HBK with
the Deadman at Mania, and then have Taker get beat next year by some
young punk, giving them the rub of a lifetime. 

Match 2: Michelle McCool
vs. Mickie James

Vickie Guererro is the guest
referee tonight, so that automatically puts this entire thing out the
window. At one point, she falls on her fat ass and just makes an overall
idiot of herself. She slaps Mickie across the face, which gives McCool
time to hit a nice crescent kick to the head, and McCool picks up the
pin and the win to become the new Women’s Champion. This whole thing
has gone on too long, but I’m assuming that
it’s going to lead to Beth Phoenix taking on both of them in a three
way for the belt at Mania. I could also see Mickie taking some time
off, doing the country music album, and having just Beth and McCool
at Mania, and that too, could be something really special. 

Match 3: Kane
vs. Drew McIntyre

This was a Money in the
Bank qualifier as well, and Kane did a number on McIntyre. In about
five minutes, Kane hoofed Drew in the skull and pulled out the win.
Everyone knows we need at least one big guy in the ladder match, and
I guess Kane is back in again this year. I’m sure we’ll get Mark
Henry or Finlay in there as well, coming up closer to the event. While
I’m all for an IC title defense at Wrestlemania, I thought we would
get Drew into the MitB match for sure.
With Morrison and Truth losing this week, perhaps one of them will be
into something with Drew coming into the end of the month and into Wrestlemania. 

Drew does this whole psychotic,
pissed off loser after the match, this being his first loss, and I’m
hoping we don’t get the whiney pussy loser out of this. He’s much
too good for that and I think he’s got more talent to do much more,
if given the chance. 

Miz comes out to the ring,
covered in belts. Now that he’s the tag champ, he can be on any show,
at any time. I don’t see Daniel Bryan and I don’t see Big Show,
so I guess he’s all by his lonesome tonight. Miz says he wants someone
for Wrestlemania, in the tag division. He demands Teddy Long finds him
a tag team, because he needs to have his Wrestlemania and because he’s
awesome. I gotta tell you, I don’t believe it. 

Teddy comes out, and says
since Big Show isn’t here, he’s gonna have some singles action for
Miz. He sets him up with Edge for later on, and I’m already stoked
for it. All I know is, that if Miz and Show are looking for a tag match
at Mania, I’m hoping it’s the Hart Dynasty. 

Commercials hit, and when
we come back, it’s Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin, who avoided the big
axe and came to Smackdown from the former ECW. I don’t know if anyone
else is on my wavelength here, but I think I could go for seeing the
Worlds Greatest Tag Team making a comeback. The matches they could have
with The Dynasty, Legacy, or Colt and Barreta would be fantastic. 

Match 4: Shelton Benjamin
vs. CM Punk

Surprisingly, this
match was only about five minutes long, and
if they had maybe ten more, it would have been a complete and total
wrestling clinic. Shelton has been in almost every Bank Ladder Match,
more than any other athlete in the WWE, and I hope that this
year’s display is just as good as every other year. He’s the king
of the big bump. The match ends up breaking down with Mysterio coming
out to distract Punk long enough for Shelton to hit Paydirt and get
his one way ticket to the biggest show of the year. I guess that
this cements Punk and Mysterio for the show as well, and I can only
assume that the match will be off the charts. I just hope the story
going in is as compelling as Punk is as the heel. 

So to recap, the Ladder
match will consist of Christian, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, and Dolph Ziggler.
I would think we’ll get maybe two or four more entrants, but as to
who that will be; only time will tell. Right now, I’m hoping we see
Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu, Kofi Kingston, or maybe Zack Ryder. All of
those guys could use the elevation and are certainly deserving of a
great spot on an awesome show. 

I’m surprised, but I didn’t
see a Hall of Fame clip for Wendi Richter tonight. That’s going to
be some acceptance speech, what with
it being the ORIGINAL screw job and all, if shoot interviews on YouTube
are to be believed. 

Match 5: The Miz vs.

The match got about 12 minutes
and it was exactly what I needed to see out of the Miz. This guy is
really coming along great, he’s a superb heel, and his mic skills
are top notch. Certainly a lot better than what we saw out of Truth
and Morrison last week, which was overall ridiculous. The more chances
he gets to work with top tier talent, the more he’s going to end up
endearing himself to enough fans to build a solid base. He and Edge
seemed to compliment one another quite well, and I would be very interested
in seeing more out of these two in the coming months. I was really expecting
Jericho to make a run in or at least get Edge disqualified or something.
Edge getting over clean made sense, but it would have made MORE sense
to have Jericho come down for a little action for himself. 

The show this week ends
with Edge celebrating, the fans letting him know how much he was missed
since he’s been gone. 

So, we got the beginning
of our Wrestlemania lineup, and it looks good thus far. I’m sure we’re
going to see Mysterio rocking an awesome Iron Man costume at Wrestlemania,
since he tends to do the whole superhero thing on that night. The Ladder
Match is always a high point for me, and I’m sure the rest of the
show will be padded with some great action. 

So, as I mentioned before,
I spent last weekend working at the Alpha 1 Wrestling show in Hamilton
and MAN OH MAN, what a SHOW! If you don’t get out to the
Indy’s very often, or you just don’t have the inclination to see
some non television talent, you should give this at least the benefit
of the doubt. I saw some of the best young talent in Ontario this past
Sunday, from Scotty O’Shea to Ethan Page and from Colin Delaney to
‘Big Rig’ Brodie Lee. Lee has possibly the BEST big boot in the business
right now, very reminiscent of the late Andrew
‘Test’ Martin. Scotty O’Shea’s match with Josh Alexander had
to be match of the night, although the entire card was well booked,
well organized, and full of action packed entertainment. 

I’ll include the link
to some of the video from the event, featuring yours truly on the stick,
and implore you fans once again, to get out and see your local talent.
Sometimes, it’s better than what you see on Thursday night. Wait…
IT IS BETTER THAN THURSDAY NIGHT. The next Alpha 1 show will be coming
up on April 11th, and the tickets should be
available soon, along with the card and lineup. 

If you want to contact me,
you can always do so through the Fight Network, or on Facebook at Jeff
‘Fat Jack’ Goodridge. Hope to talk to some of you soon! Let me know
if you like my old format, or the new style. I’m always looking for
new ways to meet the needs of the wrestling faithful online! 

Jeff Goodridge is a freelance
writer and a lifelong wrestling fan. If it weren’t for people like
Mr. Perfect, Ricky Steamboat, Brian Pillman and Bret Hart, he would
have fallen out of love with it a long time ago.