WWE SummerSlam Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE SummerSlam from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Renee Young is hosting the panel with Ric Flair, Alex Riley and Booker T.

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro

Van Dam misses a pescado to the floor, superkicks Cesaro and hits rolling thunder on the floor. Thye take a commercial break and Cesaro has the heat when they return. 

Van Dam gets crotched on the top, recovers and then takes an uppercut on the top and Cesaro gets knocked off the top and Van Dam comes off the top and into an uppercut in mid-air. They have an exchange back and forth ending in a spin kick by Van Dam and hits the frog splash for the win at 8:06. 

Cesaro brings the referee to the panel position and complains it was a fast count. 

Hulk Hogan comes out to start SummerSlam. He says tonight is when people become immortal. He plugs the WWE Network and that’s it.  

The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title

The Miz comes out in this white garb and says unlike Drax the Destroyer and Hercules, he has the money maker (well Drax’s flick possessed that too).  

Maria Menunos is shown at in the crowd.

Ziggler is thrown chest first into the corner and Miz has the heat. Ziggler comes back with a superkick and gets a near fall. Miz goes to the floor and goes to leave with the title and Ziggler hits a baseball slide.

Miz gets back into the ring and knocks him down and applies the figure-four. Ziggler is out and takes a face buster into the Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall and was a great sequence. Ziggler ducks a boot and hits the Zig Zag and gets the win at 7:51.

They recap the Megan Miller angle from Monday with Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella and leading to Bella being arrested.

Tom Phillips is with Brie Bella in the back and explains being arrested made her stronger and explained the angle from Monday that Stephanie paid off the physical therapist to tell lies on Raw.

AJ Lee vs. Paige for the Diva’s Title

Paige offers her hand and AJ bites it (must have caught Yujiro’s matches in the G-1). They each pull out a piece of the other’s hair.

Paige is sent to the floor and AJ hits a flying clothesline off the top to the floor.

AJ struggles to get the Black Widow and then Paige counters and hits the “Rampage” (package DDT) and pins AJ at 4:56 to win the title.  After the match she kisses the fallen AJ on the cheek and says she is still AJ’s friend.

They air the Sting 2K15 promo.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger in a Flag Match

Lana says they dedicate this match to the world’s greatest reality star, Vladimir Putin.  He says there is no happy ending for the U.S.A. like most Hollywood films.

Members from the 11th Army Cavalry Guard come out with a flag and are then followed by Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Swagger attacks Rusev and the American flag lands on the mat, and Colter immediately picks it up. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock before the bell rings and he is selling the ankle as the bell rings.

Swagger attacks the right ankle and Rusev is selling it well. Rusev comes back and applies a bear hug and wears down Swagger. Swagger comes back with a belly to belly and a pair of clotheslines, big boot and hits the Swagger bomb, crowd is really into the match.

Rusev with a kick to the ribs and superkick, stomp to the back and applies the Accolade but cannot stand on his bad ankle. So he applies a modified version on one leg instead of both and Swagger counters into the Patriot Lock and Rusev fights out of it. Rusev slams him and puts on the full version of the Accolade and Swagger passes out at 8:55.

Lana mocks Zeb after the match and Rusev kicks Zeb so both Colter and Swagger are out.

They raise the Russian flag with Rusev and Lana standing in the ring.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose in a Lumberjack Match

Lumberjacks included Cesaro, RVD, Ryback, Axel, Usos, Sandow, Kofi Kingston, Bo Dallas, Fandango, Sin Cara, Goldust, Stardust, Titus O’Neil, Heath Slater and R-Truth.

Big spot early as Ambrose vertical suplexes Rollins from the ring onto the lumberjacks on the floor and then Ambrose is brought back to the ring and fights off the lumberjacks. Ambrose goes into the crowd brawling with Rollins.

Corporate Kane comes out and yells at the lumberjacks and sends them to bring them back to the ring. They grab Ambrose and Rollins returns to ringside and goes to leave but the lumberjacks corner him and bring him back to the ring. They carry Rollins in the air and Ambrose comes off the top to take everyone out.

Ambrose does the Bullet Club sign to Rollins’ head and hits the Nigel McGuinness lariat out of the ropes and gets a near fall. Ambrose hits the Curb Stomp and Kane attacks Ambrose. All the lumberjacks come into the ring and it’s a big brawl.

Ambrose sends Harper and Rowan to the floor and turns around and is hit by the briefcase by Rollins and Rollins pins him at 10:51.

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho is draped in the corner and Wyatt runs at him into the post. The crowd is chanting back and forth for both. Wyatt hits a running senton off the ropes and attacks the ribs.

Jericho counters Sister Abigail with a rollup and then gets the Walls of Jericho and Bray makes it to the rope. Wyatt recovers and hits a DDT on the outside of the apron.

Jericho stops Wyatt on the top rope and hits a frankensteiner off the top. Bray does the spider walk and yells at Jericho “I’m already dead” and Jericho hits the Code Breaker and Wyatt kicks out.

Jericho goes to the floor and Bray hits the taped up thumb to the throat and Sister Abigail into the barricade. He brings him back into the ring and hits the Sister Abigail and pins him at 12:58.

They run a video package for the next match.

Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella

They show Ronda Rousey in the front row along with Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

Stephanie is in control and then Brie attempts the Yes Lock and Stephanie bails to the floor. Brie goes for a suicide dive and Stephanie knocks her down as she goes for the jump and lands on the floor.

Stephanie has the advantage and then Brie makes comeback with Daniel Bryan spots like the repeated kicks in the corner.

Triple H comes down followed by Nikki Bella, this leads to Stephanie going for the pedigree and countered and Brie applies the Yes Lock and Hunter pulls the referee out. Brie hits a sliding dropkick to Hunter on the floor and he is out.

Nikki comes into the ring and she tosses Stephanie aside and decks Brie. Stephanie hits the pedigree onto Brie and pins her at 11:06. The match was laid out very well and the Nikki turn got a huge reaction.

They air a video package on the Totino’s contest winner, “Mama’s Boy” and show him in the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Orton has the advantage at the start, uses the Garvin stomp and a superplex off the top. Reigns gets onto his back and goes for a choke and Orton falls back but Reigns recovers and has Orton’s back.

Reigns hits the running dropkick from the floor. Orton fights with him on the floor and sends him into the post. Reigns is sent into the steel steps.

The two fight on the top and Reigns lifts him onto his shoulders and hits Samoan drop from the second turnbuckle and gets a two-count. Reigns gets up and hits superman punch, he sets up for the spear and Orton hits him with a powerslam to counter the spear and was great and then hits the draping DDT.

Reigns blocks a RKO, comes off the ropes for a superman punch and Orton hits the RKO in mid-air for a near fall. Orton backs up for the punt but he misses and Reigns comes off the ropes and spears Orton for the win.

They air an ad for SummerSlam going to the New York / New Jersey area next summer and leaving Los Angeles after six-years in a row in L.A.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title

They attack each other right away and Lesnar hits the F-5 and Cena kicks out in the first 0:30.

Lesnar yells “I am going to kill you” and lifts him and hits a release german. Lesnar follows with knees to the ribs. Lesnar hits three release germans back to back to back. It is all Lesnar from the start of the match until the 10:00 mark when Cena uses some back elbows and runs at Lesnar and avoids another F-5, hits the AA and Lesnar kicks out.

Lesnar takes him down with a double leg and attacks him with ground and pound. Lesnar lifts him and hits four consecutive germans as Lesnar yells “DIE”. Cena is down and out of nowhere applies the STF, Lesnar reverses on top and picks him up and hits another F-5 and wins at 16:04.

WWE SummerSlam Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE SummerSlam from the sold out Staples Center in Los Angeles. 

The pre-show features Josh Mathews hosting the panel consisting of Booker T., Shawn Michaels and Vickie Guerrero.

Dean Ambrose vs. Rob Van Dam for the U.S. Title

They started off slow but the crowd was reacting to everything as they went back and forth and slowly built.

Van Dam was ready to hit the frog splash when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came out followed by Mark Henry and Big Show and all four were ringside for the rest of the match.

Van Dam was going for a fall when Reigns came in and speared him for the DQ at 13:39.

The pre-show ends with the production crew setting up the Ring of Fire match so that will kick off the pay-per-view portion.

The Miz comes out to start the pay-per-view as the host of SummerSlam and is wearing a bow tie and goes voer the two main events on the show.

Fandango interrupts him with Summer Rae and they dance around the stage as Miz says “welcome to SummerSlam” and into the opening video package.

JoJo sings the national anthem.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt in a Ring of Fire Match

They make it clear you can only win with a pinfall or submission.

The match is surrounded by flames and rise upon a big spot with Rowan and Harper backing away early.

Harper gets a kendo stick and the flames comes up and he freaks out as it catches fire.

Kane hits a choke slam and follows up with a second one and calls for the tombstone but Harper and Rowan put a tarp over the flames to climb in and attack Kane with Kane taking a big boot.

The crowd is chanting for The Undertaker.

They beat him down until Wyatt hits theLas Kiss Good Night and pins Kane at 7:49.

They place Kane on the steps and use the other steps to drop it on Kane’s head and presumably write him off as the lights go out and lantern is lit.

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Rhodes has shaved his moustache but instead of an angle on television it will be explained on theJBL & Cole YouTube show this week.

Rhodes is selling off the top but makes a comeback including hitting the Muscle Buster (not identified as such) and then Sandow duck a Disaster Kick but Rhodes hits it on the second attempt with the ross Rhodes follow up and gets the pin at 6:30.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian for the World Title

Del Rio has a black eye (likely from the house show in Portland Friday night)

Del Rio has Lilian Garcia introduce him in Spanish and this gets heat.

Del Rio does his dive through the ropes and lands on the floor and Christian hits a cross body to the floor as he is selling his shoulder. 

Christian goes for the cover back in the ring for a two, Del Rio blocks the kill switch and then Christian jumps to the second turnbuckle but takes a back stabber for a cool near fall. 

Christian attempts a sunset flip powerbomb out of the corner but Del Rio punches him and then back into the corner Christian hits a hurricanrana and gets a near fall. Christian goes for a spear into a dropkick from Del Rio. 

Christian finally hits the spear but the shoulder is hurt and Del Rio applies the armbar and Christian finally taps at 12:24. 

Renee Young interviews him after the match and he says the Spanish people need an icon and hero and he is that man. 

The Miz interviews Maria Menounos about her feud with The Bellas and supporting Natalya and then Fandango and Summer Rae coming in dancing to end the segment. 

Natalya (w/ Cameron & Naomi) vs. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella & Eva Marie)

The crowd starts chanting for “Jerry” during the match as Brie has the advantage. 

Natalya tries to get the sharpshooter but it’s broken and Natalya powers out of submission attempt followed by Brie with running knee to the chest. 

Natalya with Alabama slam and sharpshooter for the win at 5:19. 

A horrendous skit in the back where Ryback complains about his soup being cold and the catering guy explains it is supposed to be cold and gets it dumped on him – horrible where this guy has fallen to. 

A big video package for the Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk match airs – excellent piece.

Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. CM Punk in No DQ Match

Punk with a running knee sends Lesnar to floor and then hits suicide dive. 

Lesnar puts the wooden part of the announce desk on top of Punk and stomps on it followed by a belly to belly suplex on the floor. Back in the ring Lesnar hits him with knees to the ribs and then into a bear hug.

Punk’s back has a gash on it from the desk stomp.

Punk fights to the top and is caught coming off the top and hit with a fall away slam.  

Punk bites the ear of Lesnar and hits him with leg kicks and a flying knee off the top and then a running knee in the corner and a head kick before hitting the top rope elbow drop and gets a two-count.

Punk goes for the GTS but Lesnar applies the kimura and goes to the mat but Punk reverses out and goes for his own armbar and then into a (weakly applied) triangle that Lesnar powerbombs out of.

Lesnar gets a chair on the floor and Punk jumps off top but right into the chair, he gets up first and attacks Lesnar with the chair. Punk climbs to the top with the chair and uses the chair to Lesnar coming off the top as Lesnar lays on the mat.

Heyman gets on the apron and Punk goes for him but Lesnar stops him, tries for the F-5 but Punk holds onto Heyman’s tie and cannot get it and Punk gets off and hits the GTS but Heyman makes the save and Punk chases Heyman. 

Lesnar catches Punk and goes for the F-5 but Punk counters with a DDT and into the Anaconda Vice but Heyman comes into the ring and he releases it and builds up to hitting Heyman with a punch and applying the Anaconda Vice but Lesnar breaks it with a huge chair shot to the back and another huge on before hitting the F-1 onto the chair for the win at 25:17. Excellent match.

They aired a piece on a fan winning tickets for SummerSlam by taking a splash from Mark Henry.

AJ & Big E. Langston vs. Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn

Crowd is dead for this coming off the last match.

Ziggler does his repeated elbow drop spots where Lawler says that killed him once. Langston gets up and hits a big back breaker to Ziggler. 

AJ grabs Ziggler’s leg from the floor and Kaitlyn kills AJ with a spear on the floor.

Ziggler blocks the Big Ending and hits the Zig Zag for the win at 6:40.

The Miz is in the back and interrupted again by Fandango and goes to say his name and Miz punches him out.

The main event is up next and they air a video package for it.

John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title with Triple H as the Guest Referee

Cena’s left elbow is taped up and the announcers make mention of the injury with Bryan going for the Yes Lock early on the bad elbow and Cena avoids and goes to the floor.  

Bryan is knocked off the apron and into the announce desk and then Cena hits a vertical suplex off of the steps to the floor. The crowd is all behind Bryan and booing Cena as Bryan hits a series of kicks in the corner and then to the chest.

Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and tries for the AA but Bryan lands on his feet and you can see Cena has a black eye from a shot.

Bryan applies the STF onto Cena and then hits two consecutive bridging german suplexes and into the No Lock but Cena gets out and Bryan applies a guillotine and Cena gets out and hits an AA out of nowhere and gets a two-count.

Bryan hits a spider suplex off the turnbuckle and then hits a diving head butt off the top and then Cena comes back with guillotine leg drop that looked nuts for a two-count. 

Bryan goes for a hurricanrana off the top and Cena catches him and jumps down nearly dropping Bryan right on his neck and into the STF. Bryan reverses it and applies the Yes Lock and Cena makes the ropes.

They do a slap exchange and then Bryan off the top and is caught but avoids the AA with a roll up for two.

Bryan runs and hits the Bom A Ye and pins Cena clean at 26:55.

Bryan does a big celebration with confetti, thanks his parents and then Randy Orton comes out and walks to the ring but turns around to walks back and Triple H hits Bryan with pedigree and Orton cashes in and pins Bryan right away to win the title.

WWE SummerSlam Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE ‘SummerSlam’ from the Staples 

The pre-show kicked off with Josh Mathews interviewing Big Show and he is promising to win the title tonight

Santino Marella Vs Antonio Cesaro for the U.S. Title

Marella lost his cobra and then pulled out another but got distracted by Aksana and allowed Cesaro to hit The Neutralizer, which is a Gotch piledriver into a front slam for the win and is the new champion

Triple H meets with Scott Armstrong and tells him not to disqualify or count out either Lesnar or himself, the match will be a fight and end with either a tap or a pinfall and Armstrong was not allowed to speak

The pay-per-view begins all built around Brock Lesnar and Triple H

Michael Cole welcomes us to ‘the silver anniversary of SummerSlam’ and then his next point he makes is the first show taking place in 1988 – call it “WWE Math”

Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler Vs Chris Jericho

Jericho is wearing ‘Y2J 2012’ trunks

Ziggler gets the advantage after both go to the floor

Jericho comes off he turnbuckle with an axe handle and Ziggler hits the rocker dropper for a two-count and crowd is doing the back and forth chants for both

Ziggler counters the Walls of Jericho and then Jericho with an enzigiuri for a two-count

Ziggler with a sleeper hold and Jericho puts him on the top rope and hits ten punches and then a top rope huracanrana to Ziggler

Ziggler gets the knees up for the Lionsault and Ziggler with a Zig Zag for a near fall and the crowd explodes

Jericho comes back with a Code Breaker and Ziggler rolls to the floor

Ziggler gets a small package after Vickie distracts and grabs Jericho’s leg and Ziggler is sent into the post shoulder first and Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho for the win at 13:07

They replay the angle with Lesnar breaking Shawn Michaels’ arm

Matt Striker is with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman and Heyman discusses Hunter wanting this to be a ‘fight to the finish’ and his client will break the spirit of WWE and ends with Lesnar saying this is a fight Hunter can’t win and Heyman says ‘if you ain’t down with that, we have two words for you – tap out’

Daniel Bryan Vs Kane

Bryan attacks the left leg of Kane and follows up a few minutes later with a suicide dive and then missile dropkick off the top when Kane gets back in the ring 

The fans chant ‘Yes’ as Bryan kicks Kane repeatedly

Kane comes back with a top rope clothesline and goes for a choke slam that Bryan blocks and escapes the ring and comes back and slaps Kane before Kane beats him down

Bryan goes to the top rope for a splash but Kane catches him and choke slams Bryan but he recovers and as Kane goes for the tombstone Bryan turns into a small package and pins Kane at 8:01 

Kane is going crazy in the back and Mathews approaches him and asks “Mr. Kane” and kane asks where HE is and Mathews says HE left and Kane throws Mathews into Nevada 

A PSA against drinking and driving airs

Rey Mysterio is out dressed as Batman and Miz comes out to his AWESOME blow up block letters he used at WrestleMania last year

The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Title

Mysterio gets dropped ribs first onto the barricade on the floor

Miz with the heat and hits a running clothesline in the corner and then bounces Mysterio off the top rope and executes a sit out powerbomb 

Mysterio with a DDT and then hits a 619 for a big reaction and goes for a frog splash but misses, Miz attempts the Skull Crushing Finale and Mysterio counters for a near fall and the crowd bites on it

Miz then sends Mysterio into the corner and he rebounds and takes the Skull Crushing Finale and Miz pins him at 9:10

Teddy Long is with Eve and says he feels AJ is doing a great job running ‘Raw’ and then CM Punk shows up and walks into AJ’s office. Punk complains about the three-way match but AJ won’t talk and he leaves feeling disrespected

Sheamus Vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Title

The two fall to the floor during a collar and elbow tie-up

Sheamus misses a Brogue kick into the ropes and Del Rio sends him to the floor and runs him into the steps

Del Rio with the advantage as the crowd is not engaged in the match

Del Rio mocks Sheamus by beating his chest and Sheamus with an axe handle but then runs shoulder first into the post and then is crotched on the top rope and hits an arm breaker coming off the top rope 

Del Rio applies the arm bar but Sheamus lifts and slams Del Rio to break it and comes back with White Noise for a two-count 

Sheamus beats Del Rio’s chest and then puts him in the corner but Sheamus gets dropped on the exposed turnbuckle and Del Rio with a near fall and gets upset and yanks Ricardo into the ring and yells at him. Sheamus gets a hold of Ricardo’s shoe when he tries to toss it to Del Rio and Sheamus hits Del Rio with the show and uses the Irish Curse but Del Rio gets his foot on the ropes and the referee misses it and Sheamus wins at 11:20

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth Vs The Prime Time Players for the Tag Titles

A ‘Kobe Bryant’ chant breaks out at the start of the match

Kingston sells and eventually makes the hot tag to Truth and Titus O’Neil goes over the top to the floor and Kofi hits a plancha to the floor as Young school boys Truth for a two-count 

Truth hits the Little Jimmy for the win and pins Darren Young at 7:08 

They air a piece on the Axxess events and talent visting a children’s hospital and all of the local events and parties the company hosted 

CM Punk Vs John Cena Vs Big Show for the WWE Title is next so Lesnar and Hunter will close the show 

Cena gets a lot of boos and Punk comes out wearing pink and black trunks and boots 

Show deliverss chops to both and then vertical suplexes both simultaneously for a good reaction 

Punk delivers a series of kicks and goes for the GTS but cannot lift him and is chopped again

Show with a spear to Cena and sets up both in the corner and climbs up and Punk gets out of the way and Cena takes Vader bomb 

Punk cuts of Cena from delivering the five knuckle shuffle and Punk hits Show with a top rope elbow drop for a two

Punk applies the Koji Clutch on Show and Cena applies the STF at the same time and Show taps and there is a dispute over who should win

AJ comes out and orders the match to be re-started 

Show with a double choke slam but cannot pin either 

Cena hits the AA to Big Show and Punk tosses Cena to the floor and covers how at 12:34 

They show Piers Morgan, David Arquette (with a WCW replica title), Fred Durst, Rick Rubin and Maria Menunos at ringside 

Then we get the Kevin Rudolf performance of ‘Don’t Give Up’ with all of the Divas dancing

Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H

Lesnar goes after the arm right away but Hunter is in the ropes and Hunter comes back and clotheslines him to the floor and Hunter yesll that this isn’t UFC

Lesnar takes his gloves off and then takes down Hunter and places the arm behind Hunter and slams him on the announce table on the floor and continues to work over the left arm of Hunter back in the ring

Lesnar hits a german suplex and is bleeding from the nose and gets tosed into the steps on the floor

Lesnar knocks over the Spanish table and balances himself on the edge and hits anaxe handle to Hunter

Hunter sends Lesnar stomach first into the announce table and Lesnar starts selling and they bring up his past diverticulitis problems and this leads to Hunter fighting back and hits a spinebuster and goes for the pedigree but Brock blocks and goes for the F-5, Hunter blocks and hits the pedigree and Hunter kicks out

Lesnar with a low blow but Scott Armstrong won’t call it and Lesnar hits an F-5 and Hunter kicks out

Lesnar gets the key lock and pulls guard but Hunter into the ropes and Hunter comes back with a pedigree but as he goes for the pin Lesnar applies the key lock again and Hunter taps at 18:44

WWE SummerSlam Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE ‘SummerSlam’ from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Justin Gabriel introduces Adam Jones from Tool to play an instrumental version of national anthem.

The opening video is built around CM Punk Vs John Cena and ‘the domino effect’.

The show begins with The Miz coming out with his ‘AWESOME’ blow up letters from WrestleMania for his entrance. The Miz complains about not having a match, R-Truth comes out and complains about a ‘conspiracy’. Then Alberto Del Rio makes his way out and we have a six-man tag to start things off.

The Miz & R-Truth & Albert Del Rio Vs Kofi Kingston & John Morrison & Rey Mysterio

Kingston and Morrison had a nice double team spot early on in the match. Kingston hit a high cross off the top to Miz and then went for the Trouble in Paradise but missed. Miz hit a version of the Mind Trip, which Daizee Haze uses where it was an Ace Crusher but dropping Kingston on his head.

Crowd got into Mysterio when he was tagged in and working with Truth and hitting a tilt-a-whirl and sending Truth into the ropes and then Miz is also sent to the ropes but Del Rio stops the 619. Morrison with a plancha to the floor on Del Rio and then Kingston with the same to Miz and Mysterio wins the match with a frog splash to Truth and gets the win.

The announcers plugged Rey Mysterio challenging the WWE Champion tomorrow night on ‘Raw’.

John Laurinaitis is with CM Punk backstage and wants Punk to admit the kick on ‘Raw’ was an accident and wants an apology. Punk gives a sarcastic apology and then Stephanie McMahon walks in to wish Punk luck and Punk tells her to leave and find Triple H or Vince. Punk admits she is clueless but said the word he used was ‘idiotic’ and then refuses to shake her hand saying ‘I know where that’s been’.  

Mark Henry Vs Sheamus

Sheamus is knocked to the floor and then sent back in by Henry and splashes Sheamus in the ring. Henry on offense with Sheamus coming back with punches and the crowd is behind Sheamus but then cut off by Henry.

Henry applies the Bruno Sammartino style backbreaker. Sheamus gets Henry off his feet with a double ax handle. Sheamus misses a Brogue kick.

Henry on the floor lifts Sheamus and sends him into the steel post and then crash through the barricade to the crowd and the crowd was really into the match here and cheered on Sheamus to make it back to the ring but he couldn’t make it by the count of ten and Henry wins by countout.

Christian interview backstage and he has a surprise for his match with Randy Orton.

Kelly Kelly Vs Beth Phoenix for the Diva’s Title

The story of the match was Phoenix dominating and Kelly made her comeback at the end and beat Phoenix with a roll up and the crowd popped for the finish.

R-Truth was backstage with Jimmy Hart, who tried to talk him into allowing Hart to manage him but R-Truth it was a conspiracy and he was another ‘little Jimmy’. As they left Ron Artest watched on with his kid.

Wade Barrett Vs Daniel Bryan

Crowd was lukewarm for the start of this match but picked up for the finish. Bryan slapped on the guillotine and transitioned into the Lebell lock but Barrett reached the ropes.

Barrett made a comeback and hit Wasteland for the win.  

A video airs recapping the feud between Christian and Randy Orton

Christian comes out and has an announcement about who is going to be in his corner tonight – Edge. Edge says his doctors have told him he can no longer compete and was kind of happy because it opened the door for Christian to get to the top. Edge said he agreed Christian shouldn’t have had to defend his title five-days after he won the title but then Christian whined and complained and said Christian eventually became a disgrace to himself. Edge calls him a ‘whining little bitch’ and leaves.

Christian Vs Edge for the World Title in a ‘No Holds Barred Match’

The two made their way out of the ring with Orton going for the RKO on the table but Christian ran away, the two then fought into the crowd before returning to the ring with Christian using a kendo stick on Orton.

Orton is bleeding from the lip mid way through the match. Christian goes for the killswitch but Orton counters with a back breaker. Orton sets up for the punt but Christian gets out of the ring, Christian tries to crotch Orton on the steel post but Orton blocks and sends Christian face first into the post.

A table is set up in the ring and Christian goes for a spear but Orton leap frogs and avoids the spear. Christian sends Orton to the floor but Orton throws Christian into the steel steps.  Christian comes back by tossing Orton head first into the steps and then attacks him with a monitor.

Christian goes for the RKO on the announce table but Orton blocks and hits his own RKO, breaking the table.

Christian counters an RKO attempt in the ring with the killswitch but only gets a two-count.

Christian sets up Orton for a one man conchairto and starts to spit on Orton’s face, misses with the chair and Orton attacks Christian with a chair and then sends him off the apron and through a table on the floor.

Orton tries to stomp on Christian’s head on the steps but Christian moves, Christian takes a powerslam through the table in the corner and then attacks Christian with a kendo stick.

The finishing sequence saw Orton goes for the RKO but Christian hit him with a kendo stick, Christian jumped off the second turnbuckle with a high cross but took an RKO in mid-air on the steps and Orton wins the World Title.

Triple H is with Stephanie talking in the back

CM Punk Vs John Cena w/ Triple H as the special guest referee

Crowd is really hot right off the top for this one

Long reverse chin lock by Cena – Booker  T states this match is ‘too technical’ for his tastes.

The match concludes with Punk hitting a sloppy GTS and got the win when Triple H couldn’t see that Cena’s leg was under the ropes.

Then Kevin Nash came out and delivered a powerbomb to Punk, this led to Alberto Del Rio hitting the ring and cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and winning the WWE Title from CM Punk as the show concludes.

WWE SummerSlam Report

The show kicked off with a video discussing ‘change’.

Michael Cole announced 17,463 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Title

Vickie cut a promo but was cut off by Kingston’s music. Kingston attempted a suicide dive early but Ziggler was pulled out of the way by Guerrero. Kingston hit a sloppy looking Thesz press. Later in the match he attempted the Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler countered with the sleeper and then Nexus ran in and Ziggler retreated and they attacked Kingston.

Wade Barrett cut a promo that the WWE crew was not united and were fragmented.

Chris Jericho is backstage with The Miz and then Edge appears. They tell Miz he could become a star in L.A tonight and be ‘bigger than Avatar’.

Alicia Fox Vs Melina for the Diva’s Title

Melina came out dressed as a Vegas show girl and referred to as ‘one of the all time greats’ once again by Michael Cole. Melina started selling her knee but was playing possum and led to an awkward matrix duck by Melina when Fox attacked. Melina hit a running dropkick and then screamed leading to the finish where she debuted a new face plant maneuver, kind of like the Skull Crushing Finale for the win and the title.

Michelle McCool and Layla came to the ring to celebrate as champions and wanted a picture for Twitter. Melina attacked them buy LayCool made the comeback and left her laying outside and teased a unification program.

Big Show Vs CM Punk & Luke Gallows & Joseph Mercury

Right away Show has the tape on his ‘injured’ hand removed so the angle will have no effect in this match. They built to a showdown with Show and Punk. Punk attempted to stomp on Show’s hand but he got it out of the way. Punk avoided a chokeslam with a Mirko Cro Cop style head kick to Show and then a follow up running knee to the jaw. Show attacked all three and led to Punk leaving the ring with Serena and left Gallows and Mercury with Show. Show chokeslammed Mercury onto Gallows for the win.

Kane is backstage with a casket and music underneath and interrupted by Sheamus, who calls himself the real ‘big red machine’ and that just like St. Patrick rid Ireland of snakes, he will rid the WWE of the viper Randy Orton.

The Miz comes out and cuts an excellent promo on how all of Team WWE is trying to convince him to join the team. This was a fantastic job by Miz, who told the crowd to shut up when he did his catchphrase and to raise their hands if they want to speak. Great delivery and a real star this guy is becoming in the top mix.

Sheamus Vs Randy Orton for the WWE Title

Early on Sheamus attacks the right shoulder of Orton. Orton later makes a comeback after Sheamus runs into the turnbuckle arm first and then takes a back breaker. The crowd was down early on in the match but came alive for a back and forth ‘yea’ and ‘boo’ spot with punches. Orton then teased the RKO and the crowd was hot for that. Orton goes for the RKO but Sheamus counters and pushes Orton down but this didn’t come across well on TV or live as the announcers thought Orton hit the RKO and had to correct themselves. Sheamus hits the Brogue kick for a two count and then grabs a chair and shoves official Jack Doane for the DQ loss to Orton. After the match Orton ducks a chair shot and hits a low blow and then the RKO on the announce table but the table doesn’t break. They did a long wait spot with Sheamus, I guess teasing Miz may come and cash in the title shot but he didn’t.

Kane Vs Rey Mysterio for the World Title

Kane comes to the ring with a casket. The beginning of the match is Rey selling including being thrown ribs first into the steel post. Mysterio went for his first 619 attempt but Kane cut him off with a clothesline. Rey took a boot to the face when he attemped a springboard into the ring. Mysterio came back with a seated senton and then a followup tornado DDT for a two count. Kane opens the empty casket and Rey sets him up for another 619 but his legs are caught and ends up in the casket to a big pop. Mysterio makes a comeback and finally hits the 619 on his third try. He goes for a springboard splash but Kane gets his boots up but Rey stills attempts a roll up for a two count and Kane gets to his feet and hits a chokeslam for the win.

After the match Mysterio takes two chokeslams and a tombstone, when Kane opens the casket again The Undertaker comes out to a gigantic reaction. The Undertaker teases chokeslamming Mysterio but turns his attention to Kane and grabs him by the throat but Kane counters and hits a tombstone to end the segment.

Team Nexus Vs Team WWE

The Miz comes out last for Team WWE but Cena informs him they couldn’t wait for his answer and their final member is the returning Daniel Bryan (which the WWE posted on their website before the announcement on the pay per view).

Bryan starts the match with Darren Young and eliminates him right away with a guillotine into a oma plata / crossface submission for the tap.

Morrison next eliminated Michael Tarver with the starship pain and then we got chants of ‘We Want Bret’.

Skip Sheffield was tagged in and eliminated both Morrison and R-Truth with his lariat. He almost dropped Chris Jericho with a press slam.

Bret Hart got the hot tag and worked a short sequence with Heath Slater selling the entire him. Hart delivered punches, a bodyslam and a reverse atomic drop before applying the sharpshooter on Slater. A chair was thrown in by a Nexus member and Hart grabbed the chair and used it on Sheffield and disqualified, this was good booking of Hart and he looked fine for the brief period he was in.

Jericho then hit the code breaker on Sheffield and Edge hit the spear to eliminate Sheffield.

Jericho worked as a babyface his whole time in the match including a long reaching lionsault to David Otunga and then applying the Walls of Jericho to eliminate Otunga. Jericho accidentally knocked into Cena on the apron and got upset at him and was rolled up by Slater for the elimination. Edge was upset at Cena for that spot as well and Slater then rolled up Edge to eliminate him. Edge and Jericho beat down Cena on the floor.

They built to Cena finally delivering the hot tag to Bryan, who came in and hit a suicide dive to Slater. Slater went for a roll up back in the ring and Bryan turned it into his oma plata crossface for the tap out. The ref was distracted after that elimination and The Miz ran in and hit Bryan with the briefcase and Barrett pinned Bryan.

Cena sold more including a DDT on the cement floor and then got out of the way for the 450 by Justin Gabriel and applied the STF for the tap.

It was down to Cena and Barrett and Cena quickly applied the STF for the win for Team WWE.

WWE SummerSlam Report

They kick the show off with some terrible comedy where DX is making finger puppets on the screen to make fun of the rest of graphics for the matches. Triple H and Shawn Michaels then appear on a white backdrop and they go to a video of classic DX footage. This made me want to throw my remote through my TV and had to take a few relaxation breaths.

They announce the crowd at 17,129.

Rey Mysterio Vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title kicks off the show.

This match went about 12:00 and the audience was really into this match, complete opposite of their match at ‘Night of Champions’. Ziggler got Mysterio on shoulders on the ropes and attempted a gut buster but Rey reversed it into a hurricanrana and got the win. Very good opener.

Josh Matthews is backstage with Jack Swagger and MVP. MVP asks Josh ‘What’s poppin’?’ Swagger says this is his first SummerSlam and he is facing an ‘ex-con’ and a stepping stone. MVP says he made bad decision but not mistakes.

Jack Swagger Vs MVP is up next.

This match was a victim of time as they only got about 6:00. MVP hit the playmaker for the clean win. Didn’t have much of a chance to be anything than a throwaway match.

They trumpeted the fact that so many celebrities are in the house and then cut to…Luke Perry.

Justin Roberts then introduced Nancy O’Dell from ‘Access Hollywood’, who discussed her charity to raise money for ALS. She then interviewed Freddie Prinze Jr. about his attack from Randy Orton this past Monday.

Chris Jericho and Big Show made their way to the ring with their new entrance music (which tells me they aren’t going to that effort to take the titles off of them).

Jericho said Show and him are bigger celebrities than anyone at the Staples Center and that Jericho is the best in the world at what he does. Show went to speak but Cryme Tyme’s music hit.

Chris Jericho & Big Show Vs Cryme Tyme for the Unified Tag Titles

Todd Grisham states that Cryme Tyme wants to turn ‘Hollywood’ into ‘Hollyhood’…clever, so clever.

Rob Van Dam is backstage at the show.

Similar finish to the six man tag from this past week where JTG is near the ropes and Big Show punches him from outside the ring and Jericho gets the clean pin on JTG. Crowd remained hot during this match.

There was a brief signal failure but luckily it was all fixed so we could catch all of the next match.

Kane Vs The Great Khali

Jim Ross through out a ‘bowling shoe’ reference before the opening bell even rung.

This was exactly what you would have expected with Khali being the worst guys at selling in the industry and just awkward interaction between the two for six minutes. Kane pulled Runjun Singh into the ring and distracted Khali and then dropkicked Khali into the knee and covered him for the pin. I get the impression this feud isn’t over yet.

Triple H & Shawn Michaels Vs Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

The money saved by releasing Ricky Ortiz, Brian Kendrick and Eugene financed the entrance of DX into the Staples Center, which included a pyro display, an army coming out and firing rounds into the audience then the entrance of Michaels and Hunter…ON A TANK!

DiBiase and Rhodes then came out to their entrance music.

Michaels and Hunter gave quite a lot to DiBiase and Rhodes in this match, which went 20:00. The story of the match was that DiBiase and Rhodes had scouted DX and they had an answer for everything Hunter and Michaels attempted. Hunter and DiBiase fought into the crowd as Michaels and Rhodes were both out in the ring. The ref counted to nine as Michaels and Rhodes got up and both were leaning on each other and then Michaels hit Rhodes with the super kick and got the win. This match did a lot for Legacy even in losing.

Christian Vs William Regal for the ECW Title is next.

Christian hit the Killswitch immediately and pinned Regal in 10 seconds – very disappointing as a lot of people were anticipating this match. Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson attacked Christian after the match and left him laying in the ring.

A promo aired of all the WWE events going on in Los Angeles this past week.

Randy Orton Vs John Cena for the WWE Title is next

Michael Cole notes that Orton won his first World Title at ‘SummerSlam’ in 2004 but failed to mention who he defeated. Cole also noted that since that match Orton has taken a more sinister turn, which was a weird moment.

They showed Freddie Prinze Jr. at ringside and he was sitting right next to Tito Ortiz, who they did not acknowledge. They also didn’t acknowledge that Ortiz’s next fight is going to do 3 times the amount of buys this show will do in November being on the same bill as Brock Lesnar Vs Shane Carwin.

This could have been one of the most overbooked title matches in company history. The crowd was in the palm of their hands during this match a very pro Orton crowd – probably 75% and a very loud 75%.

The first finish came when Orton attacked the referee and Lillian Garcia butchered the angle by stating that Orton was the new WWE champion and then quickly said that Vince McMahon had ordered the match to restart and if Orton is DQ’d again he loses the title. The second finish saw Orton get counted out and the same deal with McMahon restarting the match Orton couldn’t get counted out. The third finish saw Orton pin Cena with his feet on the ropes but a referee came down and restarted the match – yes, Cena was being booked to be a complete failure at this point.

The match continued and Cena had Orton in the STFU but someone ran in from the crowd and attacked referee Scott Armstrong and then took him backstage. They tried to play this off as a shoot but they cut to him being ecorted out, Cena full out acknowledged it and the fact the ‘fan’ broke up a submission attempt suggests that Joe Hennig is the next member of Legacy.

The match continued and Orton finally got another win and pinned Cena clean.

This match was a total failure.

Jeff Hardy Vs CM Punk in a TLC Match for the World Title

If you are a fan of the spot heavy ladder matches than this was your match. Hardy just destroyed himself during this match as mentally he knows he’s done for a long time. The crowd was back into things after the booking of the last match. Hardy dove off a 15 foot ladder to put Punk through a table but Punk moved. They tried to take Hardy off on a stretcher but Hardy returned and fought Punk on the ladder but Punk grabbed the title. Punk held the title over top Hardy and then the lights went out and the Undertaker’s gong when off and the lights came on with Undertaker in the spot Hardy was and raises and chokeslams Punk to end the show.

WWE SummerSlam Report

Welcome to The LAW’s coverage of WWE “SummerSlam” tonight. The show is taking place from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. The show will begin soon.


8:00 PM

We start with a trailer where they state that for 20 years, SummerSlam has been a blockbuster hit, no stand ins and never a box office bust (I think they need to review that 1993-97 period a bit better).


8:04 PM

MVP Vs Jeff Hardy is up first.


8:05 PM

It’s Jim Ross and Tazz on the announce crew for “Smackdown” so no miracle reconciliations by Mick Foley and WWE. Ross says about Jeff that “it’s better to be a diamond with a flaw, than a stone without”.


8:06 PM

Charles Robinson goes to make a 2-count and Ross states how Robinson “doesn’t want to miss that call”, I guess that was a nod to Wes Adams from ECW this week.


8:16 PM

Shelton runs to ringside as Jeff is setting MVP up for the swanton and Jeff dives to the floor to take out Shelton. Jeff attempts to hit the swanton but MVP gets out the way and hits the ‘drive by kick’ and gets the pinfall on Hardy. They push that Jeff “being reckless” with Shelton, cost him the match.


8:18 PM

Maria is back to being an interviewer backstage. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix are interviewed by her. Santino says he can see that Maria has let herself go since they broke up. Maria makes a crack about his unibrow and then Phoenix says that “He’s all mine”. Marella says they are now called “Glam-Marella” and she is his “broad-zilla”. Funny segment.


8:20 PM

Kofi Kingston & Mickie James Vs Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix in a “Winner Take All” match for the Intercontinental Title and Women’s Title is up next.


8:25 PM

Marella gets knocked to the floor and Phoenix starts yelling at him that he is ruining this for her. Kingston teases a suicide dive and Marella jumps into Phoenix’s arms to avoid.


8:27 PM

Mickie James is throwing elbows like she’s Kenta Kobashi at Phoenix. Kingston attempts to take Marella out, but misses and spills over the top rope and onto the floor. James hits an Implant DDT on Marella but Phoenix attacks James and scores pin and they win the titles. Lawler notes that Marella was unconscious when he won the title. Phoenix hoists Marella on her shoulders and takes him to the back.


8:30 PM

A video recapping the Shawn Michaels injury airs and then he comes to the ring with his wife, Whisper! He says that his doctor has told him to retire and he is going to take his doctor’s advise. He says he remembers his first SummerSlam and thanks the fans. He says he’s known for a lot of good things and also is known as the guy that screwed Bret Hart, started DX and lost his smile in addition to retiring Ric Flair. He says now he wants to be known as a full time husband and father.


Jericho comes to the ring and says he won’t allow Michaels to couple all his injuries for the reason behind his retirement. He wants Michaels to admit that Jericho retired him. Michaels says fine, but that Jericho has to look his wife and kids in the eye and say that he will never be Shawn Michaels. Jericho then punches Michaels wife. Words cannot describe how strong this angle was. The fact they just let the actions speak for themselves, no commentary and just listening to the crowd react is why the worked so well and should be required viewing by everyone on the TNA creative team on how to shoot a money angle.


8:49 PM

Wow was that angle great! Mark Henry Vs Matt Hardy for the ECW Title is next. Matt Striker notes that he spoke with Tony Atlas and he said that Henry is in the best cardio shape of his life.


8:52 PM

Hardy hit the twist of fate right away and had the match won but Atlas broke up in the pin and Henry was DQ’d in less than a minute. I guess Henry’s cardio work was all for naught. Jeff runs down to help Matt and hits a swanton on Atlas on the outside and they powerslam Henry together. Striker reminds us that “championships are for champions and the title cannot change hands on a DQ”.


9:00 PM

CM Punk Vs JBL for the World Title is next


9:09 PM

Decent match back and forth with the crowd really behind Punk. Punk hits the GTS for the clean win. This was the right finish as putting the title on JBL would have just been a swerve and his health right now is not condusive for a title run, even a quick 1-month one.


9:16 PM

The biggest challenge of Paul Levesque’s career is up next so they are going to close the show with two matches that don’t involve a single title – probably a first in WWE history. Correct me if I’m wrong.


9:18 PM

I did enjoy Tazz’s line in the video where he states that “it’s anatomically impossible” for Hunter to hit the pedigree on Khali. There’s the finish for you.


9:27 PM

Loud chants of “You Can’t Wrestle” as Hunter ponders why he didn’t keep his program with MVP going when he moved over from “Raw”. Ross compares Khali’s hand strength to that of the Von Erichs.


9:28 PM

This is a Hogan Vs Andre the Giant match with Triple H selling all match for the limited offense that Khali has. They are telling the story that HHH is determined to hit the pedigree and Khali keeps stopping him for using it including a back body drop over the top rope.


9:35 PM

Any guesses on the finish? Clean finish with the pedigree and Hunter keeps the strap.


9:35 PM

John Cena Vs Batista is up next.


9:38 PM

They cut to a sign that read, swear to God, “2008 Match of the Year: Batista Vs John Cena”


9:39 PM

Michael Cole yells about this match “no hype needed” – I would disagree as 3-weeks didn’t cut it.


9:40 PM

Cena is getting a lot of boos from the audience.


9:53 PM

They’re doing the match 50/50 and the crowd is really into the match. Cena reverses a slam attempt by Batista into an FU for the 2 count. Cena attempts a top rope guillotine leg drop but Batista catches him and hits a Batista Bomb for a 2 count.


9:56 PM

Batista hits another Batista Bomb for the clean win. This was very good and the hottest crowd has been all night.


9:59 PM

78% of the WWE audience believes that Edge and Vickie are getting a divorce.


9:59 PM

The Undertaker Vs Edge in a Hell in a Cell Match is next 


10:23 PM

Lots of plunder in this match with chairs, steel steps and a ladder. No blood yet but this is a match that seems to call for it. Edge spears The Undertaker right through one of the sides of the cell and they go to the outside. Outside Edge hits ‘Taker with the monitors and then on top of one table, he spears ‘Taker through the ECW announce table.


10:29 PM

Edge hits ‘Taker with a camera – playing off of the Survivor Series finish from last year. ‘Taker comes back with a chokeslam but Edge kicks out at 2.


10:35 PM

Big bump as Edge is choke slammed off the top rope and through two tables on the floor. Edge gets back in the ring and is speared by Undertaker. He then breaks a camera over the head of Edge with Ross yelling “that was more than HD”.


10:37 PM

‘Taker delivers a concerto to Edge and then the tombstone piledriver for the win. The show La Familia clapping backstage.


10:40 PM

Undertaker comes back to the ring and sets Edge up on a ladder, grabs another ladder and choke slams Edge off the ladder and goes through the gimmicked ring arpon and “into hell”. The hole that Edge fell into exploded in flames at the conclusion.